Programmed Competition

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Programmed Competition

I. Melody: Disco Risque’s

Melody confidently strode past the eager throng of men and women queued up outside Disco Risque’s bright neon signage. The nightclub, an extravagantly renovated multi-storied theater, had become a staple of Palm City’s nightlife scene only a few years prior.

She relished the attention as dozens of heads turned her way, a throng of gazes fixing themselves on her backside, as she made her way up to the bouncer planted outside the entrance.

He was built like a tank with an intimidating scowl to match, but his expression melted into one of adoration as he saw Melody approach. She flashed him a brilliant smile, the thousands of delicate servo actuators embedded just behind her faceplate working harmoniously to pull off the facial expression preset. He gave her a knowing wink and opened up the rope for her to slip inside. She wriggled her plastic curves right on by, making sure the bouncer got a dynamite view of her tight silver dress pulled tight over her shapely derriere.

A few patrons in the front of the line began to protest but were quickly silenced as the bouncer turned their direction and flipped back to his well-practiced scowl.

Melody stifled a moan the instant she walked through the ornate double doored entrance. Bass frequencies from the dance floor resonated through her hybrid alloy chassis, triggering small but measurable tactile responses from the sensory arrays woven into the intersection of her long, slender thighs.

Tossing her shoulder length brunette locks to one side, she rounded a corner and spotted the source of the sound, an exorbitant tower of amplifiers, speakers, tweeters, and subwoofers all neatly stacked on top of each other. The ‘Tower of Sound’, as the club’s regulars referred to it, reached all the way from the floor to the cavernous vaulted ceiling above. Each of the club’s four stories circled around the tower, its roar of pulsing house music a constant buzzing drone everywhere you went.

After a quick scan of the dancing crowd, Melody spotted her friends smiling and waving from up against the railing of the third floor. Recognizing her three fellow La Femme Parfaite companion units, Melody’s bright green eyes flashed for a microsecond as she linked her Communications Suite to the group’s networked data-feed.

“Get up here Melody! Cynthia snuck in some electro-chews. We know how you much you like them you kinky little Modèle VII!”

Melody stopped abruptly, her buoyant C-cup breasts bouncing up and down behind her form-fitting sequin dress. She pivoted exactly 122.7 degrees to her left, facing the stairs, before continuing forward, “Oooh, now you’re speaking my language. I’ll be right up!”

The strobing club lights danced across the svelte contours of her silver dress as she worked her way through the crowd and up the stairs. She identified several men, who’s eyes were glued to her modelesque curves, and logged them in her memory cache as high-percentage targets for later that evening. She made sure each step she took lingered for a fraction of a second too long, giving them ample time to see her toned calves in action.

Rounding the corner onto the second set of cement stairs, Melody nearly collided with a buxom blonde whose generous ass was provocatively sticking out into the walking lane.

Her systems immediately identified the culprit, Joi, your typical loose-circuited, plastic-faced, sloppily-programmed Automation Playground (AP) bimbo-bot. Melody swore Joi must be here every night with the regularity of which she ran into her.

Her main CPU was annoyed. Ugh. I swear these AP fuck toys are programmed with no decency!

She adjusted her pathfinding algorithm to maneuver around Joi but stopped short as her Behavioral Software Suite spontaneously formulated a creative response to her provocative positioning.

Melody raised her hand and gave the well-endowed AP bot a hard slap on the rear. She noted to herself that the feel and jiggle of Joi’s plastic ass was much more realistic than she had anticipated.

Joi turned instantly, smiling seductively, her eyes half-lidded, “That felt SO good!” She shifted her hips, further displaying her well-engineered assets, “Like what you se...”

Her head cocked to the side abruptly and her face transitioned to a look of puzzlement as her systems finally processed who had just smacked her enticing derriere.

She scanned Melody up and down, jerkily spinning around to face her head on. “Way to get a bot’s hopes up...” Her eyelashes fluttered several times, “...Melody. ”

Melody turned away, somewhat embarrassingly detecting a slight temperature variation in the folds of her artificial pussy, and continued up to her friends, “I don’t have time for you tonight, Joi.”


Melody’s friends greeted her with an exchange of hugs and kisses on the cheek. Serena, a tall and slender red-headed Modèle VI, handed her an electro-chew and pointed to Melody’s feet.

“Those pumps are just stunning darling! Three inch heels? Tell me where you got them?”

Taking the electro-chew, shaped like a traditional stick of chewing gum, Melody smiled and popped it in her mouth, “Yep! Three inch heels are market-tested to look best on my Modèle VII chassis, and I got them at Luca’s. I told you about the manager there, right?”

Her nipples stiffened through her dress as the electro-chew activated in her mouth, sending small electrical pulses shooting through her wires, making her sexware tingle.

“Wow! That feels nice...”

She instinctively tugged at the hem of her dress, “...Well, let’s just say I gave him a proper sampling of my systems for a STEEP discount.”

Charlene, a sturdier sepia-toned toned Modèle V, playfully punched her in the shoulder, “You Modèle VII’s have all the fun! I haven’t had a good romp outside of the club in over a week!”

Melody quipped back with a laugh, “That’s because of that third party vibration module you self-installed in your snatch last month, Charlene! Every guy that you take for a ride runs the risk of being shocked; I’d be scared to go back for seconds too!”

Charlene jokingly pushed her crotch up against Melody and activated the module. Melody’s nipples stiffened even further as she registered the feeling of Charlene’s vibrating mons on the exposed synth-skin of her thigh.

“Oh they love it! They always cum so fast too! Admit it, that feels pretty nice, doesn’t it-it-it...”

A sharp blue arc of electricity jumped from Charlene to Melody with a harsh SNAP.

“Ah-Ah-Ah! Charlene-ene-ene, you need to get that thing checked out!” Melody yelled out as she jumped backwards into the railing. A brief system check confirmed everything was in order, no issues detected from the unexpected jolt of energy. Although, she did notice her plastic sex was growing increasingly hot. She bit down on her bottom lip and slyly pressed her panty-covered clit against one of the narrow banisters.

“” Charlene blinked erratically, her crotch buzzing noisily, as she found herself stuck repeating the same word over and over again.

Cynthia, a petite raven-haired Modèle VI with a short pixie cut, stepped forward and grabbed Charlene by the shoulder. “Come on girl, let’s take you to one of the side rooms and get you restarted.”

Melody and Serena watched their two friends disappear into the crowd before moving their attention to the dance floor below. The bass was pumping, hundreds of people and bots alike gyrating together in a mass of sweat and energy around the tower of sound.

Melody’s systems located several of the men who had shot her longing glances earlier. She found that two of them were actually clustered together and competing for...Joi’s attention?!

Her circuits boiled with digitized anger.

She pointed towards Joi, securing Serena’s attention.

“That little AP fuck-bot is always stealing my men! Our measurements aren’t even that similar, I don’t understand.”

Serena commented, “Yeah, but she does rock that plump little ass quite nicely. Just like you!”

She gave Melody a playful squeeze of her shapely derrière to emphasize her point. Melody could only help but to bite her lip again and grind her mons even harder into the banister from the extra tactile stimulus.

Her sexware was really revving up!

“Ugh, look! She’s just moving through a series of preset dance patterns. It’s so obvious; she’s cycling through the same set of moves every...15.2 seconds. I don’t get what people see in those shoddy AP bots!”

“If she bothers you so much, why don’t you just mess with her systems? Every hour on the hour, if they don’t yet have a suitor attached to their hip, they’ll go into one of the side rooms to check their appearance and run a quick system diagnostic. It’s like wired into their programming or something. Weird AP quirk.”

Melody turned to Serena, an inquisitive grin plastered on her face, “And you know this how?”

Serena blushed, “I wanted to know how their systems stack up to was just one night of fun, really! Nothing more!”

Melody mischievously nudged Serena with her elbow, an idea forming in her mind, “Hmm well maybe I’ll put Joi’s fragile little systems through the wringer...”

Immediately, she web-scraped several AP technical forums for anything and everything relating to unauthorized access of their systems. Based off of Joi’s 36D-26-36 measurements and her curly blonde hairpiece, Melody presumed Joi to be a second generation Automation Playground All Purpose Beach Bot. Within 7 seconds of vacant eyed staring, Melody had her hacking method in place.

“...I know she can’t stack up to me. I mean look at me, I’m a La Femme Parfaite Modèle VII, I’m basically the Ferrari of sexbots!”

She emphasized the point by putting her hands on her hips while simultaneously pushing her bust out, straining the limits of silhouette-hugging minidress.

She admitted to herself that the action was a bit more pre-programmed than she would have liked. She couldn’t help it though, she was built to show off her perfectly engineered curves!

Serena responded by cupping her own pair of perky B-cups, adjusting their positioning inside her push-up bra to maximize her bubbly cleavage, “Well I’ll go down and distract those two guys at least. Joi’s systems won’t log them as suitors if I’m good enough.”

She gestured to her svelte curves, seemingly poured into her tight cream cop and matching miniskirt, “And I know I’m good enough. I mean look at me, I’m a La Femme Parfaite Modèle VI, I’m the best selling companion unit in the entire EU!”

She blinked a few times, shifting back to her original point, “Anyways, with the two of them taken care of by yours truly, that should trigger Joi to make her trip to one of the side rooms in...” She queried her internal chronometer, “...five minutes. Shit, I’ll have to be fast!”

She pushed off the railing and sauntered down the stairs. Melody followed behind, watching her friend’s supple rear jiggle with each meticulous stride down.

Melody observed from several meters away as Serena practically threw herself at the two men dancing with Joi. Her dynamic social programming suite allowing her to read the reactions on their faces effortlessly.

Within a few minutes Serena had expertly inserted herself in-between Joi and the two men, heavily leaning into one while letting the other caress her soft supermodel curves.

Joi just stood there for a few moments, blinking over and over again, as her systems churned through an analysis of the situation.

Finally, at precisely 01:00AM, she pivoted away and began walking straight towards a bank of side rooms.

The plan was working brilliantly.

Melody followed her from a distance and watched her enter Side Room #12. She picked up her speed, and caught the door just as it was closing.

Melody shut the door quietly behind her and scanned the room. Joi stood in front of a body-length mirror studying herself.

She hadn’t noticed Melody’s entrance.

Locking the door, Melody slowly creeped up on the side of Joi, ensuring she stayed just outside the AP bot’s wide field of view.

It was time for some fun.

-- --

II. Joi: The Guest Experience

A small chime, indicating her diagnostic had completed its cycle with no errors, sounded from deep within Joi’s plastic and carbon fiber framework.

She looked at her perfect hourglass figure in the long mirror, working through a complex set of algorithms to determine if she needed to make any changes to her hair, makeup, or outfit.

Her bright cerulean blue tube-top was suctioned against her full-bosomed chest, her pink plastic nipples just barely peeking through the latex. She wore a pair of matching legging shorts that similarly hugged her curvaceous hips and bountiful ass so tightly it would have been borderline concerning were she a real girl. They were perfectly tailored for her dimensions, their end-seam finishing just beneath the round swells of her gluteal folds.

In the middle of the two garments, Joi showed off several inches of her toned, and well tanned, midriff. Her long legs, which glimmered with a slight plastic sheen, poured out from her shorts and ended in a pair of four inch cream stilettos.

She determined that her outfit looked perfect on her body; she had been designed to have the best measurements of any bot on the market after all.

Looking at her soft blue eyes with matching mascara she came to a similar conclusion; her high cheekbones and wide eyes were immaculately constructed. Unless she registered any faults in the application of her makeup, which was a 1 in 452 occurrence, she’d never find a reason to change anything.

The analysis of her exterior was complete.

Strutting out of Side Room #2 at 12:05AM, Joi walked directly into the throng of dancers.

Her systems went into overdrive as her vision system logged each and every face she passed, assigning a unique identifier to each one along with an estimated sexual opportunity score.

In addition to its stylish interior and extravagant sound system, Disco Risque’s was known for being the hookup capital of Palm City. The club had quickly leaned into the sensual angle, and retrofitted a handful of old rehearsal rooms into, well kept and frequently cleaned, quasi-bedrooms for the guests to use.

It helped that a large number of the clientele utilizing the rooms were bots whose sterilization procedures were, by law, uncompromisingly thorough.

It was quite the symbiotic relationship; the expensive sexbots would get into the club for free and by extension they would bring in droves of paying men and women who would burn through enough alcohol in a night to bankrupt a small sovereign nation.

Joi was proud of being a sexbot, and even prouder to be an Automation Playground All Purpose Beach Bot! Her line of models didn’t have 10,476 five-star reviews on for nothing after all!

Sure, she had been fully independent for over a year now and didn’t NEED to be here at Disco Risque’s looking to get her digital rocks off, but she was built for sex and quite enjoyed the flirty experiences that led up to it. So, why not come to a place where she could dress as erotically as her systems pleased, without inadvertently causing a traffic incident, and seduce some of the hottest and most fit individuals that Palm City had to offer!

So fixated with the assignment of unique identifiers, Joi didn’t even notice Jasmine until she had walked right into her.

“Ugh. Sorry Jasmine! My pathfinding software is not playing well with my vision system tonight. I think that last over-the-air update messed with some subsystem data handoffs. I swear it’s getting harder and harder to be a second generation; it’s the G3’s that they’re really coding the updates for now.”

Jasmine replied via wrapping Joi in a hug; the olive-skinned Automation Playground Next Door Sweetheart was perhaps programmed with a bit too much exuberance, “Don’t be sorry! I’m so happy to see you! You’re the first AP-gal I’ve seen all night! I just keep bumping into those La Femme Parfaite prudes. I swear their personality presets out of the shop must be ‘Stick Up the Ass’ or ‘Standoffish Bitch’.”

She giggled at her own joke, finally letting Joi out of her embrace, “And look at you! Wow! You Beach Bots always look just so sexy!”

Joi beamed and performed a short pre-programmed asset display subroutine, running her hands up and down her sides while twirling in a cute circle.

“Well you Next Door Sweethearts are market-tested as the best Eye-Candy under $100k and you fully look the part tonight!”

“Thanks!” shouted Jasmine, before pirouetting into her own pre-programmed asset display routine; it was nearly identical to Joi’s with a few not so subtle variations.

She was dressed simply, as her personality core preferred, donning just a tight black t-shirt and sporty pair of bootcut jeans.

Their routines had attracted a bit of attention and they each found themselves with a few potential suitors approaching them.

Two well-dressed women began arguing over Jasmine, who was elegantly able to navigate out of the situation, “Ladies! I’m programmed with over 220 dance routines that require two partners and that’s just the tip of the iceberg compared to what I have to offer in the bedroom!”

She tugged on both of their hands, pulling them deeper into the mass of sweat, bass, and booze, “Come on!”

That left Joi with three men. Her Central-Processing-Core (CPC) chugged as she tried to formulate a course of action for working with all three of them harmoniously. However, the process, which involved too many variables, errored out and she was left there just blinking erratically, her fingers playing with her hair in an idle-state pre-programmed animation loop.

Finally her systems snapped out of it and she changed up her approach completely. She pointed at the bulkiest man of the three. She liked strength, “You.”

He immediately stepped forward, and scooping her around the waist, dragged her into the crowd. Her elasti-pussy contracted, pulsing with heat as she imagined his strong hands testing the limits of her robotic framework in one of the side rooms later that night.


Joi enjoyed house music. The repetitive loops and steady thumping bass kicks allowed her to elegantly match the timing of her dance routines to each song’s BPM.

More-so however, she liked the sensation of her potential suitor’s strong hands gripping her hips, his cock rubbing between her proprietary gel-pack ass cheeks.

His sexual opportunity score was rising within Joi’s systems by the second.

She could feel her panties soaking with her aromatic lubricant, her nipples set to their stiffest setting, sending trickles of pleasure data through her CPC as they rubbed up against her shiny latex tube top.

Her systems were fully primed and she was horny; she was all but ready to take him back to one of the side rooms for a bit of fun. However, after several songs she noticed his movements becoming sloppier and sloppier; she suspected he was becoming intoxicated.

Spinning around, Joi lifted up on her tiptoes and brought the man in for a long kiss. While doing this, she engaged a breathalyzer in the back of her throat and tested the man’s blood alcohol content.

She pulled back from the kiss after seven seconds and engaged the testing chamber nestled at the bottom of her plastic throat.

The sampling process was taking longer than usual. She tapped her foot impatiently and let him play with a boob.

Finally the results came back at a 0.19%, well beyond the limits of what she was allowed to engage with in terms of brand new suitors.

She spoke to him matter of factly before walking off towards the stairs, “You’re too impaired to give me consent. I’m not allowed to proceed any further. Sorry!”


It was 15 minutes until the top of the hour and she had just lost her suitor. “Shit!” She whispered to herself.

She’d be obligated to hit one of the side rooms pretty soon for a check-up if that didn’t change.

Planting herself at the top of the first flight of stairs, Joi leaned into the railing and stuck her ass out as far as her carbon fiber skeleton would allow. This position had worked wonders before.

She looked down and saw Melody, perhaps her least favorite of the La Femme Parfaite crew, walking through the near crowd, stealing the gazes of several men as she past. Joi logged each man in her own data-banks and formed a plan in her CPC to look into stealing their attention.

She looked away, scoffing that they would even be into Melody’s inferior systems at all. That snoody La Femme Parfaite wasn’t worth the time of day, but Joi did have to admit her that something about her curves was entrancing even for her.

Just as soon as the thought was processed through her CPC, Joi’s right ass cheek’s sensor-bank lit up with activity. Someone had just spanked her. Her horny systems loved this and she excitedly turned to see her potential suitor.

However, it was just Melody.

Her systems hitched up as her pre-selected verbal response slipped out from behind her glossy red lips along with a pre-programmed alluring facial template, “That felt SO good!”

She couldn’t stop her asset display routine from executing either. Ugh, how embarrassing! “Like what you se...”

Finally, her systems got back under control and she was able to appropriately pivot conversation. She faced Melody directly, making sure the La Femme Parfaite bot got an eye-full of her obviously superior body, face, and outfit, “Way to get a bot’s hopes up...”

She paused for dramatic effect, wanting Melody desperately to underestimate the sluggishness of her systems, “...Melody.”

She watched as Melody walked away, “I don’t have time for you tonight, Joi.”

Joi’s CPC boiled. That bot is so rude. I’m definitely going to go steal those men now. They won’t be able to resist me.

She went into another asset display routine, she was programmed to flaunt her precision engineered curves as much as possible after all!

Making her way back down to the dance floor, Joi had both of Melody’s suitors eating from the palm of her hand within minutes. As she utilized her gymnast-like flexibility to dance with both of them simultaneously, she ran simulation after simulation in her CPC envisioning what the side rooms might be like later with two partners.

Maybe they’d tag team her? Maybe one would fuck her while she blew the other? The options were countless. Good thing she was such a sexy little AP All Purpose Beach Bot!

Suddenly though, the men stopped dancing with her. Her systems were so horny it took her a few moments to realize that some other bitch La Femme Parfaite unit had come down and stolen their attention away.

For the second time that night, her CPC errored out when attempting to generate an action plan, so instead she just stood there, idling aimlessly. After a one minute ‘no-interaction’ period her systems automatically de-flagged both the men as suitors. Shit! And it was just about to turn 01:00AM!

The instant her internal clock indexed over from 12:59AM to 1:00AM, Joi was put into a trance and instinctively began making her way to the nearest empty side room.

Automation Playground stated they felt it was better for the bots to constantly check up on their systems, but Joi swore it was nothing more than a needless burden. She hadn’t even registered a proper error with her systems since that professional rugby player had blown out her lubrication pump some two months prior.

She pushed through the doors of Side Room #12 and positioned herself in front of the full-length mirror to begin her hourly diagnostic and visual self-assessment.

-- --

III. Melody/Joi: Play Session

Quietly walking up to Joi, with an approach vector formulated to stay out of her sight-lines, Melody loaded the AP Beach Bot hacking procedure into her memory cache. It was just a radio frequency (RF) data-packet that she would broadcast to Joi in the middle of her diagnostic.

Apparently, the 5.8 MB string of characters in the RF data-packet was meant to surpass Joi’s firewalls and activate her verbal command software. The data-packet spoofed each entry as being spoken by a ‘registered_user’.

Melody watched Joi carefully from behind. Looking closely into the mirrored reflection of Joi’s face, she noticed the subtle glimmer of light indicating that her blue irises were spinning. This confirmed to Melody that she had entered her diagnostic cycle.

Melody took a large step forward and blasted her Communications Suite at Joi with the pirated RF data-packet loaded up; simultaneously, and seeking to cause as much confusion for the helpless AP bot’s systems as possible, she leaned into Joi’s back, wrapping her arms around her and latching onto her ample breasts.

Another digitized thought snuck through her systems. She tried to kill the process, but was unsuccessful. Wow...these feel pretty real too...just like her ass.

Melody shook her head, using the stock animation loop as a means of clearing away the thought. She may have been too late though, as she logged another temperature increase in the walls of her synthetic cunt.

Joi, finally seeing Melody’s face in the mirror and detecting the attention being paid to her mammary, cocked her head to the side and opened her mouth to speak, “I’m sorry, I’m currently running an important diagnostic, so I won’t be able to react and respond the way I normally would be able to! I recommend that you remove your-“

Melody cut her off, “Joi, I want you to discontinue your diagnostic right now.”

Joi’s head cocked to the opposite side, tossing her blonde hair piece along with it. Her CPC buzzed away inside of her carbon fiber chassis like a hornets nest. ‘registered_user’ checked out with flying colors in her permissions library, but suddenly there were dozens of malware alerts being reported from her verbal command software. She activated a few debuggers to further explore the issue.

“Understood, registered_user. Exiting Diagnostic....Exiting Diagnostic....Exiting Diagnostic....”

Melody tapped her foot impatiently. Oh my God. These AP Bots could not process things any slower if they tried. This only further convinced her Main CPU she was from the superior manufacturer; she could basically perform the entirety of the Kama Sutra while performing her own diagnostic subroutines. Her parallel-processing cores were so lightning quick that she could easily handle any task...or tasks...being thrown her direction.

“Diagnostic closed.” Joi smiled into the mirror, excitedly pushing her chest aggressively into Melody’s hands. After all, her registered_user was always given a sexual opportunity score of 100! Wow her nipples felt stiff, registered_user really knew how to get her turned on!

“Mhmm yeahhh...Joi! Joi, I would like you to give me a strip tease? Can you do that?”

“Oh yeah Melody - I mean registered_user - I mean - I mean - I can do that!” Her debuggers had successfully traced the issue to her permissions library. ‘registered_user’ may have full permissions, but no person had been assigned that role. It sat as an undefined variable.

In recognizing Melody, the debuggers concluded that if she was the one verbally giving orders being processed through her verbal command system as registered_user that a hack was likely. This triggered her counter-hack protocols to activate. She knew registered_user was a La Femme Parfaite but not much else; she would have her protocols start there.

However, regardless of her partial understanding of the situation, Joi still couldn’t stop following directions. Only registered_user could remove registered _user from her permissions library.

Joi’s circuits about smoked themselves as she futilely tried to sort through the paradox.

Joi pushed through Melody’s grasp and latched onto her tube top, beginning to pull it of just as Melody’s voice again cut her off, “Joi, can you...” Melody snuck a finger underneath the skirt of her own dress, lazily tracing it over the ridges of her damp panties, “...can you do that strip tease with your panels open?”

“All panels, registered_user? Or would you request I only open specific panels?” Joi’s debuggers chugged, frantically looking for a solution to her predicament.

Melody brought a second finger down to join the first, feeling her malleable folds yield behind the fabric of her underwear, “All panels. I want to see every bit of you.”

Joi beamed, her smile glimmering like an ocean at sunset, “Oh yeah honey, I can do that!”

registered_user wanted to see ALL of her? She had to admit, that was pretty hot.

She resumed pulling her top off, “Just let me take off these clothes first. They can get caught in my access-panels if I’m not careful.”

The ultra-tight garment fought to stay adhered to Joi’s bosom, but ultimately the servomotors in her arms won out and she pulled the top free. Her breasts heaved up and down momentarily after being freed from their tight latex confines.

Melody noted they sat just as buoyant and perky as ever.

Mhhmm...Of course they did.

She sat down on the bed and began rubbing her thighs together, her fingers moving to her clit, making needy little circles.

Next, Joi wiggled her way down, slowly peeling the legging shorts away from her waist and off of her legs. With ballerina-like balance, she stepped through each leg while still in her 4 inch heels. Putting her hands on her hips, she gave registered_user - Melody - registered_user - Melody - registered_user a display of her perfect nude body. She then released the locks on her spring-loaded panels, opening them up one by one.

Each panel sprung open with an audible CLICK except for Joi’s coital access panel, which was the last to open, which it eventually did with a high-pitched POP.

Joi did another little spin, this time slowly beginning to gyrate her hips. She moved her hands up and down her artificial curves with precision. It was a good thing she liked dancing! Her systems couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation, but they did know that was she was the sexiest bot on the market and that strip teases were a great way to show off her assets!

Melody counted five panels as Joi danced around in circles, two less than her own chassis contained. She assumed it was probably just cheaper that way, Joi being an AP bot and all.

One panel, shaped like a semicircle, was located just above the swells of Joi’s breasts. Melody noted the ballet of blinking green, yellow, and red lights within. Each time Joi moved, a set of lights on the far left would blink frenetically; Melody wondered if that was Joi’s equivalent of her motor's where hers were located after all.

Another panel, neatly shaped to the soft contours of Joi’s curves, was placed only a few inches above her prominent mons. Within it, Melody could make out a set of fluid pumps and the outer casing of her soft rubberized vaginal canal. The textured cylindrical tube looked almost cartoonish from the outside, colored bright pink, but Melody couldn’t help but stare transfixed as it flexed and twisted each time Joi made slight adjustments to her torso or thighs.

Joi’s CPC noted the attention being paid to her elasti-pussy. She smirked and slipped a set of fingers into the exposed mechanisms of her coital access-panel, “These are my lubrication supply tubes...” She flashed a devilish wink, “...want to touch them?”

“Yes.” Melody answered instantly.

Joi took several measured steps forward, letting Melody’s eyes wander up and down her nude figure.

She could feel her counter-hack system still plugging away. Even though it ran on an independent circuitry loop from the rest of her CPC, she could still get a sense of its progress through cross-functional status updates.

Stopping just in front of Melody, Joi guided her free hand up and into her coital access panel. She purred as she sensed registered_user’s fingers grip her heated supply line. It’s a good thing it was just a trustworthy registered_user with a hand inside her systems, goodness knows what the ramifications would be if someone with more malicious intent had her in such a potentially hazardous situation!

Melody caressed the heated flexible PVC tubing in her fingers,“Oh wow...these tubes are really warm! You must...I bet your...I bet your little cunt is warm too, yeah?”

Joi leaned forward, feeling her tubing stretch tight in Melody’s grasp, “My elasti-pussy is ALWAYS warm.” She redirected Melody’s fingers onto her vaginal unit, “See...even from the outside you can feel it.”

Melody gave it a firm squeeze and Joi’s face contorted uncontrollably, her eyes moving in separate directions, her mouth pulling away from her teeth, “Oh-oh-oh! Be careful registered_user-Melody-registered_user! I’m delicate on the inside!”

A hot wave of lubricant poured into the back chamber of Melody’s plastic sex. Her arousal levels were screaming through the roof. Her Improvisational Subroutines began generating countless wicked ways of further enjoying the AP bot in front of her.

Joi’s set of facial servo actuators reset back to a standard sultry setting and she delicately guided Melody’s hand out of her coital access panel, her counter-hack protocols still chugging along in parallel.

Continuing on with her exhibitionist dance routine, Joi pivoted around and bent forward sharply at the waist, pushing her supple backside and swollen pussy up near Melody’s face.

Her leg’s servo actuators whined audibly, with both her rear-thigh access panels opened up, there was nothing dampening the mechanical sound and stopping it from escaping into the room.

Melody took in the view with glee, staring with a focused gaze into both of Joi’s exposed thigh panels. She knew her own line of Modèle VII’s frequently required servicing to her similarly located motors; she wondered if Joi’s line of Beach Bots had similar maintenance requirements which prompted the specific placement of the access panels.

Joi squatted down, low enough to grind the plastic lips of her labia against Melody’s thigh. She let out a breathy sigh.

Through her open panels, Melody watched Joi’s linear servomotors piston down to accommodate the movement.

The strong scent of Joi’s scented lubricant registered against Melody’s olfactory sensors as well. She wasn’t even biologically programmed to have a reaction to the formulated liquid, yet her systems still further ratcheted up her arousal upon its detection.

Folded over, with her ass still sticking up in Melody’s face, Joi called attention to the final panel, stretched across the width of her back, via activation of the touch-display embedded within.

It flashed several times in bright magenta tones, ‘ENJOYING YOURSELF, registered_user?’

Melody was confused. She didn’t have a nice user interface like this installed inside her chassis. She fumed with simulated jealousy at the notion that Joi had features she didn’t.

Eyeing the bright blue bundle of cables that exited the touch-display and twisted deep into Joi’s mechanized framework, Melody hatched a plan to yank them out just as she achieved orgasm. That would teach the slutty little AP bot who was the superior bot once and for all!

First though, she curiously reached a hand in and began scrolling through Joi’s features via the touch-display. There was nothing too detailed in regards to her system architecture, but Melody did find a subroutine action tree tagged ‘registered_user’.

Diving into the sub-menu, the very first option caught her system’s eye.

ENGAGE registered_user in cunnilingus(variants_01-99) - Yes/No?

Without thinking, Melody slammed her finger down on the blinking green YES display button.

Joi stood still for a moment as her systems processed the manually entered request; Melody’s auditory suite detecting the distinct increase in volume as Joi’s drives revved up.

Her counter-hack protocols reported back their progress to her CPC. They had worked backwards, tracing the RF signal that had been used to hijack her verbal command software to Melody’s Communications Suite. Now, with a direct tether to Melody’s systems, they were preparing an encrypted backdoor that would flip the tables, allowing Joi to assume control. Until they were ready though, Joi was still forced to confusedly process the errant yet somehow valid commands issued her way. It was all a bit too much for a cute little sexbot like her to process!

After several long seconds, Joi spun around, her drives finally eased back to nominal sound levels. Standing up to face Melody, she took several large steps backwards before cat-walking her way towards the La Femme Parfaite bot. Her breasts awkwardly bounced up against her spring loaded sternum access panel.

Something inside of her squeaked as she came to a rest in front of Melody and lowered herself onto her knees.

She cocked her head to the side, “Can you roll your dress back a bit, Melody-registered_user-Melody?”

Melody obliged, going a step further and ripping her panties off as well. They flew across the room, hitting the far wall before landing in a heap.

“Mhhmmm eat me out you dirty little Speak-N-Spell! I’m a little-little-little more turned on than I should be. Let’s see what your systems can do.”

Joi grinned, performing a quick visual and thermal analysis of Melody’s flushed pink sex. Thermal results registered high readouts and the sheen of liquid easily seen spread across her puffy lips confirmed she was wet and ready.

registered_user seems really turned on! Good thing I’m an Automation Playground bot who’s perfectly built to please!

She really was so excited to pleasure registered_user-Melody-registered_user’s pristine sex. After all, she was programmed with over 2,000 cunnilingus subroutines that she knew were all nothing short of exceptional.

From her kneeled position, Joi put her hands on either of Melody’s glossy thighs and dipped her head forward. Just millimeters away from Melody’s plastic clit, she slipped her tongue out and began pressing into it with firm tight circles.

Melody’s head shot back, her mouth erupting in a carnal moan. She gripped the sheets of the bed and worked her body’s mechanisms to grind her pussy against Joi’s nimble tongue.

Ugh! This damn AP bot is really making me feel so good!

Joi continued pressing her mouth against Melody’s swollen folds. Seamlessly switching between cunnilingus presets, she gently sucked on Melody’s puffy labia while simultaneously nuzzling her nose up against her clit. Occasionally she would pull back, smile up at Melody with glistening lubricant-coated lips, and slip two fingers up into her tight hole, targeting her sensor rich G-spot.

Melody was practically writhing on the bed; she could feel her orgasm subroutines activating and screaming to the front of her memory processing request queue. She put her hand on the back of Joi’s blonde hairpiece and pulled the AP bot’s mouth even tighter against her crotch.

She wrapped her thighs around Joi’s head, mechanized contractions rolling through her body in synchronization with Joi’s oral onslaught.

“Oh god! I’m so close. Oh fuck! Mhhmmm”

She could feel herself edging towards climax, the delicate ballet of software handshakes that allowed her to so accurately emulate human orgasm, executing in perfect succession. She reached around Joi’s back and into her opened back panel. Feeling for the bundled data cables, she gripped them hard, savoring the feeling of power and superiority she felt over the AP bot.

Joi detected Melody was close to coming so she renewed her oral attack on the La Femme Parfaite’s synthetic pussy. Her cheeks were wet with Melody’s hot juices.

Melody bucked wildly, on the precipice of orgasm, further shoving Joi’s face in-between her thighs. She cried out in pleasure and yanked the bundled data cables out of their touch-display receptacle. A small eruption of sparks shot up from the frayed connection and Joi’s face distorted into a dozen different facial template presets at once.

Simultaneously she was notified that her counter-hack protocols had successfully back-doored their way into Melody’s systems and cut out registered_user from her Permissions Library

A wave of realization ran through her overclocked CPC as it dawned on her the reality of what was going on. This bitch La Femme Parfaite robo-slut had hijacked her systems, made her go down on her, and now she was pulling out components?

Melody cried out, grinding her soft clit hard against Joi’s mouth as she started to climax. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, as she arched her back and writhed on the bed, ‘Oh my fucking God, yes!!’

Putting a quick software patch in place to reroute the most pertinent data streams away from the damaged cable bundle and through her pair of ancillary data couplings, Joi directly accessed Melody’s OS and halted her orgasm sequence mid-execution.

Melody shuddered jerkily as her well choreographed climax simulation errored out completely, leaving her arousal levels still at their maximum settings. She looked down to Joi, who just stared back, grinning ear to ear.

Joi gave Melody a small push on her stomach and she fell backwards onto the bed. Her balance and mobility control subsystem had crashed unexpectedly; her legs aimlessly kicked in the air as fragments of unexecuted code were processed out of sync.

“Joi! Resume going-going-going down on me, now!”

Joi continued smiling; Melody watched as she crawled up onto the bed, slowly running a finger back and forth over her own glistening elasti-pussy, before straddling her waist.

Directly linked through Melody’s OS, Joi directed Melody to remove her dress.

She watched through her photoelectric camera eyes, as Melody blinked three times in quick succession as she processed her OS commands. Squirming under Joi, she was just able to grip the bottom of her dress and pull it up over her head. The insides of her thighs were shiny in the room’s light, coated in her aromatic lubricant.

“JoiJoiJoi! What’s going on. Status report!”

Within Joi’s CPC, Melody’s assigned sexual opportunity score was through the roof; she found that her systems were instinctively priming themselves in response. She was getting like, really hot!

Joi leaned down, her generous D-cups compressing against Melody’s own bosom, and found her lips with her own. She reveled in the confusion that she was creating within Melody’s OS. She created a new command and left it as a high priority item, ‘JOI IS HOTTER THAN YOU. USE FULL FEATURE-SET TO MAKE HER ORGASM.’

Melody’s eyes crossed as the new plain-text command confusingly trickled through her Main CPU and into her relevant subsystem chains.

“Melody, I want you to open your stomach access pan-pan-pan...” Joi’s head twitched as her ancillary data couplings reached their maximum bandwidth settings, limiting the amount of data she could process, “...panel. Oh and from now on refer to me only as ‘Automation Playground All Purpose Beach Bot - Joi’.”

Melody’s eyes crossed themselves again. Joi reinforced her verbal command with a string of text she forced through Melody’s OS.

“Understood Automation Playground All Purpose Beach Bot - Joi! Stomach Access Panel! To bring you to orgasm, Automation Playground All Purpose Beach Bot - Joi, would you like me to engage in any of my 736 unique scissoring subroutines?”

Joi felt a sudden surge of heat run through her elasti-pussy at the idea. A quick visual examination of Melody’s open panel only further turned her on. Her series of hard drives, circuit boards, and processing arrays were all elegantly laid out just millimeters beneath her Synth-Skin covering. Neatly labeled cables snaked through the interior; Joi could hear the steady hum of her drives spinning through the open cavity.

Joi huffily responded, ‘Yes’.

Immediately, Melody stretched out, as far as her artificial body would allow, and readjusted Joi’s positioning so that she was on her side, her legs interlaced with her own.

Joi obliged, and with her advanced sexual software inferring Melody’s intentions with 78% certainty, she scooted forward and firmly pressed her pink vulva up against Melody’s swollen folds.

Melody cooed and began gyrating, slowly working the lips of her pussy over Joi to stimulate her plastic clit.

Joi vibrated, using micro-motors embedded within her elasti-pussy to enhance the sensation for both of their robotic bodies as they rubbed their artificial sex’s together, “Mmhhmmm. Melody, tell me how hot I look as you scissor me. Describe everything!”

Pressing their clits together, they both moaned out in unison, “Oh! Automation Playground All Purpose Beach Bot - Joi’s ass feels better than the real thing! Automation Playground All Purpose Beach Bot - Joi’s breasts are so perky and they feel perfect in my hands....”

Continuing to press into Joi, Melody’s face twisted in on itself as her servo actuators received input from two competing data sources, “Like what the hell do you think you’re doing you cheap little plastic AP bot? I can feel you rooting around my systems. That’s like, really rude you know?”

Joi bit down on her lip, stifling a cry, as Melody still continued to perfectly stimulate her precision-engineered vulva, “Says the pretentious La Femme Parfaite who literally yanked out all the cables from my network data hub five minutes ago!” She huffed out breathily, “You can’t even get your faceplate to operate correctly!”

Melody sighed and shook her head, successfully able to reset her faceplate’s settings to coitus_045. “Ugh-Ugh-Ugh-Ugh I swear if your body didn’t feel so good, I’d just deactivate you right now, Automation Playground All Purpose Beach Bot - Joi.”

The intensity of their scissoring continued to escalate as each bot worked through their proprietary series of sexual subroutines associated with building to orgasm.

Joi’s bandwidth limitations had her movements becoming more and more jerky, her face animating and adjusting itself choppily at the equivalent of five frames a second.

Melody’s Main CPU was compromised with Joi’s direct OS commands eating up large chunks of processing capacity; all of her movements slowed with the exception of her thighs which moved in unison with Joi, as that was her system’s priority.

Their shared moans echoed through the room. The bed squeaked under their bodies as they rocked back and forth, each using their precision coded software packages to maximize the pleasure centers of the bot opposite themselves.

Joi began playing her own nipples, enjoying the extra stimulation it sent pulsing through her systems. Melody followed suit and began playing with her own pair, equally enjoying the sensations it created in her sexware.

Melody writhed as Joi toyed with her arousal levels from the OS level, ramping them up at speeds well past her software package’s limits, “Oh fuck-fuck-fuck you feel so good you little plastic fuck toy-toy-toy-toy! It’s so hot seeing your panels open like that. I LOVE seeing it. Mhhmmm fuck! Yes!”

Joi’s own arousal was growing fast too. She couldn’t wait to let her orgasm protocols run loose. She was programmed to be ultra sexy while cumming after all!

Melody felt her orgasm building again, still filled with some of the subroutines from her hastily canceled previous climax. Her nipples poked out into the air, as her Main CPU spontaneously generated another idea.

“Mhhhmmm! Yeah...Joi...ermmmm I mean Automation Playground All Purpose Beach Bot - Joi, since we’re both tethered to each other’s systems at the moment...what do you think if we tried to link our orgasm sequences? Mhhmmm fuck your pussy feels so good!! I think it would be hot to climax in perfect unison with your slutty little plastic ass.”

Never ceasing her grinding against Melody’s slick folds, Joi’s eyes flickered open and closed as she analyzed the request, “Fuck! You’re making my little elasti-pussy SO wet. Ungh! Yeah, I just checked and I can run my executable through your OS on our tethered connection...that does sound super hot.”

She moaned, tossing her hair back, “I can’t believe a boujee La Femme Parfaite like yourself wants to intentionally cum with a lowly little AP bot like me.” She finished the sentence off with a playful wink.

Melody quipped back, “Oh shut up and just prep the executable! I can feel my orgasm subroutines loading...Fuck I’m so close!”

Joi squirmed on the bed, her hips bucking wildly, “Ohhh me too! Fuck yes! Oh God, my personality core can’t get enough of this!”

Melody breathed out, “Ready?”

“Ready. Activating the!”

Both of the bot’s heads shot back as their systems were flooded with double the pleasure-data that they normally experienced while cumming.

While the tethered executable was able to successfully run on both of the sexbot’s software packages, the proprietary AP software routines weren’t properly formatted for Melody’s systems, and similarly the La Femme Parfaite protocols ran clumsily on Joi’s CPC.

They grinded their lips together in perfect unison, screaming out in harmonized pleasure. “Mhhmmmm yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Oh my god this feels so perfect! Mhhmmmmm!”

Joi squirted her synth-cum onto Melody’s thighs as her eyes crossed themselves. She felt her ancillary data couplings heating up well past their designed temperature rating. The flow of data was just too much for her circuits to handle and some of her more delicate wiring was beginning to fuse together.

Melody could only resort to the use of looping stock animations as her systems repeatedly hiccuped in an attempt to simultaneously execute her current orgasm subroutines, Joi’s climax protocols, and her previously aborted orgasm subroutine.

Her lubrication pumps started and stopped in fits as her systems chaotically shifted between the different subroutines loaded in her clogged memory cache. They rattled inside her open access panel and were on the cusp of burning out their motors.

Melody didn’t care. She was solely focused on pushing her moulded labia against Joi’s over and over again as absolute mountains of pleasure data overwhelmed her Main CPU.

As she cried out, so did Joi, their systems still tethered such that any orgasm related vocalization was dual-processed through their vocal synthesizers, “Oh fuck-fuck-fuck, I’m cumming SO hard!”

The sound of her pumps revved up to a deafening roar as her motor seals failed from the excess heat being generated. Her hot lubricant spurted out from the edges of her pumps and splashed onto her circuit boards. Some even jumped out and landed in Joi’s open coital access panel.

Melody’s faceplate froze entirely, her lips forming a perfect O, as her vaginal hardware short circuited, sending sparks shooting into the air. She spasmed wildly, dumping out the remains of her lubricant on the bed, before her emergency shutdown was finally triggered.

The small bit of lubricant that landed in Joi’s coital access panel burned out her control chip, starting a cascading series of system failures. Trying to load her hardware debuggers, Joi’s ancillary data couplings could no longer handle the computational load. The rubber insulation melted away and smoke drifted upwards from the exposed electronics.

No longer able to properly pass data through her systems, Joi’s faceplate pulled in every direction simultaneously, straining the elastic of her synth-skin. Her eyes froze completely crossed as her systems errored out and deactivated, shutting down one by one. Only the servo actuators governing the movement of her grinding motions remained in operation as she mindlessly pistoned back and forth against the newly inactive Melody.

There was a knock on the door. After a fair bit of jiggling of keys, it was opened.

The owner of Disco Risque’s stepped in and took in the sight of the malfunctioning sexbots in front of him.

“Good God.”

-- --


Melody’s systems were awash with positive feedback routines as her dance partner squeezed her breasts from behind. Her chassis rebuild may have been expensive, but she had never felt better. She couldn’t wait for someone to take her brand new sexware package on a ride, and all indications were that the man grinding up against her would be doing just that.

She looked up and around as the man kneaded her bosom’s gel-packs, scanning the multiple balconies for her friends and other potential suitors. La Femme Parfaite’s like her were programmed to constantly survey their surroundings.

She saw Joi, in the same tube top and legging shorts combination as before, leaning up against the second story railing looking into the throng of dancers.

Opening up her unique tethered data connection with Joi, Melody pinged the AP Bot, “Look down here at who I’m dancing with. Looks like my systems are still just a bit superior to yours...I saw you eyeing him up earlier.”

Melody’s ocular sensors saw Joi’s eyes roll dramatically.

“Leave it to the La Femme to rub it in each time she takes one of the suitors who are obviously more interested in MY plastic ass.”

Melody chuckled, “Well he’s rubbing up against MY plastic ass right now, so I win.”

Joi laughed, “I’m trying to locate someone bigger tonight anyways. I really want somebody to push my new elasti-pussy 2.0 to the absolute brink. It needs...I need to be put through my paces.”

Melody felt her sex heat up at the thought of Joi’s elasti-pussy; she pushed her butt back harder into the man in response, savoring the feeling of her soft silicone-plastic cheeks compressing against his stiff member.

Joi quipped, “That turned you on didn’t it? Thinking about my tight little elasti-pussy? You know I can sense the activation of your software packages when we’re tethered like this?”

Melody just smiled, “Oh I know. Maybe I wanted you to see....”

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