Pressure on a Relationship

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When Aron met Carla, it was love at first sight, for him. He was attracted to her quiet laid back attitude and awesome body. He met her at the mall while shopping for a snow shovel and they were constantly together for the following two months. There were some strange things that Aron couldn't figure out about Carla. When Carla entered a warm building from the cold, he could hear a slight hiss, when she would go outside in the cold, she would stop what she was doing for a few seconds with a low hum before she continued on. When offered, Carla refused to go into the hot tub, Sauna or indoor pool. Her chest would seem to change size each time he would meet her. Lastly, she would tell Aron how much she enjoyed his company, but would not let him get the least bit intimate with her. Aron remained puzzled until one day while they were watching a DVD together. Aron accidentally spilled some of his soda on Carla's pants. They laughed about it and Aron offered her a pair of his sweat shorts while he washed them. When she changed, he noticed her legs were as smooth as plastic, in fact they looked like stretched latex. Aron was mesmerized by her legs, but did not want her to feel uncomfortable, so he tried to contain his curiosity. Later that night, he was on the internet trying to find out what was with Carla's legs. He finally found a conspiracy theory website that had a far fetched article about government fembot's that escaped. The part that caught Aron's eye stated, "To save money, and weight, the research firm made the legs and chests out of inflatable latex. These androids would have to adjust their internal pressure in subtle changes to their climate. An unnamed scientist who worked on the project tells us, they can't go in water as they float unnaturally. He also states an extreme hot to cold condition will cause temporary compressor overload causing them to fall forward and an extreme cold to hot condition will cause pressure buildup jamming the release valve and the android will malfunction and shut down completely.", Aron read on, "Though anatomically correct, these androids are programmed to only have sex with their masters and to become their master, you must turn them on by pressing between the shoulder blades while holding down a switch inside their belly button, unfortunately, no one knows how to turn them off." Aron's mind raced, could Carla be one of these escaped androids? He formulated a plan. The next day when Carla came over, Aron said to her, "We are going on a road trip to Arizona." Carla in her usual quiet way began to protest, "I don't have any clothes to wear." Aron cut her off and said, “I bought you some, we are all packed, let's go.” Aron and Carla started driving, if Aron's plan worked, they would stop in New Mexico and be on their way back, if not, he and Carla would have a nice trip to Az. As they drove down from the mountains, they stopped at a rest stop to change into cooler clothes. Aron grew excited as Carla stumbled forward with a loud straining hum when exiting the well heated car. Aron rushed to get dressed and when he got back to the car turned the AC on high. It would be uncomfortable for the next few hours, but worth it. When Carla opened the car door and got in wearing the tight t-shirt and skirt, Aron knew he would need the AC to keep his cool, besides, the low hum coming from Carla confirmed his suspicion. After several hours of the cold, even Aron couldn't take much more. The outside car thermometer read 102 degrees and inside it was a balmy 52. Aron slowly pulled into the last spot of a run down rest stop and said, "Carla, I'll get the door for you." Gary's excitement grew and the extreme change in temperature did not even affect him as he rounded the car. When he got to Carla's side, he opened the door and helped Carla out. He was not sure what he was expecting to see, but Carla got out of the car and began to walk towards the shade. Aron couldn't believe it, as he thought what went wrong; he looked over and noticed Carla acting funny. As the trapped air began to expand in Carla's body, her chest began straining the T-shirt, The helpless android began saying in a distant tone, "Valve release error, valve must be manually depressed. Error, arm movement is hindered by chest expansion, cannot reach manual valve release." While one hand was firmly gripping the rail behind her, the other began to flail aimlessly. Trying to keep her legs functional, her body had shifted the air to her chest, to the point that her neck was forced upward. Now the air had nowhere else to go but her legs. Aron was shocked, at how much her internal air had expanded in the heat, not only were Carla's nipples fully erect, but he thought they might explode. His thoughts were interrupted by hearing Carla in a slight monotone voice stating, "Please insert your finger in my anal emergency release valve, pressure increasing to unacceptable levels." Carla attempted to move her right leg, but as she bent it, her foot caught the railing, causing her legs to inflate faster. Aron enjoyed watching Carla's skirt being forced up to her thighs and then her hips, her little plastic vagina looked unbelievable, but even that was beginning to bulge. "Vaginal wall pressure exceeding acceptable levels... Unit immobilized due to pressure...Valve jammed...manual activation of emergency valve not possible." in a normal voice Carla pleaded, "Aron, please insert your finger in my emergency valve release, if you don't I could pop.", the robotic tone took over once more, "Error, Vaginal walls becoming external… Warning Vaginal walls pressing on clit, orgasm could cause irreparable damage...", Carla's eyes darted forward and as they locked on Aron, her face softened, “Aron I Loooooo” then her head ticked in a robotic manor, "Emotional response to Aron malfunction...emotional response to Aron malfunction... Warning, orgasm malfunction... overheat malfunction. This unit will permanently cease to function in 30 secoooonnnnnnnndds" Looking at her soft eyes, Aron knew he could not let this happen. He ran over to Carla and gently inserted his finger into her synthetic anal cavity. The air slowly began to hiss out. Looking at Aron, Carla asked, "Aron, why didn't you help me?" Aron looked at her and said, “I wanted to have you shut down so I could restart you and be your master. Then we could be intimate.” upon hearing himself, Aron's face turned red. Carla's expression seemed forgiving, "Aron, if you would like to shut me down so that we can be together, insert your finger a little deeper and pull up." Without thinking, Aron immediately did what he was told. With a faint 'Oh' and then a beep, Carla's eyes fluttered to a close. Aron followed the activation procedure and Carla sprung to life. "Master, let's go home, I want to show you what happens when you turn the heat up during sex." Aron smiled and helped Carla into the car. Carla's compressors hummed like crazy trying to adjust. Aron looked at Carla and asked, "Would you have let me shut you down if I had asked before we went on the trip?" Carla smiled and as the hum stopped replied, "Would you have let me completely malfunction to a shutdown if it would not have destroyed my systems?" Aron reached over to turn the temperature in the car up. "I'll take care of the climate control on the way home, if it is alright with you master?”, Carla smiled. The two of them chuckled as they began their trip home.

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