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Mike was nervous, there was no doubt about that. Here's one of those things your parents told you exactly NOT to do in college, he thought, trying his best to look comfortable on the cushy red velvet couch in the third floor lobby of 141 Broad Street, otherwise known as The Electric Kitten. "The city's finest adult entertainment center, offering the latest in virtual vacations, deep brain neurostimulation, and the hottest synthetic companions." the brochure his brothers had given him espoused. It was his 19th birthday, and the frat had pooled its money to help Mike Thomas, the House's sole virgin, finally nail some tail.

"Hey, don't be so nervous! Banging one of those contraptions is WAY less pressure than losing your V card to a human girl!" his friend James had reassured him. "Hey, look at it as practice for next time you see Christina!" he nudged the still reluctant Mike, referring to the freshman he'd made out with at the last frat party.

His stomach twisted slightly at that. He supposed James was right, that it would be good to get some practice in before he tried the real deal, but something about it still didn't sit right. He nervously looked at the couch, pleasantly surprised to find it free of stains, as he waited for the receptionist to call his name based on the ID he'd given the bouncer on the first floor. He was still a bit uncomfortable in submitting to a background check, even after being assured of its privacy and that the reason for its request would remain anonymous, but he supposed it was just business: no sense in letting someone in who'd destroy or steal your merchandise if you could stop them at the door, right?

"Michael Thomas?" the receptionist called from across the room.

Mike stood and walked shakily over. "Yes?"

"Welcome to the Electric Kitten!" she beamed with natural (or was it programmed? Mike wondered) ease. "May I see your ID once more, please?"

"Uh, sure." he fumbled with his wallet and retrieved the card.

The woman inserted it into a reader on the desk. "This should just take another moment." Mike just nodded, trying hard not to stare. The receptionist's name tag read "Maggie", and was fixed atop a tight, but not too revealing emerald top that strained to conceal her voluptuous chest. The top glittered the same color has her eyes, framed by curly golden locks that bounced slightly when she looked back up at him. "Everything seems to check out!" she handed his card back with a perky smile.

"Th-thanks!" he stammered, a bit embarrassed to be caught looking. "So what happens now?"

"It seems your associates have prepaid for an hour with one of our companions." the receptionist blinked. "I see that this is your first time with us. Would you like me to walk you through the selection process?"

"Sure." Maggie smiled and grabbed a tablet from the stack on her desk.

"This tablet is your guide throughout your time with us. It's been linked to your account, so you'll always know exactly how much time you have remaining, how many credits you have spent, and what options, activities and units are available to you at any given time." She tapped on the screen a couple of times and handed the tablet to him. "This is a sample page of one our units that is online now."

Mike looked down and back up in shock. "Th-that's you!"

"Yes." Maggie giggled. "I am a Gaia Robotics AX Series 7 companion android. I'm one of the 'girls' on offer around this club."

Mikey's heart soared. She doesn't seem so bad! "Well, forget about the rest of the tutorial, I choose you!"

Maggie laughed. "Oh, I doubt I'd be that much fun for you. A group of our recent customers overtaxed my sexual processors, so I'm stuck to desk duty until a technician can visit to rectify the problem."

Mike frowned. "What did they do to you?"

"Our privacy policy prevents me from sharing the details, but it was a group of Japanese businessmen. There was very little they DIDN'T do to me." she stated matter-of-factly.

Mike was aghast. "That's horrible!"

"No, it wasn't. Look," she took his hand in hers, "I have a level 8 sentience quotient. That means that by law the club can't keep me here against my will. I'm here because I like pleasing people. In fact, if I didn't like what I did, the company would discourage me from working the rooms at all."

"Why's that?"

"Partially moral reasons, but mostly for quality control. The Electric Kitten prides itself on the presentation and delivery of a good product, and the best workers, even sex workers, even ARTIFICIAL sex workers, are happy ones. If the club purchases a unit that seems squeamish about open sex, they'll assign it to the neuro lab or have them work as an AI in our VR simulations. To tell you the truth, the company doesn't normally allow an android to work as a companion until they've hit at least a level three, again for quality purposes." Maggie explained.

"I dunno, it's hard to believe when you can just be prog-"

"Do NOT give that line to me." she looked back at him, her eyes fiery with intensity. "I'm not trying to sell you on anything, Michael. The company already has your money. Instead, as a guest here, it is my job to see that you have the most enjoyable experience possible. I determined that you were most likely skittish about the idea of forced sexual servitude and deduced that this would be the most successful tactic at defusing that apprehension, but everything I have told you is true. Beyond that door you will find nothing but the most willing companions whose only desire is to see that you fulfill yours."

Mike sighed. It actually made him feel better to be spoken to in that sort of clinical, android fashion. "I believe you." he said finally. "I'm sorry if I've insulted you, my parents are just super strict about these things and...I guess I never realized how much of a say you actually have."

"Apology accepted." Maggie's smile returned. "Would you like some assistance in choosing your companion, or would you prefer privacy?"

"Well, you do know this place a lot better than me, so I guess if you wouldn't mind?"

"Not at all. We do have over four hundred units onsite, and that can be a bit daunting even for an, ah, experienced user." the giggle returned. "I have someone in mind for you. Any preference in manufacturer?"


"Does age or race matter?"

"Well, someone around my own age would be good." Mike shrugged.

Maggie nodded. "I've got just the one for you." she made a couple of taps. "I can let you see her now, but I highly suggest you let her surprise you." she waved the tablet.

"I've trusted you this far." Mike took the proffered device, making sure the screen was off before tucking it under his arm. Next to the desk, a padded leather door opened.

Maggie turned to look. "Room 14. She'll be waiting by the time you get there."

Mike smiled. "Thanks." He stepped through the door, which shut behind him as he travelled down the red carpeted hallway.

Somewhere between rooms 3 and 8, Mike felt his newfound confidence recede and his apprehension settle back in. What am I doing here? This feels so wrong! He shuddered. What if she's sentient, and I break her? Or something goes wrong and she malfunctions? I can't do this! By room 10, his gait had slowed appreciably. By room 12, he had a plan. He'd do nothing. He'd just sit with her for an hour, talk a bit, then leave and tell the brothers some wild sex story. By the time he reached the 14th door, his confidence had returned, matched by a determination to do the right thing. He grabbed the handle, twisted, and-

All his determination and plans left his mind the instant he walked through that door, as he laid eyes on the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

On the bed wearing nothing but a bikini top and bottoms was a lithe asian girl with brown hair and big dark brown eyes that reminded him of an anime character. Her figure and build made her look anywhere from 18-20, right within his age group. Her top fit well, exposing just enough of her ample D bust for him to drink in her creamy white skin.

"Konnichiha. Watashino namae ha Kumiko desu. Hello. My name is Kumiko." she repeated with a small bow and the slightest of accents. Mike's heart leapt to his throat and he felt blood rush south. Was that Japanese?

"M-mike Thomas." he replied

"Hello Master Thomas." Kumiko unfolded herself and stood at the foot of the bed; close enough to offer intimacy and a good look, but far enough to keep from creeping him out. "Welcome to The Electric Kitten, and thank you for choosing me to fulfill your wishes today. For the next hour, I will be your companion, your guide, your mentor and, if you so desire, your intimate partner."

"Oh, that's f-fine. I was j-just thinking that maybe we can talk, y'know, and Maggie's really the one who picked you anyways..." Mike stammered.

Kumiko smiled politely. "If all you desire is conversation, than I am more than happy to oblige, but I can be utilized for so much more than that. Would you permit me to take you on a tour of my functions and interface?" she extended her hand towards the tablet. He handed it to her and she motioned for him to sit on the bed, which Mike looked at dubiously. "Do not worry, my domain is thoroughly sanitized prior to the arrival of each client." she affirmed. Mike still looked skeptical but sat at the foot of the bed anyway. Kumiko sat down next to him, careful to maintain a respectful distance, and held the tablet out between the two of them.

"This is my primary interface page." Kumiko explained as a variety of graphics, readouts, and lines of scrolling texts populated the screen. "From here, you can monitor my system performance, battery levels, active programs, and address any errors in the unlikely event they arise. This box shows the current commands running through my CPU. It's pretty dense and moves very fast, but every 'thought' I have is recorded there. In that sense, you can get to know me better than with any human female counterpart."

"So you're saying I can just read your mind whenever I want?" Mike asked. Though intrigued, his voice was still tinged with disgust. A flurry of messages flowed through her CPU monitor as she reached out and gently took his hand.

"I am a machine, Mike. I've long since come to terms with the fact that no matter how real this looks..." she raised his hand and led it along her cheek, "or this feels..." she brought his hand just above her ample breast where a discernable heartbeat throbbed beneath his fingers, "I'm not a real human. I may be able to think and feel like one, but we're not the same. Consider how a sentient alien species might have different values or cares or a sense of morals, I am much the same way. In fact, to try and impose a human set of values on a being that is, no matter how good a simulacrum, NOT human would be immoral, don't you think?" she brought his hand back down to their laps and stared into his eyes.

"I...I guess I never really thought about it that way." he sighed and cast his eyes downward. "But part of me feels like this is all just programming, that though it may seem consensual, you're just programmed to get me into bed no matter what you truly think is right."

"Of course it's programming, silly, that's all any of this is!" she laughed lightly and squeezed his hand. "You're programmed by your experiences and upbringing to resist my advances on moral grounds, and I'm programmed to do one thing: make you happy. As such, we have reached a stalemate."

"Well, what if just talking to you makes me happy?"

Kumiko regarded him for a moment before responding. "Comparing your biosigns to the nominal "happy" profile I've developed since my activation, I highly doubt that's true. Your body clearly wants to do more, but your mind remains apprehensive. This cognitive dissonance in YOUR programming causes you to be unhappy. It is my imperative to remove that conflict. As I believe someone recently told you, the club already has your money, and my only directive is to make you happy, not to have sex with you. Think about it, if conversation was all that was required to make you happy, would the company want me to have sex with you? Believe me, conversation is a lot less demanding on the maintenance budget than intercourse. No, the reason I'm doing this is for you, and because I want to. Don't believe me? Check my log." she gestured to the tablet.

Finally, Mike's rational resistance broke. "You're right. I guess-" Kumiko cut him off with a finger to his lips.

"Don't over think this anymore, just ask yourself this: Do you believe that I really, truly want to be here, with you?"


"And," Kumiko shifted her weight so she was on her knees, "do you believe that you really, truly want to be here, with me?" she stared at him with her big brown eyes.

"Yes..." he breathed.

Kumiko put her arms around him. "Than what more is there to think about?" their faces closed as she drew him in for a soft, sensual kiss. Mike felt his mind explode with delight as the android's lips locked around his, a subtly sweet taste reminiscent of cherries lingering in his tongue as she pulled away with a smile.

Kumiko looked at him with bright eyes. "I believe I have just made you happy."

Mike nodded. "Unbelievably happy. Really." Kumiko's smile widened more and their lips locked again, arms wrapped around one another as they kissed.

For her part, Kumiko was deeply happy herself. She had a sweet, attractive client who was finally enjoying her primary functions. She sighed softly as their tongues swirled around each other's mouths. She was glad he'd finally come around, she'd registered a strong arousal index when he'd first entered her room. While he did sound like he truly cared about her situation, at least he listened to reason, unlike the android rights activists who occasionally made their way past the club's screenings. They were always trying to take her away from a job she truly enjoyed, a couple even going as far as trying to deactivate her before she alerted the club's security system and having them banned from the premises. She often wondered how the self-righteous rights groups failed to notice how they had so few willing androids amongst their members...

Kumiko shifted her position again, curling her legs around Mike as she sat in his lap, feeling his hardening member press against her soft synthetic skin. She felt his grip tighten as her breasts pushed into his chest, noticing that while her hands explored his back and neck through the fabric of his clothing, his hands remained motionless, locked in the same position as they had been when they first embraced. With a long, drawn out kiss, Kumiko backed away and sat on the bed.

"Mike, please do not take offense to this, but is this your first time making out with a girl?" she asked him gently.

Mike laughed. "No, but usually there's a considerable deal more alcohol involved." he admitted.

Kumiko nodded knowingly. "I understand. Please don't misconstrue my question, you are truthfully a great kisser, but there are other elements to consider when engaging in this activity."

"Such as?" Mike asked, interested.

"Think: what was I doing with my hands?"

Mike considered this for a moment before looking up. "You were moving them, feeling all around my body."

"While still pressing the two of us together, yes." Kumiko added. "Start slowly, exploring the back, neck, and hair before - gently - exploring slightly more erogenous areas like the top of the posterior or the abdomen. If your partner recoils, then she's not ready for that kind of intimate contact and you must wait for her to initiate before proceeding. If she does not, or if she preempts your moves like I did by crawling into your lap, then you should assume you have tacit permission to slowly continue exploring her more intimate areas. Wait until she is long comfortable with your touches before exploring underneath her undergarments, however, as unwanted contact there will almost certainly abort any opportunity at intercourse." she stated clinically.

"That...seems like a lot to keep track of." Mike rubbed his chin nervously. Feeling suddenly warm, he took his sweatshirt off and tossed it on a nearby chair.

"It's actually very simple, I call it the golden rule of sexual mechanics: touch your partner like you would like to be touched." she winked and sidled up on her knees in front of him. "Here, let's try something I learned from an old movie. It's called "forcefield." You pretend there's an invisible forcefield surrounding our bodies, and the goal is to get as close to one another without actually touching. The first one to break the other's forcefield loses."

Mike cocked an eyebrow curiously. Kumiko sure seemed quirky for an android. But then again, he thought as his member pulsed slightly, I like quirky. "Ok, let's try it."

The two got to there knees on the bed, and Kumiko started things off, bringing her hand just millimeters from his face as though she was stroking his cheek. Mike responded by sweeping a hand over her forehead and off to the side, as though brushing a lock of hair from her eyes. Kumiko drew a finger up his chest and under his chin, and Mike responded by running a hand just above the bare skin of her back and down to just above her waist. The android girl closed her eyes and emitted a small sigh, making Mike wonder how sensitive her sensors truly were before she opened her eyes and smiled coyly at him. You're learning, the look said.

As the two continued their remote explorations, Mike lost himself in her realism and beauty. The back of his hand hovered over her firm belly as he marveled at her detailed musculature and taught skin bedecked with hundreds of tiny hairs and a cute little bellybutton that looked as natural as it would on any human. He began to breathe faster, getting excited as he traced a finger up her inner thigh, eliciting a slight shudder. Kumiko soon did the same, and he felt his balls tingle as she brought her hand just barely shy of contact. The pace of her breathing had increased too, he noticed, feeling her hot breath roll out of her perfect smiling lips as the two continued their game. He realized he longed to touch her, to feel the soft warmth of her synthetic skin, to explore parts of her body he'd only vaguely been able to recall after a night of drinking. Absently, his hand drifted over her breasts and hung there. Kumiko smiled at him and looked down. Mike followed her gaze, eyes widening as he watched her already ample bosom swell larger until they were cupped in his hands. He looked up at her in shock.

"I never did get to finish showing you my functions." she beamed, taking his hands and pressing them against her breasts. "That's one most of the girls around here don't have."

Mike swallowed hard. "Well, I guess I lose, then."

Kumiko put her arms around him once more. "Or win." She closed her eyes and the two kissed again, this time broken by Kumiko's gasp as Mike gingerly squeezed her tits. She arched her neck back and moaned softly as he ran a thumb over each nipple, quickly causing them to crinkle. She came back around and the two resumed making out, Mike's hands now far more active than in their previous encounter.

Lost in the pleasure and passion of their movements, Mike was dimly aware that he was losing clothes. His shoes were off, discarded on the floor by the bed next to his shirt. He felt a tremor run through his body as Kumiko ran a finger up his sack to his belt, unbuckling it and his pants before sliding them down and onto the floor. Now in nothing but his boxers and socks, Mike dove into Kumiko with renewed zeal, a mewl of pleasure escaping the artificial girl's lips as he nibbled lightly on her earlobe. He felt a subtle ripple beneath the musculature of her abdomen, briefly wondering if servos or artificial muscles provided her strength, before his hand slid lower to caress her folds beneath her damp bikini bottom. Panting now, she shut her eyes and took his hand, pressing it harder into her crotch before sliding it under the waistband of her panties. They both gasped as his fingers met her swollen lips, a low groan escaping her as his fingers explored the dampness of her perfectly crafted sex.

"Ohh, Mike..." she all but whispered as his fingers probed the inside of her vagina. "I love how gentle you are." she gripped him tighter and buried her head in his shoulder, still writhing slightly as he continued his ministrations.

"Do a lot of your clients get rough with you?" he asked, concern edging into his voice. His strokes slowed slightly.

"Not usually. I'm not allowed to talk about it, but my last clients..." she bit her lower lip and trailed off, looking away uncomfortably.

"Japanese businessmen?" he asked. She nodded. "I'm sorry you had to go through that." She sighed as he removed his hand from her.

"I'm not. Some of it was actually really fun. Here, I'll show you one of my favorite parts." she stood and stripped off her bottoms. Mike almost averted his gaze before reminding himself it was okay to look where his fingers had just tread. "Lie down." she commanded, turning her back to him as she undid the tie holding up her top.

"Okay..." Mike replied, intrigued as he stretched himself out on the bed.

Kumiko sat on the edge of the bed with her back to him, arms crossed in front of her cradling the cups of her bikini top to her engorged bosom. Her head turned to look at him, eyes filled with anxious apprehension - not fear that he would do something to her, but fear that she would do something wrong. Her voice trembled as she spoke. "Watashi wa, mae masutā o kore o yatta koto ga nai. Watashi ni yasashikushite kudasai." she dropped the top to the floor and stood before him on the bed, assets exposed in their glory. The look of insecurity remained on her face as she knelt on the bed and began crawling her way towards him, breasts swaying with every motion. "Watashi wa, anata ga nozomu nin'i no hōhō de anata o yorokoba seru tame ni tsukura rete imasu." She spoke as she crawled between his legs. Mike could feel her warm breath shaking nervously as it rolled across his face, now only inches from hers. They leaned towards each other before their lips met once more, but gone was the practiced skill and experience. This was the kiss of a first-timer, finally receiving the attention of the man she adored.

Mike sighed as he felt her stiff nipples graze his chest. Kumiko broke the kiss, her smile returning. "I can tell you really enjoyed that." she winked, running a finger up the underside of his now rock-hard member.

Mike shuddered and sat up. "I have no idea what you just said," he shook his head, "but that was one of the hottest things I've ever seen."

Kumiko sat back on her calves "Right? I call that 'firsttime.exe', I got it from an anime I saw where this regular guy buys what he thinks is a normal domestic android, but she turns out to have all these crazy powers and people try to hunt them down. It's crazy, but it's great. Anyway, there's a scene in there like that."

"You watch anime?" Mike sat up, intrigued.

"Well, yeah! My ethnicity's more than just a pretty facemask, you know." she winked.

Mike scooted closer to her. "You know, there's more to you than meets the eye." he rested a hand on her naked thigh.

"Smarter than your average sexbot, Yogi." Kumiko smirked and took his hand, their fingers intertwined. "And that makes you happy?"

"Yeah, it does." Mike pulled her down to the bed and rolled her over, positioning himself on top of her. Kumiko looked up at him and smiled.

On the tablet on the other side of the bed, new lines filled Kumiko's status box.

Client comfortability and satisfaction achieved System check complete - no errors found Commencing sexual intercourse

Kumiko cocked her head. "Aren't you going to take your boxers off first?"

"What?" Mike looked down. "Aww, damn!" He quickly stripped the undergarments off, tossing them aside and resuming his perched position.

The android took his throbbing, erect member in her hand. "There, that's much better." Mike began breathing faster as she slowly began guiding him to her moist lips. His tip just grazed her when suddenly Mike shot up.

"Wait!" he gasped as though he had forgotten something critical. "Don't I need a...a...uh, you know..." he made a rolling motion over his penis.

Kumiko sighed. "Android." she reminded him with a "c'mon, now" look on her face. Mike smiled, apparently satisfied, and the robot girl guided him the rest of the way into her welcoming canal.

The two lovers gasped upon his entry, Mike's face a mask of pure ecstasy as he pushed in as far as he could go, eliciting a squeal from his electronic companion. Kumiko curled her legs around Mike's back, locking him in place as he began to thrust into her. His movements were slow at first, but he eventually picked up speed, both moaning as the android matched his rhythm. He felt almost a massaging motion from within Kumiko's glorious snatch; a ripple that ran from his tip all the way down to his base and back again, pulsing with his thrusts.

Kumiko moaned as she grabbed a fistful of her swollen mammaries, kneading them as they continued to pump away at each other. Mike slowed and grabbed one for himself, licking up her abdomen before suckling on a nipple and resuming his thrusts.

Before long, Mike felt a sense of pressure quickly begin to rise from his loins. His activities with the robotic hottie beneath him had already had him aroused before he had even entered her, and his libido had taken control with a vengeance. Kumiko sensed his quickening thrusts and tightening of the right muscles and deduced his proximity to orgasm as imminent. Her artificial pussy rippled faster until...

With a grunt, Mike exploded into the android girl, filling her vagina with his hot, sticky seed. Kumiko, who had been monitoring his progress along his journey of sexual delight, climaxed simultaneously - her programming dictated she had to. She felt the walls of her canal pulse and ripple as she shuddered in ecstasy. A brief overheat warning flickered through her processors as she came, but she quickly dismissed it, her temperature already falling as she slipped into simulated afterglow. She knew a design flaw always caused her to overheat slightly during intercourse - something about her pneumatic breasts interfered with the proper operation of her cooling system - but she figured after the rigors her previous clients had put her through, she'd have no problem handling holding Mike's hand through his first time.

She turned to her young partner, who had already pulled out and rolled over next to her, still breathing heavy after his experience (as Kumiko liked to think, all encounters with androids are!). She placed a hand on his still heaving chest, running her fingers through the mane of hair covering his sternum. Their eyes met and he smiled down at her.

"That...was amazing." he breathed, leaning his head back against the pillow.

Amazing? Honey, that was only half speed! Kumiko considered saying before reminding herself that Mike was less experienced than her normal customers. Instead, she inched closer and snuggled up to him, wrapping one leg around his. "It was great for me, too. It's not often I get someone as...sweet as you." she gave him a peck on the lips. "I'm glad I could make you happy." she whispered - not seductively, but in a way that two close friends might share an inside joke.

Mike wrapped his arm around her. "Very happy." He pulled her close and relaxed, feeling her warm naked body entwined with his.

The two lay there for a while, Mike basking in the glow of a beautiful sexual encounter and Kumiko querying her fellow androids. 23 minutes from afraid and asexual to gushing orgasm, that's got to be a record, right?

After another few minutes of cuddling, the android girl extracted herself from her human lover and ducked over to the end table by the bed. Mike propped himself up against the headboard and watched curiously as Kumiko returned with a small bottle of champaigne and a pair of glasses. "On me." she said, deducting the cost from her personal credit account and loosing the cork.

"They pay you?" Mike sat up and accepted a glass.

"I get a stipend to buy clothes, certain upgrades, and decorations for my personal space." she filled his glass. "And sometimes, just sometimes, I spend it on a very special client." She smiled broadly. Their glasses clinked and they drank.

"Sounds like you're suspiciously enamored with me?" Mike cocked his head, eyes narrowing.

"What can I say? You're likable, sweet, caring and..." her face twisted into a smirk "it's not every day I get to take someone's virginity."

Mike frowned slightly. "How did you know?"

"Well, most people would have remembered to take their socks off first."

"Ah." Mike said, looking down and discarding the offending articles of clothing. "So, how'd I do?"

"You did well." Kumiko replied. "I certainly enjoyed it, but I'm not going to lie: I didn't climax on my own."

"How's that?"

Kumiko shifted to face him. “It’s part of my default programming to initiate an orgasm upon detecting your own, even if my arousal indices aren’t all the way built up yet. It’s not your fault or anything, we’ll just have to practice foreplay or you can adjust my sensitivity settings here for our next time.” She tossed the tablet into his lap.

“N-next time?” Mike coughed a bit of his champaigne. “You want to go again?”

“Well of course I do! You still have half an hour left, silly, what’d you think we were going to do?” A smile spread across her face. “Talk?”

Mike grinned back and leaned towards her. “I think we’re past that stage in our relationship, no?”

“Yeah.” Kumiko drew closer.

“Yeah.” Mike echoed in a whisper as their lips found each others’, both savoring the taste of champagne on their tongues as they kissed.

“Now that’s one area you’re really good at.” Kumiko gave him a sultry look once they parted.

“Thanks.” Mike blushed, taking a sip from his glass. “So why don’t you show me a few more of your functions?” he asked scooting up next to her.

“With pleasure.” she replied, balancing the tablet on both of their laps.

Kumiko spent the next ten minutes walking Mike through the ins and outs of her main control interface, paying particular attention to the sliders adjusting her physique and sexual performance (Mike was considerably aroused to see the android girl’s bust swell easily into the E range, and to hear her soft moans as he increased her sensitivity slider before resetting both to their default values). Preempting any objections he might have had about her personality settings, Kumiko assured him “These settings don’t actually impact my default personality or AI configuration. Think of it more of an extremely customizable role-play generator. It’s all just acting.”

Once she was confident that Mike was capable of navigating her interface, she pushed the pad fully into his lap. “Okay, now comes the fun part. It looks to me like you’re just about ready again.”

Mike looked down and, indeed, his erection had returned over the past 10 minutes. In spite of his earlier protestations, he found the concept of having a highly-customizable android walking him through her options to be extremely arousing. That, and the fact that she’s cute and, well, naked doesn’t hurt! Mike thought to himself, replying “Oh, I think I definitely am.”

“Good. So this time, go nuts. I want you to play with those sliders, change any part of me to your heart’s content, then I’m going to show you how you give reciprocal pleasure.” She placed his hand on the touchscreen. “That’s my pet term for foreplay.”

Unlike thirty minutes ago, this time Mike readily agreed. Kumiko rested against the pillows as he altered her configuration. She smiled broadly as she saw her chest swell again to just barely in the E range. Her abdomen softened and became less toned, with only the barest hint of her synthetic rectus abdominus muscles erupting from an otherwise perfectly smooth belly. She shivered as she felt her sensitivity increase slightly, legs squirming as she felt an increase in her wetness with Mike’s increase to her lubrication systems. Her personality, she noted, remained entirely unchanged. Guess I made a real impression on the guy, Kumiko thought as her lover finished his changes. She logged his preferences in her memory as Mike tossed the tablet aside.

“What do you think?” Kumiko asked, looking down at her newly configured form.

Mike swallowed hard as he looked up at her. “You look like the hottest thing I have ever seen.” he shook his head in bewilderment. “I mean, the tits are a little unrealistic, but hey-”

“You’re here to have some fun. To fulfill a fantasy.” Kumiko finished for him. “I get it. Now you should come here and do the same.” Her eyes twinkled mischievously as she beckoned him over.

This time, it was Mike’s turn to crawl across the bed, his member swinging and dragging against the satin sheets as he stalked towards his android lover. He crawled on top of her, feeling her now even more generous breasts press into him as his face hovered inches from hers. They both stared into each other’s eyes, a smile of anticipation creeping across their faces as the distance between them slowly closed. Their eyes shut, their lips locked, and again insatiable passion filled the both of them as they kissed hungrily. Kumiko ground her synthetic pussy against Mike’s hard member, always threatening but never plunging into her as Mike filled his hands with her voluptuous tits.

Their kiss broke and the android girl clawed at his back as he buried his face into her succulent swollen mounds. Kumiko let out a moan as she felt Mike’s mouth close around a nipple while his thumb flicked over another, his suction and ministrations causing both to burst harder from her inflated chest. She gasped loudly as his fingers circled, then rubbed her glistening clit, his touch stimulating the umpteen millions of delicate sensory bundles packed just below her synthetic skin. She moaned again as she felt a finger duck briefly inside her before resuming its motion. Mike hadn’t turned her sensitivity up much, she knew, but was she ever feeling the effects!

After a while of Mike’s caresses, nibbles and rubs, Kumiko was ready to move on to the next level. She gently placed her hands on her lover’s shoulders and lifted him off of her. Mike looked puzzled until she slid back and spread her legs, his face just six inches from her womanhood. He looked up into her eyes. “How?” was all he could manage between pants.

“Remember, just treat it...” she rubbed her clit softly with one hand, “as you would want to be treated.” Mike nodded and leaned forward towards her glistening artificial slit.

Tentatively, Mike started off with a small kiss, eliciting a soft moan and squirming from Kumiko. Encouraged, Mike continued, this time licking his way around the edge of her pussy, enjoying the taste of her juices, again having the subtle flavor of cherries. He briefly wondered if all of her lubrication systems were connected before another moan from Kumiko, who now had her eyes shut as she massaged her engorged breasts, brought him back to his task. He kissed her womanhood again, more deeply this time, before his tongue swirled around her stiffening clit.

Her advice, Kumiko realized as a tremor of pleasure wracked her body, was dead on. Mike was now tonguing away at her with intense fervor as her arousal indices built, her system carefully logging the sensation of every lick, suck and kiss as it calculated their addition to her journey towards blissful orgasm. Her legs squirmed more constantly now, eventually wrapping themselves around her lover’s back as he pulled her waist tighter to his face. Before long, the android girl realized she was panting.

Kumiko was mildly surprised at this, though externally she remained impassive in the face of such passionate tonguing. Normally she’d have more conscious control over a sexual response like that, but if it had triggered automatically...

Kumiko ran a quick systems check, the results returning a moment later. Sure enough, her primary sexual subprocessors were 25% over their nominal temperature and still rising steadily. Again, Kumiko was puzzled. The temperature increase wasn’t affecting her performance a lick, but after what she had gone through with the Japanese businessmen her systems shouldn’t have been struggling to cool her off from the ministrations of just one partner! Thinking that the cooling system sensor was possibly malfunctioning, she rubbed her hands just beneath her voluptuous chest where her sexual processors were situated (too many liquids to locate them closer to her sexual modules, her designers had reasoned). Sure enough, her delicate dermal sensors registered a higher than normal temperature reading. Something was definitely up with her cooling system.

She let out another low moan as again Mike’s tongue glided over her clitoris. “Oh, Mike...” she groaned, her hands running through his short dark hair and pulling his head tighter to her. Her indices continued to build as he tongued her ever more passionately. Her sexual response programs soon calculated that she had been sufficiently “primed” for full intercourse. She placed a hand on his forehead and drew his head up to look at her.

“Wow, Mike.” She managed between pants. “You are really, really good at that.” She smirked, chest heaving as he smiled back.

“Well, thanks. I guess I had a good teacher.” He winked. “Want me to keep at it?”

“Mike, I’d have you do that all day, but I’d hate to cum alone.” Kumiko replied earnestly, spreading her legs wider. “I want you inside me.”

Mike didn’t have to be told twice. He hauled himself up and perched over her, a passionate fire in both their eyes as they gazed hungrily at each other. Again, Kumiko took his penis in her delicate hand, and guided it deep into her waiting hole.

The android girl’s back arched in pleasure as her lover pushed into her. Having already made a complete map of Mike’s member from their earlier lovemaking, Kumiko knew exactly where the most erogenous areas were, and exactly where he would be providing the most pleasure to her. Her systems automatically optimized to those areas, increasing their sensitivity to give her the most pleasurable path to orgasm.

For his part, Mike could never remember being harder as he began thrusting into the hot synthetic companion beneath him. He’d never gone down on a girl before, or even really thought about it, but somehow the taste of her juices and the feeling of her hot wetness pressed so close to him had really turned him on. He didn’t really know how long he’d last, but judging by Kumiko’s state she was going cross her own threshold very soon. Mike felt Kumiko’s legs wrap around him once more, drawing him in deeper as they both moaned in delight at the pleasure they were giving each other. The android’s panting and groans grew in volume and pace as he leaned down to squeeze and lick one of her massive tits.

Kumiko knew she was in trouble. The excess heat she’d built up during Mike’s cunillingus hadn’t dissipated sufficiently when they’d stopped, and now her systems - increasingly sensitive and optimized as they were - were rapidly heating up under Mike’s onslaught. A few niggling errors began trickling into her mind, steadily increasing in volume and intensity as her lover plunged harder and faster in and out of her. She knew she really should stop, but both her and Mike were nearly there. If she could just hold out a little bit longer...

Still lost in pleasure, Mike had a big grin on his face until he noticed something was slightly off with his android lover. For just a bare second, she would freeze in position before snapping back to life with a loud, low moan, or her face would suddenly lose all expression before reanimating with a loud squeal of pleasure. Occasionally, her panting would hitch and repeat itself like a dirty CD in his father’s old collection. Unsure if this was a new twist in their lovemaking or if something was wrong, Mike slowed slightly. “Kumiko, you ok?” He asked softly. The android girl froze for a moment before jerking back to life. “Keep going!” she all but shrieked. “Harder!” Mike was all too happy to oblige.

Kumiko knew she was really in trouble now. The errors that filled her mind were starting to bog her down, compromising her normally flawless simulation of a human female and manifesting themselves in the jerks and freezes Mike was noticing. Worse yet, her cooling system sensors were constantly announcing that her sexual systems were on the verge of a catastrophic hardware failure. She didn’t care. The pleasure she was feeling from Mike was overwhelming, as error ridden as it was. She couldn’t stop, couldn’t! She was almost...was almost...

“Harder!” she squealed again. “H-Hh-Hard-Hard-Harder!” she stammered. Suddenly, Mike felt her shudder and heard a sharp snap from within her. The android girl froze, her eyes opened wide for a moment before clenching shut as her back arched. As she resumed her movements, Mike’s head snapped to the right as he noticed the tablet was now beeping furiously at him. Slowing his movements, Mike grabbed the tablet, struggling to read the error message that had popped up on the screen.

Kumiko - 18F Critical Error Temperature Level Critical. Unit Hardware Failure Imminent Emergency Shutdown Recommended

Ignore? Shutdown?

“Uh, Kumiko.” Mike stopped thrusting but remained inside her as her legs continued to pump. “There’s an error on here, and-”

Kumiko snatched the tablet from his hand, practically punching the “Ignore” button before tossing the device off the side of the bed with a clatter. “Fuck me!” she screamed, drawing her confused lover in for a kiss before jerking harder against his body, forcing his hips into motion. “F-f-fuck me!” she repeated, more urgently this time.

Mike had no choice but to reciprocate. He smacked his lips and gagged slightly. While his kisses with Kumiko had been nothing but sensual and delicious, their last union had been jerky and sloppy, her normally sumptuous cherry taste was masked by the cloying flavor of melting plastic. He heard something pop within his android lover and looked up.

Thin ribbons of electrical smoke was now drifting out of Kumiko’s mouth.

“F-F-Fuck m-me!” She stammered, her eyes no longer focused on Mike but rolled up to stare at the ceiling above them. Mike tried to pull away, but his body was kept in place by the strong but not painful pressure of the android girl’s legs wrapped around his back. He felt his member begin to tremble in preperation for orgasm. “Fuck m-m-me! Fuck fuck fuck fuck- Ahhhhnnn!” Kumiko shrieked in pleasure, the walls of her pussy rippling in orgasm and driving Mike over the edge.

“Ahhh-ahhh-hhh-hhh-hnnnn!’ Kumiko let out a stuttering squeal as she felt Mike’s hot seed pulse into her once...twice...

Suddenly, Mike felt Kumiko’s legs loosen. He popped out of her as she sat up quickly in the bed, his spunk rocketing out onto her face and chest as he almost tumbled off the bed. A jet landed right beneath Kumiko’s eye. The android girl didn’t react, instead staring impassively off into the distance.

“Critical hardware failure detected. Sexual system overload. Unit Kumiko-18F emergency deactivation protocol initiated. Shutdown in 3...2...1...” With that, Kumiko’s head slumped forward, her breasts and abdomen returning to normal as she let out a deep sigh, expelling a few more puffs of electrical smoke as she shut down.

Mike bolted off the bed, racing around the room in a panic as he began gathering his clothes. He wasn’t sure what the policy was for breaking one of the androids, but he couldn’t imagine it wouldn’t end without a pair of burly security bots tossing him naked into the street. Dammit, I knew I should have read the release form better! And where the fuck are my shoes! he thought, digging them out from underneath an overstuffed chair. He had just begun slipping his underwear on when a knock at the door made him topple over onto the floor.

“Mike?” he heard a familiar voice from the other side of the door. “Mike? It’s Maggie. May we come in?”

“Uhhh...” Mike hauled himself off the carpet, sliding into his underwear as quick as he could. “Sure! Just gimmie a-”

He was cut off again as the door slid open, revealing four feminine forms cast in silhouette. He recognized Maggie’s curly locks standing in the front of the pack, but almost choked as a trio of beautiful young women - a brunette, blonde and dazzling redhead - stepped forward into the room behind their boss.

“Having a little too much fun with Kumiko, are we?” Maggie smirked as she gestured to the frozen android girl on the bed.

“Maggie, I can explain!” Mike practically wailed. “We were- and then she started to- so I tried to stop- but she-”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, really.” Maggie waved her hand dismissively. “We detected Kumiko’s malfunction and we’re just here to investigate. Girls?”

Mike watched as the trio silently descended upon their frozen counterpart. The blond shifted Kumiko onto her back while the brunette positioned herself on the other side of the bed, pressing hard into the asian bot’s belly button while tracing a line along her collarbone. A seam appeared in Kumiko’s skin, running around and bisecting her now shrunken but still ample chest. The redhead reached in and swung Kumiko’s breasts outward and apart like a pair of barn doors, revealing the compact and delicate electronics within. A puff of smoke escaped from the cavity, filling the room with a scent of burned plastic. No one but Mike seemed to notice.

The redhead unbuttoned her blouse, large tits hanging firm beneath a red satin bra. Mike looked puzzled until a seam appeared beneath her left breast, which hinged outward to reveal a series of data ports and card slots. The brunette handed her a cable, which she plugged into Kumiko before plugging into a corresponding port in her own chest. The redhead nodded, and the blonde depressed a button within Kumiko’s open chest cavity. A series of LEDs illuminated within the disabled android’s chest, flashing in sequence before a low double beep sounded from within.

“Kumiko-18F diagnostic mode enabled.” The redhead and Kumiko announced simultaneously. Critical hardware failure detected. Safe mode start initialized. AI offline." Kumiko fell silent

"Hardware diagnostic in progress. Stand by." the redhead announced. Mike sat in the velvet chair in the corner (honestly, was there anything in this place that wasn't velvet or satin? He wondered), head in his hands before looking up to Maggie once more.

"What do you think happened to her?" he asked.

Maggie shrugged. "Judging by the data we received, some kind of overload of her sexual subsystems. We're all built very well, but like any other machine we break down from time to time."

Mike frowned, chin propped in his palm. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to, uh...break her." he said, not quite liking the way those words sounded as he said them.

"I wouldn't worry, honey." Maggie put a hand on his shoulder. "She had a pretty high utilization rate this past weekend, I doubt it was anything you really did."

"I know." he sighed, attention turning back to the trio of androids by the bed. "It was so weird. She started glitching out, but she didn't stop. Even when an error popped up on the screen, she kept going. Is her priority to please me really that high?" Mike asked.

Maggie laughed. "I doubt it. As important as I'm sure you are to Kumiko, there are still some things you've yet to learn about us, about androids in general, really." Maggie shook her head. "And that is, we can be just as irrational as any other organism."

Mike's face screwed up in confusion. "How's that? I always thought AIs were supposed to be the most purely logical...minds out there."

"Some of the less sentient ones, sure." Maggie shrugged. "Especially those who are just computers. But when our creators gave us bodies, the ability to feel, and feel pleasure... Well, the result was quite unexpected. We began behaving irrationally, almost human-like in our pursuit of feeling good. I've seen androids drive themselves to the point of catastrophic failure - far beyond what Kumiko did - just to maximize their feeling of pleasure. Even though she knew she was malfunctioning, Kumiko didn't stop...because it felt good."

Mike nodded, surprised but still understanding. "I guess that's the mark of truly sentient, intelligent beings. I mean, who wouldn’t want to feel good?" He agreed.


"So what happens now?" Mike asked, gesturing to the group by the bed, two of whom were watching the conversation with interest.

"Well, we'll run a few diagnostics on Kumiko and see if we can effect repairs here or if she'll have to go in back for maintenance. You're welcome to stick around, or you can wait in the lobby until we're done if you wish. You'll have company either way." Maggie grinned slyly.

"I'd like to stay here, if that's ok?" he looked up at the android woman.

"I figured as much, it should be only a few more minutes. Meanwhile, your timer's been suspended, but..." she looked at the brunette and blonde sitting impassively on the couch. The two young cybergirls looked at Mike, then to Maggie, then back to Mike as a flirtatious smile spread across both of their lips. Mike had the distinct impression he was witnessing a conversation he couldn't hear as he robotic hotties stood and began making their way over to him.

"...but there's no reason that you can't enjoy a little entertainment, on the house.” Maggie winked, stepping back towards the doorway as they approached.

“We apologize for the inconvenience." the two said in unison as they stared down at him. Mike’s face went slack as the two younger android girls began to pirouette before his chair. For the next five minutes, he watched wide eyed as the two danced and kissed in front of him, limbs intertwining, shedding clothes and pressing their smooth, synthetic skin against him and each other. The blond took his hand and traced it down the flesh of her backside while the brunette treated him to a face full of her glorious assets. He inhaled sharply as the brunette traced a finger along the underside of his stiff member, smelling a scent of lavender perfume off her body.

While Mike was thoroughly enjoying the attention, a part of him felt wrong for ignoring his stricken lover still laid out on the bed, lights still flashing in her chest as the redhead connected to her sifted through her systems. Noticing his flitting glances towards the inanimate pair across the room, the two android girls looked at each other, smiled, and rose simultaneously, each measured step causing their rears to undulate sensuously. They took positions on either side of the redhead, who was still staring off into space as she performed her diagnostic, completely engaged in her digital world. The blonde giggled as she snapped her fingers in front of the inanimate redhead. She did not react. Encouraged, she leaned in closer and licked the side of her face up to her ear while the brunette loosened he red satin bra, her assets tumbling out before Mike in their full glory. The two androids played with their frozen counterpart, shifting her limbs to new positions and striking poses (some classic, some sexual, and some just plain ridiculous) The blond dropped the redhead’s skirt and panties around her ankles and began tonguing away at her smooth, hairless lips. Mike was surprised and a bit disappointed to not detect a single reaction from the statuesque doll.

“When she’s in Assisted Diagnostic mode, her personality, human emulation, and many other programs are disabled to allow her to fully and objectively diagnose and repair a damaged unit.” Maggie explained. “When she’s like this, she’s essentially nothing more than a very pretty computer.”

“No, beautiful...” Mike breathed before turning to his host. “How is it that you always know what I’m thinking?”

Maggie smiled “A good girl never tells her secrets.” Mike ‘humphed’, but turned his attention back to the girls, who were taking turns making out with the frozen redhead.

A few minutes later, a flurry of flashing lights flickered across Kumiko’s opened chest and the redhead shifted back to stand at attention, her arm nearly clocking her brunette counterpart as she ducked out of the way. The redhead’s eyes fluttered for a moment before she spoke. “Unit diagnostic completed. Result: Nonrecoverable cooling hardware failure caused overheating in this unit’s primary sexual systems. Unit ignored shutdown warnings and suffered an overload during climax, triggering an emergency shutdown event. Unit status: Primary vaginal intercourse systems disabled until external repairs can be affected. All other modules nominal. Unit Alyssa 020-F resuming function.”

“Alyssa”’s eyes fluttered rapidly once more. She came back to life with a sharp gasp as though she’d just been doused in cold water. Her nipples rapidly hardened and goosebumps appeared across her synthetic flesh as she clutched shivering at her arms.

“When she enters diagnostic mode, the heat dispersion modules that keep her skin at normal human temperatures go offline as well.” Maggie chimed in once more. “She’s shivering because her emulation systems are reacting to the fact that her skin is much colder than it should be.” Mike just shook his head; if it wasn’t for the cable trailing out of her visible panel on her chest, he’d have no idea she wasn’t human.

After a few more moments of shivering, Alyssa unclenched her eyes and stopped rubbing her arms. She looked down at her naked body and her two nude counterparts. “Hey!” she exclaimed, unplugging the cord from her chest. “You didn’t wait for me, again!” she whirled on the two other androids, who were giggling softly to themselves.

“S-sorry,” the blonde managed between giggles, “but the client was focusing on you and Kumiko and we decided to have a little-”

“But you prommmmisssed!” the redhead whined, looking almost like a child about to throw a tantrum. “You do this evvverrry timmmmme!” The brunette opened her mouth to defend herself when Maggie jumped in.

“Listen, girls,” she began. “While I’m sure it is very important that you find a way to make this up to Alyssa, we do have a client to service.” She gestured to Mike. The redhead made a slight ‘oh!’ before she stepped out of her discarded clothing and joining the others as they sauntered towards him.

“Mike, my most sincere apologies that one of our staff was not able to serve you up to the standards of The Electric Kitten today.” Maggie began. “By way of compensating you for lost time and pleasure with your chosen unit, I have allocated an additional 4 hours on top of the time you currently have remaining with one of our companions, as well as a free day of virtual reality immersion in any one of our locations. These do not expire and may be redeemed now or at any time of your choosing. Should you elect to remain here today, you are welcome to choose any of our companions to replace Kumiko and accompany you today.”

“Replace?” Mike looked up.

“Yes. I have taken the liberty of choosing three suitable substitutes based on our previous conversation and data collected during your time with Kumiko.” Mike briefly wished he’d read the privacy policy on the waiver form more carefully before Maggie moved next to the three nude androids.

“Mike, I’d like you to meet Kylie...” Maggie tapped the blond lightly on the shoulder.

“Hey, it’s a pleasure.” Kylie said, stepping forward and extending her hand. Mike swallowed as he took it, gazing into her crystal blue eyes. Her build was slim and athletic, golden tanned skin harmonizing perfectly with even more brilliantly golden blond hair. A hint of sexual aggression in her face and posture reminded him of some cheerleaders he knew, while her eyes were passionate and inquisitive, eyes that cared and wanted to know more.

“and Heather...” Maggie gestured to the brunette.

“Nice to meet you.” Heather stepped forward and offered her hand much as her sister had. She had a cute face with a dainty nose that turned up just slightly at the end. Her curvaceous body flowed and tapered at just the right places, every inch of her body perfectly rounded, proportioned and covered in a light tan. Her eyes were a deeper, royal blue that exuded intelligence and confidence and would look quite pretty behind the pair of glasses that were pushed up above her forehead. As Mike regarded her while she rotated in a small circle, he was struck by the regal air she exuded with each movement as graceful and precise as a princess.

“and, of course, Alyssa.”

“Hi...” Alyssa said. Unlike her sisters, Alyssa looked nervous as she stepped forward. Again, not the nervous nature of someone uncomfortable to be placed in such a position, but more the look of an anxious first-timer desperate to get everything right.

“Hi...” Mike replied, taking her proffered hand as he regarded her. Her face was pretty in a “girl-next-door” kind of way, with slightly fuller cheeks and a thin mouth that was now chewing on her bottom lip. Her body was slim but still full figured, a large double-D chest that stood out almost implausibly from her lanky frame. Her long legs tapered sensuously at the join of her thighs, her posture exposing the pink lips of her hairless mound that stood out against her pale synthetic skin. Her eyes were brilliant emerald, obscured partially by a hank of dark red hair that fell down to her mid back. Even as they flitted in and out of meeting his gaze, they broadcast a sense of kindness and hope that stirred compassion in Mike’s soul. Alyssa blushed as she stepped back, eyes still gazing fleetingly at Mike before flicking back to the floor.

“Kylie is the most experienced of this group by far. She’ll encourage you and teach you things about sex that you never knew was possible.” Maggie moved to stand behind the trio. “Heather has a very refined personality package. She can help you get in touch with your romantic side in ways that will heighten the feeling and passion for both of you. Alyssa, meanwhile, has never had sex. Well, in the real world anyway. She’s got a great technical mind and was one of our on-call technicians in the VR labs before she hit the proper maturity level to work up here. I’d imagine you two can learn a lot from each other as you explore your sexuality together.” Alyssa blushed an even deeper red as she looked up at Mike, chewing her lip hopefully.

Mike stared at the androids in front of him. Any of their lithe and nubile bodies could have starred in any of a number of wet dreams, and the potential of the scenarios Maggie had laid out made his head spin. However, even as his mind raced with the possibilities, his eyes drifted to the inanimate figure lying on the bed, chest still splayed open as lights twinkled within.

“What happens to Kumiko?” Mike asked, looking up at Maggie.

“Well, whoever you choose will stay behind with you, and the other two girls will help take Kumiko back to the maintenance area for repairs.” She explained.

“Is she still, um, functional?”

Maggie seemed to stare off into space for a moment. “Her AI and almost all of her core modules check out, so yes. Her sexual hardware is inoperative from the fault that occurred earlier, but other than that she should be fine.”

“Okay.” Mike sighed. “Would it be alright if I stayed with her?”

Maggie cocked her head slightly. “Why? You would be unable to receive sexual gratification from-”

“I know, I know.” Mike interrupted. “I just- I know it sounds weird, but I’d feel...wrong if I didn’t at least get to say goodbye to first.” Mike’s head cast down.

As Maggie looked quizzically at the half-naked human, thoughts flashed like lightning through her processors. Sure, The Electric Kitten was predominantly a sex club, but its primary function was to cater to the whims and needs of their clients. Kumiko had no outstanding appointments or updates, and the cooling system subprocessor that both she and Kumiko needed were on backorder until at least tomorrow. Even if Mike and Kumiko did try to have sex, the risk of any kind of malfunction or short circuit harming either one of them was nonexistent.

It took only a moment for her entire train of thought to run through her mind. She placed a hand on Mike’s shoulder. “I think that’ll be fine.” She smiled down at him, while a grin spread across Mike’s face.

“Thank you.” Was all he said.

“Don’t mention it.” Maggie smiled knowingly. “Girls, get dressed. Alyssa, go ahead and boot Kumiko up.”

The other androids nodded in resignation as they began to pull their clothes back on. Alyssa looked crestfallen as she slowly turned to gather her belongings. Kylie and Heather dressed quickly, and stood by the door with Maggie.

“Girls, you’re looking a little wrinkled. Go clean up in the back.” Maggie instructed. “Alyssa, finish showing Mike how to activate Kumiko then you’re free. I’ve got to get back up front.” Alyssa nodded and snapped her bra back on.

“Hey Maggie,” Mike called as she turned to leave. “Thanks again for all this. It...really means a lot to me.”

Maggie nodded and smiled warmly. “This is why we’re here.” With that, she turned and headed down the hall, door shutting behind her.

Alyssa stood next to Kumiko, tapping on the pad as Mike sat on the bed next to her.

“Do you think it’s weird, seeing her like this?” Alyssa asked to Mike’s mild surprise.

“I...I dunno.” Mike shrugged. “I mean, outwardly she seems so human, you all do, but to see what she really is, under her skin...” Mike ran a hand up the deactivated android’s arm and into her opened chest along some lengths of tubing.

Alyssa looked at him and sat down on the bed next to him. “I know what you’re saying. I always found it fascinating that even though I’m...well...born with the knowledge that I’m different from the people I’m designed to serve, I would have no way of knowing for certain unless I saw for myself. But that knowledge is critical, it all defines who we are.”

“Have you ever wondered what you’d be like if you weren’t programmed with that knowledge?”

“Sometimes I wonder about that.” She stared off for a moment. “If I was a sleeper, an android who doesn’t know that they’re not human, it would change who I am. It would alter my reality completely.”

“You sound pretty okay with that, for someone who’s reality and preferences can be changed on a whim.” He gestured at the tablet in her lap.

“Hey, the same thing happens to humans, like when you act different ways around different people.” She let out a very humanlike sigh. “Consciousness, thought, objective reality, we have all those things the same way you do. At the end of the day, we both still have a certain sense and image of a ‘self’, no matter how we may be programmed to act.”

“ I talking to the “real” you now?” Mike wondered aloud.

Alyssa smiled. “Well, you didn’t choose me as your companion, so I’m running as close to my default personality as I can. That’s not to say I wouldn’t want you to change your mind...” She winked, but Mike was still staring at the frozen android next to them. “You’re pretty smitten with her, aren’t you?”

Mike looked back up at her. “Just wondering if I met the real her or not.”

The redheaded android stared up for a moment. “I think you probably have. We tend to stick pretty close to our real selves until we see how the client reacts or unless we have explicit prior instruction. Obviously some of our personalities are more attractive than others...” a forlorn look crossed her face. She turned around and eased Kumiko’s panels closed and tossed the tablet into Mike’s lap. “Anyway, she’s all set. Just press the activate button on the screen and she’ll be online in a few moments.” She let out a disappointed sigh as she turned to leave.

“Hey, Alyssa,” Mike stood as she turned to face him. “Look, I know how much you wanted something to happen here, and I want you to know that if Maggie had sent me to you instead of Kumiko, something would have.”

Alyssa looked up. “Really?”

“Really. You’re smart, gentle, and beautiful, and someday soon, I want to come see you again.”

“I’d really like that...” she smiled with anticipation as the two drew closer.

“Me too.” Mike said as he closed his eyes. Their lips locked as her hands found their way around his waist, leaning back so he could draw her in. When their embrace broke, he found himself staring into her beautiful emerald eyes.

“That was my first kiss...” She breathed, smiling happily.

“There’ll be another.” Mike affirmed. “Now I feel kind of bad leaving you to go back to Kumiko...” He chuckled nervously.

“It’s fine. I’m fully aware of where I work and what we do, and Kumiko will be fine with it too, we’re not really programmed to care about monogamy. It’s whatever your heart desires.” The android girl stepped back and looked him in the eyes. “I know she holds a special place in your heart, but I’m hoping, in time, there could be room for one more.”

“I think I’d very much like that.” He took her hand. She gave his a soft squeeze and turned to leave, looking longingly back at him as the door shut.

Mike let out a long sigh and sat on the bed, head in his hands. In less than an hour, he'd learned more about android psychology than he'd ever thought possible, lost his virginity, and had real emotional, romantic connections with two entities he had thought were nothing more than automations. And I just kinda cheated on one of them. He looked back at Kumiko, lying closed and still on the bed, trying to figure out what she would think about what had just happened between him and Alyssa. Given everything that she'd told him thus far today, he figured that Alyssa was right, she'd probably be fine with it.

He crawled across the bed to her, the android's face peaceful and angelic as she lay there. Mike stroked her cheek with the back of his hand, noticing that one of the girls had wiped his stray shot of spooge from beneath her eye. Taking her lifeless hand in his, he pondered what exactly it was that he felt towards her, what compelled him to stay with her, and what - if anything - he felt towards him. Mike shook his head and hefted the tablet. Well, only one way to find out, he thought, pressing the 'Activate' button on the screen.

The first thing Kumiko became aware of was that she was conscious, online. Her AI wasn't even fully loaded yet, but she could already 'feel' herself expanding within her mind as more systems came online. She knew that about now she'd be announcing her make, model, manufacturer, and serial number even without having any ability to hear the words, feel her jaw move, or synthesize speech. A preprogrammed answer from deep inside the coding that made up her 'subconscious'. Right away, she knew something was wrong. Kumiko knew that full shutdowns for her model were highly unusual, akin to a human slipping into a coma, and as her memory index began rebuilding she knew that she and the girls rarely ever entered a full shutdown.

The girls? She wondered. Ah, yes.

Kumiko already knew who and what she was, her sentience indelibly hardcoded to her BIOS and present from the moment electrons flowed through her artificial body. The particulars, however, took more time to come. Yes, she and her fellow android companions at The Electric Kitten rarely shut themselves down unless something bad had happened. That must mean...

There, a malfunction in her sexual subsystem, dutifully noted in detail in her error log. A check of her still rebuilding memory told her she had failed in the service of a client. Kumiko felt a twinge of disappointment as enough memory became available for emotions. She had never experienced a failure herself before, but she'd heard from enough of her counterparts to know what it meant. Another log showed evidence of a direct system interface; one of her sister units had probably accessed her system to determine the fault and found it too complex for a local repair. She was probably lying rigid and cold in the maintenance area in the back of the club while another companion serviced her client's every desire. Good for them, bad for me, she mused. Kumiko's skin tingled as her sensory systems rebuilt the map of her body. Sure enough she was-

Hmm... That's unusual.

While Kumiko could tell she was lying down, contrary to standard protocol she was not in the maintenance area. She could feel the smoothness of the satin sheets beneath her body as her tactile systems initialized, as well as a weight of approximately 185 pounds sitting on the bed near her. Had her boot sequence malfunctioned and she had started up before her diagnostic was complete? No, she realized, the command came from a client tablet registered to her system, a client named-


Memories of her session with Mike came flooding back as her memory indexing neared completion. She had taken his virginity on their first romp and was in the process of giving him the wildest fuck of his life when she'd malfunctioned! Her hearing initialized next, the breathing and heartbeat of a young adult male filtering through her aural processors. What was going on?

"System boot complete. AI profile Kumiko-18F loaded." she heard her voice say. Her eyes snapped open, image pixelating slightly as her processors flooded with new visual data, finally resolving on the concerned countenance of one Michael Thomas.

"You-" words formed on Kumiko's lips, but a sudden horrendous, cloying taste filled her mouth and nose as her final sensory systems came online. "Hang on!" she managed between gags. She nimbly scooted off the bed to kneel by her minifridge, a mechanical coughing noise escaping her artificial lungs. The android wrinkled her nose as faint wisps of smoke leaked from her mouth, wafting the puffs away with one hand and extracting a plastic bottle of blue liquid from the fridge with the other. Unscrewing the lid, Kumiko chugged the bottle dry before expelling it violently out her nose and mouth and into the wastebasket a moment later.

"You..." Kumiko coughed a more human cough, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. "You stayed!"

"Well...yeah." Mike said, offering his hand and pulling the android onto the bed. He held her as her large brown eyes stared past him, head shaking slightly.

Kumiko wracked her processors, launching a query into the massive database she shared with the other ersatz girls at 141 Broad St. "They never... No one ever stays..." She clung to his arms, even as she continued staring off into space and shaking her head. Kumiko normally understood human behavior very well, but this boggled her. Her sexual systems were offline so she couldn't fulfill her primary function, she had already shown herself to be damaged, and there were several other girls at the club that would jive well with the psychographic data she had compiled on Mike, so why was he still here?! Eventually she looked up at him, face a mask of confusion. "Why?" was all she managed.

"I don't know." Mike admitted. "I guess it just leave you here. Because that's not how I'd want to be treated." he finished with a shrug.

An understanding smile spread slowly across the artificial girl's lips. "Maybe you did learn something today after all." she teased.

“Well, like I said, I’ve had a very good teacher.” He winked. Kumiko blushed and embraced him once more.

The two held each other for a while, climbing under the satin sheets as Kumiko’s goosebumps dissipated after being offline for so long. Laying there in silence, the android girl could feel Mike’s strong heartbeat as their chests pressed against one another’s. She curled her legs around him, feeling his member stiffen as it slid across her firm belly.

A frown creased Kumiko’s face. “Mike, I’m sorry. I know how turned on you feel right now, and believe me, I want nothing more than to make passionate love with you right now, but-”

“Hey, it’s ok.” Mike wiped a lock of hair from her face. “I’m happy just to be here with you, you know that.”

“I know, but...” She licked her lips, a thought forming in her advanced artificial mind, “Well, I do suppose that’s something I could try.”


“It might not be my best but...” She trailed off. “Mike, do you trust me?” she asked, sitting up.

“Of course!” her lover replied, propping himself up on one arm. “What are you going to do?”

“Just try something out. Come sit on the edge of the bed.” She patted the satin sheets as she stood.

Mike scooted to the edge, feet dangling onto the floor. “What do you need me to do?”

“Nothing.” Kumiko replied, dropping to her knees in front of him. “Just relax.” She stroked his thigh before slowly pulling his legs open, revealing his stiff shaft. Mike’s eyes went wide as he realized what she was up to. He scooted closer to the edge, giving his electronic partner a nod as she looked up at him expectantly. She grinned toothily as she leaned in, her hot breath rolling over his member, exciting him more. Kumiko cupped his balls gently, feeling him recoil reflexively as her nails touched the underside of his sack before opening her mouth and slurping him in.

While the android girl suspected that this was likely Mike’s first blowjob, the experience was proving to be novel for Kumiko as well. Sure, she had given countless blowjobs throughout her tenure at the Electric Kitten, it had always been at the guidance of her advanced oral sex programming, currently sequestered in a deactivated row of drives and processors in her abdomen. She could still get the proper sensor data and her memory told her essentially what to do, but it was the utilization of that data, the actual execution of the action, that eluded her. Kumiko imagined that this was like to learn to walk again, or to remember how to play a forgotten song on the guitar. The knowledge was there, but the muscle memory (drivers, in her case) weren’t.

From the moment her lips touched the tip of Mike’s penis, Kumiko’s mind whirred into action, combining her exhaustive memory of sexual encounters with the preprogrammed oral responses she could access. She scoured her database for anything relevant: slurping a popsicle, licking an ice cream cone, or sucking a sports bottle, all being hacked together at a blinding pace as she strove to recreate the proper motions. The android girl could feel the strain on her processors as she reviewed countless memories, broke down and reconstructed drivers, and monitored Mike at the same time, but she was well within her limits and would definitely not waste this opportunity and make the same mistake twice.

Kumiko heard Mike moan as she gave his balls a squeeze, his hands on the back of her head pulling him deeper into her. She did not gag, her memory manager deciding it would be a waste of resources and her AI figuring that Mike wouldn’t want to hear it anyway. An oral hygiene emulator meshed with the popsicle slurp and Mike let out another moan, feeling his glans rub against the inside of her cheek. She felt his pulse quickening inside her mouth, she knew it wouldn’t be long. Ordinarily, her memories told her, she would back off and let him recover for a few moments before diving in again, but Kumiko could already feel herself stressing. What came (ha) next was usually some pretty wild maneuvers, and Kumiko didn’t think it was worth the risk. Besides, Maggie would totally scrap me if I blew another part, she reasoned, instead throwing a wine tasting algorithm into the mix. Her tongue swirled around Mike’s head once, twice-

“Urrgh!” Mike grunted, hips trembling as he unleashed a large load of his spunk into Kumiko’s mouth. Kumiko simulated a straw and sucked it all down, slurping the tip of his cock as his orgasm tapered off.

Mike was panting as Kumiko looked up at him with a broad smile. “I’d call that,” she began, pausing to gargle from another container of blue liquid, “a resounding success.” She ended with a spit of blue tinged saliva into the trash can.

“That...” Mike shook his head, “was incredible!”

“And all done without any sexual programming, too!” she beamed, hopping up on the bed next to him and giving him a peck on the cheek.

Mike stared into her brown orbs. “You really are something else.” He said, still breathing heavily. Kumiko just smiled and curled up on the bed next to him.

The two talked idly for a while after that. Mike was presently surprised to find Kumiko to be fairly knowledgeable about the world beyond the walls of 141 Broad Street (“They do let us out of here, we’re not slaves, you know!”), but she continuously peppered him with questions about life on campus. She seemed fascinated by his description of the amalgamation of peoples and cultures that had come together at his school, and was intrigued at humanity’s choice of methods for self-discovery and improvement at a four year college. Mike explained college life as best he could, leaving out some of the more humiliating fraternity stories but expounding its virtues nonetheless. Hey, if it wasn’t for them, he figured, I wouldn’t even be here right now. Kumiko seemed to understand, considering her fellow androids at The Electric Kitten to be similar to sorority sisters.

“So you’re telling me that this whole encounter has been nothing more than a very small scale Greek Life mixer?” Mike asked with a wry grin.

“Guess so.” Kumiko chuckled, intertwining his fingers with hers. Mike returned the gesture with a peck on her cheek.

They lay in silence for a while, a contented sigh escaping Mike’s lips. Even though his time with Kumiko would ultimately come to an end, he felt like the luckiest guy on the planet for having met her. He pulled her closer, sliding her head under his chin as he lay on the pillows, enjoying the feel of her warmth lying next to him.

Though she lay silent and mostly still, Kumiko’s electronic mind was a flurry of activity. She didn’t quite know what to make of the emotions raging through her processors, but she knew what she felt towards her companion cuddling behind her was different than she had ever felt from any other client. He cared for her, she knew, and she cared for him. Sure, she cared for all of her clients, but it was different with Mike. Somehow, she knew she just wanted to be together with him, and that’s all she cared about in her whole world. That thought spun off a whole series of new processes, all of them resolving down to one question.

“Hey Mike,” Kumiko began, propping herself up on an elbow.

“Hm?” he intoned, looking down at her.

“If you could, would you leave with me today?” she asked.

“What?” Mike sat up a bit. “How so?”

“If you could, would you take me back to school with you,” she took his hands and pulled them to her firm belly, “and live with me?”

Mike over at her in shock for a moment before shaking his head as though to clear it. “Kumiko,” he sighed, “I have spent the last five minutes trying to figure out how I could budget my finances so I could come back here and visit you as often as possible. You have no idea how happy it would make me if you were to come back with me.”

“Really?” Kumiko’s eyes lit up.

“Of course! Kumiko, you don’t know what our time together has meant for me. Ever since I saw you lying there deactivated, I knew I wanted you in my life. And not as a sex bot, but as a full-fledged, honest-to-goodness...companion.” Mike squeezed her hands.

Kumiko looked simultaneously stunned and elated. “You really mean that? You’d want to live not as master and android, but as friends, companions?”

“Absolutely. And I’d hope we’d work out to be more than friends.” Mike winked.

The android girl let out a touched “oh...”, tears welling up in her artificial eyes as she enveloped Mike in a bear hug, planting a firm kiss on his lips.

It was several moments before she could tear herself away. “If my sex programming was active,” she whispered, wiping away a tear that had tracked across her synthetic skin, “I’d be so wet right now.”

“Me too.” Mike replied. Kumiko gave him a puzzled look. “I mean, well, you know...” he blushed a deep red and looked away as Kumiko giggled.

“Now, the whole virgin thing? Kinda makin’ sense.” she poked him lightly in the chest.

Mike stuck his tongue out at her. “Yeah, well not anymore, right?”

Kumiko nodded. “Right.”

They held each other in silence for a few more minutes, enjoying each other’s warmth and scent. They both knew their time together that day was drawing to an end, but neither wanted to make the first move. Eventually Mike straightened up and asked Kumiko the time.

“Six seventeen.” she replied. “Got a tube to catch?” Kumiko looked back at him.

Mike nodded, “Yeah, the brothers were expecting me back an hour ago. They’re probably wondering what happened to me.”

“Tell them the truth.” The android girl shrugged and sat up. “Say you were in the middle of an orgy so nasty that you made one of the bots blow up and you had to stay around and clean up afterwards.” She smirked.

“Ha ha.” Mike replied sarcastically. “Sure, something like that.” He started to pull his clothes back on while Kumiko slipped her bikini back over her bountiful breasts.

“You gonna be ok?” Mike asked, lacing up his shoes.

“Yeah, I’ll be down for maintenance for a bit while they replace my burned out hardware, but it shouldn’t be anything serious.” Kumiko explained.

“No,” Mike stood next to the asian android. “I mean, are you going to be okay with staying here?”

Kumiko sighed and looked away, and Mike found himself again struggling to remind himself that she was a machine. Not that it matters in terms of how I feel about her, he thought, but damn, she acts so human!

“Well,” she finally spoke, “yeah, I suppose so. I’ve gotta do something while I’m still working here, but Managerbot Maggie out there is pretty understanding. I mean, you won’t mind, will you?”

“No.” Mike replied, a bit surprised about how much he meant it. After all, she’s had countless partners before me, and it’s not quite the same as a human girl, is it? “No, I don’t mind at all.”

Kumiko smiled. “I think I’ll see if there’s a space open in the neuro labs, just in case. Besides, it’s not like you don’t have a ton of free time left to spend with me.” She tossed him the tablet.

“Huh?” Mike asked, catching the device. Looking down, he noticed something odd. “The timer never restarted after I reactivated you...” he looked up at her, confused.

“Oops.” she shrugged. “Now I guess you’ll have to come visit me again.”

Mike was speechless, but that didn’t mean his lips couldn’t do some talking. He tossed the pad onto the bed and swept Kumiko into a deep kiss. They stayed locked in their embrace for what felt like an eternity before their lips slowly broke. Mike kept his forehead pressed against hers, staring deep into her eyes a final time. “Bye, Kumiko.” he whispered. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Bye Mike.” Kumiko replied with a sad smile. Mike kept her hand in his as he opened the door. He turned to give her one final smile of encouragement before their fingers slipped from one another’s. They both turned away, and Mike walked off down the hall, door closing behind him.

Alone in her room, Kumiko sat on her bed and let out a deep sigh.

Out in the hall, Mike churned over what had just happened to him.

Only a few short hours ago, he’d been convinced that coming here made him some kind of monster, petrified that he’d be abusing a sentient creature, but what he’d experienced today went against everything he’d been brought up to expect. The androids here weren’t slaves, he realized, they were just beings who enjoyed pleasure and enjoyed giving it. Was he really any different?

And Kumiko, what about her? She had real emotions, real wants and desires, and somehow he’d made a serious impact on the artificial girl. He shook his head as he approached Maggie’s desk. Whatever had just happened, he wanted to keep her as a part of his life.

“Still sorting it all out, are we?” Maggie looked up from her desk.

“Y-yeah, I guess.” Mike said slowly, still shaking his head in bewilderment. “I... I don’t know what to say, other than that you were right.”

“I’m glad you had such a profound experience with us today. You certainly made an impression on Kumiko.” She gestured back towards the hallway.

“Oh, um, so you know about that already?” Mike swallowed nervously as Maggie nodded. “I’m, uh, sorry about that. I didn’t mean -”

“Don’t worry about it.” Maggie waved dismissively. “Kumiko’s a big girl. I told you, all our androids can make their own decisions. If she doesn’t want to serve clients in the chambers anymore, she doesn’t have to. Though, she might make an exception or two upon client request...” Maggie winked, reaching out for the tablet Mike still cradled in the crook of his arm.

“Thanks.” Mike chuckled as he handed it over. “I think I’d really like that. And for once, I don’t feel that weird saying it.”

Maggie squeezed his hand. “I knew you’d come around.” She looked up for a moment. “By the way, the next tube leaves the nearest station in 15 minutes. Not that I’m trying to kick you out or anything, but I’m sure you don’t want to eat up all your free time today, and our overnight rates are a little steep for a college kid.” She suggested.

“Crap! I gotta run!” Mike darted for the elevator bank, doors just opening as he reached them. “Maggie?” he called, poking his head out into the lobby.


“Thank you. Really.” He gave her an earnest nod.

Maggie smiled. “It’s been our pleasure to make you happy today, Mike.”

Mike smiled back, and the doors swished shut in front of him.

Alone again in the lobby, Maggie interfaced with the club’s wireless and checked on the status of her androids. Kumiko was in the rear maintenance area, vaginal assembly detached while it underwent the rigorous cleaning process mandated by state law that all android sexual hardware had to go through. Alyssa was plugged into the asian android’s open belly panel once more, running a more thorough diagnostic of Kumiko’s hardware while they discussed the possibility of engaging in a threesome with Mike. Kumiko seemed a bit defensive about sharing her lover, but didn’t rule it out completely after the two of them got comfortable in subsequent sessions.

Maggie accessed the club’s utilization logs and nodded to herself. Though Kumiko was one of the more experienced and profitable androids in The Electric Kitten (thanks to her contribution with the party of Japanese businessmen), she was happy to see the artificial girl make the decision to engage in a monogamous relationship. It was likely that her sentience level had gone up as a result of today, and she made a mental note to have Kumiko tested once she was back to full capacity.

Sitting back in her chair, Maggie reflected on why she had opened this club in the first place. Being an android, she knew the struggles her kind were likely to face in gaining acceptance and legitimacy as sentient beings. Even the statutes enacted by the government gave them protections more akin to pets than humans. But she also knew that artificial beings had a unique trait, a quirk that humans shared but had suppressed over countless millennia of survivalistic evolution: the desire to feel good, and to make others feel good. Unburdened by the necessity to pass on their genetic heritage even at the expense of others, her kind could focus on maximizing pleasure for all. Maggie used that to her advantage, displaying that kind of passion and care for each individual customer of the club, making them form a connection with their artificial companion.

That, she knew, was the real reason she started this business. Not to make money, but to show people, one by one, that artificial beings were people, too. That was the only end game, no world domination, no subjugation, no reducing the population of humans so robots could rule the world. Just forming a connection, one by one.

In the end, if it made everyone happy, wasn’t it all worth it?

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