Plastic Trash

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Plastic Trash By BA

It wasn’t the first time Carmen had been fucked into overload; it probably wouldn’t be the last. She hated it when Barry just left her collapsed in a naked heap, sometimes still twitching with random jitter, sometimes powered down. At least at a party someone would usually get her online again, if only to have her themselves, but when her boss brought her home to ‘work late’ it was only ever the two of them.

She gasped and jerked as an unseen hand pressed her reset stud, smooth naked limbs helplessly slipping and sliding on the polished floor. She remembered being pounded hard as Barry had ridden her over the leather sofa, her pert tits and long golden hair flying as he went on and on, too drunk to come, too stubborn to stop. She had loved it of course, screaming in pleasure at every clumsy thrust, she was programmed that way. As she rectified her error cache she scanned the room, her smart office suit spread over the floor with her discarded bra and panties, she could feel the stockings and a shoe still clinging to her legs.

The pretty blonde PA had spent the whole Friday working as usual, booting up long before her boss arrived and efficiently continuing to organise Barry Heath’s affairs until, finally, he decided to take her home and use her other ‘features’. She didn’t mind at all, in fact she welcomed the full use to which she was put but wished people would realize that she was designed for a twelve hour operating cycle between reloads. Her system was already past optimum capacity before they even began sex, she hadn’t been at all surprised when she began to malfunction; nor when Barry had carried on regardless.

Gaining control of her long slim limbs, Carmen pushed herself up to sit on the floor, legs akimbo and, she knew, a tousled vision of the slut that she was programmed to be. She peered up through her hair and was dismayed to see, not the cheerful plastic face of her boss’s maid but the dark glower of Mrs Heath standing over her.

“Oh! Oh! It’s... It’s not what...oh, I’m” The pretty android assistant struggled to speak as her higher systems gradually restarted. She stammered to the general effect of innocence and misunderstanding, an effect that was greatly hampered by her sexual OS re-initialising where it had frozen last night in mid climax.

Mrs Tamzin Heath was angry but unsurprised to find Barrie’s latest blonde office slut sprawled nude on her living room floor when she came back unexpectedly from her cancelled spa break. She pressed the tiny stud behind the helpless plastic girl’s ear and watched unimpressed as the android twitched into undignified life. She seemed to still be malfunctioning and suddenly appeared about on the brink of an orgasm as she gazed up at her with those big innocent blue eyes.

It wasn’t the android’s fault after all...

“Save it, Carmen; I’ve heard it all before. Where is he? I suppose he’s caned out of his mind again...?” She pulled the dazed android to her feet and pushed her skirt and blouse into her arms, “here, get your clothes, you can dress in the study. There’s a terminal in there, looks like you need reprogramming before you go anywhere.”

“Thank... thank you Mrs Heath. I... I”

The angry wife pushed Carmen into the study and closed the door without another word leaving the android to pull on her clothes and straighten herself out as best she could. Sure enough there was a full access work terminal on the desk and Carmen wasted no time in logging on and hooking up to her roaming profile. She plugged the cable into the small port between her breasts and, satisfied that her new drivers and settings were being written correctly to her internal drives, switched to standby.

Tamzin looked in briefly at her husband in the guest room, sure enough he was comatose on top of the covers with a popped autoject lying beside him. He would be out for the day in his own personal world, probably still fucking that plastic slut downstairs inside his head... She went through to the bathroom and ran herself a deep soak.

Some time later Tamzin drifted awake in the cooling water. She climbed out and wrapped her curvy body in a towel to wander downstairs. She was surprised to see Barry’s secretary still sitting blankly in the study plugged into his computer, it seemed a shame to waste her... She pulled the plug sharply from its discrete socket in Carmen’s pale skin and reached under her long blond hair for the familiar restart stud. The android came quickly to life and calmly buttoned her blouse. She had straightened herself out and looked almost businesslike again with only a hint of her earlier sluttiness.

“Thank you Mrs Heath, I am now fully functional and can return to the office. I apologise for any inconvenience...”

“Shush! You’re just a robot, you fuck who you’re told to. I want to know if you can do massage? My maid unit’s hands are too hard...”

Certainly Mrs Heath, I’m programmed with several forms of therapy. I can...”

“Shush! Okay, stop talking so much and follow me.” She led the way to the spare bedroom and promptly dropped her towel and lay belly down on the bed in front of the android. Very soon Carmen was kneeling over her boss’s wife and working hard between her shoulder blades to elicit soft approving sounds.

Mrs Heath was soft and pale with a typical Celt’s smattering of freckles where the sun had kissed her arms and shoulders but otherwise milky white. Carmen worked slowly down from her shoulders taking twenty minutes of patient kneading with her boss’s wife’s scented oil as lubricant before she eventually reached the redhead’s soft round buttocks. The blonde herself was still in her business blouse and skirt, though the latter had ridden up as she knelt backwards and forwards to show her stocking tops and firm legs above.

As she began to smooth her fingers along one of Mrs Heath’s thighs Carmen noted the subtle signs that the subject of her attention was beginning to enjoy more than just the muscular effect of her massage. The android girl automatically noted the subtly growing telltales in the other woman’s little sub-vocal noises, in her breathing and gentle movements. As she stroked the milky legs laid out on the bed she experimented by extending slightly further upwards than was decent, perfect finger nails almost brushing against the lips nestling in the shadowy delta at their join. Mrs Heath did not complain.

Carmen was programmed to be an eager and shameless slut, without inhibition and willing to pursue any likely opportunity, male or female. Gradually she increased her attention until she was clearly pleasuring the face-down woman with her hands. Still meeting no resistance she slipped off her blouse and gently coaxed the passive Mrs Heath to roll over. She kissed her white throat and slipped down her body leaving a trail of kisses as she gently parted the wife’s legs and moved between.

Tamzin Heath lay back, welcoming Carmen in. First delicately then ever firmer, the blonde lapped at her wet pussy; running her fingers and tongue over the shiny hard clitoris and caressing the springy red curls above with expensively programmed expertise. Soon her lover could stay still no longer and began to grasp and squeeze her own large breasts and stroke Carmen’s platinum blonde hair.

Suddenly Tamzin’s sweet wetness redoubled on Carmen’s lips and the bigger woman bucked up beneath her, pulling Carmen’s face hard into her vagina. She grunted and bucked hard three times as the muscles under her soft white belly flesh convulsed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh - oh, you are a good little toy...” She released Carmen’s face, wet with her juices and the blonde kissed her way back to Tamzin’s face to share the wetness between their tongues.

“You really are a perfect little slut, Robot. I can see why Barry bought you!”

The redhead soon tired of soft caresses and pushed Carmen away. She crossed to her chest of drawers, statuesque and womanly as she bent towards her own toy store.

“I might as well make the most of having Barry’s plastic trash to play with. Here, strap this on.” She chucked a large realistic looking cock to Carmen who caught it with programmed surprise. The secretary obediently slipped out of her skirt and panties and strapped the beast on just above her hairless mound.

Tamzin examined the fit critically, “Not bad...” She pulled the slim blonde towards her and examined the cock, pulling it this way and that then nodded to herself and abruptly popped open Carmen’s ventral access panel, set low on her flat belly. “Lets get this thing going...” She connected a short data cable to one of the ports inside Carmen and plugged the other end into the base of the strap-on.

Carmen twitched but otherwise let her boss’s wife do as she pleased, “Peripheral device active,” she said. The cock twitched and stiffened into life, powered and controlled from the android slut.

Tamzin pushed Carmen back onto the bed and climbed on. Her pussy already sopping wet, slid easily over the thick shaft and she began to ride it up and down, her breasts heaving. Carmen too found pleasure data flowing into her processors from the peripheral, amplified by the voluptuous sight that was soon slamming up and down above her.

After riding them both to the brink, Tamzin climbed off and reversed herself over her plastic lover. She took the now throbbing cock deep into her mouth and thrust herself over Carmen to reciprocate. Carmen herself was scarcely able to do more than intermittently tongue the wet vagina hovering over her face, distracted by the tight lips and throat pleasuring her full length. As Tamzin dipped and rose, Carmen’s own wetness seeped liberally from between her legs, soaking the base of the electronic dildo; she began to cry out as she lost control in programmed pre-orgasmic pleasure. Carmen’s peripheral cock erupted into Tamzin’s face as the blonde shuddered in ecstacy.

The redhead turned around and Carmen licked her face clean as soon as she recovered, in her element enjoying the dirty, imaginative sex that she had been designed for. Tamzin knelt on the crumpled sheets for Carmen to fuck her hard from behind, sending ripples across her soft butt, her hanging breasts swaying. The blonde pushed her lover down, grinding her face into the bed as they came together, filling her with hot fluid from her artificial cock and making her quiver with pleasure.

“Spread me and fuck me again Plastic Trash!!” Tamzin, rolled over and spread her white legs in the air. Carmen obediently grasped the other woman’s ankles and pulled them wide apart as she penetrated her sopping sex with the ever-ready plastic penis. Her own hot pussy was crying for attention, pleasurable though the external device’s input was, but Carmen was programmed as a selfless lover and dutifully began to thrust back and forth.

“Spread me and fuck me again Plastic Trash!!”

“Oh, take it Mrs Heath! Take it all the way!”

“Spread me...” Tamzin’s eyes were wide, arms and red curls spread carelessly across the pillow, her white body lying passive and her ankles held wide apart by Carmen.

“Spread... Spread... Spread me!! Spread me Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic.”

Carmen stopped fucking.

“Trash Trash Trash Trash... Trash... Trash.....Trash.....Tr.” Tamzin stopped moving and looked with frozen features at the ceiling. Carmen withdrew and looked at her boss’s wife. She let go of Tamzin’s ankles and stepped away from the bed; the legs stayed sticking up in a stiff shapely V leading to her soaked pussy.

“Oh,” Carmen had not realized her lover was an android; she was extremely realistic. She unplugged the cock from her data port with a slight twitch and closed her access panel. She unstrapped the cock and tossed it beside her frozen lover.

After a moment Carmen reached the conclusion that she could do little to pleasure the other woman right now so felt between her own legs. She slipped her fingers into her hot wet pussy: smooth plastic without the realism of Tamzin’s expensive detailing. The plastic slut-secretary spent several minutes standing over the broken robotic wife, efficiently masturbating herself to a truly satisfying finish to the evening that maximised her pleasure buffers at the beautiful sight on the bed.

Tamzin twitched periodically and murmured, “trashtrashtrashtrashtr,” before locking out again. It was impossible to tell if she was aware of the cheaper android pleasuring herself at her expense. Something was obviously working as her juices were soaking the sheets under her butt.

Finished, Carmen calmly took herself into the en-suite to clean up with a long hot shower. Twenty minutes later she emerged looking immaculate in her work wear. Mrs Heath seemed to have recovered to some degree; still frozen with her spread legs up in the air, she turned her head only to look at Carmen with a dark expression and appeared to be trying to speak coherently, “I... I... I... Slut. Cannot. Cannot. Slut. Slut. I cannot... I cannot...” She gaped silently between the nonsense.

Carmen noticed a slim chrome remote on the dressing table. She picked it up, pointed it at the angry looking redhead android and pressed the 1/0 button. Tamzin stopped moving abruptly. Satisfied, Carmen tossed the remote beside her on the bed and left. She would return to the office to power down until required again.

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