Plane as Day

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Part 1

“Oh my god, this is my first time on a plane! I don’t know why my parents never let me do this!” Bridget said.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, we’re gonna just gonna go to the airport, buy our tickets, spend the weekend in Vegas, and we’ll be back before your parents even know! And we’re leaving before dawn; the airport is a ghost town at that time.”

“Ok, Logan! I’m so excited! Just the idea of being in the air like that is thrilling!”

Bridget’s excitement was contagious. It was like her body was tingling with electricity. Her dirty blonde curls bounced around her shoulders and over crop top that accentuated her ample chest. Logan thought that those were her most appealing feature. She’d also got a tan over the summer. but now that fall had set in it had begun to fade. He had to tear his eyes away to focus on the road in front of them, and all the security checkpoints they had to pass through to get into the airport.

Logan let the cold air blow through his hair as he got their bags from the trunk. It was a madcap plan to do this, and all his idea. He wanted to do something spontaneous, and when Bridget told him she’d never on a plane, he just had to put this plan into motion.

“So what are we gonna do in Vegas?” Bridget asked.

“Well we can gamble in the casino, or see a show, or just enjoy the hotel room I booked…” Logan said and winked.

Bridget blushed. She giggled with her hand over her mouth, letting her breasts bounce up and down again. She also shivered a bit. “Cold for October, isn’t it?”

“Yeah…definitely. That’s why no one will suspect anything and I can steal you away for a weekend. Your parents still think I’m taking you up to my family’s hunting lodge?”

“Yup,” she said, nodding vigorously, and probably regretting her choice of wardrobe.

After a short line through security, Logan went through security, but noticed Bridget was wary of going through the x-ray. Finally, she gingerly stepped through, and it beeped. She did it two or three times, and each time, it beeped. The images that were showing up on the screen were all blurry and unreadable.

The lady at the security desk broke out a device Logan recognised as a magnetic wand for a more thorough search. As the security officer traced the outline of Bridget’s body, she shivered a little, like it was making her cold. The woman gave her a pat-down but didn’t feel anything, so Bridget was allowed to proceed onto the aircraft.


All through the 30 minutes, Logan couldn’t help notice how jittery Bridget had become since the wand went over her. It was as if she had too much coffee. He saw her moods change rapidly from excited to nervous to a little scared, and her brain seemed to be working overtime,

“Hey, babe, are you feeling ok?”

“I..I-I-I think so but I’ve never-never ex-experienced this type of energy b-before. W-what if my p-parents find out?” She was concerned.

“Did you have too much caffeine or something?”

“No, I’ve only had water today, only, only w-w-water… N-no one w-w-will f-find out?”

“It’ll be fine, just calm down,” he said in a gentle way, drawing her close and stroking her hair. It seemed to distract her a little and relax her a little.

Soon, the plane boarded, being less than half full. Bridget nearly crushed Logan’s arm, feeling the G-forces as the plane took off. As the plane began to level off in altitude, however, she seemed to find her bearings and started pointing out things she could recognise on the ground, diiferent houses, big lakes and roads that weren’t swallowed up by the dark.

“Look, there’s the interstate we took, and there’s the ocean!” she nodded quickly.

Logan kept caressing her hair and giving her feedback in calming tones. “I think I can even see Wal-Mart!” she chirped.

“Probably not *our* Wal-Mart,” Logan told her.

“Oh, I dunno, ours *is* pretty big!” she said and laughed, but it was an odd laugh, almost like she’d had too much to drink,

“Hey, sweetie, why don’t we close our eyes for the rest of the flight? I know it’s exciting but we want to have plenty left over for our weekend!” he suggested. She couldn’t seem to sit still or be silent for more than a minute and it was beginning to rub off on Logan, ruining what he wanted to be a nice, mellow mood for their surprise getaway.

“Oh, but then I won’t be able to see anything, err, anything, err, everything!” she said, her eyes flickering a bit.

“Is everything okay, doll?” Logan asked, seeing his girlfriend’s amber eyes blink like she had a lash caught in one.

“No, I’m fine, really, it’s just this plane. It’s a tube.”

“More or less, yeah. We’ll be fine though. They can steer it up there and lift us off the ground and put us right back on it.”

“At any time?”

“*Any* time.”

“Let’s do it now. I’ve had enough.”

“*Now*? We’re over mountains, babe, and we’ll be in Vegas in less than a half-hour. You can make it till then, right? In fact, if they had to divert, they’d be diverting *to* Vegas at this point. You’ve done the hard part. Now *I* do the hard part!”

Logan thought Bridget would at least get a chuckle out of his somewhat out-of-character raunchy joke, but there just nothing. She was staring right at him, at his midriff. Occasionally her eyes would blink rapidly.

“L-l-let’s put the aircraft d-d-own.” she sputtered out.

“Fifteen minutes to go, you’ll be fine.”

“No. No. No. I w-w-won’t. I shouldn’t b-b-be here.”

“Why not?”

“Failure. Pressurisation fail. Electrical fault.”


“I can’t….you can’t…” she turned away from him to face the window. Normally he’d admire the view while *she* admired the view, but something strange was going on.

He obtained a bottle of water from the crew and, after taking a long draught from it, handed it to Bridget tht, hoping it’d calm her down some. They were starting their descent.

“This is…the…end…” she said, drawing out each word. “If only I had…had…known…”


Logan took another swig and was about to put the cap back on when they hit a pocket of turbulence, causing him to spill most of the rest onto Bridget, and immediately a bright flash of light enveloped the cabin. It was only then did he see what she had been doing. The crop top had been lifted even higher and she had somehow used an implement, maybe in her finger, to *unscrew her belly button* and open up parts of her torso. She seemed to have been frantically trying to resolve a problem of some sort. But that meant…and if *that* was the case, then…

“FIRE!” one of the stewards yelled as Logan came out of his trance and saw Bridget staring into space, focusing on nothing, mindlessly rattling off codes he had no way of understanding, her voice garbled like a vari-speed tape recorder. But she was not on fire. Her insides were hot and certainly sparkling, but there was no flame.

“H-h-help me, L-L-Logan, p-p-lease get me off the p-p-plane!”

Logan rapidly swivelled his head only to come face to face with the steward and a chemical fire extinguisher. “NO! You can’d do that”

“I don’t know what that is but it’s going to explode or something. Get out of the way!” he barked.

“No! Get me a thick fire blanket, but leave this with me if you’re so concerned!” Logan commanded in a way that was more forceful than he was used to being. The steward was taken aback, but quickly fulfilled his request, while Logan just calmly stroked Bridget’s hair, most of which had survived without being scorched.

“W-w-will I be o-ok?” she asked. “I-I feel my p-power draining,” she barely made out.

“I think when you…umm, short circuited…your body cut power from your batteries so you wouldn’t..explode?” Logan let that word hang as a hesitant question. Meanwhile he took the blanket from the steward and wrapped her upper body in it tightly. With all the commotion in the cabin to attend to, he left them alone while they made last minute preparations for landing.

“So I’m a r-r-robot?”

“It appears so, sweetie.”

“W-w-well, what’s gonna happen n-n-now?”

Logan reached over and gave her a short but sensual kiss on the lips, making her body twitch a little. “I still love you, but I think we’re gonna have to get a parent of yours to drive out to Vegas to get us. We have to fix you up. I think those magnetic body security wands don’t agree with you, and they interfere with subconscious commands. But did you know before?”

‘No, n-n-not at all. Otherwise I would’ve f-found a way to ask my p-p-arents if I could go first.” she explained. “Instead I’m broken and losing energy fast. I won’t even b-be able to-to-to-to talk to you once I’m out of p-p-power! I think my b-b-brain just m-m-made me do what I was d-d-doing out of s-s-survival instinct.”

“Don’t worry about that. We’ll get you fixed up, ok! That means you’re a *smart* robot. Turbulence is just…really unpredictable, that’s all.” Logan’s face got all red as he looked at the seat in front of him, “I was gonna ask you to move in with me while we were in Vegas, y’know.. That offer’s still good, but I guess your parents will have to tell me how to take care of you in case something like this happens again. And you should know, too! It’s not fair that you’re kept in the dark, especially not after this.”

“I’d l-l-like that.” Bridget said and they both smiled.

After everyone else disembarked, they followed suit, but the steward did have them stop at the customer service desk, where they wanted answers. With the whole in her abdomen covered, Bridget and Logan explained it was simply one of those crazy lithium batteries they didn’t realise was powering an old piece of electronics they had and they’d be more careful in the future. The steward gave them a sideways glance as they hobbled out of the airport to get to their hotel, but they weren’t paying much attention. They had a big day ahead of them.

Part 2

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