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Click clack. click clack. His hands danced on the keyboard. His eyes and mind were transfixed onto the screen. He was awoken from the trance only by the foreign clacking of china landing on his desk. A cup of tea. Earl Gray. Hot. Then a thin delicate hand lightly caressed his shoulder. Closing his eyes, he leaned back and smiled, letting his head gently fall into the soft bosom. The light caress turned into a gentle enveloping embrace as the dark silky hair brushed over his face, turning into a drape of the night that blocked out the caustic rays of light. "When did you come in?" He asked. "A minute ago. You were in the zone so I didn't want to bother you. But I didn't want the tea to run cold." Zhi-Ling replied. Her voice was comfortable and soothing as a cool summer breeze. "I must have been really out of it." Quite true. Zhi-Ling was a 5'8" Chinese girl with lush long straight like black silk. The elegant features on her long oval face alone would steal a man's breath away. That is not taking into account her body. Tall but not a towering giant. Sexy but not overly voluptuous or skinny. With a proper dress, she could walk into any high class party and be mistaken for a celebrity. But her homewear was not any less alluring. White tank top that accentuated her curves; dark blue shorts that made the gave a slight perky feel; white socks clothing her feet that made her footsteps light as a feather. If any man misses that, he is either gay or out of it. "Working on a new code?" She said as she softly snuggled her face next to his. "Yes, a new patch. Fixing some previous bugs and adding some new functions. You know." "I see." She downcast her soft gaze and drew a faint smile. "What is it?" "It's just that I haven't seen you work on a new design for a while now. You had such a light in your eyes." With a sigh, he said, "Every time I see a vision and went ahead with it, I thought she would be perfect. I thought she would be the one. But as time passes, I realized that there is no such thing as perfection, only different flavors, catering to the need of different people at different time." "You know, you once said I was perfect." She turned to kiss him. "Yes I did." He whispered as he turned to meet the kiss. As the kiss broke, their eyes met and they held that gaze for a moment. Then she finally said, "I got to go." "So soon?" "Sorry." "It's OK... Say, can you get Janine here? I have something for her." "Janine huh?" There was a pause. A hesitation. "Sure." "You still don't like her?" "I..." She gave another pause, as though trying to repress her criticism. "Just promise me one thing." She broke the hug, took a step and walked in front of him. Taking his hand, he placed his hand on her chest, in front of her heart. "Don't ever forget me." She spoke with a soft sadness. "Never." He smiled. Forcing a bright smile, she let go of his hand. "I will go get Janine. Bye." "Bye." Zhi-ling walked down the stairs in her white socks. At the door, she picked up a pair of flats from the shoe closet. Then turning back, she walked toward the basement, putting on her shoes before heading down the stairs. Flipping a switch, the ceiling lights came on one by one, illuminating the dark space. She then clicked a few keys on a nearby terminal before setting her palm down to be scanned. A few machine whirls sounded accordingly. "Janine." She called out. No Answer. "Janine." She raised her voice without losing her elegance. "Yea, I heard you. Just give me a sec." There was an perky and annoyed reply. Moments later, a girl walked toward Zhi-Ling, nursing her own crotch and rear. "I swear. The positioning rod always gives me a wedgy." "You are not suppose to wear anything. It interferes with your-" "Spare me the lecture. I'm never letting a weird dildo touch my ass. What if I get some sort of STDs." "You won't. You are-" "Alright, alright. I got it." The girl said impatiently. "Myke want to see you. I think it's a new patch." "Cool. Hope I get some more sick fighting skills this time." She bounced up the stairs. "Catch you later, sugar queen." Zhi-Ling was more than a little annoyed by Janine. She did her best to let that feeling go. She looked as Janine ran up. Janine Soon was slightly shorter than Zhi-Ling. She looked like a Korean pop star, sporting shoulder-length wavy hair dyed auburn/blonde. She wore a big loose T-shirt exposing one of her shoulders and a strap of her sports bra. The shirt was short, exposing her mid rift, as well as half of the tattoo on her lower back. Her dark jean shorts were short enough to see a lining of her grey panties. Black thigh-highs both smoothed her legs and made the exposed thigh extra eye catching. She had loud steps. The black and pink sneakers did nothing to conceal them. Watching the fiery teenage girl, Zhi-Ling thought to herself, "Is that really perfection?" With a smile, she dismissed that thought. She double checked the surveilance on the monitor. All settings nominal. She looked at Myke one last time through the camera positioned outside his room. Then she turned away. Now directly in front of her was a row of pedestals. On each pedestal stood a girl. Teen. College student. Librarian. Police. Workout girl. Party girl. Most of them were Asian. Some with Asian and mixed heritage. Only a few were exceptions: blonde, red-head, hispanic, black. Zhi-Ling gave a slight smile at the thought of Myke's Asian fetish. The collection was quite impressive. They were almost indistinguishable from real women. It may lead one to fantasize that maybe their creator actually kidnapped them before turning them into living dolls. Maybe he did. No one except a selective few would know, including the dolls themselves. Perhaps the only thing to tell them apart from a human women was that they were too perfect, each in her own way. With a faint smile, she walked toward the row of dolls, toward one of the two empty pedestals. One of them was Janine's. The other, was Zhi-Ling's. Standing on the pedestal, Zhi-Ling elegantly removed her shorts and panties, sliding them down her long smooth legs as though she was about to shower. Then, she gently folded them and put them inside a small shelf that had just raised itself from the pedestal. In order for the positioning rod to comfortably insert itself, anything that may block its entry must be removed. All the dolls in the basement were the same. All of them were naked from waist down unless they are wearing skirts. Zhi-Ling was no exception. This is why she was annoyed at Janine. The girl messes up her own maintenance by wearing her undergarments. Then Myke had to fix her. And the worst part is, Myke seems to like fixing the trouble she caused. On the monitor screen, Janine had already jumped onto Myke and settled in his lap. Dismissing this the best she could, Zhi-Ling refocused on the task at hand. She had been out for days. Even with her attention stolen by other girls, she Was one of Myke's favorites. She was the first after all. But now she must tune-up and recharge. Hands at her waist, she striked a model's pose, with her legs slightly apart, leaving room for the positioning rod. "Commence Maintenance." She spoke the main frame. "Maintenance commencing. Unit-01. "Zhi-Ling". Model." The monitor next to the surveilance monitor displayed. With her last few seconds, she glanced at Myke and Janine. She could make out their conversation by their lips. "So, do you and Zhi-Ling get along?" Myke asked. "No, we don't. I don't like her." Janine pouted. "Why not?" "She acts like a goody two shoes all the time. It gets on my nerves. No one acts like that. She's so fake." "But in any case, try to get along with her. You are all sisters." "Fine. I will try." The Korean girl complied unconvincingly. "By the way, I left her a surprise." Surprise? Before she could wonder what the surprise was, the positioning rod shot up. Instantly, Zhi-Ling was impaled with her feet dangling 2 feet in the air. She let out a painful gasp. It was suppose to be much slower and gentler, not a spear of impaling. The length was also off-calibrated. And the tip of the rod was a size larger, small enough to still go in, but large enough to cause the beautiful Chinese girl significant discomfort. Panicking and in pain, Zhi-Ling kicked her feet wildly in the air. Her hands desperately trying to grab the rod from the front or the back, but to no avail--she couldn't free herself in mid air. She opened her mouth, as though tried to scream but no sound came out. Then, the flaying stopped. The light drained from her eyes. Hanging her head, Zhi-Ling dangled lifelessly on the rod, like a puppet with its strings cut, a beautiful, life-size puppet. Wires, sensors, plugs and various other instruments started to dock onto her half-naked body. Then robotically, she raised her head and struck the model pose again. A mechanical smile cracked on her face. Auto-correct kicked in. The light turned off one by one as activity was not detected. The row of beautiful dolls stood on their pedestal, each displaying its own unique perfection, perfection that can only be achieved by Myke Rossum, genius gynoid maker, owner of his own line of gynoids, owner of his private collections. Among the collection was a doll resembling a model of Chinese descent, posing and smiling to an invisible audience while standing in midair, impaled by the butt. Her empty eyes gazed at the monitor. In the monitor, her master is making out with a Korean pop star, sliding his hand along her curves, into her skimpy clothing. The monitor shut off. The light shut off. The only thing accompanied the quiet darkness was the humming of machines.

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