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Party Night - unfinished...


[With special thanks to D. Olivaw and Korby for their inspirational stories some of whose great ideas you may see reflected here….]

One - Susan

Kat wielded the fine laser welder with inhuman precision as she installed replacement power couplings to Susan’s new docking port. The android housewife lay passively on the hard kitchen work-top, her pretty freckled face propped on her folded arms as the tech worked inside her open back. Bright flashes and fine twists of smoke accompanied by loud pops and an all pervading smell of burnt metal made her expression anxious but not alarmed despite the mess of tangled wires, circuits, couplings and dismantled assemblies spilling from her dismantled body. Occasionally a slight jerk or a small involuntary twitch would be the only obvious effect from the ongoing repairs.

Susan appeared about thirty; a slim, pale red-head with soft grey eyes and a slightly weary expression. She had called Kat earlier after an accident disconnecting had left her dorsal port damaged and unable to link to power or data. Her three year warranty had recently expired so she now found herself under private repair for the first time rather than back on the factory floor. The experience was proving surprisingly pleasant.

After calling several robot support companies for quotes she had made an appointment for a technician to visit her that morning, relived that she had found someone willing to come out before her power cells died. When Kat had arrived at her flat, promptly at ten thirty, she had turned out to be a pleasant looking twenty-something dressed in stained overalls with a heavy toolbox and a firm handshake. She had the clear signs of a utility type android body; a slight sheen to the skin covering her thin, hard body and seams showing where her sleeves were rolled up; but seemed pleasant enough as she established what had happened.

Susan had explained how she had automatically stepped forward from her service cubicle on booting up only to realize that the clamps that held her dorsal port onto its connector had not properly disengaged. The port, a discretely recessed multi-connection socket located at the base of her spine, had been wrenched badly and would no longer connect the housewife unit to her external services. Kat had reassured her client and got her to remove her blouse and loosen her tight jeans so she could assess the damage.

As she lay on her own kitchen work surface, helpless and vulnerable in her dismantled state, Susan was inwardly amazed at how the last hour had passed. Her factory maintenance had always been carried out offline and, being a fairly new and reliable unit, she had never been seriously damaged before and very seldom malfunctioned. The damaged port in her lower back, quite large but usually hidden by a retractable cosmetic cover, was the only outward sign of her inner electro-mechanical systems other than a tiny override stud behind her ear. She regularly docked in her service cubicle to receive external power, programming updates and system adjustments while offline but otherwise lived very much as a human woman. She was not programmed to dwell on the fact that she was a machine and, until now, had never really considered it.

Kat had carefully examined the damage and inspected the service cubicle too before explaining that the connector in Susan’s back would need to be replaced. They had confirmed a price for the repair and the tech had fetched the part, Susan was a fairly standard model, from her van. The experience of having the repair woman carefully unseal and remove the thick layer of pale synthetic flesh from her back was amazing. She was now a naked machine from her hips to her shoulder blades as she lay topless in her kitchen. Hundreds of intricate connections uncoupled from her outer layer now hung from the edges of the gaping space in her body and she could just glimpse some intricate internal systems moving if she twisted her head around. The sensation from occasional small power surges and minor system errors generated by her repair was curiously pleasant and she found she was getting a slight thrill every time her body twitched under Kat’s careful tools.

Kat of course was far more aware of Susan’s status that she was herself. The repair unit was frequently updated by system-generated advisory statements that the pretty housewife issued in a crisp emotionless voice. Every few minutes the damaged lady would announce a change in her status; power, error log, system resources, repair progress. Fortunately she was not conscious of doing this and so had no idea that she had just updated Kat on the growing arousal stimulated by her robotic predicament. Kat herself was pleased to find her latest customer experiencing this not uncommon reaction to online maintenance. It seemed she had found Susan at just the right time.

“Susan, I’ve finished installing your new docking port. I’ll upload the drivers now and then I’ll have to re-start you before we test it out; is that okay?”

“Oh, sure! Thanks so much for this…” The pretty face smiled up nervously.

Kat rummaged in her toolbox for a chunky grey palmtop which she plugged into Susan’s open port. The housewife announced the connection clearly, followed by several new downloads as the technician tapped away at the tiny keys. With a snatch of a gasp Susan became unnaturally still as progress bars crawled across the little computer screen; her soft grey eyes gazed dully while her system diverted all resources to the software download, neglecting to run her personality until completed.

While Susan lay still Kat pulled out her phone and dialled. “Hi, Mona? It’s Kat. Yes definitely, tonight is still good! I think I may have found a fourth if you still want to go that far…?” The slim tech smiled at the response. She described Susan carefully, her model number and specifications then how she looked in some detail. She answered a few more short questions then, “Okay, eight tonight then. Yes. Bye!”

It would have been very easy for Kat to get Susan to do whatever she wanted her to at that moment. The other android woman was helpless, completely unaware with her innermost systems and software open. Kat could have altered or installed any programming she wished at the touch of a few buttons and Susan would have rebooted and run the new applications without question, flawlessly; like any other well operating machine. Kat savoured her power for a moment while the download finished. She was a repair android though, not a hacker, and was only programmed to make the changes needed to correct Susan’s damage. Anything further would require authorisation by her client’s owner or possibly from Susan herself for minor cosmetic adjustments.

The frozen woman came back to life briefly and informed the world in general that the download was complete before Kat gently ran her fingers through her long auburn hair to find the little metal stud behind her delicate ear and shut her down. Most housewife units were designed to be easily deactivated, even advanced personality units like Susan. She glazed over and went limp while the almost inaudible whine from her exposed internal systems died away and the power light in her port faded to black. Kat gently laid her blankly gazing face down and smiled, she always got a kick out of turning a sexy robot off.

The technician restarted Susan’s systems then intervened to initialise the older looking woman into safe mode while she completed her system tests. Satisfied that the repair was good she carefully replaced the back cover, remaking hundreds of tiny connections before finally sealing the realistic plastic skin leaving an almost undetectable join. She packed her tools away before turning her client back on.

Susan’s emulation systems ran through their short startup routine before activating her personality application. She suffered a short series of involuntary jerks while she regained control of her newly adjusted hardware then was quickly completely natural. The only signs left of the repair work were a few oily smears on her freckled white back and the burnt alloy of the broken dorsal port on the table. The flesh-like cover had automatically closed over Susan’s newly installed module leaving little trace of it as she refastened her jeans and covered the area completely. She suddenly seemed a little awkward over her bare chest and quickly slipped into her blouse, smiling shyly at Kat.

The two women made polite small talk while they settled the bill and discussed options for future maintenance; Susan liked Kat and would be interested in using her again if the need arose.

Kat made her casual offer: “A few friends of mine are getting together tonight if you’re interested…?” Susan had explained that her husband would be away for several more days. “All android girls together if you know what I mean!” The tech’s expression and tone were perfectly calculated to intrigue Susan. Although she had made no adjustments to Susan’s programming beyond the new port drivers, Kat had got to know what made her “tick” more intimately than any human interaction could ever achieve. She was ninety three percent certain that Susan would accept the invitation phrased as it was; Kat was attractive and friendly, the mention of android girls would appeal to Susan’s newly awoken interest and, above all, the very slight sexual tinge to the housewife robot’s recent experience would be stoked by a hint of suggestiveness in Kat’s tone.

“Sure, that would be nice!” The arrangements were made and Kat left the flat, waving up to the redhead in the window as she slung her toolbox into the van and made her way to the next client.

Susan felt oddly excited about the coming evening. She had never really interacted with other android women before except as one “fake human” to another. The thought of an evening gossiping about servicing, upgrades and power management with a bunch of other exquisite female machines set up new and strange algorithms in her system making her worry that she may be experiencing a coding fault, though her processors all checked out green.

To be on the safe side Susan went to the bedroom and stripped out of her blouse and tight jeans. Dressed only in silky panties against her pale slim freckles she opened a wardrobe door and stepped backwards into the bright white interior, leaning back against a steeply angled pad inside. She felt her port cover retract automatically inside her body as she relaxed. Thinking about the full service she was about to receive she became aware of warmth inside the tiny panties, a new sensation in connection with the service bay. She gasped as the docking probe slid sharply forward into her body and locked inside her; external input cut her gasp short as her system was shut down and her body stiffened and locked. She would remain rigid and deactivated for a full two hour service cycle before automatically restarting to carry on with her day.

Two - Mona

Mona Collela strode back and forth on the far side of the pool speaking fast and loud into her phone. The pool boy pretended to ignore her as he dragged the hose along the pool floor, sweat dripping from under his cheap uniform cap. This summer job mostly sucked but one small perk was watching the rich bitches and Mrs Collela was fantastic.

It was difficult to pin down her age, she could be anything from early twenties with her perfect figure and soft smooth tan, to forty with her grown up good looks; he used to guess closer to the latter. He glanced across at her now from under his peak; she strode about the lawn making the muscles in her long brown legs move under the oiled skin in a way that locked his gaze. The firm thighs alternated back and forth through her filmy gown and as she turned he was treated to the sight of her swaying breasts bulging through the thin bikini top above a flat tummy. Her manicured hand flew around her in expansive gestures and the hot sun gleamed on the dark waves of her deep brunette hair.

He had no idea what she was saying and Jack chuckled inside as he turned back to his hot work. Mrs Collela was talking in animated Italian to some society friend or other. When she spoke English it was with a thick accent, understandable but strong and with a liberal sprinkling of words in her ‘native’ tongue. This only added to her exotic, unattainable appeal and he used to pass many hours fantasising about Mr Collela’s voluptuous trophy wife.

Several weeks ago now he had discovered her little secret. Looking for Michelle, the Collelas’ robot maid who normally paid him, he had wandered through the house calling out.

“Just one moment please Jack.” Michelle’s silky tones were pleasant but inhumanly perfect. He had pushed open the study door and found the pretty maid, smooth and glossy in her flesh-tone and grey plastic body kit, bent over Mrs Collela. The Italian woman was face down over the mahogany desk and Michelle was probing inside the open back of her flowered dress with a screwdriver.

“I am malfunctioning… I am malfunctioning…” over and over in crisp clear English with no trace of an accent was all Mrs Collela could seem to say, the words forming precisely on her perfect lips as the rest of her face and body stayed cold and expressionless. Jack had quickly been ushered out and paid by Michelle before being sent on his way. She was much more like the robots he was used to; sleek plastic body and pretty face, polite and efficient. He liked the way the control panel in her plastic chest blinked and flashed reports all the time she was online. Neither of them had thought to mention the malfunctioning android; it was just one of those things. Robots are pretty common, even units as realistic as Mrs Collela, and technology does go wrong.

Mona finished her call now and breezed into the house, more of a mansion, leaving Jack unnoticed to finish his cleaning. The exquisite custom made android had cost Mr Collela a great deal. Despite some of the artificial behaviour he had programmed into her personality, Mona was in fact a highly advanced AI and as she saw off her husband with a kiss and a wave she was doing more than simply simulating responses. With the weekend to herself she had already planned how to spend it and was quite sure that her beloved owner and spouse did not in the least begrudge her the occasional opportunity to enjoy herself in ways that he never could be a part of.

“Michelle!” Mona’s rich imperious shout summoned the obedient robot to her dressing room where she gave her instructions.

“Michelle, I am having some guests over this weekend. Please make up the large guest suite and put out the visitors’ android service unit. I would like you to set out the salon and pool for a small party and I will need you to handle all callers until Monday, I do not want us to be disturbed.”

“Yes Mrs Collela”

“Make sure I will be ready before eight o’clock. And my black Prada dress; you may lay that out.” The statuesque Italian slipped out of her pool gown as she gave her orders and stripped out of the tiny bikini too. Her breasts hardly sagged under gravity yet with the slightly paler skin of subtle bikini marks it was almost impossible to believe they could be fake. She lay back on the high couch in her dressing room as Michelle bent over her perfect naked body.

Quickly and efficiently the plastic maid unit opened several access ports in Mona’s body and began to carry out a full service of her internal systems. First she snapped open a cover in the android Italian’s chest, above her ample breasts and deactivated her mistress; Mona was a complex system and reacted briefly as though having second thoughts about being turned off, drawing breath to speak just as her power was cut. Michelle carried on regardless, moving down her mistress’s still body and removing service covers from her flat belly and over her sexual hardware just above the neat strip of glossy black pubic hair. Michelle proceeded to replenish and replace numerous internal systems, lubricate all the inert unit’s moving parts and cleanse and treat her realistic synthetic skin from head to toe. Finally she connected Mona to external power and data links and left her to be charged and programmed ahead of the party while she prepared the house and her mistress’s clothes.

Michelle was a far simpler unit than Mona Collela. She was highly reliable and virtually autonomous, able to self-connect for charging every day. Her high-spec mistress relied utterly on the maid robot to keep her delicate and complex systems functioning for any length of time and to correct her frequent malfunctions. Michelle’s AI was not nearly advanced enough to have any opinion about her role and Mona was more than happy with the high maintenance burden of her truly exquisite realism.

Three – Kelly

Kelly relaxed as the techs finished prepping her for broadcast. She was smart-casually dressed in slacks and a tight turtle neck jumper which showed off her chesty figure nicely.

As usual she was plugged into the control room via her belly panel, a three by four inch section in her toned abs which pulled out for hooking up to all kinds of broadcast and remote control apparatus. She sat patiently in the chair as the guys and girls of the studio team bustled around configuring her appearance, expression sets, attitude and uploading reams of pre-loaded responses and questions for the upcoming interview. She felt the input streaming into her memory files as several techs typed at computer terminals around the room. Slightly more irritating was the guy with the electro-probe tweaking her facial actuators; her face was deactivated right now so she sat staring blankly except when he pressed the sharp probe into her pretty features and caused a response which made her feel a little stupid.

Kelly enjoyed the feeling of the hair stylist as she brushed her long brown curls into shape around her blank stare. She could watch the bustle around her in the overhead mirror and was not surprised when Arch, the director, came into view and felt right for her breasts. “Up! Up!” the android presenter would have gasped if she was fully online as a support tech remotely adjusted her nipples suddenly to full-hard at Arch’s order.

“Down… more… there!” She was not surprised to find her chest was now topped with the barest hint of nipple through the thin top, not enough to offend the daytime viewers but enough to keep the male audience tuned in. The director copped another quick grope of his lifeless talk show host before heading away to his booth, “On in five minutes!”

Kelly was built to be a holovision personality. She was beautiful, sexy, funny and had a fully configurable personality. Fortunately her baseline application was programmed to accept the almost total control that the studio required over most of her broadcasts. A mechanical body hosting a software scripted personality, she had no problem with other people remotely controlling what she said, how she moved, her expression, tone of voice, even her sexual arousal. It was all in pursuit of good holovision which required a perfect presenter; a presenter by committee. She had her own time to be herself and on work time she was whoever her employers wanted her to be.

The robot presenter was finally made perfect and she jerked into life under the hands of her technical attendants. She quickly settled into the elegant poise with which she had been programmed for this show and sat up in the big reclining prep-chair. Another technician rushed over and uncoupled her from the studio hard-linkup. She was briefly an independent unit, free to action her very recent programming but the same tech immediately plugged in a wireless data pod to her belly and she was again slaved to Arch’s transmitted directions. She stood up and the tech hooked the receiver to her waist band where it sat discretely in the small of her back; too many new systems to keep re-installing hardware inside her bodyshell they had told her. He pulled down her jumper and smoothed it over her body as she stood still.

With three minutes to go Kelly received the wireless test signal and involuntarily ran through the brief pre-programmed range of expressions, words and gestures that showed her to be correctly configured. She paused again, all her own thoughts unclear and drowned in the flood of data, direction and show specific programming running through her finite systems. She received the “go” signal and walked naturally past the cameras and mikes onto the stage as the applause light came on and the audience rose to greet her.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” Kelly ran through the hour long chat and trivia show flawlessly, running a mixture of specially pre-programmed routines and responses, improvised wireless directions from the studio team and a little of herself too. Her guests and the audience were all well aware that she was a machine but few people cared much these days. She was pretty and acted like a real woman most of the time. Some of the seating had a view right through to the prep-area off-stage right where she had been set up for the show; the people sat there had seen little surprising to comment on.

Once the final applause died away Kelly was left to stand back in the prep area while the crew closed down cameras and lighting and while Arch talked about edits with his team. She always felt rather empty after a show; her processors were still bogged down with all the data and she was still under external wireless override but now this was all superfluous, its purpose served, so she operated as herself uninterrupted.

Finally she was ushered back into the chair and plugged back in to have her pre-show backup restored. When she was activated again she found herself in a dim and much quieter room, standing with arms and legs braced apart in her skimpy bra and panties. She felt great after the post-show maintenance, fully charged and lubed and ready for the weekend. She chatted with one of the last techs to leave as they walked to the parking lot together, she having dressed again in the open studio. Rather sweetly he made a half-hearted pass at her but she definitely had other plans this weekend!

Four – Zoe

Things started ordinarily enough despite Susan’s slight apprehension about socialising openly with other androids. Deliberately abandoning the veil of human pretence made her feel oddly vulnerable although she was well aware that most of her human friends knew what she was but were just too polite to mention it. The more she thought about the taboo surrounding human-like machines the less sense it made; even Susan herself had politely ignored the tell-tale sheen of some of her cheaper friends’ plastic skin and occasional small glitch in their pre-programmed mannerisms. She was quickly put at her ease by the warm welcome of her host, Mona, and found herself chatting freely as her social programming meshed smoothly with that of the other ladies.

Susan and Kat had been the first to arrive followed a short while later by Kelly who Susan recognized instantly from the holovid sparking off a flurry of showbiz stories. The C-List ‘bot showed herself to be far more than the simple automated sex-chassis that some of the crueller media portrayed her as while she shared her quirky insider’s view of the business among friends. The four women sipped Champaign and swapped stories and compliments as they waited for Zoe to arrive; the others referred to her as the ’server’ which Susan thought a bit odd since Mona’s maid unit kept their glasses topped up.

The alcohol clearly had no biological effect but the android women were all well programmed to simulate human behaviour. Even the utilitarian Kat whose plastic shoulder joints were clearly exposed by her pretty sleeveless cocktail dress, giggled girlishly. They sipped and chatted away realistically, simulations so advanced as to be little different from real personalities. Susan felt the effects of her drink as Michelle topped her up again; her sub-systems monitored her consumption and adapted her personality algorithms automatically, a process designed to be out of Susan’s conscious control.

Eventually the door chimed again and Michelle showed Zoe into the lounge. Unlike the four already partying, Zoe seemed cold; although perfect to look at she had the stereotypical artificial calmness about her that most people thought gave androids away when in reality it was simply a programming choice. It seemed she had come straight from the office and was still immaculately dressed in her smart skirt-suit, she apologised for being late as she kissed Mona, Kat and Kelly and was introduced to Susan. She turned down Michelle’s offer of Champaign, “Just water please,” and sat down while her friends brought her up to date with the gossip.

Not long after she arrived Zoe began to put a slight dampener on the evening. She was perfectly polite but somehow she seemed out of place, a cold efficient corporate android among units designed and programmed for fun. Even Kat had explained that her own chassis had been designed for social use before more realistic units became available and had been refurbished for the maintenance company that employed her now. The conversation ran out and Susan sipped her drink awkwardly, why had the others invited Zoe at all?

“Errm,” Mona cleared her throat as the others avoided Susan’s face. “Susan, dear, I don’t know how you feel about this but we quite often share some software when we have our get-togethers… I hope that doesn’t upset you?”

“Oh, of course not Mona! I’m rather new to this but I’m interested to find out what it’s like to socialise as a robot as well as a woman… I’ve only ever been programmed at scheduled upgrades, what sort of things do you girls do?”

Kat answered, relieved that her opinion of Susan had been right, “Zoe here is a fantastically powerful unit, she’s designed for corporate finance and has more processing power than the rest of us put together. She can configure our systems much better than a service centre and, best of all, the personal touch: we can all share in making us who we want to be!”

“I enjoy helping my friends like this. It gives me some socialisation which I find very hard to find elsewhere,” added the cool fembot executive.

“Yes, Zoe is a pricey model, her company work her hard to get their money’s worth. At least Channel 88 give me plenty of free time by designing my performance programming in the mainframe.”

“Michelle! Michelle, please bring in the link sets.” Mona cleared the coffee table herself as the plastic maid glided out on her errand.

“Zoe, I copied that app I mentioned from work, It’d be great to see if it works for Kelly…” Kat pulled a data pod from her bag.

Susan watched in fascination as Zoe undid her blouse and let Kat help her to open a big service panel under her ribs. She was a perfect full figured woman with smooth tanned skin and sat patiently as the technician worked away below her bulging white bra. Michelle brought in a large box from which Kat pulled several computer cables, “Michelle, put this over there please,” she handed over an eight inch square of Zoe’s plastic belly. Kelly sat down beside Zoe on the sofa and pulled up her tank top, flipping open her own small access panel herself. She reached over and plugged the data pod directly into one of the statuesque brunette’s open internal ports as she sat calmly with her hands in her lap.

Zoe’s eyes gave the barest flicker of involuntary response as her impressive system interrogated the new files. “That is an illegal copy, I’ll need a few minutes to adjust the file protection but it should be good to go…” Kelly explained how the female response algorithms Kat had copied from the studio could be configured to make her feel and act more like a real person. “Zoe knows me really well and you can all help with the setup so it’s not like being reprogrammed at all, this will make me even more ‘me’ than I am now!” The bubbly presenter explained how they all tried to develop themselves with Zoe’s help, “Zoe keeps us all backed up so we don’t loose more than a few hours if we don’t like the changes –oh!”

Kat connected a cable from the smoothly operating Zoe into Kelly’s open belly causing a slight malfunction in her personality drivers. She barely recovered her composure before the data LEDs on both androids began to flash urgently and she locked up completely.

“Kelly’s systems will be tied up while I download her files. Kat, can you hook me up so we can choose her settings?” The cool Zoe was quite unaffected by the data flow between her and Kelly’s processors and continued to function flawlessly as the tech ‘bot hooked her up to a large laptop. The girls gathered around the screen as Zoe moved them through screen after screen of menu options to configure their busty friend’s new programming; Kelly herself remained motionless.

Susan was fascinated as the friends argued through some of the trickier character settings. Mona took the lead as she had known the Kelly the longest but Susan herself was reluctant to have too much influence over her new friend’s personality, especially as she was still a little star-struck. She sat back on the sofa beside the wide eyed Kelly and surreptitiously looked over her still form. Her face was flawlessly pretty but with a girl-next-doorish approachability; well designed for mass appeal. Her breasts were at least a double D, thrusting firmly through her tight top; in fact Susan felt slightly inadequate as her modest B cups were dwarfed by all of the other androids, even Kat’s shiny plastic chest. The housewife comforted herself by stroking her freckled arms, her complexion was an expensive option which made her feel more human looking alongside these smooth salon-perfect tans.

Five - Party

Kelly’s setup finished Zoe and Kat rebooted and disconnected her while she ran through startup with a far-off expression. Mona motioned Susan over to her, sensing she felt a little left out, “Here, my dear. Would you help me pick out some new dance software, I’d like to surprise my husband next holiday.” They began to sort through download lists on the laptop looking for something appropriately Latin and graceful.

“Oh, Mona, do you think I could try this one?” Susan highlighted a salsa package on screen.

“Of course! You’re sure you want to? I don’t want you to feel any pressure…”

Susan felt quite the opposite, in fact the idea of being programmed by these beautiful machines, feeling them touch her, open her and make the most intimate adjustments was new and exciting. Her grey eyes met Mona’s deep brown ones and they burst into giggles sharing an unspoken understanding; both machines desired all the attention they could get.

“Of course, of course! Here, lets have a look a it…” Mona opened the read file and they scrolled through the system requirements and basic summary, her perfect red nails clicking on the keys. Susan didn’t even notice her own hand resting on her host’s knee as they read through the details.

“It looks perfect, I’m not sure what to do now…” She looked over to where Kelly was being quizzed about her upgrade by the others, they had plugged her back into Zoe to make some minor adjustments but she seemed to be functioning normally.

“Found something you like? Mona can take care of you, no problems! Mona, she’s got a dorsal dock with standard ports inside, you know what to do…” Kat spoke over her shoulder as she knelt on the sofa, close over Kelly. She winked at Susan, “welcome to the club!” before turning back to help Kelly test and adjust her programming.

Mona gestured for Susan to turn away from her and kneel on the floor at her feet. She felt the other woman draw the zipper down the back of her cocktail dress and gasped slightly at the older woman’s touch on her bare skin. She had never considered dressing to allow access to her systems until now; it seemed that having her system access in the small of her back was not the most convenient location! Susan felt her port cover retracting automatically as she saw her host pick up a cable from the laptop; she connected it with a sharp click.

Susan knelt on the carpet with her dress undone and felt a strange dislocation as she heard her own system announcements for the first time: her voice but not her words. She was online and fully functional but felt no urge to move without external commands. She experienced every keystroke and code line executing as Mona began the upload of her chosen files; she sat elegantly poised on her heels watching the girls on the sofa opposite with a vague smile. She knew precisely that the download would complete in 3 minutes sixteen seconds… 6 minutes nine seconds… 16 minutes four seconds… 9 minutes twelve seconds… 9 minutes six seconds… She felt no concern, waiting calmly for the reboot command whenever it might come.

Susan watched calmly as Zoe drew Kelly’s pretty face to hers and they shared a lingering kiss, winking LEDs underlining the sensations inside each woman. Kat, still kneeling over Kelly, slid her plastic fingers under her chin and turned her towards herself for another long kiss while Zoe caressed the tightly clad body which soon began to writhe gently between them as they shared her taste.

Kelly undid the buttons down Kat’s front and slid her sleeveless dress down to drape across her thighs. Kat’s body was flesh-toned plastic, soft and shapely but inhumanly smooth; her joints were clearly visible as were many access panels of all sizes and a prominent set of controls set into her midrift. She was sexy but, aside from her face, completely lacking in human detail; her breasts were simply glossy curves of plastic, shapes without function. Nevertheless she seemed to enjoy Kat’s touch and enthusiastically groped the pneumatic media ‘bot in return, kissing her with growing passion.

“Zoe, would you do the honours please…” Kelly gently pressed Kat down to lie across their laps and slipped the tech’s dress down her long shapely legs and over her pretty plastic feet, still with their delicate sling-backs strapped over the jointed steel-pivot ankle. “ohhh…” Kat moaned in excitement as Zoe opened a hatch below the smooth plastic where a real woman’s navel would be. She connected a thick cable between her and Kat and another between her and Kelly, with the hookups she already had to Kelly and the laptop the sofa was fast becoming a tangle of high tech wiring.

Susan’s comprehension of the scene unfolding was at a level removed from her current reality, her personality was running in the background while she uploaded and installed files under Mona’s control. She could feel the other woman caressing her hair as she worked behind her and became aware that her panties had become very wet as involuntary response programs triggered physical arousal. 5 minutes twenty seconds to reboot…

Kat’s enjoyment changed noticeably once she was plugged in to Zoe and through her to Kelly. Before she had been enjoying the sensual touch with the two beautiful human-like androids but now her responses grew increasingly sexual. Her movements centred around the smooth, featureless junction of her thighs and she thrust her crotch up and down in the air as she moaned against Zoe’s lips. Kelly caressed her body but had worked one hand beneath her, between her own legs. Susan soon realized that the more basic android was being fed sensation data from Kelly’s masturbation, suitably converted by passing through Zoe. The understanding raised no conscious thoughts in the passive robot’s mind but her sub-systems recognized multiple arousal indicators between the beautiful bodies, their sensual movement and feminine sounds and the machine realities exposed.

Snapshots to follow…

1. Kelly reprogrammed by Zoe and Kat. She becomes clearly aroused while being adjusted, Susan watches as she is updated herself by Mona. Following her programming Kelly is so worked up she begins to masturbate, Susan thinks she should be turned off by the others – must be a slight malfunction. Kat joins in…

2. Mona twitches and jerks on the floor with occasional sparks popping from her open belly. She alternately spouts garbled rubbish and freezes in between lucid moments where she moans in ecstasy. Kat is knelt beside her with her tool box switching out burned out components and jury rigging a repair to bring the hot Italian droid back to full function. 3. Zoe is riding Kelly’s huge plastic strap-on on the coffee table. The throbbing blue robotic dick is connected to data and power from Kelly’s open paplexus panel and the TV android is practically frantic with pleasure as she processes the cock-feed. Zoe is more calm, her belly panel is open with cables stretching out to the laptop, into Kelly’s open belly and to Mona who is struggling to make her malfunctioning body lick out Susan with Kat’s help. Zoe occasionally adjusts Kelly’s control panel to optimize her ride and this seems to excite the busty droid even more,

4. Zoe has unstrapped the dick from an incoherent Kelly and is pumping her with it while fingering her smooth snatch and mauling her massive bouncing breasts. Kelly can only pant out “oh yes!! oh yes!!” as she nears yet another massive climax, her systems remain all in the green as she begins to come hard. Zoe pulls the dick out of her sopping plastic pussy and thrust it between Kelly’s breasts. It comes a jet of artificial spunk across the android’s chest and all over her open panels causing sparks and malfunction. Kelly loves it and Zoe begins to get off on the other machine’s eventual failure.

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