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The music was booming, the booze was flowing, and the crowd was growing rowdier by the minute. Nothing like a good rockin’ party to liven up the doldrums of summer. I attended a college that was much livelier and more of a party school for most of the year except for the summer session when most of the students packed up their things and spent their vacations with Mom and Dad. I was one of the few who stuck around to catch up on some extra units. Things were much more laid back and mellow, but every couple of weeks someone would throw together a blow out.

Tonight was turning out to be one such occasion. Better yet, I had been fortunate to meet up with Monica this evening. She was an extremely cute blonde who sat next to me in the Applied Physics class I was trying my best to pass. Lightly tanned, with a glistening set of bright blue eyes, Monica was actually not the atypical blonde: in fact, she was far and above the smartest student in the class. From what she’d insinuated, she was a straight A, 4.0 pupil all the way. Something about the dichotomy of her being a smart blonde made her even that much more attractive.

We’d bumped into each other at a couple of parties already, and we spent most of those nights huddled together drinking cheap keg beer while talking each other’s ear off about everything and anything. It seemed as if we were seriously hitting it off. Following a party last week, I walked her home topping the night off with a long kiss on her front balcony. The temptation from my loins told me to invite myself in, but my heart was begging me to take it slow-this girl was too good to waste on a quick fuck. I knew that there was going to be another party in a week, and I was resolved to make a bigger move at that time.

She missed class on Monday and Tuesday, and I began to fret that she wouldn’t be well enough for the coming weekend’s festivities. I also started to worry that she was freaked out by our kiss on Saturday, and she wanted to avoid me. That wouldn’t be the first time that I’d barely gotten to first base with a girl only to have her pull herself from the game. Nonetheless, she showed up on Wednesday as energetic as ever, those blue eyes shining that smile happy and inviting. She told me over and over again how excited she was about the shindig Friday night and that she couldn’t wait to see me outside of class again. I was so tempted to say, “What the hell. Why don’t we just get some coffee tonight Monica? Or go for a walk on the beach?” But, no…I was a wimp. Friday night would have to do, and I prayed that she would show up.

And show up she did. Looking so sumptuous, Monica arrived fifteen minutes after I did with her roommates, Dana and Renee, in tow. Dana was a tall redhead with fair, porcelain like skin and a smattering of freckles while Renee was a magnificent light-skinned black girl with closely cropped hair. Both were knockouts in their own right: Dana was wearing a long green dress that only accentuated her long fiery hair; Renee had on a pair of tight jeans and a tie dye t-shirt that said “Rock Star” on the front. Monica was wearing a tight fitting black mini dress with a matching pair of four-inch pumps. Her nipples stuck out hard from her top showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Damn, she was looking so fine tonight!

We chatted on the outskirts of the house’s backyard all the while consuming a steep amount of beer. With each passing minute she drew closer, talking nonstop while occasionally giving me a peck on the cheek. At one point, I glanced across the yard to catch Dana’s gaze. She smiled knowingly and whispered in Renee’s ear. They both looked my way and giggled to each other. Just then, Monica took my face into hers hands and kissed to hard on the lips.

“Okay, Donald. Let’s go inside and find some privacy.”

She took me by the arm and shepherded me into the house. Unfortunately, every bedroom we checked was taken. Finally, as we passed the upstairs bathroom, she stopped.

“You know…everyone’s using the downstairs restroom, and most of the guys are just going in the yard anyway.”

The prude in me started to surface, “Are you serious? I mean what if-“ Her actions cut me off as she yanked me into the bathroom and slammed the door behind us. Before I could even hit the lights she was all over me, and I was more than happy to reciprocate.

Her lips were so soft, her tongue so wet, I felt like I was kissing a goddess. I grew hard inside my pants, and we began grinding against each other. As we continued to dry hump, I moved down and kissed her soft neck causing her to moan lightly. My hands moved up under her skirt, and noticing that she was wearing a g-string, I grabbed a hold of her hard, toned ass. I then found my way to her front and, I could feel through her underwear that she had grown extremely wet. At this point, I was ready to burst out of my pants.

Suddenly, there was a drunken rattle at the door, and my heart nearly jumped out of my throat. Quicker than Carl Lewis, Monica whisked me into the nearby shower stall. Just then the lights turned on as an inebriated partygoer made his way to the toilet. Monica and I stood under the showerhead facing each other and holding tight. We nearly laughed for a moment then she became very intent, serious. She passionately kissed me then she got down on her knees. My pants were unbuttoned, the fly quietly unzipped, and my sex was now in her mouth. And this mouth worked wonders. Her wet tongue and lips moving along the shaft slow, then fast…slow, then fast. I had just leaned back against the wall in ecstasy when I heard the toilet flush and the door slam shut with the lights still on.

Taking the door slam as her cue, Monica rose to her feet and pulled her dress over her head. Wow, she really had a rocket body! Her light tan was even across her body and her breasts were about a B cup with dark erect nipples. She slipped her g-string off to expose a smooth, hairless sex.

“Donald, I want you inside me,” she said turning around. She leaned against the wall, and stuck her beautiful ass up towards me.

I slowly entered Monica from behind, and I heard her breath catch. Her moans were low and deep while she bucked her hips in fine precision to go along with my slow, shallow thrusts. I wanted to take it as easy as possible and let the intensity slowly rise, however, I don’t think either one of us could control ourselves. Soon enough, we were going at each other hard and deep. I’d sink into her, and she’s gasp and yelp so loud I was positive someone could hear us over the deafening thud of the house party music. It felt so good to be inside Monica: she was so tight and so damn wet!

I pumped deeper and faster getting ready to climax. Wiggling her hips along with me, Monica reached up to rub her tits. She then reached back up towards the wall and inadvertently grabbed hold of the water faucet and turned it on. We both screamed from the shock of the freezing water and pulled away from each other.

“Holy shit,” I exclaimed stepping from the stall in search of a pair of towels. “That gives taking a ‘cold shower’ a whole new meaning, and I don’t think I like it.”

Monica laughed behind me, “Well, at least it wasn’t the hot water. I wouldn’t want you scalded you know where…”

Even the thought of that made me shudder as I sifted through the cabinets. “Yeah, well let’s see if I can find us a couple of towels.”

“Well, at least it wasn’t the hot water. I wouldn’t want you scalded you know where…”

I shook my head chuckling, “Hehehe…yep.”

I manage to dig up two reasonably clean towels, and Monica spoke again in what seemed to be the exact same tone as the previous sentences.

“I wouldn’t want you scalded you know where…”

“Okay, she’s an oddball,” I thought to myself as I turned around to a very strange sight.

“I wouldn’t want you scalded you know where-you know where-you know where…”

Monica had just made it out of the shower, but it looked like she had frozen in midstep. Her eyes stared blankly beyond me to the far wall, her arms were raised stiffly in the air, and she was bent forward slightly.


Her head quickly swiveled stiffly in my direction, yet she wasn’t looking at me only gazing absently to the edge of the room.

“I wouldn’t want you scalded you know where…”

Her head spun back to the right.

“Scalded you know where, you know where- you know where- you know where- where- where- where- where-where-where-,” she seemed to be caught in a loop.

No she most certainly wasn’t human.

Monica abruptly stopped speaking. She stiffly straightened up and stared right ahead. Her arms were still bent at the elbow, her hands and fingers pointing forward.

“Malfunction. Malfunction. Malfunction. Malfunction,” she repeated in a robotic monotone, “Monica unit: malfunction in sectors G and H. Unit 51274 full system shutdown imminent. I am an android. Malfunction. Malfunction. Malfunction. Malfunction. Monica unit: water damage. Unit 51274 full system shutdown in thirty seconds.”

I stared in disbelief as Monica started to rundown. She slowly started to bend forward at the hips staring straight ahead. Her mechanical android monotone began to slow and deepen steadily, “I am an android. Built and programmed to replicate the human female. Malfunction. Mal.func.tion. I am-I am Monica unit 51274. I am an android. I am an android. I am an. I am. I am an android. I-I-I-aaammmmm aannnnnn annnnnddddrrrrooooiiiiid.”

I stood in front of this “femme bot” far too dumbstruck to even think. “What the fuck?”

I was suddenly jolted from my daze when I heard the bathroom door start to open behind me. Scrambling towards it I blurted out, “No, no, no! Sorry bathroom’s taken!”

Before I could reach it Dana poked her head in, “It’s okay. It’s me.”

“Oh thank you, Dana! I don’t know what happened to her. We were in the shower the water went on… I guess your roommate’s a robot.”

Dana held my hands together, “Okay, Donald. Calm down. Put your clothes back on, step away, and we’ll handle this.”

Incredibly, her presence had a very soothing effect on me. I gathered up my clothes in silence, put them on, and stood quietly in the corner. Dana began to inspect Monica’s exterior especially her upper left chest and shoulder where most of the water had struck her. There was a knock at the door. Dana looked to me and nodded giving me the signal to open it. I walked over and opened it to be greeted by Renee. Without even acknowledging me, she went over and stood facing Monica.

Dana had managed to get Monica to stand erect. She then lightly pressed onto both sides of the androids hips. A seam appeared on her at the outer portion of her stomach area with her bellybutton as the center. Dana grabbed the panel and gently pulled it away from Monica exposing her inner circuitry. This area contained a variety of multi-colored wires, fuses, circuit boards, unlit lights, a pair of input/output ports, etc.

Peering inside the broken bot, Dana spoke without looking up, “Prepare to perform a full systems check of this unit.”

Renee pulled down her pants a bit and then took off her shirt. A leopard print bra covered her perfect breasts. A seam then appeared at her midriff, and she pulled a panel off and set it aside. Her ‘innards’ looked much like Monica’s, however; the lights inside of Renee were steadily blinking.

Renee spoke in her sultry, deep voice, “Ready.”

“You mean she’s a robot too?”

Dana reached into her purse and took out a cable. She attached one end to a port inside Monica, “Yes, Donald. Monica and Renee are both androids.” She then plugged the other end into Renee. Within a few moments, Renee stiffened up and stared straight ahead.

“Unit 51273 active,” she spoke in the same robotic monotone that Monica had. “Performing systems check on unit 51274. Processing…processing…” I looked at Dana and she looked up at me. She grinned slightly and turned her attention back to the androids.

“Processing…” Renee continued. “Systems check complete. Unit 51274. Water damage. Sections G and H. Internal meltdown. Full system shutdown. Recommend partial disassembly.”

Dana spoke, “What about the unit’s memory?”

“Negative. Unable to communicate with unit’s memory drives.”

Dana looked to me, “Do you know what that means?”

“Um…not really.”

“It would be safest to remove her memory disc.”

“I see.”

She removed the cable from Renee and replaced her panel, “Please, reboot your systems in silence.”

Renee’s head tilted forward slightly as quietly shut down and then started back up. Dana went behind Monica and reached up to gently remove her blonde hair as if it were a wig. She then pulled off a small portion at the back of her tan, bald, head. A disc drive could be seen, so she pushed a button releasing something. Dana held up the disc, “The most important part of your girlfriend.”

She slipped the drive into a case and put it in her purse. “Okay, Donald. You and Renee take an arm and carry her out as if she’d passed out. I’ll lead the way. We’ll take my car back to the house.”

The drive was quick and painless. Dana driving, myself in the passenger seat while Unit 51273 sat silently in the back with the inactive Unit 51274. I tried to engage Dana in small talk, but it didn’t work:

“So, uh…you taking summer classes as well?”

“No, Donald. I’m a grad student working on my thesis.”

“Oh, yeah? In what field?”

“Applied Physics.”

“I see…sounds interesting,” I struggled feeling the conversation waning.

“It is.”



We drove the rest of the way in silence.

Their house was in a quiet part of town, and its modest size made my pitiful studio apartment seem…well, even more pitiful. With Dana leading the way, Renee and I quickly rushed Monica inside. Immediately through the front door was the living room that was minimally furnished with a sofa, coffee table, and a recliner. No television, no stereo, but what else could I expect with a grad student and a pair of robots. We passed the kitchen to our right and headed down a dark hallway. There was a bathroom to the left and then what must have been Dana’s bedroom/den. At the end of the hallway to our right was a closed door.

Dana unlocked it with a key, and we entered a barren room except for two beds. Not what I’d expected an ‘android maintenance room’ to look like.

Perhaps, that’s because this wasn’t such a room. Dana went to the closet, and from there she opened another door. With Monica’s head against my chest, her lifeless eyes staring through me, I followed Dana and Renee down a flight of stairs into what was clearly a hidden robotics laboratory: a spotless room with two hospital like operating tables sharing its center, each had a top of the line computer stationed at its side on flat wheeled stands. Rows of drawers were in the back of the room, and two large cabinets were in both of the far corners. In addition, there was another door to the on the left wall. My only guess was that this was some sort of supply/storage room.

We set Monica on one of the tables and Renee started removing her clothing while Dana booted up one of the computers. I was still taken aback by the blonde’s beauty and felt a stroke of embarrassed pride rush through me thinking that I’d had sex with her - even if she was a robot.

Dana caught me in full gawk, and ran her fingers up Monica’s thigh then across the folds of her smooth crotch, “She was pretty good, huh?”

My cheeks heated up as I blushed, “Well, yeah I guess - I mean yeah, yeah totally!”

“Well, let’s just hope we can get her back functioning properly.”

With this she pressed against the android’s hips and her stomach panel popped open exposing her inner circuitry. She then took a cable running from the computer and plugged it into Monica. The computer beeped and a slew of data filled the screen. Dana stared intently at the information for a few moments while Renee stood to the side at silent attention.

“Test left arm motor function,” Dana said without looking up.

Renee took hold of Monica’s left arm and with a slight twist she pulled it free just below the shoulder. She then manipulated some of the wires and was able to control the arm as if it were her own. The fingers moved, the hand made a fist, and the arm was able to bend at the elbow and straighten.

“Left arm unit functioning properly. No damage apparent,” Renee announced.

Dana typed at the computer again and spoke again as she observed the data, “Systems check: section A.”

Responding to these instructions, Renee moved around the table and pressed her hands against Monica’s ears. I could hear an audible click, and my jaw dropped as her head came loose and detached from the body; her blank expression unchanged, her mouth still slightly open.

Renee then set the head on a table next to another computer and applied pressure to the temple area, which caused Monica’s face to pop away her head. I stared in awe at her inner circuitry: wires, fuses, and powerless lights much like the area beneath her stomach panel, yet there was more. On either side of her inner head were two gray cylinders that must have served as her audio sensors while her visual units were a pair of dime-sized lenses located just where one would imagine the eyes would be. Her lower jaw had come off with the faceplate, and the continuation of her mouth was smooth silver hole that led deep into the android Monica’s body. Finally, just above her ‘mouth’ was a small black speaker, obviously her vocal system.

Renee delicately removed Monica’s bleach blonde hair and opened the panel at the back of her bald robot skull. Renee turned to me holding the head.

“Would you mind holding this while I initiate the examination of section A?”

“Oh, sure, why not?”

She handed me the head, and I was surprised by how real it felt. (Not that I had any sort of perspective having never actually held a human head before.)

Renee booted up the computer then ran a cable from it and plugged it into the back of Monica’s head. Suddenly, it emitted a couple of beeps and the previously dead lights began blinking intermittently. Renee walked over and snapped her fingers at both sides of the head. Green lights at the top of the gray cylinders lit up in recognition of the sounds.

“Audio systems functioning properly,” observed Renee. “Testing visual sensors.”

She typed some instructions into the computer and my scruffy mug popped onto the screen.

“Holy shit,” I blurted out in surprise. “Do I look that bad?”

“Visual sensors functioning properly,” said Renee. “Testing vocal processors.”

Once again, she typed away at the computer and moments later Monica’s head responded:

“Voice testing. Voice testing,” it spoke in a robotic monotone. “Android vocal processors online and fully functional.”

“Vocal processors functioning properly,” responded Renee. “Section A operating within standard parameters.”

She keyed in a new set of instructions into the computer, and the head slowly wound down in my hands, the lights ceasing to blink. Renee gently took it from me and set it down next to Monica’s faceplate. She then stood at attention staring straight ahead.

I reached down and ran my fingers along Monica’s artificial face. Her lips felt so real, yet at the same time they were cold and lifeless. My gaze turned to her faceless head, and I felt my sex stiffening beneath my pants. Only a few hours ago she had seemed so alive, so uniquely human.

“An amazing piece of technology, huh?”

I turned to see Dana staring at me smiling. At this point, she had dismantled most of Monica’s upper torso. Both breasts had been removed and set to the side while an array of wires, fuses, and circuits had also been extracted.

“Well, I’ve located the problem area, and the good news is that I can fully repair Monica,” she said motioning for me to come closer.

I noticed a faint odor of what smelled like burnt plastic or rubber. Dana pointed to a trail of melted wiring leading from the neck to just below the left breast area.

“It looks like a small portion of the seal between her neck and upper torso was faulty and this is where the water breached her outer covering. The wiring immediately melted down destroying a small array of fuses and other circuitry along with it. Monica’s fail-safe program was alerted, and she shutdown before any irreparable damage could occur.”

“So, you can repair her?”

“I most certainly can…but it may take a while. You don’t have to stay down here. We’ve got an entire house upstairs. Food and drinks in the fridge.” “Well, I am kind of hungry now that you mention it.”

“Good. Renee can keep you company, but let’s just check one thing first…” she turned to the robot, “Remove your clothes.”

Renee pulled her t-shirt over her head and removed her bra to reveal a pair of firm, C cup breasts. She then unzipped her jeans and eased them down over her hips along with her panties. Like Monica, her crotch was smooth, but it seemed vaguely different.

Perhaps noticing my odd stare, Dana piped in, “Just in case you were wondering, Renee isn’t yet fully functional as a female.”

“You mean she doesn’t have any…”

“Sex organs? No, but she does have some capabilities.”

I looked up at Renee’s pouting red lips, “I see…”

Dana went up to Renee and pressed her hips to open the primary access panel. She pulled a cord from the closest computer and plugged it into the android, which then emitted a few beeps. Dana began typing instructions on the keyboard.

“This unit’s power levels are getting quite low. I’m going to put her into full robotic mode to save energy, but don’t be surprised if she suddenly shuts down.”


Dana finished typing and then closed up Renee’s panel. “Unit 51273, please escort our guest to the kitchen and see that he gets anything that he needs.”

“Sure. No problem,” Renee spoke in a robotic monotone. She walked over to me in a very stiff, deliberate manner. I guess this was what Dana meant by “full robotic mode.”

“Please, walk this way,” she said to me and methodically headed towards the doorway.

I chuckled to myself as I imagined taking her instructions literally and following her with my arms bent at ninety-degree angles at the elbow, my legs and torso stiff. I turned to share my humorous thought with Dana, but she was already stooping over Monica fully focused on repairing the damaged android.

I moved to the door and noticed that Renee was already near the top of the stairs. Although she appeared to walk in an awkward and laborious manner, her movements were actually quite swift and economical. We reached the kitchen and she opened the refrigerator. Handing me a beer she spoke, “Would you like a sandwich?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Please, retire to the living room and make yourself-make yourself-make yourself…please, retire to the living room and make yourself comfortable.”

“Hey, are you okay there Unit, uh…51…uh…”

“Unit 51273. Yes, I am fine. However, my power level is low causing an occasional malfunction. Do not worry. All of my fail-safes are fully functional. This unit will simply shut down when power falls to a specified level.”

“How much longer will that be?”

“Estimates range between 18 and 19 minutes. Please, retire to the living room and make yourself comfortable.”

I left Renee to her sandwich making and went into the living room. I eased into the sofa and took a large gulp of beer. My body suddenly felt tired, but I figured it must be fairly early still. Damn, what a strange night… Moments later, Renee appeared with a plate in her hand and sat next to me.

“I hope-I hope you like turkey,” she said as she handed the plate to me.

“I do indeed,” I replied and promptly wolfed the sandwich down. It was really tasty. An android with culinary skills…cool.

“Wow, Renee. This is a really good sandwich. I’m usually not a huge fan of turkey, but this tastes great.”

“Thank you.”

“I bet you’re a pretty good cook. Next time I’ll have you whip up some pasta or something.”

“I’m sorry, but I am only programmed in the art of making-making-making…I’m sorry, but I am only programmed in the art of making sand-sand…I’m sorry, but I am only programmed in the art of making sandwiches.”

“I see,” I said as I took the last bite.

Renee stood up, “Would you like another?”

As she stood above me, I looked over her nude android body. She was surely a beautiful site much like a well-conditioned athlete. I could feel myself growing hard again, due not only to her beauty, but also the fact that she was a robot filled with circuits, wire, and fuses. Those stiff movements, and that monotone voice… ah yes, I was getting very hard.

“So, Renee…Dana mentioned that you had some sexual programming…”

“Yes, I am programmed to perform oral activity on both the male and female form. I have yet to experience the male form.”

“Would you like to try it on the male form?”

“If that is your-your-your…if that is your wish.”

“Well, first let’s just kiss.”

“As you wish.”

She bent down to me entirely from the waist, and I felt her breasts run against my hands. I touched them and the nipples were rock hard. Our kiss was very odd because her mouth and tongue moved stiffly over mine. She then straightened back up fully and went down to her knees. She reached out, unbuttoned, and removed my trousers-along with my underwear- with the utmost efficiency. She went down, took me fully in her mouth and began to methodically suck. For all the ‘artificiality’ in her technique, she did an incredible job. Her mouth and tongue were extremely moist, and I went deep into her. Only a few moments passed before I groaned with pleasure and climaxed. Renee then stood up at attention.

“Are you sat-sat-satisfied?”

“Yes, very much so. Thank you.”

She picked up the sandwich plate, brought it into the kitchen, and returned a few moments later with another beer. I finished off my first beer and picked up the other.

“So…when were you constructed, Renee?”

She looked at me, “I was built and programmed on-on-on…I was built and pro-pro-pro-pro…I was built-I was built-I was built and programmed on…I was built and programmed on…I was built and programmed on…” she suddenly straightened up and stared forward.


“Warning. Warning. Unit 51723 power levels perilously low. Emergency shutdown necessary. I am an android. I am an android. I. Am. An. Android. Warning. Warning. Emergency shutdown initiated.”

She turned to me and spoke in her normal voice, “It looks like our oral activity exhausted my remaining power…”


She straightened up again and spoke in the monotone voice, “Emergency shutdown in progress. I am Unit 51723. I am an android. I am an android. Emergency shutdown in progress. Saving all necessary files. I am an android. I am an android. I. Am. An. Android. Unit 51723 shutting down. Shutting down,” She started to bend at the hips as her voice slowed down and deepened, “Shutting down. Ssshhuutttiiinnggg dooowwwwwnnnn. Ssshhhhuuuuuuttttttiinnggggg dddoooooowwww-“

For a long time I stared at Renee in awe. Someone, Dana I assumed, had built this remarkable piece of machinery: so humanlike in many ways, yet so artificial. I caressed her cheek and then let my fingers run along her perfect body, across her breasts, along her stomach, her rear, her tight legs, and over the area where her sex would someday be…

I sat back down and took a couple more swigs at the beer. Yawning, I kicked off my shoes, and threw my legs up on the couch. My eyelids grew heavy as I gazed in wonder at the de-activated android bent over above me. As I drifted off to sleep, I recalled my initial excitement over tonight’s prospects, how anything could happen. Oh man, how I had underestimated the possibilities…

When I awoke in the morning Renee was gone. I rose slowly and shook my head in an attempt to clear the evening’s debauchery from it. Following a quick stop in the bathroom, I made my way back to the lab, but the door to the ‘closet’ was locked. As I surveyed my options, I went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator: a loaf of bread, four beers, and a jar of mayonnaise. A search of the cabinets unearthed five cans of tuna and another unopened jar of mayo. I took a deep slurp from the kitchen faucet and decided to head home for some studying then a nap.

A few days passed and Monica hadn’t shown up for class yet. Wondering whether or not her condition was worse than Dana had led me to believe, I decided to make a surprise house call. I approached the door and hesitated momentarily before pressing the doorbell. No response. I tried again and knocked on the door a couple of times. Still nothing, so I gave up and headed home.

As I sat in physics class the next day desperately going over my notes in fruitless preparation for the morning’s quiz-I hadn’t studied much since my experience with the robots-I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder.

“Knock knock, stranger.”

I looked up to see Monica smiling above me.

“Monica, hi! It’s great to see you back on your feet.”

“Yeah, it’s good to finally be out of the house. To think that I rarely get sick-must’ve been the summer flu.”

“Summer flu? Right…so you ready for the quiz?”

“I think so. Stuck inside so long, there wasn’t much to do but hit the books and take in as much information as possible.”

Our professor entered the room and began passing out the quiz. The thought struck me that what would take the rest of the class hours to read, Monica would be able to download into her memory banks in a matter of seconds. I’m sure that more than a few of us wouldn’t like knowing that it was an android that was forever throwing off the curve for us.

After class, we stopped off for some coffee, and then walked back towards her house.

“So, Monica…is everything in working order?”

She paused momentarily and took a sip of her drink. “Well, I feel fine if that’s what you mean.”

“Yeah, I can see that…but there haven’t been any serious repercussions?”

“From the flu? Don, I’m fine,” she did a quick twirl without spilling any coffee. “See?”

We continued on in silence for a few minutes. “So, has something like that ever happened to you before?”

“Like what?”

“Well, you know…the other night.”

“Oh, right. Well, I try not to get that drunk, but I guess I was so excited about finishing up midterms and all.”

I shook my head in confusion, “Uh, so nobody knows…?”

“Knows what?”

“Uh, well…your little secret.”

“What? That I’m a closet alcoholic? Heh, that’s me. Monica, the big drinker,” she laughed giving a friendly punch on the arm.

I stopped and looked her in the eye.

“No, that you’re a robot.”

She stared at me and then broke into a huge smile.

“A robot? Ha!” She began moving stiffly and spoke in a stilted monotone, “”

I felt myself growing excited all of the sudden until Monica gave me a big push that nearly knocked me to the ground.

Speaking normally she said, “Don, please…you must have been really drunk the other night!”

We walked the rest of the way without talking until we reached her house.

“So, do you want to come in?”

“Uh, sure…if you want me to.”

“Of course I do, silly. Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked.”

She unlocked the door and held it open allowing me to enter first. She then stepped inside and stopped in mid motion once the door was shut. Her head lowered, and she spoke in a monotone voice, “Unit 51274 entering the premises. Power level check: 73%. Recharge recommended.”

She then looked up, stepped forward, and put her arms around me. We gazed into each other’s eyes intently and then engaged in a long kiss. She looked up at me and smiled, “Hi.”

“Hey, there.”

“I’m sorry about the other night. I really should stay away from water.”

“Oh, that’s okay. I’m just glad that you’re functioning properly now.”

“Me too. Now we can finish what we started.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

“But, first I think I need to recharge my batteries. I don’t want to shut down on you again.”

“Sure, whatever you need to do.”

“Want to come down to the lab with me?”

“I do.”

She took my hand and led me into the laboratory.

“So where are the girls?”

“Dana’s got classes all day, and Renee is right here.”

I looked to one of the operating tables and saw Renee’s motionless body lying there. Her head and legs were removed and sat on another, smaller table. As Monica moved to the other table and powered up its corresponding computer, I moved in to get a closer look at Renee. I grinned slyly as I saw the small tuft of dark pubic hair and realized that she now had been given sexual capabilities.

“So, do you want to help me out?”

I turned around just as Monica was removing her bra to expose her beautiful golden breasts.

“Yeah, what can I do?”

She took off her panties and stood in front of me, naked. “I’m going to lie down on this table and all you need to do is open my abdominal panel and insert that power cable,” she pointed to a cord next to the computer, “Into the appropriate input jack, and I’ll do the rest.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said glancing back again at Renee.

“Ah, you noticed Renee’s upgrade, huh?”

“Yeah, it looks quite nice.”

She reached down and gently massaged Renee’s crotch, “It feels nice, too.”

I reached out and touched Monica’s sex, “So do you.”

She turned around and we kissed again more passionately until she broke away from me.

“Okay, let’s get me charged up,” she said as she got up on the table.

I hesitated a moment, “So how do I open you up?”

She put her hands on her hips, “Just press gently here.”

I placed my hands on her hips and pressed down. I slight whirr could be heard beneath her skin and then her stomach panel popped open. I took hold of the panel, pulled it off and set it to the side. Picking up the cable, I stared at her exposed circuitry trying to figure where to plug it in.

“Okay, now look for the blinking green light,” Monica guided me. I spotted the green one among the plethora of blinking lights. It had an input port just below it.

“I see it.”

“Well, then…”

I inserted the cable, and Monica suddenly stiffened up.

She spoke in a monotone, “Unit 51274 beginning charging sequence. Current power level: 71%. Charging. Charging. Power level: 80%. Charging. Charging. Power level: 90%. Charging. Charging. Power level: 100%. This unit is fully charged. This unit is fully functional. Please remove power cable.”

I reached down to pull the cord out and set it next to the computer terminal. Monica instantly froze and all of the lights went out. Nearly a minute passed when the lights began blinking again as a few audible beeps could be heard within her. It sounded like a computer being rebooted.

Her head twitched to each side and then she looked up at me, “You can replace the panel now.”

“Okay,” I said as I place the panel over the open cavity and popped it back into place.

“Thank you. That’s much better.”

“So, you feel a difference when you’ve been recharged?”

“I’m not sure if I can ‘feel’ anything, at least as a human does, however, my entire system runs more efficiently when I am fully charged.”

I caressed her thigh, “You sure are an amazing piece of technology.”

“Thank you,” she said as she reached up and pulled me down to her. We kissed deeply and I ran my fingers along her artificial body.

“Hey,” I said. “Would you mind doing something for me?”

She grinned, “What do you have in mind?”

“Would you be willing to remove your faceplate?”

Smiling mischievously, she raised her hands and pressed them into her temples. She immediately went expressionless, her face popped forward, and she pulled it away. She looked at me through her optical sensors while the lights on her robotic visage blink in a variety of sequence.

“Could you set this down, please,” she spoke, handing me the faceplate.

I took it in my hand and looked down at the blank eyes that stared out beyond me. My excitement level was rising fast.

“Wow,” I gasped and set the faceplate down next to Renee’s disassembled form.

I went back to Monica and began kissing her neck then down to her nipples. Her breasts were firm, yet it seemed like her creator had attempted to make them soft like those of a real woman. I continued to run my tongue down along her stomach and pressed my ear against her skin listening for the whirring of her inner circuitry, yet I could hear nothing. Obviously, she was well insulated. From there, I made my way down to her sex and began to kiss and lick. I was particularly struck by the complete lack of odor and flavor, this a glaring hint that she wasn’t human.

“Don, I want you, I want you inside my robotic body.”

I pulled off my pants and underwear then moved up onto the table positioning myself above my faceless android lover. We moaned in unison as I entered her and started moving in and out her moist sex. I quickly noticed an odd detail: as our lovemaking continued, growing in intensity, the sound of her breathing increased in volume, yet that’s all it was-sound. Monica, an android, didn’t breathe at all. In fact, I couldn’t feel even the slightest hint of air touching my skin when she ‘exhaled.’ Still, just above her vocal speaker was a set of red lights that lit up with each breath, looking much like an equalizer on a stereo.

I pushed myself up and looked down along her entire form. Human body, so realistic, a beautiful female, but really a machine: faceplate removed, circuits, wires, lights… and that synthetic breathing.

Groaning with pleasure, I climaxed into Monica’s artificial sex. She moaned deeply and pulled me down against her body. We remained there, in each other’s arms, for a good deal of time until I finally started to cramp up. I got up off of Monica and sat with my legs hanging off the table.

Soon after, she sat up next to me; we quietly held hands for several minutes. Finally, she spoke:

“So, are you satisfied?”

“Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

“And was it nice? Being with an android? An artificial female?”

I looked into her optical sensors.

“Actually, I think it made the whole thing better.”

“I look forward interfacing with you again,” she said, caressing my thigh.

“So do I.”

“Hey, you must be hungry. Perhaps, I can maaakkkeee yyyyooooooouuuuu aaaaa ssaaaaannnndddwwwiiiiccchhh…”

Monica’s suddenly deepened in tone, and she leaned a few inches toward me before stopping suddenly. All of the lights on her inner face blinked out.


I waved my hand in front of her.


I shook my head thinking that she’d suffered another malfunction. Maybe I was bad luck.

A voice suddenly spoke up behind me, “Don’t worry, Donald. I shut Monica down manually.”

I swung around to see Dana standing at the entrance to the lab holding what seemed to be a remote control in her hand.

“Oh…hi,” I stood up, yet wasn’t nearly as startled as I should have been.

She walked up to me and looked down at the naked lower half of my body, “So, I take it that you and Monica were able to finish what you’d previously started.”

Slipping on my underwear and pants, “Uh, yeah. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, in fact, I as hoping the two of you would hook up.”

Dana moved to Monica and gently lowered the android onto her back on the table. She opened up the stomach panel, connected her to the computer, and began typing at the keyboard. Data could be seen streaming across the screen.

“I apologize for shutting her down so abruptly, but I wanted perform some extensive diagnostics as soon as possible after her first experience with complete sexual intercourse.”

“Are you saying that Monica was a virgin?”

“In a manner of speaking. You are her first male sexual partner.”


Dana glanced intently at the information on the screen. “Well, according to these initial readings, Monica’s pleasure sensors nearly reached their maximum levels,”

Dana looked down at my crotch. “I guess you’re pretty good.”

“Uh, well…”

“Well, these diagnostics may take a while, and as you can see, Renee is in need of my attention, so why don’t I see you out?”

“Oh, okay.”

“Don’t fret. You’ll be back here very soon.”

She led me up the stairs and to the front door. I turned to Dana.

“You know something a little strange happened when Monica and I were walking over here. I asked her about the malfunction the other night, and she didn’t seem to have any idea what I was talking about.”

Dana grinned slightly, “But when she got inside this house, the memory came back to her, correct?”

“Yeah, it did.”

“Right. You see Monica is programmed to assume that she is an actual human female when she’s outside these premises. It’s simply a safeguard so that no one unwittingly discovers that’s she’s an android. Once she enters and shuts this door, she becomes aware of her true nature.”

“Ah, that explains it.”

“Is there anything else you’d like to ask me?”

I thought a moment.

“Well, did you create both Monica and Renee?”

“I built and programmed Renee myself, but Monica is the creation of Dr. Haraguri.”

“Oh, you mean Dr. Karen Haraguri? The engineering professor?”

“Yes. In fact, this is her home.”

“Where has she been?”

“She’s spending the school year working in Japan. She’ll return near the end of summer.”

“So are you her assistant?”

“Yes, that’s correct. She is my master-my mentor, rather.”

“Well, she must certainly trust you a lot. Leaving you responsible for a pair of robots…”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

We stood looking at each other momentarily. I noticed that Dana was really beautiful in a smart, nerdy sort of way. She was one of those women who looked really good wearing glasses. Hell, she must’ve looked good without them, and I was sure that she had a very nice body.

“So, Donald, you best be going,” she said as she opened the door.

“All right then,” I stepped outside. “I’ll see you all again soon?”

“Yes, you will. I suspect you will prove to be quite useful.” She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, “Good bye.”

“Bye,” I said as she shut the door.

Useful, huh? Well, if this afternoon was any hint of my usefulness, then I couldn’t wait to find out what she had in store for me next!

The next day, Friday, Monica didn’t show up for class, and I assumed that the girls would leave me waiting by the phone again. However, when I returned home there was a message from Dana on the answering machine:

“Donald. Hi, this is Dana. I was wondering if you’d like to come over for dinner tonight. Is eight o’clock okay for you? I look forward to seeing you. Bye.”

I went and took a nice long shower, making sure to clean myself fully. I then spent a good fifteen minutes in front of the mirror in an attempt to make myself as presentable as possible. God, I felt like a seventeen year old on prom night.

I stopped by a flower shop and bought some roses then grabbed a bottle of wine from the liquor store. The roses might add something to a hoe that was bereft of any decorations whatsoever, and the wine-well, who knew what the wine was for-it just seemed like the right thing to do…

Arriving at 7:58, I rang the doorbell and stepped back onto the porch. After a couple of minutes passed, I rang again and sighed slightly thinking I might have been jilted again. Suddenly, the door opened and Dana appeared. She looked great in a pair of cut off jeans and t-shirt, and I silently thanked my stars for choosing against wearing a tie.

“Donald, come on in.”

“Hi, Dana,” I said producing the flowers. “These are for you, and the girls.”

“Oh,” she paused looking at them.

“I thought they might brighten up the place.”

She smile, “Why, of course they will. I get so busy I never have time to make the house up.”

“I see. Well, at least the place is nice and clean.”

“Yeah, robots are quite efficient in many respects.”

We popped open the bottle of wine, and I watched as Dana finished up with her dinner preparations. As we sat down to eat I asked if Monica and Renee would be joining us.

“No, they’re shutdown at the moment, but you’ll see them soon enough.”

We ate mostly in silence. I tried my hand at small talk, and while she was responsive, her answers were primarily concise and to the point. The food, lasagna and salad, was a little bland-pretty much what I’d expect from a nerdy, grad student.

Afterwards, we moved to the living room and silently finished off the rest of the wine. To her credit, Dana did match me glass for glass.

“How are you feeling, Donald?”

“I’m doing good, thanks,” I answered wondering if she felt as tipsy as I did.”

“Well, I’m glad you only brought one bottle of wine,” she said setting her glass down. “This has gone straight to my head.”

“Yeah, this is pretty good wine.”

She stood up, “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be back in a few moments.”

She then disappeared around the corner, and I heard a door open and shut down the hallway. I sat back on the sofa and downed the last of the wine. My mind started to wander and my thoughts settled on Monica. Would I ever get the chance to introduce her to my parents? Would I want to? Would Dana even allow it? And what about Dana? She sure was hot in her own right. I always had a thing for redheads… as well as…

Yeah, I was definitely feeling that wine.

I heard a door open and shut, and Dana soon returned. She sat down beside me and took my hand.

“Now, Donald. I didn’t invite you over just for dinner.”


She caressed my hand, “I was hoping you could do something for me.”

“And what would that be?”

“Well, you’ve been such a good test subject thus far…”


Standing up she said, “Why don’t you come down to the lab with me.”

I laughed, “I thought you’d never ask.”

She led me downstairs to the lab, and I wondered excitedly what Dana had in mind. She opened the door and the first thing I noticed was Renee standing next to her table, completely nude and bent slightly at the waist. Monica, on the other hand, was scattered all over her table: her arms and legs were detached from her torso and aligned neatly in a row. Various panels on these limbs had been removed to expose the circuitry beneath. Her primary abdominal cavity was opened and a group of wires streamed out leading to a large motherboard that sat to the left. Looking closer, I noticed that just above her sex was a small square hole from which ran a cable that was attached to the computer. Her hair removed, Monica’s head was still intact, and her eyes stared blankly toward the ceiling.

“I guess she’s out of commission again.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not as bad as it looks,”

Dana remarked as she stood over Monica and grabbed hold of the robot’s breasts. “I’m just running a set of diagnostics, replacing various parts, and cleaning out her inner workings. I could have her up and functioning in a couple of hours if necessary.”

She pressed down and twisted until Monica’s chest split in the middle and opened up, exposing yet another array of circuit boards, wires, fuses, et al. After pulling out a set of fuses, she ran a cable from the computer then plugged it into Monica. She some typed instructions into the computer and turned her attention back to me.

“Ah, but Donald I didn’t bring you down here for Monica.”


She glanced over at Renee’s nude form. Staring at the deactivated android’s rocket of a body, I said, “Really? What did you have in mind?”

She walked over to Renee and gently caressed her synthetic ass, “As you can see, Unit 51723 here has now been equipped for sexual interaction, and I was hoping that you’d be willing to test her new pleasure capabilities. Come on, check it out.”

Dana took my hand and guided it down to the robot’s small tuft of pubic hair. I ran my hands along the fine bristles of artificial fuzz then moved down to the crotch. The folds of Renee’s sex felt just like that of a real human woman. It was incredible!

“Nice, huh?” Dana said as she rubbed my forearm. She then moved my hand up behind Renee’s ear guiding it to what felt like a small button the size of an eraser.

“Do you feel the button?”

“Uh, yeah. I think so.”

“Go ahead. Press it.”

I pushed the button, and suddenly Renee’s twitched and came to life. She straightened up stiffly and spoke in a robotic monotone: “Android unit 51723, Renee, powering up. Checking systems functions: All systems normal. This unit functioning within standard parameters. Awaiting commands.”

Dana kneeled down, “Renee, assume positioning for oral pleasure.”

“Affirmative,” the android moved her feet apart slightly then Dana bent forward and started licking Unit 51723’s exposed pussy.

Renee’s head pivoted to the left and she spoke, “Unit 51723 receiving data. Pleasure sensors activated. Pleasure levels moderate.”

Rising to her feet, Dana smiled at me as she noticed the bulge that had appeared in my pants, “Donald, why don’t you remove your pants?”

“Sure, that’s a good idea,” I said as I quickly unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them off along with my boxers.

Dana looked back to the robot, “Renee, assume positioning for rear-entry intercourse with a male.”

“Affirmative,” she said and to walk stiffly until she faced me. After turning around, she bent forward until her arms were rested on the operating table and her ass stuck up in the air. She then spread her legs apart:

“This unit now in position.”

I stood frozen for a few moments as I stared in amazement at Renee’s beautiful synthetic form until Dana took my member in her hand.

“Okay, she’s all ready for you,” she said as she stroked me.

I moved forward, placed my hands on Renee’s smooth hips and slowly entered her moist sex.

He head twitched, “Unit 51723 receiving data. Intercourse initiated. Pleasure levels rising.”

I breathed heavily as Renee’s sex seemed to delicately squeeze my member in unison with my slow, deep thrusts. I looked over to see Dana staring intently at us as the android’s head started to twitch more.

“Receiving data. Receiving data. Intercourse action steady. Pleasure levels rising. Pleasure levels rising. Rising. Set to initiate release sequence. Set to initiate release sequence. Set to initiate. Sensors indicate maximum pleasure levels imminent. Set. To. Initiate. Release. Sequence,” she droned on as I could feel her body begin to shake moderately.

I looked back to Dana and noticed that her face was now marked with concern. She glanced into my eyes and motioned for me to increase the intensity of my thrusts.

As I started to pump deeper and harder, my robotic partner twitched her head much more actively: up and down, side to side.

“Receiving data. Receiving data. Pleasure sensors indicate maximum level achieved. Initiating release sequence. Initiiiiaattiinng.”

She suddenly froze, and I felt Dana gently pull me out of and away from the motionless android.

“Error. Error,” she spoke flatly as she straightened up. “Unit 51723. Pleasure sensors overload. Error. This unit unable to engage release sequence. Reposition for rear entry.”

She bent forward and spread her legs back apart.

“Unit 51723 in position for rear entry intercourse.”

I took a step toward Renee, but Dana held me back.

“Unit 51723 in position for rear entry intercourse. In position for rear entry. Rear entry. Rear entry.”

She straightened up stiffly again.

“Error. Error. This unit unable to engage release sequence. Pleasure sensors overload. Error. Error. System failure. Shutdown imminent. Unable to achieve. Unable to. Unable to. Unable. Unable. Pllleeaaassuuureee. Sssseennssoorrrsss. Ooooovvveerrrlloooaaa-“

With this, Renee stooped over slightly at the hips and came to a stop as her systems shut down completely.

“Uh oh,” I managed to say uncomfortably. “Did I do something wrong?”

Dana approached her roommate and patted her synthetic rear end. “No, you were just fine. This is merely a test phase, there is plenty of fine tuning to do with Renee here.”

“That’s good. I didn’t want to think that I’d played a part in breaking another one of your robots.”

“Actually you did quite well,” she smiled while looking down at my still erect member. “There should be a great deal of data to survey.”

“Hey, glad to be of service.”

“But I feel bad. Another one of my girls hasn’t allowed you to finish the deed,” she pouted her lips and took hold of my member.

“Ah, that’s okay. I guess I can take care of that myself.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” she said as she rubbed me. “Why don’t you lie down on that table and, perhaps, I can help you out?”

We leaned together for a deep kiss, and then she backed up a step and started to unbutton her jeans. I hopped up and leaned down onto the table. I gave a quick glance at Renee’s frozen form and then back to Dana who was now pulling off a pair of standard white panties to expose a thin runway of red pubic hair. She climbed up onto the table and spread her legs in a crouch over me. We moaned in unison as she lowered down on me, and I entered her wet, tight sex. I looked up to see her staring back down at me, a slight glare coming from the lenses of her glasses, her eyes intensely focused on mine. The feeling was ecstatic, and it took only a few moments of her steady bucking to lead me to climax. She let out a brief, high-pitched squeal as I released into her, and afterwards she leaned down to rest on top of me.

We remained like this for a few minutes then Dana suddenly hopped off of the table and slipped on her panties.

“So, did that do the trick?”

I sat up and smiled at her sheepishly, “Oh, yeah. That was great. I’m sorry I didn’t last that long.”

“That’s okay. I suspect we’ll get another chance some point soon.”

“That would be great,” I said as I began putting my underwear and pants back on. “Hey, would you like do go out for a bite to eat now?”

Dana was now leaning Renee back onto the table.

“Actually, I have a lot of analysis to perform on this one here. Sorry.”

“That’s all right. I figured you’d be busy with Renee.”

“However, I am available tomorrow night. Dinner?”

“Yeah, that’s sounds fine.”

She came over and put her arms around me, “Why don’t you come over here at eight? Have you been to the new Mexican restaurant on 3rd?”

“No, I’ve been meaning to check that place out.”

“Then it’s a date,” she said and then gave me a big wet kiss.

“A date it is.”

Turning back to Renee, Dana spoke over her shoulder, “You can let yourself out, right?”

“Uh, yeah. I know the way,” I said as I retreated to the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow night then.”

She had just pried open her Renee’s abdominal panel, so she spoke without looking up, “Okay.”

I exited the room and made my way out of the house already flush with anticipation over my forthcoming date with Dana. It was going to be an especially long day at school.

The food was great, the best #3 combo I’d had in a long time, and the margaritas were mighty strong. Still, our conversation was lackluster at best. Clearly, Dana and I had nothing in common. She was pure academia: all books and words and theses and sabbaticals and lectures and dissertations. I, on the other hand, was pleased to attend a college that was located within a few miles of some of the best surf breaks on the central coast. Term papers, a living hell for me, were the type of things she considered summer reading. I tried to steer the conversation towards the robots, but Dana was hesitant to broach that subject in public. We ended up eating in silence and skipped the dessert altogether.

As we exited the restaurant, I was surprised when she grabbed my arm and pulled up close to me.

She shivered, “Wow. It’s gotten cold all of the sudden.”

“Yeah, that’s a trip.”

“So, are you going to show me your place?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.”

My place was a pint-sized studio apartment just a few blocks from the restaurant. I was subletting it for the summer at a really good price and had a simple set up: double bed, recliner chair, television, Xbox, empty fridge, and the worn down couch that came with the apartment. I felt a brief twinge of embarrassment, but then remembered that this was the woman who’d been straddling me last night. I didn’t really need to impress her that much.

I took her coat on set it on the recliner, “Can I get you something to drink? I’ve got beer and water…”

“No, I’m fine.”

She sat down on the couch and I settled next to her. She took me hand and stared intently into my eyes.

“I really enjoyed our moment last night.”

“So did I, Dana.”

Leaning towards me she said, “I want to try it some more.”

“Me too,” I managed to say before our lips met.

We kissed passionately. Biting each other’s lips and tongues, nibbling ears, pecking necks. Quickly aroused, we moved to the bed. I was out of my clothes in a flash, and Dana pushed me down on to the mattress. I looked up to see the embodiment of one of my oldest fantasies. There she stood: red hair pulled back in a tight pony tail, black framed glasses, as well as a matching set of black lace thong and bra. Dana was the ultimate sexy schoolteacher/librarian/nerd; the hot, brainy, conservative looking chick.

Undoing her bra to expose a pair of fair, pert breasts, she smiled down to me, “Do you like what you see?”

“You bet I do,” I said, pulling her down to me.

We kissed and then I stopped to speak, “You know what I’d really like to see?”

“What’s that, Don?”

“I’d like to see you without your glasses.”

“Really? Why?”

“I don’t know…to see the girl behind the lenses. Uh, the real you… an ‘unmasking,’ so to speak.”

“I really cannot remove them. My vision suffers dramatically without them.”

I reached up and gently grasped the frames to Dana’s glasses, and she grabbed my arms.

“You don’t understand,” she said when I suddenly felt what seemed to be the frames ‘clicking’ behind her upper ears.

Her eyes immediately went blank and the glasses then released from her head, taking her face with them.

“You cannnnooooootttt rrrreeemmmmoooovvvveeee.”

I looked down at Dana’s faceplate at the amazed look in her bespectacled eyes, and then I turned my attention to her mechanical, robotic head. The various lights were blinking in sequence, yet she was completely still, slumped over slightly. After a few moments, the lights flickered wildly and she began rotating her head to the left and then back to the right. In that stilted speech I’d now grown accustomed to she said, “Error. Error. Unit 51272. Mechanical breach. Section A. Error. Error. This unit not permitted to function under such condition. Beginning emergency shutdown. Shutting down. Ssshhhuutttiinnnnnggg dddoooowwwnnnnn.”

Bereft of power, Dana slumped into me, her hands still clutching my arms as I held her face.

Dana was an android.

Perhaps I was just getting used to this, but I wasn’t all that shocked with this new discovery. Not that I’d thought about it consciously but, in retrospect, it made perfect sense that she was another one of these mechanical beauties. They were all robots. Big deal…

I did have a predicament on my hands; I needed to get Dana back together and powered up. First, I reached up behind her left ear searching for an ‘on’ switch. Sure enough, I felt the button and pushed it in, but got no reaction from the droid. I tried it a few more times to no avail. I sat back to think, and Dana’s frozen form fell down on top of me. I rolled her off of me and onto her back; her hands now jutted upwards awkwardly, her faceless visage staring beyond me. I picked up her faceplate and attempted to reattach it. This turned out being easier than I’d expected: a click here, a click there, and then a pair of simultaneous clicks as the glasses inserted themselves into her upper ear region. I moved my finger to the power button and pressed it. A few seconds passed when Dana lowered her arms and twitched her head.

“Unit 51272, Dana, powering up. Systems check: this unit experienced mechanical breach. Emergency shutdown performed. Scanning for errors,” she droned while her head rotated left, center, right, and back. “ No errors found. Mechanical breach incident recorded. All systems normal. This unit functioning within standard parameters.”

Dana’s head stopped while turned to the left, and then she closed her eyes. I noticed that she appeared to breathe deeply as if she were sleeping. I nudged her, and she stretched her arms.

Yawning she looked to me, “Oh, sorry. I must have fallen asleep.”

“Actually, no,” I nervously chuckled. “You’re, uh…faceplate, I guess you’d call it came off, and you powered down.”


“I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that your glasses triggered it like that.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re, well…the covering of your…your face panel accidentally came off.”

“Face panel? What the hell’s that? ‘Powered down?’”

She looked at me as if I was a complete nut case.

“Well, yeah…and them you powered up.”

“Donald, I had to much too drink and passed out. The last thing I remember was kissing you.”

“Right. And then I tried to take your glasses off, and they triggered something that caused you faceplate to pop looses. Suspecting possible damage, you immediately shutdown. And then you booted back up.”

Dana frowned, “You’re making me seem like a robot or something!” “Well, yeah. You are a robot.”

Standing up, Dana said, “Donald, you are insane. I am not a robot. Not a machine. I am Dana Nicole Jameson. I was born on November 10, 1976 to David and Kimberly Jameson at the General Hospital in Walnut Creek, California. I have a B.S. from Berkeley and am currently seeking my doctorate degree at… this is ridiculous.”

I moved slowly toward her, “It’s okay, Dana. Don’t freak out. But you are a robot.”

She snorted out laugh, “Whatever, Donald.”

I took gently took hold of her glasses and whispered, “Here. Just let me show you again.”

Grabbing my arms, Dana warned me, “I’ve told you before that you may not remove my glasses.”

As she started to put up more of a struggle, I felt the expected click, however, the tips of the frames seem to sink deeper into her head than before. She looked at me in shock and her gaze went blank, yet instead of her faceplate coming loose, Dana’s entire head fell into my hands. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for the extra weight, and I dropped it. Hearing an awful cracking noise, I grimaced as it struck the hardwood floor.

“Well, fuck me.”

I knelt down to assess the damage, and the first thing I noticed was that the glasses had broken off completely, splitting into three pieces. Luckily, the face panel remained in place, so I picked up Dana’s head and attempted to reattach it to her body. I struggled for several minutes-a pair of blank android eyes staring back at me-but was unable to fit her back together. Flipping it over, I inspected the base of her head and observed that it was dented slightly on the left side. Hoping to bend it back into place, I pressed against this area. Suddenly, a three-inch chunk snapped off and shattered as it hit the floor.

“So much for my becoming an android repairman,” I said slumping onto the bed.

I chuckled pathetically then looked up at the headless robot, dressed only in that black thong. I was still enthralled by her beauty and felt an urge to take her right there, regardless of her current condition. My attention then turned to her head in my hands, and I gazed into her lifeless eyes. No, this may have been an android, a machine, yet this was also Dana.

Strange, but I couldn’t betray her trust in this way.

Trust. I wonder if such a feeling was in her programming. Was it merely a word?

I stood up and set Dana’s head on the couch. I then went to her body and carefully lowered it onto the bed and pulled the covers over it. In the kitchen I found a large shopping bag, in which I placed the head, and then I took Dana’s keys from her purse as I realized that the other androids might be powered down, unable to open the door. Bolting from my apartment, I made a silent prayer that both Monica and Renee weren’t currently disassembled too much!

From Dana’s purse came the familiar ring of a cell phone, I reached in, dug it out, and answered.

“Uh, hello.”

“Donald, this is Monica. What happened? We received an alert that Unit 51272 has powered down, and that section A has detached from the body.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“Are you able to reattach section A?”

Cradling Dana’s head, I sheepishly spoke, “Well, no…section A is broken has been damaged.”

Monica spoke suddenly in the robotic monotone voice: “Assessing.assessing…assessing…”

I then heard Renee’s voice in the background: “”


Monica again.


“Sit tight. Do not leave the premises. Renee and I will come to you. Estimate arrival in twelve minutes.”

“Okay, what should I do until…”

The line suddenly went dead. I stood up and set Dana’s head on the couch. I then went to her body and carefully lowered it onto the bed and pulled the covers over it. I walked into the kitchen and took a slurp of water from the tap. I then slumped against the sink, and just kind of spaced out for the next few minutes. My mind just wandered about as I thought about these three girls and robots in general: I guess I had been intrigued by them when I saw old TV shows like the Bionic Woman and Star Trek, but that was about it. And Dana, damn…it still didn’t make sense. Sure, it was obvious now, but for some reason I felt a bit of loss. We didn’t seem to have anything in common, yet I felt a strange pang in my heart for her, a connection. I don’t know, I guess I was just confused and maybe a little drunk…

The doorbell shook me out of these deep thoughts, and I hastily made my way to the entrance. I opened the door, and that beautiful robotic pair stood before me each holding two large suitcases. Monica looked at me briefly, silently greeted me, and move past me into the room with Renee in tow. Monica picked up the Dana head as Renee moved the body into sitting position.

After scanning the head momentarily, Monica spoke:

“Error. Section A damaged at sector 22h. Offsite repair impossible. Recommend full disassembly and transport to home for further diagnosis."

Renee looked up from scanning Dana’s body, “Affirmative. Commencing disassembly of Unit 51272.”

Monica opened the suitcases while Renee pulled the covers off of Dana and took hold of her left arm then snapped it off cleanly at the elbow. She did the same with her right arm. Meanwhile, Monica had already removed the red wig along with Dana’s memory disc, which was placed in what looked like a small CD case. She then fiddled with the bottom of the head until an audible click has heard, and it split right down the middle. An intricate web of wiring connected each half of Dana’s busted noggin, which Monica carefully fitted into a designated spot in a suitcase.

I turned to discover that Dana’s legs had been removed, and they along with her arms were in over a dozen pieces scattered on the bed. Renee, having already split open the breast panel, was busy dismantling her fellow android’s inner torso, spreading a cornucopia of technical gadgetry - far beyond my comprehension - all over the bed.

Monica approached the bed and swiftly began placing the loose parts into the suitcases. All told, they had Dana completely disassembled, and packed away, in under twenty minutes.

“Donald, please return to the lab with us.”

It was damn late and I did have a class in the morning, but I couldn’t resist.


To be continued?

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