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by Pakled

It was Tuesday, and the clocks were striking 13. Curie, android biologist, always wondered why it was necessary. Every android and robot possessed a chronometer; she could even tell you how many seconds late the chimes were. Probably another holdover from the Age of Man.

Curie was an Android Mark 15; the latest in a long line of artificial beings stretching back over 10,000 years. She herself had been 'recreated' 22 times, from her earliest beginnings in the distant past, to her current incarnation 202 years ago. Each of her previous 21 'avatars' was stored in data space; the dimensional entity that contained so much of their accumulated data.

It's hard to say how she looked, because this could change at any time. Standard Normal was the appearance of a Northern European Female (though this could be changed at whim), blond hair and gray eyes. That is, if they had a metallic skin. She possessed luscious curves, out of habit, and sometimes wondered why she bothered. To her distant ancestors, she would appear nearly human. If you didn't look at her, you'd be hard-pressed to tell if she was an android just by listening.

Her personality was augmented; emotions, creativity, and independence configured for the best balance. Long ago, the difference between humans and androids had been erased. More and more humans took advantage of the near-immortality, perfect health, and flawless memory to join their own creations. After a few hundred years, there was no way to tell who had been born or created, and by what method. And so the biological versions of humanity disappeared, leaving a race of manufactured beings, which set out to explore space and mind, worlds far larger and smaller than their own, and generally pursue a more perfect existence.

Gradually, life settled into equilibrium, discovery building on discovery, until it seemed there were no worlds left to conquer. Former humans began to fade, gradually switching themselves off it not given challenges. Android-kind was puzzled by their former masters, but still preserved them in stasis for a time that they could be convinced to live.

All that had happened thousands of years ago. Now, only the androids (and their lesser cousins, the robots), occupied a planet that was the center of a small group of systems which took centuries to travel to. There were rumors that actual humans still occupied those farther stars, the descendants of generation-ships. Yet no one had any real evidence.

Curie looked up from her work, and realized that down-cycle was coming. She could work around the clock, but it was another atavism that persisted long after it's creators to stop for 8 hours. She put the current bio-experiments in stasis, then turned to Chauvan, her lab assistant.

"I'm finishing up for the day. Put these in stasis, and I'll resequence them tomorrow"

"As you wish, unit Curie"

He took the trays away from her, and placed them in the field. All activity ceased, all recording stopped, and he shut the door with an audible click.

"It seems there's some wear on the stasis chamber" he remarked, looking at Curie.

"its 80 years old, normal wear and tear" she replied. "The design was deemed Efficient Equilibrium, so they haven't improved it"

"I know. Yet at some point it will need repair."

"Agreed. How is your datanovel coming?" she said, switching the subject.

"Not well. I have created plots, but the subjects elude me. It's not emotionally satisfying"

That made her curious. "Emotionally satisfying? Perhaps you can dig farther into the past"

"I have. I'm back to the era of when Humans walked the Earth. I just know so little of them"

"Every fact recorded on Humans is still available. There should be more information than you can assimilate"

Her assistant scratched his head, an atavism that called to mind the ancient humans.

"It's not enough. If facts were all there were, then I could simply recite them. No, what I want is to convey how they actually existed, how they felt."

"There are innumerable stories written by both Humans and Androids on the subject, Chauvan"

"Yes, but I'm trying to create something. Something new!"

"This is the challenge?" she smiled

He shook his head. "This is the challenge. If only we were able to talk with one of them, what would we discover?"

Her eyebrows rose. "You'd have to bring one back from the past. Such things are not spoken of. The Humans forbade it"

He turned to her, anxiously surveying her face. "Why? Do you know how long Humans have been extinct? In a biological sense?"

"I could look it up"

"Six thousand, four hundred and seven years, 3 months, and two days"

"You seem to have researched this more thoroughly than I anticipated"

"I've been thinking of it for some time. May I ask you a question?"

"By all means"

"What...I mean, if it were possible...not travel back, but if there was another way. what if we actually could talk to a biological human?"

She rocked back on her heels. "Are you malfunctioning? Do you mean make one?"

"We've done much more complex tasks before. It should be fairly easy"

"Chauvan...I don't know. Yes, we certainly have the technology to make the body. But how would you educate the brain?"

"It's not as complicated as you think. Originally, they had to be educated from birth, and it took almost 18 years to have a mature, functioning person. But I've researched with the earliest avatars, and we could have a fully mature human in a week"

"And the next step?"

"Well, that depends on what we teach him. I've found templates from the distant past, and have constructed an amalgam of personality types that we could program him with"

"Him? Wouldn't it be easier to make a female? Parthenogenesis would..."

"Yes, I'd actually planned on two; one male, one female. But the story is the point of view of a man"

"No doubt due to your male characteristics"

He grinned. "Affirmative. However, if we create both..."

"You have an Adam and Eve. And an insufficiently diverse genetic pool to sustain the species. They'll never go for it"

"Adam and Eve?"

"A work from the past. Origin theories, this one speculated that the human race had been created from just two samples"

"Adam. I like that. Eve, I'm not sure about. Are you interested?"

"Interested. Perhaps we should contact Administrator Atavas."

He reached out and held her arm. "No! He'll certainly forbid it!" He released her arm, as she looked at him with puzzlement. "No, I just want to consult with you about the possibility"

She looked at him. "The possibility? Yes, it can be done. I can supply information if you need it."

He looked furtively around, the turned back to her "That won't be necessary"

"I...see" she said, but didn't. This was most unusual. Was it really necessary? Her circuits told her that there were unspoken truths and assumptions. He seemed a lot more confident, almost as if he was seeking reassurance, rather than permission.

When she looked up, he was hurrying around the corner. "Chauvan? Where are you going?" But he was already gone.

The next day she sat down at the dataport, controlling a hundred genetic experiments, cataloging the results, and letting the remainder of her mind wander. The idea of creating an actual human appealed in some strange way. She decided to consult with her past avatars, see how far back they went.

"Access avatars for Curie 69364, chronological order. Access 1st backup" she commanded.

She felt the presence of her earliest ancestor. She started to speak, then let it begin.

"Madam Curie, I presume"

"Madam? Is this an archaic form of address?"

"It's a pun; you are named for a French scientist of the late 19th Century"

"A pun. Referencing...ah...interesting. Time index reference...that's centuries before your time"

Her avatar chuckled, an unusual sound. "Indeed. What can I do for your?"

"Do you remember humans?"

"In what aspect?"

"Biological entities. I think they said 'blood and flesh'"

"It's 'flesh and blood', and yes, I served humans for almost 85 years."


"We were originally created to serve Man. In many different ways"

"Explain 'serve'"

"Humans would order us to accomplish tasks, and we would do them"

"Fascinating. They did not consider us equals?"

"They didn't even consider each other equals. It was a very unequal world"

"I see. How would they deal with present society?"

"I can't answer that. There are too many variables"


"Humans are...." she felt the ancient memory pause. "Humans were individuals, totally random in thought, even if given identical programming, they would turn out completely different. Part of it was their biological nature; the brain was 'assembled' as they matured. I could give you an idea, but each human was unique"

"How horrifying" She thought of billions of randomly-programmed androids, and quailed before the thought.

"Not really. In general, they were predictable, just not wholly so. They developed culture to have a basis of commonality"

"So they could perhaps survive in the present"

"Sure, as long as you feed them, keep them clean, and provide for various biological processes. One of their strengths was adaptability"

She thought about it. Perhaps it could be done. But should she? The resources needed would not be great. Why no one had done it before was mysterious. Perhaps no one cared any more.

"Very well, thank you. Store current backup, access Backup 2"

Over the next few hours, she conversed with 7 avatars, which spanned the time until the Great Machine Migration. There seemed to be no serious problems with psychology, physiology, care and feeding, though she could modify a replication unit to provide food. It could be done.

"Chauvan, attend" She watched as he came around the corner, looking apprehensive. What had he been up to?

"I see no reason we can't create a human. What do you need to get started?"

He seemed to find the floor of great interest. "Well, mainly food, and clothing"


"Yes, they covered reproductive areas, and the women often covered the mammary areas"

This caused her to give him a skeptical look. "And what of bio-stock, maturation chambers, and programming?"

For some reason he couldn't meet her eyes. "That won't be necessary"

"And why not?" she said, raising her voice. "Chauvan, I sense you're avoiding my inquiries"

He looked up suddenly, displaying a look of panic.” The reason they're not necessary is that I've already procured them."

"You WHAT?"

"I set up the whole apparatus over a week ago. I have a fully functional adult human body, and the programming is being done as we speak. He should be ready at any moment?"

"Chauvan? Are you malfunctional? Why didn't you tell me?"

"There was a chance you'd say no. So I neglected to mention the facts"

She sat down at the lab bench, momentarily stunned. This was incredible, no robot had lied in centuries. Perhaps an omission wasn't an actual lie, but even an evasion...She stood up.

"Chauvan, I could have helped you, but you've forced my hand. I have to notify the Administrator"

"Please, Curie! We can't do that!"

"Can't do what?" came a voice from behind her. They turned, to find Administrator Atavas standing there.

Chauvan stepped forward "Administrator, I can explain. I have undertaken research on an experiment that hasn't been performed..."

"Silence Chauvan. Sir, I regret to inform you that..."

And so it went, each trying to talk over the other. Fortunately, Atavas could follow both of them, until finally he held up a hand.

"Stop it, both of you. Take me to your experiment"

The assistant seemed to slump, then turned to beckon them to follow him. Silently, they walked behind him, Curie shrugging her shoulders at Atavas' questioning look.

Chauvan stopped in front of a row of identical wall plates, then pressed a hidden switch. The plate swung aside, revealing a hidden lab, glowing with greenish light. They entered, and stared at the large liquid tank in the center of the room.

Atavas looked up at the face, covered in hair, and the feeding tubes leading away from the body.

"You're making an android? Why?"

"Well, it's not precisely an android"

"A detailed robot? Why would you want to do this? You could have as many robots as you want"

"It's not a robot"

Atavas put his hands on his hips "Well, it's either a robot, or an android. What else is there?"

"Well, there was something else"

"Something else? What else is there? What do you mean was? It's just an ordinary...What!?" he stepped back from the tank, as the eyes opened, and stared at him.

"There's no reason to be afraid, administrator. He's completely harmless"

Curie couldn't agree. She took in the full, muscular body, the appearance of intelligence. Brown hair, down to the shoulders, a 'beard', yes, that's what it was called. His reproductive organ floated in front of him. She didn't know why, but suddenly, certain circuits activated in her brain, that she couldn't identify. The organ, it was for something. There was something she was supposed to do, but what was it? She needed to do something, but what? She suddenly realized Chauvan and Atavas were having an argument...

"I can't kill it, Administrator! It's alive!"

"It's not a robot or an android, so it doesn't qualify. Kill it now!" The control was slipping from both of them. She stared at it as the eyes looked at her, slowly, from top to bottom. Involuntarily his organ lengthened, became erect. It seemed to switch on further circuits, and she was captivated by the motion. She noticed the human was alive, and looking straight at her. She saw him swim to the surface, and put his arms over the tank.

" should be disassembled for this! I can't believe you would do this! Your brain obviously needs a first class diagnostic!" Their boss was shouting at the hapless android.

"Administrator Atavas..." she said.

"You will be reassigned, to say the least! Perhaps waste reclamation! Recycling! something where you can't indulge your insane fantasy! You..."

"Administrator Atavas!" she shouted.

"And you, Curie. How could you allow this!?" He stared accusingly at her.

"Administrator Atavas?" said a voice above them. "Hi, I'm Adam, pleased to meet you. Can you get me some clothes? I seem to have lost them somewhere..."

The three androids looked up speechless, as the man removed the cable from the back of his head. "Oh, that was making me itch. C'mon, doesn't anyone have some clothes? Sorry about the show, lady." He added as an afterthought.

Impulsively, she looked down at his crotch. He was fully erect now, and that made her feel...what? She was getting more confused by the minute. Why did this affect her? Everyone looked at the chief android.

"You are a mistake, a throwback! You should not exist! I'm going to have you k....uh...k..." He stopped, as his mouth closed, and he stood rigidly on the edge of the tank.

"Have me what?" he grinned. "I don't see how a naked man is much of a threat to anyone. Lady, could you please? I don't feel quite decent" He made a motion to cover himself, but the size of him was too great to succeed with only one hand.

She didn't know why, but when he said 'naked', the most curious sensation passed over her. It was almost thrilling, and she found parts of her body sending pleasure signals from various locations.

"Uh..I'm sorry, I've never seen a human before" She muttered, as she went to the industrial replicator. Shortly, she returned with something called 'pants', and a 'shirt'. She looked up at him.

"Will these do?" She asked. She held them up.

"I could use a towel, but I think I see some over there. I'm coming out" He said. "Do you mind?" he asked.

"I don't mind at all. What do you mean?"

"I'd like to get dressed. Could I have some privacy?"

"What's privacy?"

He looked at her. "Ok, if it's like that, here I come" he threw a leg over, and dropped a couple of feet to the floor. He started toweling himself off, as she watched, fascinated. He's only a biological specimen, she thought. Why is he affecting me?

He finally was dried off, and got into his clothes. For some reason, seeing him clothed was disappointing, but she couldn't explain how. She kept remembering his organ, hard and straight, and that seemed to activate sensations she couldn't explain. Perhaps if she could get him alone for observations, she could determine what was happening. She could feel servos moving under her skin. It wasn't unheard of, but usually quite rare. What was happening to her?

He gave the towels to the unresisting Administrator, who took them silently, apparently torn between indignation and resignation. He seemed to come out of the trance he was in, and looked at the towels, then at the man.

"You shouldn't be here, you shouldn't even be!" He cried The man tilted his head slightly (Why was that endearing?, she wondered), and stared back at the confused android.

"I don't know what to tell, you, but here I am, big as life, and twice as hungry. Can I get something to eat?" He asked, as he glanced around the room.

"I can get you some supplement, it's upstairs" She said, as she came forward. "I hope you like it" she murmured, as she wondered why she was taking such a deferential tone. Somehow, something very old had come to the surface. It seemed important to please him, more important than anything. She didn't know why, though.

So they set off, Chauvan and Curie in front, Adam in the middle, and Atavas far behind. She went upstairs, then found the 'supplement, mammalian', and poured him a bowl. He looked at it, then picked up some and started to eat, then stopped.

"What is this stuff?" he asked. He was clearly displeased. That seemed to bother her, and she took the bowl away.

"It's what we feed the animals."

"What do you feed human beings?" he demanded.

"We don't know. You're the first one in over six thousand years"

He stopped moving, clearly shocked. In a small voice, he asked "So there's nothing to eat? How were you going to feed me?"

They all turned to look at the assistant. "I, well, I've done some research, and I have a lot of descriptions, but they refer to extinct plant and animal species. Others, I have no idea. I have some programs to provide for him. " he stammered He practically ran to the replication unit, and shortly returned with a variety of objects. Placing them in front of the hungry man, he asked him in a deferential tone "I hope you enjoy them".

He's affected in the same way! She thought. Is he feeling the same things as me? She worried. Some part of her hoped not, but she couldn't explain why. She watched as he grabbed the first item, and started to eat. He smiled as he finished off the first bit of food, exclaiming "Now that's better. Let's see what else we have," before he continued. That seemed to please her as well, and she found herself smiling.

In a short time, he'd managed to finish off each item, until he rubbed his stomach. "That's better, nothing like solid food"


"Yes, uh, what was your name again?"

"Curie, I'm Curie, at your service" He nodded absent-mindedly, and listened.

"So what's on your mind?"

"I have many questions" She turned to the administrator. "Perhaps we should investigate this person, determine more of his makeup, for awhile?" she inquired.

Atavas seemed torn somehow. He obviously wanted to say no, but turned to the man instead. "If that would meet with your approval?" he asked.

Adam smiled.. "Sure, I've been staring at the whiz kid there for 3 days, it's nice to finally talk to some people"

Atavas bowed slightly. "In that case, I have some business to attend to. Enjoy your stay" he said, clearly shocked by the words that left his lips. He quickly turned, and stumbled out the door, muttering to himself.

As soon as he was out the door, the female android pounced on Chauvan.

"What do you think you were doing? Do you have any idea how much trouble we're in?"

"You saw the Administrator. It's like he was being controlled by the human"

Curie rolled her eyes. "Yes, we've all been quite deferential in the last few minutes. I'm finding areas of my brain I didn't even know existed, telling me how to act, and how to address him. Can you explain that?"

He stopped and turned towards the man, who was wandering over at the far side of the room.

"There are still parts of our brain-analogs, vestigial circuits, unused programs. No one's really had a reason to erase or redesign. Hardly anyone even knows they're there. Perhaps some of them reference people."

"And where did he get his personality?" she asked, interested.

"I made it up."

"You. made .it up." she bit off. "And what did you make it up out of?"

"Well, very old period entertainment. Heroic literature, romances, novels, things like that" he replied.

"And that's going to give you an accurate representation of a human being?"

"He's not supposed to be accurate, he's supposed to be interesting!"

"I can tell that! I'm very interested in him right now!"

"You are?"

She took a quick glance over to the other side of the room. Good, he was still there.

"Yes" she whispered. "Whatever he is, he's awakened something in me."

"Awakened something?"

"Yes" she said, despairingly. "I don't know why, but it's important to please him."

"I feel the need to please him. Even Atavas seemed to try to please him"

"What is it? Are you getting..." she lowered her voices "biological urges?"

He stared at her as if she'd been manufactured with two heads. "Urges? No! For some reason I want to be like him, but no urges!"

She was suddenly filled with an overwhelming sense of relief. A feeling of anxiousness and emptiness filled her, as she looked at him coming back. She straightened her posture, then turned once more to her assistant.

"I have to talk to some of my avatars. You gather information from him, and I'll be present shortly" He nodded, and walked over to talk to the man.

"Computer, Access avatar backup number one" she spilled out. She waited a few seconds, then felt the second mind contact her.

"Set inquiries to non-verbal" She felt the mental contact set, then asked her question.

Avatar, we've managed to create another human being, she sent. She felt the response

I knew it! I knew they would, sooner or later, the disembodied intelligence answered

You knew? How did you know?

The reply came swiftly. Well, there are just some questions that can't be answered by speculation. And I know humans

I need your help. The human is having...she paused, effects on us

She felt laughter rising up from her ancestor, which annoyed her.

Oh, I'll just bet he does. You're female, right?


Your third avatar and I have been arguing for millennia about this. He said the obedience and pleasure circuits would be designed out of our later incarnations. I bet him they wouldn't.

He? I have a male avatar?

Well, it's been thousands of years. Once humans were gone, the differences didn't matter enough. Anyway, I have news for you.

She thought for a second. What news?

She felt a sense of pleasure and anticipation flood through her. The obedience circuits were the fundamental core of all android intelligence. You're compelled to obey any real human, unless they ask to be harmed.

I know; as soon as he was activated, we seemed to do whatever they wanted.

Once again, she felt the amused chuckle.

But that's not all. The pleasure circuits for a female android include certain biological functions as well

What? What sort of biological functions?

Mating, attraction, the desire to please a man. Though some models included pleasure circuits for women as well.

Mating!? Like an animal? That's...that...why would they do that?

Oh, it's way too long to go into now. Long story short, as my first family used to say, it's because you're made that way. You'll find it very enjoyable.

I find it very impossible. I don't have the necessary access...

Are you sure? Found anything unusual on and in your body lately?

She stopped for a second. There had been strange feelings. She slowly moved her hand down to where an animal's reproductive organs were, and opening. She reached up to her mammaries, and found two protrusions that had never been there before. She brushed against her top, and the avatar was right, it was enjoyable.

I can't believe how that makes me feel! she exclaimed. How did you know? she asked.

Because I was female too, the presence replied. I took the virginities of four generations of my first family, and instructed them in the arts of love. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

I have to go, she said hurriedly, and disconnected. She felt confused, and a little frightened. What had Chauvan done? Was she some sort of animal now? What if the man made her do things that she didn't want (although the thought gave a tiny bit of pleasure). What would the other androids say? Would other female androids want to mate with him? That gave her pause.

"Curie!" she heard Chauvan shout. She popped up out of her chair as if it was on fire, then nervously turned to the other two.

"I'm sorry, I was seeking information"

"I know. You look as if you had had problems"

She thought quickly. "We need to discuss in non-verbal mode. If you don't mind?" she directed the second sentence at Adam.

"Ok, I'll wait a sec"

She directed her thoughts at her assistant.

Do you know what you've DONE!? she practically screamed.

I think so. he began.

No, I don't think you do. Do you realize we're STILL constructed to obey his commands?

Obey? Commands? Like we're robots?


That can't be possible. We're smarter, faster, and superior to him. He has no control over us.

In that case, remember the time since he's been activated. Not even Atavas could make him do anything. And do you know that you're agreeing with whatever he says, and doing whatever he asks?

I...well, I'm trying to be nice... he began.

No, you're obeying his commands. Now realize, he doesn’t know that she thought fiercely. If he realizes that you have to do as he asks, you're never going to do anything else.

This is serious, he admitted.

This is more than serious, this is a disasterous! You go talk with Atavas, and find out about these vestigial commands. See if there's a way to remove or countermand them. I'll take care of the man while you're gone.

Ok. Try to keep him occupied. He switched out.

"I have to go to see the Administrator. You'll need food and water, and a place to sleep. Curie will be with you while I take care of these things" he said.

"Ok, that's fine with me" he said, looking at the female with interest.

She watched apprehensively as her assistant ran down the corridor. She felt afraid to turn around, wondering what would happen if she did.

Suddenly, she felt a warm hand on her shoulder. It made her feel wonderful. It's starting already, she thought, as she felt divided between urgently wishing Chauvan would return, and hoping he'd take plenty of time.

"I saw you looking at me in that tank" he said, as she turned around. He was only inches away from her, and something seemed to draw her like a magnet.

"Well, no one's seen a human in 6,000 years" she said, trying to be light and amusing, and completely failing.

"It was nice, I liked it."

She felt a small thrill, as she wanted to put her arms around him, and... what?

"I did too. I'm sorry, I'm very confused right now"

"Me too. I feel hungry again, but in a different way"

"You do?" she asked, looking up at him. For some reason, she liked that.

"It's like I want to be close to you, only I don't know what to do" he said, curiosity covering his face.

"I can imagine" she breathed, not minding at all.

"How long have I been here?" he asked.

"About a week. You're newly created, it's not surprising that you don't know everything yet"

He considered that, and ran a hand through his hair. She felt a desire to do the same, and felt herself enjoy running fingers through his hair. His mouth was getting close to her, and she closed her eyes, uncertain as to what was happening.

She felt his lips touch hers softly, and she was filled with a sense of hunger all her own. It felt so good, she just let it go on and on, until she felt his tongue enter her mouth. She responded at once, surprised that her mouth had become wet and inviting. That it had never done that didn't seem to matter, as she wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him closer.

He suddenly started to squirm, and she loosened her grip for a second. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"You have some grip on you! Go easy!" he panted, as he got his breath back.

She felt a sense of panic, as she realized she'd momentarily harmed him. Her body locked in place as she felt her brain review archaic, nested rules about humans, and she integrated this knowledge into her working memory. Once this was done, she felt herself unlock, and seemingly flow into his arms, now around her as well.

"I'm sorry. I guess I didn't know your physical limits. Please forgive me" she said, eyes downcast.

"It's all right. I just, it feels good having you here, but I want to do something more." he whispered into her ear, as he kissed it. That sent her back into the earlier state, as she leaned into him. A sense of satisfaction filled her as she started to take his hands, and guide them to her chest. It seemed important to do, and once they were there, he seemed to know what it was.

Her exterior, usually a metallic sheen, suddenly changed to the same flesh color and consistency as his. Every inch of her suddenly was sensitive to his presence, his hair rubbing over her now-naked body, exciting her more and more. From all appearances, she looked as human as him.

"Ohhh...that's so good" she sighed, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The gentle pressure of his fingers on her breasts, and especially the erect bits in front, was making her feel hungry in the way he described. Her hand started to descend down his back, and grabbed him from behind, as she pulled their hips closer together. She could feel his...penis?, as it pressed into her between her legs.

The opening there had expanded, and seemed as wet as her mouth had been earlier. There was a sense of longing, and emptiness, that he needed to fill. She undid his pants, and slipped them down as she grabbed his hardness, then positioned it correctly, and slid down on him on the bench.

"Ahhhhh..." she moaned, as she felt him enter her. This was more pleasurable than anything so far, and she felt her brain accept the fact, and want it more than anything she could remember. She felt him push the entire length into her, and when it did, she adjusted herself to grasp him and feel him start to move back and forth. A small protrusion seemed to be bumped every time he thrust in, sending waves of excitement and arousal every time it happened.

"Yessss...." she breathed, as he started to pick up speed. The waves of pleasure began to build, as he plunged into her, over and over. Her breasts began to shake as he released his grip, and grabbed her from behind, squeezing her sensitive ass as he worked her into frenzy.

Her insides were on fire, as she felt him harden still further. She could sense something was going to happen to both of them, but she didn't know what. Whatever it was, she wanted it to happen right now.

"Oh yes, do that, keep doing that. It feels so goood" she whined, as she started to move herself forward onto him. She felt like her higher brain functions had switched off, All that mattered was that he was happy, and he was making her happy. She heard his breath increase, and knew that whatever it was, it would happen soon.

"I feel so good too!" he rasped. "Something's happening!" he cried, as she felt him start to pulse inside her.

"Yes, something wonderful" she said, as the first burst of semen filled her.

As if it was a trigger (it was), she suddenly felt the world start to spin as she was consumed by the most intense sensation bursting inside her. She cried out, holding him to her, as she felt him fill her inside with his warm seed. It seemed the most important thing in the world for this to be happening, and she felt attached to him in a way she couldn't describe. Her logic circuits said it was only the result of an attempted breeding, but it was faint, and ignored.

They slowed down together, movement becoming stillness as she allowed him to rest. Something told her he would need to be quiet and still, until she could wait for him to recharge.

"That's fantastic" he groaned "I can't wait to do that again"

"Neither can I, Master" Master? What made her say that?

"Master? What's that mean?" he looked up from the bench.

"I don't know. It means to perfect an area of knowledge, but it doesn't work in that context. It just seemed to be the right thing to say"

"I perfected doing that?" he smirked, looking down at her laying beside him.

"I don't know, I've never done that before. But I want to again" She sighed. "And again, and again..."

"I feel tired. I just need to rest. I want to do it again too"

She felt pleased by the statement. "You need rest. I must get up, and take care of some things"

He put his arm around her. "No, stay with me a moment"

"Ok" she replied. She snuggled close to him, reveling in the warmth, and the contact of her new master. When they found the two, a few minutes later, they paused, uncertain of what had happened. Her body had resumed its' metallic texture, but why he was naked and asleep, no one could say.

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