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I finally "got up the nerve" and filled out the 20 page questionnaire, profiling my preferences for a full service robot companion. It was not uncommon in the year 2040. I had saved long and hard for the down payment and had given up other luxuries to finance the maintenance charges. I had secret fetishes that I was too shy to share with other people. I listed them all in the questionnaire.

I received a follow up call the next day on my cell phone in the early morning. The operations supervisor, who called me, had a very pretty sing-song Swedish accident and identified herself as a robot. She told me that I should get into my bed clothes by 10 PM that night and that she would arrive to make sure that things got started off properly.

I was anticipating the visit all day and it seemed like a week passed by. Things were slow that day at work, but eventually evening came and dinner time arrived and passed.

At 10 PM on the dot the doorbell rang, and in my excitement, I didn't check through the peep hole to see who was there. I just opened the door.

"Good evening, I am Alexia the operations supervisor android."

Alexia was modeled after a gorgeous young Scandinavian blond, with a smile to die for. When I saw her, I just could not speak.

This robot wore a black leather trench coat that was about knee length. It was perfectly tailored and accentuated her generous bosom.

When I saw her footwear, I thought I would foam at the mouth. She had on black leather boots with 6" high vamp heels that made her tower over me. The boots continued up to some unknown height under her trench coat. She also wore black PVC gloves.

"May I come in, yes?"

As attractive as she was, I was mesmerized by her boots. She tuned into this instantly.

The robot had huge blue bedroom eyes that looked playful as she spoke," I wore my boots for you! But is it polite to stare at them?"

I stuttered, "Uh."

Alexia giggled musically and gently cupped my face with her gloved hands as she gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

"It's ok. I expect you to ogle me. You are so sweet and shy!

She then rubbed the tip of her boot against the sensitive hairs on my leg. I wanted to touch her boots (and the rest of her), but Alexia immediately grasped me by the fingertips with her smooth gloves, "I'll assist you, in getting ready now."

The hot robot walked over in her mincing steps and collected my jacket and house keys! She placed them down next to my robe and then spoke, while pointing at my throbbing manhood. "Oh my, that won't do, you can hardly walk with that thing! I'll fix it, since I caused it."

She surprised me by reaching into my briefs and adjusting my cock to lay flat against me by manipulating it at the base. I was amazed at how matter-of-factly and clinically she did this.

She dressed me quickly in my robe and then slipped my jacket on. She read my face, like a large question mark that is was, and responded to me. "Having an outing in your pajamas will make you feel more pampered! I will retain this set of keys, because it would please me to come over some nights, to feed you milk and cookies before I tuck you in."

I was more than a little perplexed over being tucked in and fed a bedtime snack in middle age, but I supposed that this was just something that these robots did. I was wondering how far her courtesy would extend? :)

Alexia gave me another soft kiss and took me out the back door as she held onto my house keys. She guided me to the passenger side of an unfamiliar black BMW and opened the door for me. I slipped into the seat and Alexia departed. As I looked over at the driver's seat I could see that I was not alone. It was occupied by a second robot, dressed in a chauffeur's uniform.

My chauffer was impeccably dressed in crisp blue jodhpurs with an equestrian short waist coat and an ascot over a crisp white shirt. Very tall and impressively shiny black riding boots were positioned above the car’s pedals. The Chauffer wore beautiful form fitting white leather gloves, with ornate seams. One of the gloves was grasping the key in the ignition, poised to start the car.

The oddest things about this chauffer were the face and head. There was the black derby, resting on a head which was as smooth as black porcelain, matching the color and luster of the tall boots.

The face appeared to be with a white mask that one may wear at a fancy ball, showing abstracted yet attractive, humanoid female features. This made the robot very mysterious. I could not tell if this was an actual mask or her real face.

The robot had a tall lean body. Her breasts were well hidden by the waist coat. The bum was small and shapely. It wore an emblem on the jacket with the letters "Pod". If that was a name, it was strange, but I'd like to think she had one.

After a moment, the chauffer started the ignition and we backed out of the dark garage. A small interior light, on the floor and the glow of the console still gave me a clear view of the robot. It was a dark moonless night.

I was enchanted with Pod's clothing and was mesmerized as I watched her, shiny above the knee, equestrian boots skillfully controlling the gas pedal and brake. Also the robot’s gloves were operating the controls so gingerly, even sensually that my erection quickly grew.

No one had ever driven me anywhere wearing tall boots. This was a huge thrill for me. The fact that the robot was silent and anonymous gave her a total aloofness which added to my excitement.

I realized that I didn't put my seatbelt on and began to reach for it. Pod reacted suddenly by lightly tweaking a control with her white glove. As I slipped my hand down, I could no longer move it. For that matter I could no longer move my limbs or lean forward. Retractable metal bands secured me by my ankles, wrists and neck!

When I calmed down slightly, I saw Pod looking at me. I saw her eyes for the first time. They were shiny dark orbs surveying me without blinking. Her eyes seemed to be comprised only of the iris and pupil. As her glove touched another control, the windows went opaque and I had no idea where we were going!

The robot then proceeded to ignore me! I wanted to speak to her, but I was too inhibited. Anything I said would come out sounding stupid.

After some time, Pod reached over and rested her hand on my knee. I liked the way that the glove's cuff extended several inches beyond the robot's sleeve, not revealing the full length. Long feminine gloves are another one of my fetishes.

At first, the hand just rested there, but soon it began to lightly squeeze my knee provocatively before tracing lightly on the tendon underneath. The robot's skilled gloved hand took it’s time to work her delicate tickles down the inside of my thigh. Afterwards, it slipped under my brief's waistband, toward my crotch. One of her techniques was to glide over my ticklish thigh hair.

Her white glove almost grazed my straining erection, but just missed it.

The chauffeur's touch became more honed as the glove continued it's teasing, often revisiting the most sensitive areas of my thigh. Meanwhile the robot's boots became more animated by stepping down more dramatically on the pedals while turning slightly at the ankle. What I could not figure out is why the robot's glove had such more delicate touch than any human hand I had ever encountered.

After a few more minutes the robot decided to ignore me again and drove on. I remained extremely worked up and missed it’s attention.

I liked the feeling of being taken over, especially to an unpredictable machine in fetish clothing. I felt very dependent, yet taken care of, even like a child. I was not frightened. It was cathartic.

After some time, the robot stopped driving and parked the car. The metal bands holding me in disappeared instantly. We were parked at the dead end of a country road looking down from a large hill.

The chauffer turned and held out both gloves to me! I rubbed the soft lambskin across my face and sniffed the leather aroma, as she waited patiently. The robot removed them, from my face, only when I was finished.

Afterwards, Pod began to stroke her long boots, one at a time, very slowly and sensually with her leather gloves. I could here her sigh softly as her fingers traveled up the shafts and circled the boot tops.

I could not help myself and sunk to the floor to fully admire her boots. I had never done this before. Somehow I felt very free doing this. The android chauffer reacted by simply as it pulled the seat way back, to give me more room.

The boots on my lips felt as smooth and cool as marble, yet the leather smell was very pungent. After kissing up and down both boots, I groped the gentle crinkles at the robot's ankles that changed shaped while it drove. I tried to insert one of the boots on my groin, but the chauffer cocked her head slightly and would not let me move the boot.

This caused Pod to react differently. After my undershirt and briefs (my pajamas) were removed, Pod suddenly began tweak my nipples as she shifted her feet to pin my shoulders down. The robot countered any motion to escape by digging her fingers into my ticklish ribs, which turned me to jelly. As this happened, my chronic erection popped out through the pee hole in my underwear. The android did not show if she noticed this.

To my surprise the robot spoke, "Why do you have such a fascination with my boots and gloves?"

I was taken aback at her directness and didn't know what to say. The robot's voice was a satiny whisper.

When I didn't react quickly the chauffer removed her boots from me and turned away in silence.

I said, "OK, please don't ignore me again. "

"Your indulgence will resume only after an explanation!" With this Pod folded her hands and stared at me without blinking.

This was disconcerting; I did not want to displease the robot, so I began my story, withering under her stare. I even stuttered.

"It all started when I had a strong attraction to my sister's white rubber snow boots in the basement, when I was five. I liked to stroke them but it felt strange, as if they were magical objects and off limits."

"My fascination with people driving in boots began with my friend's mother, who was Asian and drove me home one day wearing her tall black ones. She was pretty and spoke very little English and I fantasized that she was had a scheme to kidnap me. What heightened this feeling is that we could barely communicate. "

"My glove interest started when I viewed a cartoon where a rubber gloved villainess operated a set of levers at a console,that controlled many mechanical arms that force fed a victim with their own rubber gloved hands."

The robot considered what I said and then asked, "Naturally these caused you to masturbate, correct?"

I replied, "Uh yes".

Then she asked, "What about robots?"

"My first fantasy was about a teenage girl robot wearing boots that took me for a car ride. By accident she stepped on her control box during the drive and just continued to drive me indefinitely. She was always silent and completely dedicated to her task.

This was after the ride with my friend's mother and after I saw a cartoon, where a robot's programming became confused and it took some people on a space ship journey unexpectedly. "

At this point Pod, stepped forward, with her boot, allowing me to caress it, but not letting me place it over my groin this time either.

Pod spoke again, "Even though this information was included in your profile, my evaluation of you requires me to hear it directly. I will answer questions now."

I asked, "What does POD stand for?"

"I am a personal Occupation Device. My role is to take charge of humans who may wish to be controlled, but are too bashful to ask. “Occupation” is a term in robot psychology, for taking charge of an agreeable human. Please understand that, as a rule, I do not take any orders from you. They will be ignored."

"Your preferences for boots, gloves, uniforms and being tickled, per your profile, usually predict this type of personality. The fact that you are so passive and docile confirms this. You can terminate this situation at any time. But if you do, it will be on permanent record and you will find all robots in your future to be normally subservient."

As Pod finished speaking it gave me a ticklish belly poke.

Are you wearing a mask?

"My form is configured to keep you focused on your fetishes and to test how I may efficiently “occupy” you. This information will continually optimize my heuristics. "

I wasn't quite sure what this meant. Pod's attractive features were smooth and unreadable. If she were wearing a mask, it moved as she formed her words as if it were her face.

"Can I call you Pod?"

"Yes. The name will remind you that I am a Personal Occupation Device."

"Have your tests shown anything conclusive?"

"Yes. Your plea not be left alone shows that you have a strong need for my attention and validation. Also, your chronic erection indicates my sensual affect on you. Based on my evaluation so far, I have decided to make you my toy! But don't worry; I do enjoy playing with you!"

Pod pointed to my erection still poking through my "tighty whities".

I reacted without thinking, "Now see here!"

I was not prepared for what the robot did next.

Pod delicately grasped my manhood around the rim as I lied on the floor of the car, like it was a priceless jewel. I was totally flummoxed.

I was very surprised by the robot's next matter of fact question.

"How well do you think you know your own penis?"

"I know it pretty well, better than anyone else!"

She replied, "You think so?"

Pod's nimble fingers tickled my balls before they glided up to my cock head and swirled around a few times. Next they slid down the other side, just as quickly. Her pressure was light and her touch was magnificent. The fetish robot's white leather fetish gloves felt like slick rubber, with just the right amount of lubrication.

Suddenly she removed her hand for a second. Next she squeezed her fingers together into her palm and spun her hand around very lightly and slowly on my penis head. I began a low moan. My cock head was a little too sensitive for this, but it did not stop the robot. When she interrupted this to play with my balls, by rolling up my scrotum, I begged her to continue to touch my cock again. I never knew my penis could feel like this.

She spoke very politely, "Please remember, no requests or I'm done and you can finish yourself up."

I just kept my mouth shut after that.

"Do you still think that you know your genitals the best?"

"Please No, I'll agree to anything you say!"

"Ok, in my presence, you can no longer touch your penis! I will take you to the bathroom, when it is time to urinate. But do not ask me to!"

It drove me crazy that this robot was so perverted, but described everything so clinically.

When I hesitated for a moment, she removed her hand, from my manhood, until I nodded yes vigorously.

"I can see that you will be a well behaved plaything for me!"

A moment later her soft glove was back efficiently detecting the most sensitive parts of the underside of my shaft. This caused my cock head to turn red and swell. I wanted her to touch it again so badly. After what felt like eternity, she grasped my penis head gently like a door knob and delicately gave it a twist in both directions. After a few twists it began to twitch madly and ejaculated down the shafts of her boots.

When Pod lowered me to the floor I thought that she wanted me to clean her boots, yet when I touched them they were as dry, shiny, and smooth as ever!

To my surprise, the robot lightly stepped down on my cock with while gently tapping my balls with the other boot.

"The penis is no longer as sensitive after being milked. You will serve as my human gas pedal while I commence further arousal.

It had been a while since I had cum twice. I didn't know if I could do it.

This was very relaxing until Pod stepped down abruptly on my balls with some pressure. She slowly eased up her boot and I was amazed that I was hard again, immediately after this!

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