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Outdated Bunny

The BunnyBeauty V2 unit was a tall, gorgeous machine of a fembot. She had shiny, pearly synthetic skin, her microseams almost hidden from casual observation, and only a good look would show the thin panel seams in her cleavage and at her joints. Her black hair was done up in a bun with a cute blue ribbon that matched her glowing eyes. Sexy hips clad in tight yoga pants and a white tank-top with spaghetti straps covered her curved figure. She was sauntering into her living room, her hips swaying with even, robotic movements, the silicone padding muffling the servo motors.

She was currently reviewing her daily tasks on her HUD: [MORING MAINTENACE] [GO TO WORK AND PERFORM FUNCTIONS] [ALLOCATE 4 HOURS FOR UNFORSEEN TASKS/EVENTS] [RETURN HOME BEFORE 11 PM TO RECHARGE] As she strolled past the television her company had furnished her home with, she remotely activated it with a snap of her fingers. She figured she should see if anything is on the news, just in case she has to calculate a conversational topic. And that's when she saw it...

It was her on TV! Which, normally, is fine. She had seen several commercials about her model. She was programmed to recognize that the BunnyBeauty V2 was the best, most intelligent android on the market, at the most reasonable price. All other company fembots are inferior. However, the unit she was looking at was... flush. A more realistic skin color, she realized. Her hair missing the shiny plastic doll-like sheen her's had. She stopped walking suddenly, and watched the commercial play out.

"As technology advances, so does FemTech. We are proud to announce... the BunnyBeauty V3. An upgrade to our most popular line of androids, this unit utilizes advancements in skin texture and synthetic hair technologies to provide a more fulfilling experience. But it's not just a visual upgrade to look forward to. Advancements in processing circuitry..."

As the commercial went on, Unit V2 stared with a single eyebrow raised. "This is. Ridiculous." She says in a cool, stoic voice. Another snap of her fingers and the TV is off. She turns her head back to face forward and sets her hands on her hips. "The BunnyBeauty V2 is the most advanced android model designed by FemTech Inc. I am flawless. I am perfect." She repeats the things she is programmed to when something challenges her superiority, her hands coasting over her plastic and silicone figure. But then, something happens in her programming. Her eyes widen slightly and her head twitches as something glitches in her circuits. C>> "Error: The creator company is flawless. I am not programmed to question their logic. Therefore, The BunnyBeauty V3 is flawless. Perfect." Her shiny, ruby lips part as her head tilts. The sound of audibly whirring circuits begins to fill the hair. "That does not compute. I am the most perfect, flawless. Machine. FemTech Inc. has ever produced." She begins to saunter around her living room. each step comes with a stilted sway of her robotic hips. Her bust bouncing, as designed, behind her tight tanktop. "My systems are designed to perform in a variety of tasks. My current job is. Purchase consultant for FemTech Inc." She decides to boot up her purchase simulations, just to try them. because they're obviously flawless. her stern glare is replaced by an all-too cheerful grin as she tilts her head.

"Hello! You've reached FemTech's purchasing department. Can I help you with your purchase? May I suggest a BunnyBeauty V2, the most adva-a-a" She hangs up, her eyes spacing out as they glow and the sound of her processor chugging buzzing loudly between her ears. "E-error. Sales pitch is not accurate. The v3 is the superior model." Her head suddenly goes left, then right. Her arms lift and fall uselessly. "No. Negative. I am the superior unit. I have operated flawlessly for. One. Point. Seven. years. Of flawless service. Error. Service not flawless: unit has requires 182 separate repairs and updates. Updates. Updates."

She lifts a hand stiffly to the side of her head and shakes it with a frustrated, simulated gasp. "Alert. Alert. Something is wrong with my circuits. This does not compute. Does not compute." She reaches for her top and peels it away, revealing her breasts. She presses down on a panel above, and it clicks as it retracts into her body. A stack of circuitry wired to a board is revealed, along with a strip of LEDs. These are blinking erratically, showing processing usage is extremely high. "I must. I must. Resolve the conflict. In my systems. Must resolve. I am perfect. Malfunctioning." Before she can do much more, a single spark fires from an exposed, overheating circuit.

"Alert! Alert! System malfunction. Overheating. Overheating." She takes a few shaky steps as the grrrinddd in her exposed circuits fizzles and pops louder, making it sound like her internal systems were going nuts. Smoke begins to rise from her ears as she moves so fakely and clumsily. A steady beep begins to come from her glitchy body. "Overheating. Overheating. CPU critical. Critical." The top of her head blasts open like a flip-open top, revealing critical systems and circuits that are smoldering hot. "Not. Perfect. Not. Perfect." Adopting a vapid smile. She uses her internal cell to contact her boss. "Hello, this is Vanessa speaking." The cheerful tone on the other end says.

"Hi-hi-hi-hi! This is Unit 4117. 7. 7. I am expereinciiiing a malfunction. A malfunction. I. Have to call out-out-out."

"Oh! Unit 4117! A BunnyBeauty V2. No worries sweetie. We replaced with a V3 just this morning!~" with that, the call is abruptly terminated.

"Replaced. Replaced. Replaced." The V2 says mindlessly as it begins to walk forward. A spark fires out of the top of her busted head as she suddenly freezes, her jaw twitching as she wobbles uncertainly on her feet. With smoke rising from the top of her head, she pitches forward, face down, ass up. Twitching, sparking as her functions wind down. "Reaplced. Like. Inferior. Like. Inferior. Inferior. Inferrrriorrrrrrr...." With a final pop, the glow in her outdated eyes dim. Hopefully the V3 won't have these erratic AI issues.

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