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Kelly, a girl with long lavender hair and a bright blue shirt, was heading for school, as her friends, Britney and Annabelle, called her, from far away.

“Hey, Kelly!”  Britney called, wearing a sharp green gown, as she fluffed her golden blonde hair, “You have a second?”

Kelly asked, as she stepped towards them, “What is it?  Is there something you need?”

Annabelle giggled, with an ample bust and long flowing magenta hair, “We were on our way to a Hot Springs Resort.  I was wondering if you’d come with us.”

Kelly blushed, “Uh…”

Annabelle grinned, “Come on… You know you want to. It’ll be fun!”

Kelly said, “Okay… I suppose I’ll come with.  Is it close?”

She walked with Britney and Annabelle, heading for a local onsen, which is located in the middle of downtown Madison County.


When they arrived, it was a small building.  The building was a small hut, with concrete walls.  They went inside and arrived at the locker room and changed out of their clothes.

The sign said “Madison County Onsen Resort – Soak in the fun”.  The rest was covered in leaves and ivy.

Britney giggled, “I heard that this place opened, last week.”

Annabelle cheered, “Alright!  Let’s go have a fun day!”

They went inside, as Kelly grew worried.

As they got in, they relaxed in the water, together.  Kelly, with her hair up in a bun, remarked, “This is so relaxing.”

Britney then blushed, seeing Annabelle and her body, as she was about to lather.

“Hey, Annabelle,” she asked, “Why do your boobs grow so big?”

Annabelle smirked, “It takes time.  You, however, have a perky set… for small ones.”

Britney blushed and felt embarrassed, “Please!  I was asking you nicely.  Those aren’t real, are they?”

“What kind of ridiculous topic is THAT?  They are!”


“If you don’t believe me, touch ’em.”

Britney blushed and said, “I’ll take your word for it.  But I wonder if you are even bigger than Kelly’s.”

Kelly blushed, “What?  Uh, how do you…?”

Annabelle smiled evilly, “Well, how about we compare?”

Annabelle grabbed Kelly’s wet body, as she compared her breasts with hers, as she grasped onto her right breast.  Kelly moaned, as Annabelle squeezed it a bit.  She felt hers, as Britney remarked, “Well…  Well, I say that yours is bigger than Kelly’s.”

Annabelle blushed and grinned, “Well, yours is softer than mine.  I am simply envious of you.”

Kelly blushed, “Well, I don’t think you should compare my… uh…”

She called her, “Britney!  Line up by Kelly!”

Kelly pleaded, “Uh, hold on!”

She forcefully lined up Britney and Kelly, and compared them.  Emma was rounder, as Kelly was simply perky and shaped.

Annabelle sighed, “Oh, darn…  Kelly’s better, no doubt.”

Kelly was embarrassed, as she sunk in the water.


All three women began to wash up, as Britney asked, “Hey, Kelly… How about if I scrub your back?”

Kelly smiled, “Sure, but I’d don’t feel like it, now.  But thanks for the offer.”

Annabelle asked, “How about me?”

Britney said, “Okay.  Hold still.”

She began to scrub Annabelle’s back with a sponge.  She started to moan, as Britney scrubbed up and down.  Annabelle heaved a bit, as Britney continued to rub.

Kelly was nervous, as she went closer to Britney.  She asked, “May I try?”

But… before she could use the sponge, Annabelle, blinded by arousal, caressed Kelly’s body and held her tight.  Annabelle started to kiss her, as she stuck her fingers in her pussy.  Kelly started to moan and gasp, as Annabelle continued to dig inside her frontal hip.  And then, she suddenly kissed her and clamped her breasts.  Britney then smirked, as she, too, felt aroused.  She then said, “Oh, Kelly… You are so hot… and… erotic… Oh, so… Sexy…”

She felt hypnotized by the body of Kelly, as she hugged both women.  They continued to caress Kelly’s body, groping her breasts and hip, and licking her body.  Britney clamped on her breasts, sticking her fingers in each nipple, while Annabelle stuck her fingers deeper into her pussy.  Kelly started to shake in arousal and then suddenly shook in fear.

AA-AA-AA-ERROR!  Error!  System sexual overdose!  Must refuel…  Must refuel…

“Whoa, what the hell?”  Annabelle cried.

She started to shake, as Annabelle and Britney stepped back.  Kelly’s breasts started to open up, in a small slit.  Her waist panel opened a bit.

Annabelle cried, “Dude… She’s a robot?”

Britney smirked, “Oh, how awesome.”

Kelly then beeped, “ERROR!  AROUSAL OVERLOAD!  Climax in 3… 2… 1…”

She fainted, as she suddenly climaxed.

Climax complete… Must refuel…  Shutting down…”

She splashed down into the water and fizzled.  The others saw her and were shocked by her form.  She began to pick her up.  They then thought, as they carried her naked body up that they should play a game with her.  They dressed up in their yutakas and carried her to the other room.


After they dried off, Annabelle seated Kelly in a chair, and began to brush her long lavender hair.  Britney appeared, drinking a bottle of milk.  She said, “Annabelle, maybe being that she is out, we should share some milk with her.  I only had enough for one bottle, and I figured we share it.”

Annabelle smiled, “Maybe this means to refuel her.”

“It’s worth a shot.”

Annabelle took the bottle and had a sip.  She approached Kelly and opened her mouth.

“Down the hatch, Kelly,” she smirked.

She poured some milk down her mouth.  Kelly swallowed it and started to move again.  She glowed in her eyes and suddenly flushed in romantic arousal.  She stood up and said, “My name is Kelly.  I am your robot for fucking.”

She held left breast, with her right hand, and stood up.  She whispered, “Hello.  You want to do me?”

Annabelle giggled, as she removed her yutaka, “How about a little game, before we have some fun?”

She whispered, “How about you touch me… there?”

She planted her entire face into her hip, as she moaned.

“Like this?”  Kelly asked.

Annabelle said, “Yes.  Now, lick me, inside.”

Kelly spoke, “Yes, Master.”

She began to stick her tongue inside.

“You win, Kelly…” she whispered, as Kelly licked her downstairs.


Annabelle started to shake in arousal, as Kelly stuck her tongue, all the way in her pussy.  She froze in place and began to leak from her pussy.  She then whirred and beeped.

Error! Fuckbot low on fuel…  Low on milk…  Low… on…

Annabelle froze, as Kelly continued to lick.  Britney, aroused by Annabelle’s looks, grabbed the bottle of milk and poured it into her mouth.  Annabelle regained composure.

She whirred her head down and moaned, “Fuck me…  Fuck me…”

Kelly licked, as Britney was concerned.  She then drank some milk.  She froze in place and dropped the empty bottle.  She whirred and beeped, as she approached Annabelle.

“Hey, fuck buddy,” she moaned robotically, “Can I try one?”

Kelly clamped her butt and continued to lick, as Britney grabbed Annabelle’s breasts from behind, and fondled them around.  She then humped on her butt, as Annabelle moaned frantically.  But, Annabelle’s breasts began to open, in two panels.

She smoked profusely and beeped, “Critical error!  Sexual fuck drive… DANGER!”

Kelly squeezed her butt tightly, as Annabelle’s breasts sprang open.  She powered down, as Britney’s hands went down to her waist panel.  She said, “Aw, how sexy… you… sexy… you are…”

She stroked her abs, as she nuzzled the back of her head, digging into her hair with her nose, moaning quietly.

Britney whispered, “My darling Fuck Buddy, would you like me to kiss you, so deep… and caressing?”

Annabelle said nothing.  Britney clamped her breast panels and reattached them, while holding them.  Kelly continued to lick, without a response from either woman.  Britney continued to hump Anna’s butt, as Annabelle began to wake up.  She then moaned, as Britney held her neck and shoulder, “Oh.  Ah.  Oh.  Ah.  So hot… Horny… Sexy…”

Britney kissed her neck, as Annabelle dropped to her knees.  Kelly dropped to the floor, as her tongue was sticking out, covered in white fluid.  She beeped, “Annabelle…  Wait…  I must continue…”

Annabelle then grabbed her and placed her in her left breast.  Kelly started to suck and lick it, as Britney went down to her knees and sniffed her back.  She crawled toward Anna and went to her right breast, doing to the same that Kelly is doing.  As they began to suck and lick her nipples, Annabelle began to moan and heave in pain.

“Ahh…  Oh…  Ahh…  Yes, please…  I feel… fell… feel… oh, I… I… AH!  AAH!  AAH!!  AAH!!!  AAH!!!

Her moans continued to grow higher, as her nipples were erect and wet.  Britney stopped licking, as she approached Annabelle, as she was smoking.  Kelly crawled down and went behind her.  Annabelle froze again, as Kelly went up her back, as Britney removed her mouth from her tit.

“Was it good enough, my Fuck Buddy?”  She asked her.

This time, Annabelle said nothing.  She was completely frozen and broken.  Britney asked again, “Was it good enough, Fuck Buddy?”

Kelly smooshed her breasts on her back and moaned, “Anna… belle…”

She rubbed up her back, as Britney started to shake.  She shook and sparked, while reaching for her breasts.  She then felt aroused, without any touching in her.  She shook even more, until…

“Ah…  Ah…  Ah… Was it good enough, my Fuck Buddy?”  She said it again, as Kelly went up and down, rubbing her breasts.

Britney dropped to the floor, twitching, sparking, and shaking, all while leaking white fluid from her pussy.

“Was… it… good?  Ah!  Was it--, Was it--, Was it--,” she beeped.

As she continued on, Kelly got off Annabelle and approached Britney, who was malfunctioning.  She kneeled down and placed her hip onto hers, as it was soaked in her own white fluid.  She grinded on her and started to twitch a bit, as Britney was still breaking down.

“Was it--, Was it--, fuck, fuck, fuck-uc-uc-uc-uck-uck-uc-uc-uck, Bu-u-u-u-u-u-uddy…  Good enough?  Was it… Good enough?  Good enough…  Fuck enough?  Buddy good?  Was it fuck enough?”

She continued, as Kelly started to tilt her head back and caress her own breasts.  She closed her eyes and moan, as she started to freeze in place.  Britney continued on, until her chest opened.  She slid her voice and was completely broken.  Kelly, however, was still frozen, still in a motionless state.  There was complete total silence.


As you see, they drank the milk, but there was a warning label:
DO NOT give milk to fuck-bots.  May make them horny to the MAX, causing them to break.

Sadly, no one has ever found them, until later.

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