Noura & Natalya

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The years leading up to this single day hadn’t been easy for James Marlowe, having been lied to and emotional abused by two women throughout.

After heavy consoling and putting all his passion into writing, James Marlowe had become a best selling author, making millions. Now James had pulled a few strings, bribed a few folks, and committed some under-the-table deals to have two exact fembot replicas built of these two women.

James looked at the leather sofa where Noura and Natalya were sitting, backs slightly arched, forearms placed perfectly above their thighs, and eyes closed; they were deactivated.

Noura was the younger of the two, she was in her mid 20s, ever so slightly thick, fair complextion, glasses and hair-sprayed dirty blonde hair, and you could see the seems where her joints where. She was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a conservative top which showed only her French-manicured hands.

Natalya was a little mature. She was in her late 30s, she had an extremely cute face with just barely visible bags under her eyes. Her dark brown hair was cut in a bob, she was of average build and also had fair skin. She was wearing tight jeans and short sleeve shirt that showed the very start of her cleavage.

James took a deep breath and pressed the “On” button on both Noura and Natalya’s remotes. He know what would happen next, the two fembots would recite a programmed script insulting him and then try to leave only to have something go awry..

Noura was the first to stand up she looked around until she spotted Natalya who had just stood up.

“Hey Nattie!” Noura said cheerfully

“Oh, Noura, look it’s the creep James.” Natalya said pointing at james

“Eww he’s so fuckin’ ugly, lets get out of this place.” Noura said with disgust

As Noura and Natalya walked to the front door, James pressed the “Legs” button under the “Freeze” category.

“What the fuck? Why can’t I walk?” Noura said annoyed

“Who’s helpless now you little cunt?” James spoke, a little angry, and a little excited

James pressed the “Slutty Submissive” button under the “personality” button on Noura’s remote.

Instantly Noura’s nipples could be seen through her long sleeve shirt and she walked over to James.

“How can I serve you master?” Noura said smiling

“You can start by getting naked and sucking me off you little slut.” James said excitedly

While this was all going on, Natalya had been desperately trying to free herself, and began shouting for help when Noura got naked.

“What the fuck is going on?!?!” Natalya yelled

While the naked Noura was eagerly sucking his cock, James pressed the “Monotone Robotic Slave” button on Natalya’s “Personality” button.

Natalya’s nipples grew stiff and she stood perfectly still, hands at her sides, and a vacant look on her face.

“Take your face mask off Natalya.” James said smiling from the power, and the fact that Noura was know moving her entire head back and forth on his cock.

“Yes Master.” Natalya spoke in her sexy monotone voice

James pulled Noura off his cock by her hair and walked over to his new robotic slave woman.

“Get naked slave.” James said coldly

“Yes Master.” Natalya spoke once again in her monotone voice

After Natalya had undressed, James started to fondle her slightly sagging C-cup breasts and looked deep into her exposed eyeballs while she let out a low robotic moan.

“Master, what can I do?” Noura asked anxiously after crawling on all fours over to James and Natalya

“How about you open your stomach panel and then finger yourself like you know you want to you whore.” James commanded fiercely

Noura smiled as her stomach panel slide open, she started vigorously rubbing and fingering her artificially wet pussy with one hand while squeezing and twisting her nipple with the other.

James watched Noura play with herself for a while before pressing the off button, he was ready dominated his mature robotic slave Natalya now.

He led Natalya onto his bed in the other room had her spread rather legs and began ramming his cock deep inside her. Natalya let out loud semi-robotic moans of pleasure. James quickly flooded Natalya and then turned her off, he looking at her nude, faceless body, still dripping with his own seed. He smiled, he would have Noura clean him and Natalya off.

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