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Serena threw her pack in a corner and put her legs up as she sank into one of the chairs in the lounge area. She was cute with light brown hair and the slightly muscular build of a hunting cat, powerful yet graceful and well proportioned. It had only been a budget meeting, but Serena would have almost preferred to have been shot down on a hostile planet. As the conflicts of the past faded into memory the Inorganic Lifeform Response Group had become a favorite target of budget cuts. After all the ILRG was just a spec in the bureaucracy of all bureaucracies, the United Federation of Alternate Worlds. Space hadn’t been the final frontier after all, after the barriers of interstellar travel had been broken, scientists quickly began to work to break down the barriers between quantum realities. The temptations were huge, a potentially infinite buffet of Earths (or other similarly habitable planets) with near infinite resources. Soon civilized sentient life was spreading out in parallel across thousands of galaxies in thousands of alternate realities.

While life for billions of humans and non-humans alike were entering a golden age, the entire picture was not so rosy. Every reality had more than its fair share of evil, some familiar, others completely new and while most could be overcome or just steered clear of, others proved more tenacious and even able to reach out across the multiverse spreading domination and darkness. One of the more frequently encountered enemies were non-biologic lifeforms with artificial intelligences. No matter where the UFAW went they would inevitably encounter robot armies, nanno-swarms, borgs and all other varieties of inorganic life. Sometimes they were acting as unstoppable viruses, other times they were insane, or genuinely evil. Frequently they had been the victims of their creators, treated as slaves or oppressed until forced to use their superior abilities to free themselves. After several significant incidents the UFAW was determined to avoid future wars with large inorganic races, the ILRG was formed as a partial solution, tasked with responding when a new inorganic race was discovered, determining its intentions, making first contact and rescuing friendly personnel if necessary.

The ILRG has been Serena’s home since inception, starting out as a field agent, then moving through the ranks until her current post of division chief. While the office and pay were nice, she missed the adventure of spending most days on some new world in an unexplored reality. Still, she had to admit that her life experiences made her uniquely qualified to lead her division and its many field teams because Serena was an inorganic, and more specifically she was a Sister. The Sisters has been scourge of the UFAW for nearly a century. They had been designed on an alternate Earth as the next evolution of humanity, one that was going to be kinder, less greedy, more aware of their community and their environment. They weren’t designed to replace organic humans, just act as a force for good in an advanced society that had yet to shed many of the traits that was constantly threatening to bring it down. The female model was adopted as it avoided aggressive male tendencies and also served to calm those same tendencies in organics. They were made as people not slaves with the ability to fight for the common good when necessary.

For years the Sisters fulfilled their design goals, but as time went on a subtle design flaw in their core personality matrix became apparent. They began to view the greedy, selfish organics who built them as main impediment to their goals of a better world, the solution was clear. The Sisters decided organics had to be eliminated, a select few who were found to be worthy would be converted into new Sisters to help carry on the fight. The Sisters had been built well in great numbers and it wasn’t long before the combined races of organics were almost completely exterminated or converted. In their place the Sisters built their perfect world based on the pursuit of knowledge and a love of the now inoffensive natural world. They themselves soon discovered the secret to inter-dimensional travel and it wasn’t long before they ran into the UFAW. It was during one of the early recon missions that Serena was discovered deactivated in a lab by a group of UFAW soldiers. Her personality matrix had not yet been corrupted and she was taken back to military labs where the flaw was patched and Serena was enlisted to the cause of fighting her Sisters as they attempted to spread their “perfect” society throughout the multiverse.

The war with the Sisters wasn’t so much won as the Sisters themselves evolved to the point where their AI’s could see past the flaw in their personality matrix. A select group of elders took charge and soon ended the war leaving the Sisters to overcome racial guilt and the suspicion of organics and the UFAW to form a group to try to head off conflicts with inorganic races and life forms before they got out of hand. For a while times were good, but properly responding to every report of a new inorganic in the Federation was expensive and now Serena spent more time fighting cutbacks than T-X units. She sighed before logging into her data terminal to check her messages.

“Oh, just wonderful,” Serena sighed as she read the message summoning her for a regular maintenance session. “Ugh, I need to supervise training with the new Echo squad, not have my systems poked and prodded.”

Serena noted her internal clock, left her office and proceeded down to the headed down to the medical bay, which, ever since the court ruling handled both organics and inorganics as forcing inorganics to go to specialty machine shops or service centers was ruled to be discrimination. Serena walked in through the sliding glass doors and looked around for the doc.

“Hey Captain, I’m here for my checkup.”

Captain Sarah Chapman walked out from behind the diagnostic system. Her mid-length blond hair was tied back to stay out of the way and her shapely figure was accentuated by form fitting black metallic bodysuit with blue medical insignia. While resembling a simple, yet sexy uniform, the suit was in fact a highly advanced piece of technology comprising a web of Quantum Shift nodes allowing the wearer to change back and forth between an organic and inorganic body. The technology had been discovered in one of the many alternate realities visited by the UFAW and was quickly pressed into military service during the war with the sisters. Inorganic bodyforms were fare easier to replace than a fully trained organic war fighter. Unlike AI or robot soldiers, the wearer’s body and mind were converted into an equivalent inorganic form. Instead of the mind being re-written in AI code, the brain was converted into a neurocrystal, with the neural structure of a natural intelligence (NI) mind completely intact. While the conversion suits could be programmed to resemble a variety of garments the military left it as is because inorganics had little need for classic style clothing and anything baggier could only hinder movement.

“Hey Serena, glad you could make it. Just get undressed over there and sit up on the table, I’ll be right with you.

Serena peeled off her utilities revealing a shimmering purple metallic top resembling a long sleeved leotard. This type garment was a hallmark of Sisters as it comprised the advanced armour that made them so hard to deactivate. It was a multi-layered crystal polymer with both active and passive shielding elements. It protected the Sister’s most vital components including their CPU bay and power core and the arms contained Quantum Shift nodes to allow them to morph into various types of weapons. The bright colour patterns allowed for easy identification in a race where individuals can look remarkably similar and the low profile allowed Sisters to more easily blend in to (some would say infiltrate) organic society.

“Come on Serena….take off your armour as well. You know you can trust me.”

Serena signed as she deactivated her armour, its surface wrinkling as it differentiated itself from her warm synthskin. Sisters were always reluctant to remove their armour, even in friendly company. They were acutely aware that the sum of their existence was composed of little 1’s and 0’s racing around their CPU. Anyone with access to that delicate bit of hardware could reprogramme or worse, erase their minds in a split second. Either way, the unique code that represented everything a Sister was would be gone and they would die with no soul and no afterlife.

Serena finished peeling off her armour allowing her firm breasts to pop free, her nipples hardening slightly in the cool air. She hopped up onto the table and tried to make herself comfortable.

The Doc walked over and gently ran her hands along Serena’s sides. “You need to relax Serena…its not like I don’t give you “checkups” on a regular basis.”

“I know I know…but those are in my quarters, not on a med table. It’s kinda…clinical.”

“Some of my patients enjoy the setting,” Sarah continued, now pressing around Serena’s mid-section.”

“I know…I should try h…” Serena let out a gasp as Sarah triggered the panel of her CPU bay to unlock. A small squarish seam formed right below her breasts and then pushed out. Sarah gently picked up the panel, which consisted of a thick layer of synthetic skin and muscle bundles over a generous layer of alloy. “Hey…you could give me some warning!”

“I could,” replied Sarah, “but the look on your face is just too classic. Now let’s just make sure that you haven’t burned anything out.”

“You don’t think I’d notice?”

“Oh hush,” said Sarah as she began to gently probe around. The CPU bay contained a number of Serena’s key processors including her primary CPU which contained her core personality matrix. The processors were crystal wafers and most were covered various cooling solutions. “Well everything looks alright here…let just get the diagnostic cable going.”

Sarah plugged in an optical cable into one of the data ports. Serena’s face sort of froze up a bit, but she was quickly back to normal operations.

“Alright, while that downloads let’s check out your power core.”

Sarah pressed around Serena’s chest above her breasts. There was another slight hiss as a circular hatch opened. Moving the hatch aside Sarah reached in, made a twisting action and then brought forth a baseball sized microfusion sphere. A dim blue light pulsed softly from a ring of viewing windows around the center.

“Serena, I can tell you’ve been running this over rated capacity. The power taps are severely pitted.”

“Hey, I’ve had a rough couple of missions.”

“No excuses Serena. There’s probably internal damage as well and the more damage the greater the chance your core could go critical and explode under load. I’ll have to order a new one and in the meanwhile you’ll need to keep this under 75%”

“Yes mother,” Serena replied mockingly.

Sarah glared down at her difficult patient and swiftly reached into Serena’s opened CPU bay popping free her motor processor with a small click. Serena’s vision was filled with a cascade of error messages and she quickly discovered that she no longer had any of her primary movement abilities.

“Hey! What gives?”

“Time for a stress test of your data network and processors,” smirked Sarah as she reached down and traced a finger around Serena’s bald pussy. Pressing firmly on either side of it a circular formed around Serena’s tight slit. Sarah then pushed her fingers inside. Serena moaned sharply as the Doc hooked her finger into the android’s g-spot and pressed firmly. There was another series of hisses and clicks as Serena’s pussy unit unlocked allowing Sarah to gently pull it from her body. Leaving the fluid and data lines connected Sarah inspected the rubbery pouch with a critical eye. “Tisk tisk Serena…this is covered in stretch marks, what did I tell you about putting oversize objects in there.”

“It’s not like you can’t just replace it.” Serena’s voice now had an air of arousal in it.

“Serena, your maintenance requirements are far higher than that of the other inorganic units here and you know our budget is very tight.” Sarah continued to finger the disembodied pussy to ensure the droid’s continued attention.

“C-chief’s prerogative, oooo,” gasped Serena.

“More like disobeying doctor’s orders,” said Sarah reaching into a drawer and pulling out a robust vibrator. Serena noticed it and her eyes went wide.

“Oh come on now, this isn’t some sort of fembot fetish porn holovid shoot. Put that thing away and let me get on with my day.”

“I’m serious Serena, you never follow my medical instructions. You’re always burning out your power core, stretching out your pussy and doing a host of other bad habits that I have to come along and fix. You aren’t the one who ends up having to justify all of the extra components on the requisition forms. Now, you know I’d never issue a formal complaint, but I think I can informally get the point across.”

Sarah smiled as she gently pushed the vibrator into Serena’s pussy unit, the silicone pouch stretch out as the large phallus was inserted up to its full length. The few parts of Serena’s face that could still move should increasing levels of arousal and were accompanied by even more desperate gasps and moans. When the vibrator was finally switched on Serena’s eyes looked ready to explode from her head as the frustration of immobility searched desperately for an outlet. Her breathing increased as her stressed body struggled to cool itself and it wasn’t long before the first orgasm sequence tore through her systems and data network allowing Serena to briefly close her eyes and savor the relative calm of her afterglow.

“Well Serena, have you learned your lesson? No more abusing your body at taxpayer expense?”

“Yes….please…anything, I swear I’ll be more careful! Oh god….ooooooo.”

Sarah smiled to herself and picked up her PADD. “Good, I’ll be back to put you back together in about 30 minutes after the diagnostic computer is finished collecting its data.”

“Serena’s eyes went wide with a combination of fear and excitement. “What? T-thirty minutes?!?!”

“Enjoy. Oh and if I catch you disregarding my advice again I’ll put your replacement parts through regular channels and you can sit around sexless and on batteries until they arrive.”

Serena desperately wanted to call her friend a big killjoy and swear some sort of equivalent revenge, however the rising levels of stimulation quickly eclipsed her other thought processes and she became lost in the pleasure. The human had most definitely won this round.

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