No Refunds Offered

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No Refunds Offered

*phone ringing*

Operator: “Hello stud. My name is Joanne. How can I fuck you tonight?”

Caller: “Hey, Joanne. Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself while I get comfortable in bed?”

Joanne: “Ooo you're in bed? That is naughty... well I'm a redhead, milky white skin, 32dd breasts, juicy ass and a piercing in a private area...” *giggles*

Caller: “Mmm, that does sound fantastic Joanne. What're you wearing tonight?”

Joanne: “Well I'm in black sheer stockings, a white miniskirt and a black bustier. It makes me feel so horny in this.”

Caller: “Oh wow. I'm in just a pair of black silk boxers myself, and I'm so hard listening to you describe yourself.”

Joanne: “Mmm baby... I want you in me so bad, stroke it for me.”

Caller: “I already am, sexy. Thinking about those breasts wrapped around my cock while you moan like a slut for me...”

Joanne: “Mmm I can booby dance for you before I wrap my firm juicy tits around your cock slowly stroking it with them... I can feel it throb”

Caller: “That's hot, Joanne... you're a naughty girl, aren't you? I bet you're wet as hell!”

Joanne: “Mmm I am baby. I haven’t even touched my hot wet cunt for you yet!”

Caller: “Mmm, Joanne, I'm pounding it so hard, play with yourself, and let me know what gets you crazy”

Joanne: “Mmm. Oh my God my clit is so sensitive... tive...” I moan out. "Mmm my pussy is trembling."

Caller: “Tell me about your piercing, Joanne.”

Joanne: "Mmm it’s on my" I shudder, you can hear me run my fingers through my hair "It’s only a silver stud... might get a ring in one day." *giggles*

Caller: "Mmm, you must be hot. I can hear you stuttering. I'd love to get my tongue on that stud; I'd lick you out for hours."

Joanne: Hissing as I bite my bottom lip "I know that I taste sickly sweet stud... stud." you can hear me working my wet clit moaning and groaning and panting down the phone before you an abrupt crackle.

Caller: I gasp hotly as I get more aroused, hearing the breakdown begin to happen I have to wonder... "Joanne... are you human?"

Joanne: "Of... of course hun-un..." I moan out "What makes you... think other wise?" I pant

Caller: You can hear me stroking myself a bit more slowly, the sound of flesh rubbing flesh coming through the receiver. "I... I heard a crackle, and your voice is skipping like a record."

Joanne: "You... you are so silly baby... I... I... love it though" I moan out my back arching as you hear another loud crackle "I need you to stretch my pussy."

Caller: “Mmm, fuck, are you sure? If I shoved this fat dick into your cunt it'd probably blow your circuits..."

Joanne: *giggles* "Fuck… I want that so bad... I want to fuck me till my body falls apart baby" you hear more snaps and crackles.

Caller: I let out a soft moan as I listen to you. "Fuck, I want you so bad... how can I pound you until you fall apart if you're not a machine though?"

Joanne: you hear a loud hissing noise "stu...stud.... I am.... a mac...machine... I mean... I am a... slut..." you still hear me playing with my pussy

Caller: "Oh fuck, you ARE a fucking robot... it sounds like you're breaking down over there, I want you so fucking bad now, I'd bend you over and take your pussy until you blow"

Joanne: moaning out and panting loudly "...I am Joanne..." I shriek out ‘cumming’ I drop the phone you can hear my arm and leg servos twitching

Caller: I arch my back a bit, lifting my cock up as I stroke hard. Putting you on speaker phone I grit my teeth as I try to hold back until you explode. "So hot... I still want a refund for you breaking down during the call though!"

Joanne: " refunds offered sorry..." you hear before you hear a liquid drip down on the fallen phone, you hear a loud bang!

Epilogue: Later that week the caller got a letter from the chat line. A basic letter asking you not to call their ‘girls’ again along with a DVD video showing the fembot, thrashing about spasming as she works herself beyond her limits. Your call ending with the gynoid freezing in all areas apart from her fingers working her pussy and clit. She eventually overheats after her climax, her chest explodes out, and her head and neck roll back the chair as her fingers still work her soaking twat.

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