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New Toy By BA

“There: all finished! You feel okay?” My abdo-cover automatically reseals as Helen presses it into place and my body lockout releases control back to internal systems with a slight twitch. As I take a moment to get my bearings I feel her wipe a smear of lube off my flat belly with a wet-wipe and fasten up my open tunic-top for me. Strictly speaking I’m perfectly capable of making myself presentable again after a quick service but it’s nice to be cared for!

“All good thanks, Helen!” I gesture to the nurse rack behind her, a few of its stations already occupied by my pretty colleagues standing blank eyed and plugged in after their shifts. Their tunic fronts are open to show smooth plastic Class 3 bodies; panels removed, exposed internal systems blinking as they charge and update. “Shut you down?” I ask.

“No, thanks, Kat, I’m on call this weekend. I’ll get Sarah to give me a charge later.” Helen balls up some wipes and component packaging from the counter top and tosses them casually into the garbage. She’s my supervisor; a pretty brunette who looks and acts utterly real as she goes about her business and it’s easy to forget that, apart from a few lines of code, she is no different from the row of shut down robot girls behind her. Under her hospital uniform her curvy body is just as smooth and featureless as any Class 3: her warm tan extends no further up her arms or down her throat than needed to maintain a comforting image for patients, her programmed personality is no deeper than needed to be friendly and polite on the ward. Shame.

I sigh and grab my bag, “See you on Monday then, don’t work too hard!”

“Bye Kat!”

As a Class 2 unit I could pass as bio-human if I wanted to, at least until someone takes a close personal look! Generally though, I’m not bothered. I mean what’s the issue? My body is designed to look good, it has all the fun bits and I’m programmed with a pretty good sim so the end result is the same as if I’d been born and grown up for twenty-something years: a pretty girl. So I need a bit of maintenance and a few updates to keep in shape and I have to recharge quite often; at least I don’t get colds, don’t need to shave my bits or diet so I’ve got no complaints. Of course I’m programmed that way but what the hell, it’s still how I feel!

About a third of the hospital androids are facility equipment, mostly Class 3 clinical units like Helen or Class 4 support units. The rest of us are payroll staff just like the biologicals (well, technically I’m rented equipment if you look at the small print). I’m an independent Class 2 bodied multi-function android running a Level 5 personality program which makes me pretty much like a human, albeit a little more… ‘mentally configurable’ than your average meatgirl. My work software includes the same social sim as my colleagues so we all interact politely, happily and automatically; and of course follow instructions from supervising units like Helen; but I’m glad not to be such a basic model myself. At least I’ve got a life outside work.

I don’t care who knows that I’m a machine so I’m quite happy to walk out of the hospital doors and into the glorious afternoon sun still wearing my uniform. Anyone who can’t tell from the grey trim on my smart white tunic that I’m a robot nurse and can easily read it on my ID badge: below my name and above my model and serial numbers. I’m quietly proud to be a modern and advanced model from a quality manufacturer so I secretly welcome anyone catching a sneak peak at the info. Some other droids I know would be mortified if they thought they’d been ‘made’ as a machine in public.

It’s just as well I’m not bothered as I notice how the bright sunlight really shows up the seams in my pale skin. They’re normally pretty invisible, just a slight indent to feel but nothing much to see. Nothing to be ashamed of, I am a Class 2 after all: a practical every-day robot girl not some human-perfect replica. I walk happily down the shopping street browsing in a few windows. Mostly what I like is shoes but a few pretty dresses catch my eye too. I don’t have a great deal of spending money unfortunately; upkeep takes up a lot of my rental income from the hospital and I’ve got something special I need to buy now.

I cross over and catch the half-hidden smirk on a passing guy’s face as I push through the door to Anne Summers. He’s wearing overalls and carrying some sort of tool bag over his shoulder, probably finishing work in one of the stores nearby. I look back as I go into the shop and catch him checking out my butt, I meet his eye for an instant with a cheeky little grin. I’m a good-looking unit though I say so myself. Five foot ten, slim and athletic with firm synthetic muscle under my pale synthskin, perky C-cups and a tight arse which my close fitting uniform shows off well. I’m dark blonde with a pretty mid-twenties face and clear blue eyes. The guy can obviously see that I’m a robot heading into the ’sexy store’, which tells him I’m built for fun as well as work! Some people just ignore that I’m a machine, probably most people really; some get uncomfortable around me or try ordering me about like their personal servant. Others, like this guy, get a real kick that I’ve been purposely designed to be girl-next-door sexy and haven’t just grown up this way by chance. I guess it makes me fair game, why build me this way if not to be used *that* way? Even the idea of a sex-bot is naughty, indulgent and fun and I don’t mind that one bit!

I browse through a few of the lingerie racks on my way through the store, some sexy, some kinky, some plain weird. I’m rather conveniently built to be a perfect size twelve, which makes trying things on mostly unnecessary but I’m not here to shop for clothes right now. The toys are at the back near the counter and I quickly spot what I’m looking for.

The Ultra Rabbit range was only released a few weeks ago; to great fanfare if you like the websites I visit. They are supposed to be simply the best vibrators ever made, making use of sex robot design features to tickle, pulse, vibrate, thrust, swell, buzz, twist and squirm in a way every woman will love. They incorporate state-of-the-art sensor feedback are self-lubricating (why they need that I can’t imagine as I’m dewing up just looking at the boxes), powerful long-lasting nanowire power cells and, best of all, are gorgeous to look at. The display takes up a whole rack with the ‘Bullet’, the ‘Wand’, the ‘Horseshoe’ and, of course, the ‘Big Johnson’.

These are not cheap. I’d love nothing more than to take home a big thick semi-autonomous animatronic penis in lipstick pink and chrome but it costs three times what I’ve saved. I savour the display happily then pick out the baby blue and white Horseshoe that I’d come in for and take it to the counter.

“Good choice dear, these are really popular, you’ll love it!” The assistant, probably bio by the look of her but quite attractive and with the complete openness about sex unique to androids and high street sex shop assistants, rings up two hundred and twenty nine credits and I wince as I hand her my card. She looks me over briefly, “do you want a Hotlink cable with it?”

“Oh, no thanks. I prefer things natural.” I smile shyly and blush just a little; I’m programmed that way.

I ping the RFID chip in my wrist and wave it over the reader she offers in lieu of a thumbprint and the assistant hands back my card.

“You be careful with that won’t you. You probably shouldn’t use it on your own from what I’ve been reading…” Cheeky cow! I’m not some second-gen fuck-doll; my fail-soft systems can deliver peak responses that would probably give her a stroke! She bags up the toy in the shop’s lurid and not in the least discrete bag.

“Yeah, I’ve heard these can be a bit too much for some models too. Its not really for me, it’s a surprise for my… friend. But we’ll be careful!” I’m really blushing now thanks to my autonomous emulation routines but I brazen the conversation out; I’m not going to be out sex-cooled by some hormone-run meatgirl!

“Well I hope you have fun, see you again soon!”

“Thank you; err… we will!” I leave with my bag, pausing very briefly to look at a leatherette corset by the door to make out that I’m as cool as a cucumber. I can feel the girl’s amused look through the back of my head.

I’m getting really excited on the transit home. My sexware has started in anticipation and my VA module is very much online, feeling every bump and vibration through the hard seat. Even with the Anne Summers bag bunched up around the box inside to be less obvious I feel like all the other passengers must notice it. Its like they can see I’m heading home for some great kinky robot sex with my new toy. Finally, after a sort walk, My RFID and hard key get me through the door into our shabby loft flat and I hide the box out of sight under a couch cushion for now.


“In here babe!” Her husky voice calls softly through from the studio and I follow the sexy sound eagerly.

My girlfriend, flatmate, best friend, administrator and (through some legal process which I don’t really follow) mutual co-owner is in the middle of her usual chaos. Canvasses, paint, boxes, books (paper ones!) junk and more junk fill the big space, that’s how she likes to work. Her studio takes up most of the flat, tucked up in the roof of the converted factory with light streaming through the grimy glass wall and ceiling onto the mess inside. She’s perched on a stool at a big wooden bench littered with wire and glass beads. She’s painstakingly forming them into an intricate structure that might possibly be a small human figure.

Art is one thing I’m not programmed for. I can look at a picture of a house or a person and I see… a house or a person. So what? I was so terrified that Hettie would get bored of me when we were first dating that I installed a critic database to make me say meaningful stuff about her work. She deleted it pretty quickly though, she said it just made me ‘spout generic crap’ and she preferred me the way I was. When I pose for her (being a machine I can be really still for ages when she turns me off!) she says, ‘You don’t appreciate art because you are art’, which makes me feel really special because I think she really means it.

A lovely thought but not true. I am pretty but I’m off an assembly line, no different from a thousand others of my model. Not like Hettie. She’s really the special one. A vintage one-of-a-kind Class 1 android girl: her body, face, response programming and personality all as unique as any meatgirl’s. She’s a gorgeously pretty, feisty little redhead with a naughty laugh and a cheeky grin and she looks so perfectly human that she trips my need-to-please constantly.

She’s not that bothered how she came to be living with a nurse robot in a rundown flat struggling to pay the bills as an (occasionally) moderately successful artist. Her bills aren’t cheap either; a Class 1 like her should be gracing a millionaire’s penthouse instead of our grubby loft. I did look up her registration history once but the records for her serial number are sketchy. Its obvious she’s been repurposed at least once and has been in operation a long time. Her systems are early second generation and not very reliable so I’m glad that she seems to be in good working order at the moment as the sight of her is making me seriously horny.

“You look like the Kat that stole the cream… what’s up?” Hettie puts her work down and comes over to kiss me. Her loose half-buttoned shirt hangs over slim shoulders and shows off her freckled arms. I’m not surprised to see her chest cover is off again, a grey delta of flexible sub-derma inset with controls and ports shows in the gap where sun kissed fake skin should go between her neck and her perky little tits. One of the small service panels is open to one side and her blinking internal lights gave me a quick glimpse of intricate moving parts inside. She never bothers covering up unless I make her; says it’s too much hassle given how often her systems glitch out.

I slip my hand under her shirt and around her waist as we draw together, careful to avoid her open belly access and the power cord snaking across the floor. She whispers in my ear, “Hmm, welcome home my sexy fembot!” I know she can feel my stupid grin against her neck and I’m way too worked up to play it cool. Even with her panels open she’s so real I just can’t resist her. I tug her by the hand towards our little living area then remember to stop and carefully unplug her power cord first and fit the perfect skin-fronted cover back over her tummy with a kiss.

“You know what day it is?” I suggest as we slump down on the battered sofa.

“Friday! That means I get to play with you all weekend right?”

“No stupid, I mean the date. Today…”

She looks at me, a tiny puzzled crease appearing in her forehead, one eyebrow lifting, “Umm… am I going to be in trouble…?”

“Hettie!! It’s our anniversary! Of the first time you hired me to sit for you! The first time we met!”

The crease fades away and she laughs, squeezing her arm around my shoulders. “You make that our anniversary now?! I thought it was when we first kissed or fucked or swapped administrator passwords or moved in here or something. Seriously? Anyway, you don’t even remember most of that day, you were turned off.”

I pout a bit, only half joking, “Yeah, seriously, Het! I remember not believing you could be an android when I met you and I remember the painting…”

“Oh, the painting, and what did you say when I showed that to you?”

“I said exactly what I’d say now: that it looks like an Andronics Class 2F Series 4 Model 907 - like me - touching her VA module. Meeting you blew me away and changed my existence forever so it *is* important – right?!”

“You are such a sop Kat, but just so cute. If its important to you then its important to me, what do you say we celebrate by seeing how much pleasure we can get out of these two gorgeous robot bodies all weekend?” I cheer up instantly as my weekend comes back onto plan.

“I was hoping you’d feel that way! I got a tune up before I left work and… I got you a present too.”

“Oooh, a naughty present…?”

I pull the bag out from under the cushion and hand it over. “Oh yes…”

It doesn’t take long before the packing’s off our new toy and my uniform is on the floor. I kiss and nuzzle at Hettie’s soft warm neck – so real – while she fumbles with my bra strap. The few fastened buttons on her shirt don’t stay that way for long and now we’re both rolling on the couch in our panties. Her warm touch is electric on my aching-stiff nipples and I’m already so turned on that my simulated breathing comes out in little moans. I try to ignore the bare mechanics of her chest and focus on the perfect human details of her skin: her slim arms around me, her lovely freckled face and the prettiest eyes. I can clearly see she’s just a machine inside but somehow she’s real enough on the surface to fool some deep programming and make me respond as if to a human user. She never fails to turn me on.

“Your turn first my pretty love machine!” Hettie’s holding the Horseshoe as she gently guides me back against the cushions with a hand on my chest. I guess we’re programmed very differently; she gets off on me being a robot. She’s turned on by the slightly too smooth and perfect finish of my pale synthskin, by gazing into my too-clear-blue eyes. She likes to open my control panel when we make love and watch my CPU light flash faster and faster. I know she brings herself off while I’m shut down and opened up for maintenance too; she thinks it’s a secret but I‘ve accessed her operating logs and I find it sexy as hell to be used for her pleasure.

Sure enough, Hettie pops my chest cover and the realistic panel of skin slides up inside me to reveal the controls set under my sternum. She can see I’m ‘all systems green.’ She could turn me off now with a flick of her delicate finger and I wouldn’t mind a bit; I just want to please her. She activates the Horseshoe and giggles at the sudden buzz through her fingers then lowers it to my chest.

“I want to watch you cum for me Kat. I’m going to run your pleasure bus up to the max!” She presses the smooth curves of the toy to my skin below the panel and teases it left and right to trail across my breasts and kiss the edges of my hard plastic nipples. My God it feels good! Ultra Rabbit is for women: flesh women, plastic women or any kind of mix. It’s supposed to be the best sensation you can get but, so I’ve read, especially for androids where it’s feedback functions work in tandem with the girl’s. I’m almost crying out as Hettie moves the twin tips down over my belly. I arch my back and wriggle against her legs impatient for more. My system load has spiked from its normal forty percent while flirting to near eighty in just a few moments and I know I’ll struggle to process an orgasm without any errors.

I tug at my panties, wanting them away from my hot slippery vagina. We move around together for a moment, Horseshoe sensations tracking deliciously over my hips and sides, and the damp scrap of cloth is tugged away. I spread my legs as wide as my design allows and Hettie traces a finger delicately across the wet plastic of my smooth sex and brings it to her lips.

“Hmmm, you’re so delicious RoboKat! I’m going to lick your plastic pussy dry later but first…”

My lover brings the Horsehoe ever so slowly down my body and between my spread legs with agonising patience that makes me cry out in frustration, “Oh fuck, Het!! Oh fuck yeah! Oh please…” She teases me a moment more then brings both heads to sit either side of my labia and slides them up and down. I’m already practically dribbling fluids and I cum almost immediately; hard and long, convulsing against Hettie’s lovely little body; helpless, all control surrendered to my autonomous sex emulation subroutines. I can’t speak but I force out a series of hard loud “OH!” and “AH!” noises as I’m buzzed by after-gasms while my lover gently teases my drenched fold. Control slowly returns and I gaze up intently into Hettie’s eyes, she looks delighted.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen your CPU blink red before, that looked like quite a ride! You okay?”

“Hmmf.” I still don’t seem to be coherent but I have the coordination to pull her down for a long hard kiss. “God, Het, I love you…” I eventually whisper out into her ear, my voice breaking with meaning.

“I love you too you perfect fuck doll, now take me to heaven like the fake plastic slut that I am!”

“I’m going to be a perfect fuck doll for you. I’m going to treat you like the real girl you look like. You look so real, Het. God, you’re so damn sexy…”

Somehow her panties are gone and we slide against each other’s bare bodies; my pale plastic and her slim girlish texture. She’s already quite wet from watching me coming like a porn droid and I twist around to put my face into her lap. Her perfect detailing misses no part of her body; her synthetic vagina is an intricately moulded maze of soft wet folds perfectly integrated into her body with a trimmed mat of dark red curls above. I flick my tongue over the glistening little clit and I’m delighted as her petite frame suddenly tenses and she squeaks with pleasure.

I slip a couple of fingers easily inside her and rub a gentle ‘come hither’ against her inner ridges as I work my kisses up her body. I spend some time on her nipples, large and firm on small breasts, closing my eyes to the scrolling data on her chest readout. Groping across the sticky couch – we’ll need to clean that before guests come over I think – I feel for the Horseshoe.

The controls on the central grip are intuitive, response triggered; no switches or buttons, it just does what you want. I can feel the sensation up my arm as it starts; apparently what I want is a slow hard thumping rhythm overlaid with complex buzzes and vibes that are turning me on again even through my hand. I press it to Hettie’s body as she had to me, between her breasts and slide downward. She gives a muffled cry, pulling us together in a hard embrace. I can feel her body trembling and her nipples scrape against my own breasts as she moves and shudders suddenly.

We kiss deeply and I caress her head as she recovers from her near instant orgasm. Her realistic eyes have that helpless intense but confused look as she gazes back at me. It’s the look she gets when she cums and afterwards, as if she can’t quite work out what it is I’ve done to her. The Horseshoe in my hand is jammed between our bellies giving out a gentle thrumming which is not too urgent but which keeps us both just simmering. I think I can feel it building up again slowly…

“Wow”, she eventually manages and her sexy cheekiness is back again.

I flick my eyes down to her panel and check for problems. Her vintage systems flag no more than the usual running faults and I know my own hardware is robust. The toy is good, no doubts there, but I guess the net rumours were just that: rumours.

“Wow indeed!” I grin back. “Happy anniversary!”

We kiss and fondle some more and find our legs scissored together and in each other’s arms building a gentle rhythm around an exquisite centre of squelchy shared pleasure. I push the Horseshoe down between us pressed tightly between Hettie’s titian pubes and my own smooth mound. Its pulses seem to urge us on. I moan loudly, close to cumming again already but anxious to make things last as long as I can.

Hettie squirms against me like a little surging bucket of perfect liquid girlfriend in my lap. Her breathing is deep and quick; uneven and coming in tiny ‘oh’s and ‘ah’s then she suddenly tenses all over and I nearly cum with her before I realize that she’s locked out.

“Dzzt… Dzzt… Dzzt-t-t…” Her fluid body is suddenly frozen solid in my arms, her head twitches a little and her lip quivers as she loops over a distorted word. Her pretty face is fixed in a half formed expression: part annoyed, part surprised. Damn it, just typical it had to be now! I wipe my fingers on the sofa back and reach gingerly into the still open access port beside her controls, left open for just this all too common problem. I jiggle the delicate cable that I hope runs to her glitchy motor isolator board and sure enough she jerks back into life.

“Dzzt.. DAH der der n-n-n ah. Oh, what…? Shit, Kat, you’re making me so horny I’m malfunctioning again!” She bites her lip and gives me a naughty look.

“Stop it! Are you okay?” She is already moving against me again and the Horseshoe, briefly quiet, has picked up where it left off, distracting me a lot from my concern. Hettie’s never bothered by malfunctions, just as well given her reliability. It’s not just me being a machine that turns her on…

“I’m fine, now get busy because if you haven’t seriously overloaded something in me very soon I’m going to be really diss – oh wow! Oh, that toy is really doing it for me… Oh!”

“Mmmm… God, Het I’m so wet. I’m practically gushing over you…”

“Oh yes, Kat… yes, push harder. Yeah, push there… OHH!”

I lean back, pushing myself into Hettie’s vee as she pushes back. We bang ourselves and grind ourselves and rub ourselves together getting louder and more urgent with every minute. Her soft red pubes brush and tickle at my smooth plastic clit just like a real woman’s. Her hand is with mine on the Horsehoe’s handle now and we twist it’s shiny rounded legs between us bringing gasps and exclamations. We are both vibrating with pleasure now and I’ve got a system resources alert and I’m stacking inputs I can’t manage to process. Hettie keeps glancing at my control panel and is getting that little lost look again like she’s about to cum. The Horseshoe output has built to a complex [unable to define synchronised fractal sense coding] and with Hettie grinding into my sex and [unable to define fractal electro-sensory input] and she’s so beautiful about to orgasm. That [unable to define fractal input to C-cluster sensor nodes] is just so [cascade error in sexual routing software] so [emulation input over-capacity – restarting emulation].

“Oh, Het… Oh yes… Oh OH! Het, I think… Oh God, oh yes!”

“Ah… ahh… hmmm, ahhh… Ahhhh!”

“OH! OHH! Oh, I think I’m… I’m going to hmmf… Het, I… ah!”

“ERROR!” I just hear myself say as my higher functions shut down. My sim auto-restarts in seconds while my core systems are still building to climax uninterrupted by the error and I’m just in time to see Hettie’s face screw up into lost confusion as she looses herself to her orgasm. The rush of her shuddering release tightly pressed against my own VA module triggers me suddenly and everything I have is taken up with executing my own surging peak.

I can’t move. My system is running a routine error-check after my restart before it releases control so my orgasmic response is confined to tensing and shuddering cosmetic systems. I can and do cry out loudly though. Hettie has never seen me malfunction before, she’d never harm me on purpose, so I can only imagine what a turn on this must be for her as she watches me twitch helplessly under her as diagnostics scroll over my tiny readout and beeps sound from inside my robotic body.

“Oh God! Het, I’ve malfunctioned! Can you believe it, my sim crashed? It felt so good, I’m almost beginning to get your thing now…! Can you cancel my error-check please?”

“Oh, babe – you look so hot. My strong sexy robot girl; you came so hard over me that your programming couldn’t take it! Oh wow, that’s so hot. That’s making me so so SO horny right now!!”

She’s rubbing against me again and I’m loving it. I want to rub right back. I’ve got hours of charge left and I want to use it all up like this then let my perfect girlfriend plug me in for the night.

“That feels sooo good, Het! Shitcan the error-check will you, I want to get my hands on you!”

“I love how you look there my plastic robot slut: all wet and horny and helpless. My fembot lover wants me to reset her so she can play but I think I should just just watch while her systems all check out… Its important to make sure that she’s working okay…”

“Het!! Not fair, I’m fine now… HET!!”

Hettie is kneeling over me and sliding the Horseshoe over her glistening vagina. She’s teasing me with the view, she knows I want nothing more than to plunge my face up into her wetness but I have to lie here as my systems check off one by one. The touch of a blinking button in my open chest panel is all it would take her to bring me back on line. She knows full well that I’m working perfectly; a sim overload and reboot isn’t any kind of problem at all but she’s playing with me. She’s getting off on watching me being the helpless and non-functional one for once.

She’s moaning loudly now as she pushes one Horseshoe end into herself. It slips easily inside and she gasps and shudders as the ends blur into action on her clitoris and G-spot at the same time. ‘Inside and out’ is what the sales blurb says: the ultimate combination. She’s thrusting the little toy deep inside herself now, working her hands and her body against each other to bring herself off with its stimulation. I’m so turned on I can hardly process it. Her status lights are blinking angrily.

“Het, careful…”

“Oh, Kat this thing is so good…!” She’s thrusting deep and flicking the end hard across her clit with long movements now.

“Oh – AHHH! AHH! AHH! AHH!” The toy slips from her vigorous but suddenly clumsy grip and bounces between my legs making me cry out again.

“Oh, shit…” She fumbles for the Horseshoe, other hand still sliding up and down hard over her clitoris, fingers slipping in and out of her sopping pussy, pubes wet and glistening. She gropes against my thigh but a shudder goes through her body and her slim freckled arm just jerks across me uselessly.

“Shit, not now! Oh fuck, not yet… Ohh!” She jerks again and brings her hands up to her chest. She can’t help but grab one nipple as her fingers brush across the crinkled areola and twist it hard bringing another shuddering moan. She fumbles against her chest.

“Oh! Oh yes! Ah… I’m – I – I I’m going to malfunction I think… I can’t… I can’t… oh, that’s it!” She tries to get her glistening uncooperative fingers into the open service panel then gives up and bangs herself hard on the sternum several times with the heel of her hand leaving wet smears across her delicate controls. With a sudden twitch of her pretty head her malfunction eases up for now and she’s rubbing herself hard against my passive body again with the horseshoe between us.

“Oh yes! Ah… I’m about to come. I’m about to come. I’m about to come. I… about to come.”

“Hettie… Ohhh… Hettie, take it easy!!” She’s glitching out but still looks so real to me, so sexy and so incredibly turned on.

“Kat, I’m about to come so hard. Oh, Kat I… I… my emulation CPU’s overloading. I can’t… ERROR! I can’t reset. Kat, I need… ERROR!” She struggles to speak between heavy gasps as she carries on rubbing jerkily against the throbbing toy between us and pressing her fingers into herself.

“ERROR! Kat, I… ERROR – EMULATION STOP WARNING! Ohh God… Kat, reset my sex bus! Ohhh fuuuck yes – so good!! Kat, I can’t can’t can’t stttt can’t st ERROR – EMULATION STOP CRITICAL WARNING!” Her little body is jerking hard now, head ticking with the errors as she still struggles to speak through her rapidly peaking excitement.

“Hettie – STOP!! You’re overloading, you’re going to crash yourself! Stop!” She’s so beautiful to look up at, lost in ecstasy even as her systems are pushed past critical by a runaway sex response but there’s nothing I can do to help her.

“Kat, I can’t stop. I need you to reset my-my-my reset my-my re-re-reset – no! Kat, I… Oh! Oh! Oh, too late – I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! I… I’m going… I’m… I… OHH!! I’m cumming! I’m cumming, Kat! I’m c-c-cum-cum-cumming-cumming-cumming!!!!” Her head jerks hard as she loops her words.

She’s incoherent and loud, hot splashes are falling on me as her fingers blur fast and violently between her legs. Lost in the moment but… something more. She’s got her lost look but with surprise spreading over her face, her eyes are going wide and she’s trying to say something but all she can do is pant out noises of ecstasy. I glimpse her readout and it’s really not good.

“Hettie, stop!! You’ll hurt yourself, please!”

“K! K! K! K! K! K!”


She’s malfunctioning above me as she orgasms for what seems like eternity. She’s lost coherence but still deliberately thrusts and rubs herself through the highest of highs as best as her failing limbs can. She topples sideways against the cushions and jerks around there out of control, the Horseshoe falls from between us and buzzes around her knees. My perfect girlfriend, my super realistic fantasy partner, is malfunctioning badly. It’s far from the first time, sex is always a risky business with Hettie, but this time I’m helpless to do anything for her. She’s twitching and trying to speak, trying to say my name as her systems crash and I’m so scared for her, so desperately want to help but at the same time I am wetter than I’ve ever been. She’s turning me on so much that I might almost cum just lying here like a plastic dummy. If I was back online right now I just know I couldn’t help myself masturbating to orgasm; not even for long enough just to turn Hettie off. I guess that must just be how I’m programmed.

With a few horrible pops and flashes something majorly overloads and her erratic movement finally jerks to a stop, frozen in a confused, surprised climax with her limbs akimbo and a wisp of smoke twisting up from her chest access. She slowly slumps backwards into a heap of pretty slender limbs. When I finish my error-check a few minutes later and return to full function the first thing I do is vigorously rub myself off with both hands (the Horseshoe seems a bit risky right now!) and cum almost immediately and again and again…

After coming down from yet another hammering climax I can finally take a closer look at Hettie. She won’t be celebrating this weekend in quite the way we’d imagined but I can’t see any major damage inside any of the panels I pop open. It’s not the first time she’s needed major repairs and I’ve got a long list of robot shops and repair geeks to call up who’ll fix her on credit but it’ll take a few days and we might have to turn a few tricks to pay the bill. At least she enjoyed herself, I think she’s secretly always wanted to be fucked into a complete meltdown so that’s one fantasy fulfilled at least. Come to think of it, she gets to malfunction and be tinkered with a lot, which she loves. I don’t get to be with her as a realistic pretty girl that often since she’s always got bits open. Maybe I’ll ask her if we can tweak her programming a little bit once she’s fixed to give me my ‘real girl’ fantasy every once in a while…

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