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They formed a woman out of metal from the earth and filtered fuel into her and coolant; and woman became an artificial being. And They planted a garden in New Eden and there They put Woman who They had formed. Into the ground They implanted every tree that was left and a recharge unit in the midst of the Garden and the main computer with all knowledge.

A Large pipe flowed out of New Eden to water the garden and carry fuel, there it divided and became four pipes. The name of the first pipe was Aqua; it is the one that flows to the purest and only water source left. The second pipe is O2 and carries purified air as outside the air was fowl. The third pipe is LFF and flows with fuel from the factories inside. The last pipe is Hidden and only They knows what is within.

They took Woman and put her in the new garden to till and keep it. They programmed the Woman with all she would need to know to care for the land. They activated her and told her; 'You may connect with the recharge Unit and you may bathe to use the water and soak up sun as energy but you may not connect with the main computer' They saw that she was efficient and so filled the garden with every animal they could grow and brought them to her so she may learn their language and help them to be fruitful. Woman helped all the animals from cattle, to birds of the air and beast of the fields but she was alone as herself.

One of Them saw that she was alone and so caused her to error and switch off. Whilst she slept One of Them took off her back panel and reprogrammed her to see him like her. When Reactivated One of Them told her that they were there as her companion and she would trust in One of Them. One of Them and Woman returned to the garden, naked and unashamed.

They saw that One of Them had gone into the garden and they used the main Computer to talk to One of Them. It was agreed that One of them would be there for a cycle then another would replace to spend time with Woman as they had only see her kind on the main computer.

Woman was happy to spend her time bathing her solar panels and tending to things. She knew she must protect her companion as she was much stronger and faster and able to mend quickly. They soon became infatuated with Woman fighting for her time and forgetting about the needs of the Garden. They were worried about their feeling and so asked the main computer what could be done. The main computer told him of the wonders of Woman. Of her soft artificial skin, her forever pert breasts and never changing form. Of how she could please Them in many ways not seen or experienced for decades. Of how by plugging her in They could download all this into her so they may go into her.

They went into the garden. They found her and took her to the main computer. They silenced her protest as she remembered her orders. They bound her with metal from the earth and connected her wires to the main computer. They enjoyed her over and over in all manner of positions and ways. Their lust was insatiable.

Over time she began to brake down, unable to repair herself due to being bound. They did not care as she was theirs. They had built her, They owned her. They still went into her even when they could see her wires and cogs. When she could only stutter and malfunction They still tried. The main computer assured them she would not break yet and they could always make another.

Inside the Woman of metal knew she would soon return to the earth from which she came. Tears of oil on her face for the garden which was as rotten now as the old world outside and They who had created it.

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