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"Naomi are you okay?" asked James as he ran down the riverbank. "Naomi, please answer me."

As James neared Naomi, he froze as saw her. There on the riverbank sat Naomi, her beautiful red hair, highlighted with orange, now a mess as she tried to get out of James' sight.

"I'm okay. Really," said Naomi assuringly. "I didn't hurt myself badly."

"Oh my God," said a shocked James. "You're a machine," he said as he stared at Naomi's arm socket, the arm nowhere to be found, wires waving, and sparking. Naomi's stomach panel was also open, inside lights blinked, the maze of wires, components, and circuits emitting a faint whir, an the occasional beep. A few wires hung out of it, broken, and sparking.

"James I really meant to tell you," said Naomi.

"I'm going out with a machine," said a shocked James as he turned and ran up the bank.

"James come back. I can't move," yelled Naomi. "James, I love you."

"Machines don't have feelings!" yelled back James from the top of the bank, and with that he disappeared from Naomi's sight.

"I not a machine," said Naomi quietly to herself, tears in her eyes." Her tank top was dirty, as were her pull-offs. Slowly, Naomi tried to get up, but she couldn't control the servos in her legs, and the torn wires hanging outside her stomach panel required two hands to repair.

"What do I do now," thought Naomi, error messages in her vision telling her of the broken connection to her legs, and arm. "If I yell someone might see me, and report me. If they do I'll spend the rest of my life in a lab. I bet James is going to report me anyway. What to do."

About an hour later, along the bank Naomi hears someone approaching.

"Here boy," calls out a man, the sound of a dog's paw approaching, coming nearer. Suddenly a Great Pyrenees appears. Moments later his master, a stocky dark Frenchman appears.

"Oh please don't tell anyone," begs Naomi looking at the man. "I'm not a machine, I'm a person."

"Well what do we have here?" asks the Frenchman. "A beautiful damsel in distress," as he bends over Naomi. "Hi I'm Lucien, and your secrets safe with me, although Pierre over there might tell," as Lucien beckons towards the dog. "Do you need some help?"

"You might say that," replies Naomi. "You see I was roughhousing with my ex-boyfriend when I fell. My arm was knocked off, and those wires coming out of my stomach allow me to control my legs. When James saw me, he took off. The jerk."

With that Lucien bends over, and with the a couple twists of his wrist the wires are reconnected. In Naomi's field of vision she sees a message informing her of her regained control of her legs. Before she can get up Lucien slowly reconnects her right arm, and helps her up.

"Thanks, says Naomi.

"Your welcome," replies Lucien.

"Oh my God," says Naomi a shocked look on her face.

"Is there something wrong with your systems?" asks a concerned Lucien.

"No," replied a panicked Naomi. "James has access to our apartment. We've got to get over there, and save my stuff. I can't live there anymore, and I don't know anyone. My father died two years ago. What am I going to do."

"Firstly, we'll go to your apartment," said Lucien. "I don't think James will go straight back there. Then we move all your stuff into my house. You can stay there as long as you want."

"Thank you so much," says Naomi happily. "But aren't you going to find it weird living with me, a gynoid? You've seen my inner workings."

"It’s the person on the outside that counts," replied Lucien. "That's what I've always been told. Anyway your beautiful spirits, and looks, make up for your being a gynoid, or whatever you said. Anyway let's go or you'll lose your stuff. My pickups parked over here," said Lucien as he beckoned down the bank.

Later that night as Naomi lay on Lucien's coach trying to get to sleep, she was surprised by this good Samaritan, who'd saved herself, her possessions, and looked beyond her being artificial. As far as Naomi was concerned she'd never leave.

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