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Thanks to N6688 for making this awesome manip of Natalia!! :) Helluva guy - really really appreciate your work!

Please let me know if you like it - I always appreciate hearing from all of you!

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Cooper and his girlfriend, Natalia, arrived at the Italian restaurant at 7:50 PM. The restaurant's manager greeted them at the door and escorted them through the mostly empty space. They were seated to a booth in a mostly secluded corner of the restaurant.

His parents were expected to arrive at 8:00 PM. He thought the earlier they could get there the better. This was to be Natalia's first long-form social engagement as Cooper's girlfriend, and he wanted to give her systems ample time to adjust to the environment.

He had only bought Natalia four months prior, and only in the past few weeks had he begun to feel confident with her accompanying him in public. He had been single for three years prior and his mother and father constantly pestered him about when they could "meet the next lucky lady."

This constant pestering from his parents was actually one of many reasons that had led Cooper to buy an AVANT N4T4L14_M84U Companion-Bot. That, and the fact that she was on sale for a screaming deal.

AVANT was in financial turmoil, having sunk all profits for the last several years into R&D on the N4T4L14_M84U's successor model. They were trying to push N4T4L14_M84U's out of inventory as fast as possible to fund the final leg of development and production of the K1MBERLY_M84U Companion-Bot. They were dropping the "Avant" prefix as well, hoping to distance their struggling brand name with the newly updated model.

About a month ago, to get his mom off his back, Cooper had accidentally let it slip that he was seeing "someone". His mom immediately begged him to meet his new girlfriend. Thoroughly overwrought with "mom-guilt", Cooper finally conceded and said that they could meet at dinner...at a time...and at a place that he picked.

Now here the two of them were, sitting side by side in a dimly lit Italian restaurant. A seemingly normal couple that under the surface were anything but.

Cooper turned and looked at Natalia closely. She smiled glowingly, reveling in the attention he was giving her. Under whispered breath he spoke to her, "Nat, lets switch seats. Your chest and face-plate look a little glossy in that light. I think it's darker where I'm sitting."

Natalia happily obliged, "Okay."

They both stood up and quickly switched spots. Natalia was now sitting on the outside edge of the booth and Cooper against the inner wall. Cooper, again closely examined her up and down in the softer light and relaxed slightly, "You look much better here. There's hardly any gloss at all!"

Natalia flashed a brilliant smile and performed a fun little wiggle of endearment in the booth causing her generous breasts to wobble slightly. Her programming always relished being told how good she looked.

N4T4L14-M84U Companion-Bots were known for having a slight artificial gloss about their synth-skin when directly exposed to light sources. Cooper had heard some rumor about the AVANT Japanese engineers overlooking the difference between the LED lights of their labs and the still present incandescent bulbs in much of American society.

Whatever the reason for the gloss was, it was usually easily remedied with a little bit of makeup powder and touch of foundation. Something that Natalia soon found herself applying quite frequently, and after viewing and analyzing several thousand makeup tutorials found herself quite good at it as well.

Tonight, Natalia was also using an excessive amount of concealer and cover-up to hide the serial number stamped down the length of her inner right wrist. She blended the numbers 'N4T4L1A_M84U-26B' against the warm undertones of her beige synth-skin expertly, rendering it all but invisible to all but the most keen observers. Natalia, the 26th produced model of the N4T4L1A_M84U BENEVOLENT production series, calculated with 99.3% assurance that she would be able to successfully last the night without giving up a hint of her robotic nature.

In her new spot, and with the aid of a little makeup, Natalia's olive face held a natural vibrant healthy glow. Her shoulder length blonde hair was parted evenly behind her ears, framing her cute nose and high cheekbones while also limiting the slight sheen of her plastic-elastomer forehead. Her vibrant green eyes shone brilliantly, even though she had dialed down their brightness by several factors.

Before leaving, Cooper had tasked Natalia with choosing her most conservative pieces of clothing for the night. Dressing down was a concept foreign to the N4T4L1A_M84U's main CPU and she initially struggled with the proposition. However, after several scans of her limited wardrobe and the application of several algorithmic filtering models, she was able to assemble herself into a white lace romper top that ended beneath a pair of airy salmon-colored summer dress bottoms. The top was quite revealing; Natalia's cleavage was front and center, her creamy breasts standing buoyant and alert. It had been too late to purchase her anything new, and Cooper cursed himself for only buying outfits he found sexy and not having the foresight to buy his robotic girlfriend anything that put practically before looks.

Sitting down together in the booth waiting for Cooper's parents to arrive, Natalia's large breadth of predictive situational analysis processors continuously wrote and re-wrote her hard-coded social functionality subroutines so she could most convincingly perform that night her simulated act of being Cooper's loving, human girlfriend.

--- --- ---

Cooper's parents arrived soon after and Natalia rose from the table with Cooper behind.

Cooper's mother, Beth bounded into Natalia excitedly, "It's so nice to finally meet you Nat!"

Quickly reciprocating the hug she was being given, Natalia responded, "It's wonderful to meet you too Beth!"

Beth stared at Cooper playfully, "Coop is always shy talking about his girlfriends. You'll have to tell me everything about yourself!"

Unsure how to reply, Natalia just smiled warmly and giggled.

"Wow you're so beautiful!", Beth teasingly pinched Natalia's shoulder, laughing, "Are you real?!"

She pulled away from Natalia still musing. Natalia laughed along with Beth, her sophisticated social programming determining this was the best route of addressing Beth's strange question.

She spun and faced Cooper's father, David, who gave her a polite hug. "Nice to meet you Nat. I agree with my wife, you are indeed very beautiful. It seems that Cooper is a lucky man."

Natalia smiled cordially, "Thank you. It's wonderful to meet you David."

Cooper eyed his father who was looking Natalia up and down and cut through the pleasantries, "Let's sit down I know I'm starved!".

The four sat down at their booth. Natalia, remembering to avoid the harsh light of the inner booth, let Cooper in first.

They all smiled pleasantly at one another, and unsurprisingly Beth spoke up first, "So..." she looked to Natalia, "Nat. How did the two of you meet?"

Natalia's complex array of speech delivery systems and software instantly began formulating a response, but she was cut short as Beth pointed disgustedly to the approaching waitress, "Is that one of those skeevy AVANT sex-dolls! Oh my goodness it is! She is not serving us!?"

Cooper looked up from his menu and immediately identified the waitress as indeed, another AVANT N4T4L14_M84U Companion-Bot. Her glossy face-plate, blue eyes, and brunette hair were all different from Natalia. But, her chassis Cooper quickly surmised, was an exact match to his Natalia. Perky C-cups bolted onto a slender frame with athletically toned arms, legs, and ass. Cooper found himself quite attracted to the waitress, she exuded a slutty sexiness that he often had Natalia embody when they were alone at home.

Before the waitress reached the table, Natalia had requested, and after passing through a series of firewalls and verification procedures, was granted access to the restaurant's over-the-air network link. She established a direct communications channel with the waitress, informing her of the oncoming situation with Cooper's parents. The waitress obliged and let her know that she do everything within her programming to keep Natalia's robotic nature a secret.

The waitress stopped abruptly exactly one foot away from the table. The plunging neckline of her black spaghetti strap top revealing wobbling breasts. Her long slender legs emerged from a matching circular skirt with her feet ending in a simple pair of black pumps.

She spoke simply and confidently, only the slightest hint of sexuality still present on her voice. Cooper guessed that had required a slight re-working of her social programming, something he feared messing with on his Natalia. "Can I get you folks anything to start off tonight?"

Beth replied pointedly, leaning forward from her seat against the wall opposite Cooper, "Yes. Although is it alright if I ask you some questions first?"

The brunette waitress smiled, "Of course!".

"Are you a robot?"

"Yes, I'm an AVANT N4T4LI4_M84U." Her eyes flickered, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"I knew it!" Beth looked around the table looking for confirmation that she was right. Cooper and Natalia both smiled nervously, but Dave just stared at the waitress, his wife's words completely passing through un-listening ears.

He asked with genuine curiosity, "How long have you worked here?"

"Two weeks and 4 days, Sir." Her eyes flickered again, "Is there anything else I can help you with?".

Cooper looked at his mom, "I was here three weeks ago and our waitress was human. I swear, I had no idea! We can go somewhere else if you want to."

Beth shook her head, "Nope this is where you chose. We had to come all the way across town to be here, and wow it's already 8:20! We'll stay Coop, it's okay."

Cooper tried to shake off the patronizing tone from his mother, "Really it's okay we can leave!"

She put her hand up, stopping him, "I'll be fine Cooper.", she glared at the robotic waitress, "Her on the other hand may not be."

Natalia sat quietly, her main CPU was developing a complex set of predictive algorithms to help her best navigate Beth's social behavior.

The brunette waitress, still standing in the exact spot where she had arrived blinked several times, "Is there anything else I can help you with?".

Cooper tried to begin ordering drinks for the table but was interrupted by his father, "Are the entire staff robots like you?".

"Just the wait-staff and bartender sir. Our cooks and managers are all human." Her eyes flickered. "Is there anything else I can hel..."

She was interrupted by Cooper's father, "Can I touch you?".

She blinked repeatedly for about five seconds, apparently having difficulty handling the interruption of her pre-progammed routine.

"David!" Beth exclaimed.

"Oh I'm just curious honey! Put it to bed already!", he looked to the waitress with expectant eyes.

Cooper swore he heard several processors whir up to speed.

"You may touch me on my arm." She lifted her hand toward Dave who took it gingerly. He rubbed his fingers down the numbers of her visible serial number. "Wow. So soft. You feel so real."

"Thanks!" she replied in a sing-songy voice.

He continued, "Although you're definitely a little glossy, but that's okay!"

She smiled, "So I've been told.", her eyes flickered, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Before anyone even mutter a syllable, Cooper yelled, "Four vodka tonics please!"

The waitress blinked, instantly establishing a wireless connection with the busty redhead N4T4LI4_M84U unit behind the bar, "Four vodka tonics coming right up!" She smiled, pivoted, and walked away.

Dave watched her every step, entranced with her calculated stride.

Cooper breathed a sigh of 'Oh-my-god-what-have-gotten-myself-into'. He couldn't believe he had brought his sex-bot girlfriend to a restaurant run by sex-bot waitresses with his mom and dad.

Beth leaned into the table and directed her attention to Natalia, "So...I realized I don't even know your entire name!" She scowled at Cooper, "Can I ask what Nat is short for?"

Cooper and Natalia turned to face each other, both unsure of who should respond and how.

Natalia's main CPU parsed through several thousand appropriate behavioral response options. Within 2.3 milliseconds, her powerful computing array narrowed the list down to two options. Either she could admit her name was Natalia and risk Beth making a connection between her and their robot waitress, or she could improvise and make something up.

Improvisation was still a slightly underdeveloped ability even on the advanced AVANT N4T4L14_M84U model line, having only been formally introduced for the first time in her preceding model, the AVANT T3SS4-M84U Companion-Bot.

Her main CPU parsed through terabytes of sub-optimized behavioral improvisation code executing thousands of intricate logical prediction algorithms. Her large round eyes stared vacantly as she attempted to reach a solution.

Cooper, sensing the internal struggle from his Companion-Bot began to speak up, "Nat is short for...uh...uh", He paused, unable to continue, reaching a more natural state of processing incapacity as the stress of the situation overtook him.

"Natasha!", Natalia's eyes had regained their focus and her perfect smile beamed. "Nat is short for Natasha!".

Cooper heaved a sigh of relief. He felt the onset of a panic-attack subside slightly.

Natalia's processors slowed their frenzied pace as well, confident her improvisation was sufficient and satisfactory.

Beth smiled, "Natasha! What a beautiful name. So where are you from? What do you do? I have so much to ask!"

Cooper and Natalia had rehearsed these questions in the days leading up to dinner, and Natalia's sophisticated social-interaction suite had no trouble adapting to the slight deviations and nuances of each question.

--- --- ---

After a few drinks, conversation had settled into a dull rhythm. David or Beth would ask Natalia a question and she would respond with programmed simplicity, simulated sincerity, and an expertly crafted warm smile. Cooper had to interject only a few times to help steer the conversation into comfortable, familiar territory that Natalia was well equipped to handle. Her main CPU was now only utilizing 45% of her processing capacity to deal with Cooper's parents, and with ease it activated her predictive-algorithmic-forecasting-suite.

Natalia's sensors kicked up in sensitivity as she tried to build a comprehensive understanding of her surroundings. Inwardly, her sophisticated array of circuit-boards and vast banks of volatile memory queried her wireless connection with restaurant.

The bartender unit was apparently having trouble dealing with a nosy patron who was asking pointed questions about the specs and functionality of her model. Her primary computational stack was slowly overheating as she did her best to give the patron what he desired without compromising her function.

The group of bots around the restaurant determined her best strategy was to ignore the specific questions and just smile at him sexily instead, with frequent offers for more drinks.

Natalia strained her neck out of the booth, a slight click emanating from within as her artificial vertebrae reached maximum extension. She saw the back of a lone man at the bar. He was holding a smartphone. Her iris' span as she magnified her vision trying to make out what was on the phone's display, but her attempt was thwarted as the man put his phone down against the bar-top.

In that instant, Natalia's ultra sensitive audio receptors picked up a signal and she responded to a question directed at her and pivoted her mechanical frame back to face the conversation. Her iris' again spun, in reversed direction, as they readjusted their internal apertures to focus on the faces of Beth and Dave immediately in front of her. She smiled friendly, her main CPU easily formulating a response to their question.

Beth then excused herself to the restroom, inadvertently knocking the table's pitcher of water onto the floor. Natalia instinctively grabbed a handful of napkins and leaned down and out of the booth to begin cleaning up the spill, her ample breasts swaying gently within her lacy white top. Beth put a hand on Natalia's toned shoulder, "Don't worry about it dear. It's my mess. I'll clean it up when I get back from the ladies room." Natalia sat up slowly, every component of her mechanical spine moving harmoniously with one another to create the shockingly realistic movement.

Natalia leaned back against the booth, proud of her systems function throughout the evening. She sipped on her gin and tonic, her behavioral subsystems simulating a slight buzz from the alcoholic drink. In reality the liquid, and later on - food, would sit dormant in a durable bladder just behind the synth-skin and cushioned dermal layer of her navel. She would expel this as waste later in the evening when her systems deemed it convenient.

After several moments of silence Natalia's systems logged a brief burst of incoherent data from the restaurant's over-the-air network link. Her faceplate twitched uncontrollably for a microsecond before recovering to it's previous state. She let out a sigh and fidgeted in her seat. She looked at David and Cooper, who she realized were now both staring at her. She chalked it up to her exquisite engineering and a fascination with her amazing curves; she was an AVANT N4T4LI4_M84U after all, marketed with the slogan, 'Any moment looks good on on AVANT N4T4LI4_M84U'.

David and Cooper were both indeed staring at Natalia. More specifically, they were staring at her chest. Her polymer-elastic nipples had stiffened and were not-so-subtly poking through her white lace top.

David politely looked away, although he couldn't help the corners of his eyes stealing occasional glances. Cooper fidgeted in his seat nervously. This was completely unlike Natalia, on their other trips in public he had never seen her engage her sexual subsystems, albeit for several times he had snuck a hand up her skirt or whispered something dirty in her ear. He leaned close and whispered in her ear, "Nat, cancel all processes related to your sex-ware. Your nipples are poking straight through your shirt."

She turned towards him, blinked several times in rapid succession, and whispered back, "No sex-ware processes are currently running. I do not understand your request." Her head pivoted again to face Dave, who was still doing his best to look away. Natalia, lacking the understanding as to why his gaze avoided her just queued one of several pre-programmed warm smile routines and sat still.

Cooper, with more urgency, again whispered into her ear. "Nat, look down at your chest. Acknowledge your nipples are engorged and disengage whatever process is causing them to to that."

Natalia tilted her head down and immediately cocked it to one side in surprise as a series of algorithms parsed data and determined meaning from the meta-data collected from the ocular receptors embedded within her green doll-like eyes. Her main CPU again queried her behavioral processing tree which confirmed its initial assessment - there were no sex-ware processes running that could trigger engorgement of her nipples.

She leaned back into Cooper whispering, "Coop, I acknowledge they are engorged. However, I have no sex-ware processes currently running. I do not know what to do-do-do-do." Her speech hiccuped mechanically before emitting a sultry moan. Cooper stared at Natalia, dumbfounded at how quickly his robotic companion had fallen into functional disarray.

Just then, their super-model brunette waitress turned the corner towards the table with their four vodka tonics delicately balanced on a tray she held above her athletic shoulders. Her black pumps clicked steadily as she walked; Cooper saw the tell-tale signs of the waitress N4T4L1A_M84U's sexual subroutines in full operation and began wondering if there was a connection between her and Natalia's behavior. Her full lips were parted, her runway stride exaggerated, and her nipples stiff, easily poking through her thin black top.

Natalia's systems were so busy running internal debuggers and detailed program-error analyses that her processors weren't even aware of the waitresses' approach. Even if she had been aware, her connection to the restaurant's over-the-air network link had errored out and she would be unable to warn the waitress about the spilled water.

Cooper saw all of this happening and tried calling out to waitress in warning. However, his calls were too late. The waitress-bot's methodical stride put the stiletto heel of her right pump in the middle of the spilled water. She slid briefly before falling forwards, her complex gyroscopic subsystem failing spectacularly in the process causing her to flail erratically. The drinks flew into the air and she fell straight into the edge of the table knocking her face plate loose and leaving her convulsing on the floor. The actuators behind her face plate, now visible, fired and relaxed at irregular intervals.

Two of the air-born drinks spilled onto Natalia's left arm; the vodka-tonic mixture quickly dissolving away the makeup covering her serial number. She immediately tried covering the visible numbers with her opposite hand, hoping Cooper's father was too busy looking at the writhing, malfunctioning waitress-bot to notice her slip up.

Cooper reacted impulsively, he had seen what happened and could read the look of concern on Natalia's face. With haste, he grabbed Natalia's arm and urged her upwards from her seat. He got up following Natalia and shouted back to his father, "We're gonna grab something from the car Dad, we'll be right back!" With a hand still on her very feminine arm, he guided her slowly through the restaurant. He noticed how warm she felt, much warmer than usual.

"Nat, relay me your current processing load and available capacity."

Natalia paused for a moment, just in front of the bar, as her internal query system pinged his question. She unintentionally paused just long enough for Cooper to bump into the spongy softness of her butt cheeks. She turned to him, now biting her lip, a new development. With a slight artificial twinge to her voice she replied, "An estimated 2.23 terabytes of my RAM are currently being used out of an available 2.88 terabytes."

Cooper grimaced, "Damnit! That's why you feel so warm Nat. Can you kill any non-pertinent programs?"

Natalia again froze momentarily, her eyes staring ahead glossily, at nothing. She quickly regained her composure, "All programs are currently non-responsive to my internal query system. My temperature readouts are high but within my operating limits..." With a harsh snap her faceplate contorted into an utterly inhuman position. Another abrupt crack and it returned to an alluring, seducing look, "You make me so hot Cooper..." She reached greedily towards the crotch of his pants and pushed the soft weight of her malleable breasts against his chest, "I want you to fuck me outside my operational limits, I'm so-so-so-so hot-hot-hot for you!"

Cooper, in fear of being discovered, quickly scanned his surroundings. He soon realized that all of the bots within the restaurant were behaving erratically.

Just behind him at the bar, the busty read-head N4T4L1A_M84U unit was spilling her cleavage onto the counter-top. Her pale blemish-less breasts layed flat against the granite, the various layers of silicone and gel within her bosom contouring to the surface. One man at the bar with phone in hand was obviously enjoying it and encouraging her behavior to continue. Cooper urged Natalia towards the exit.

Just inside of the entrance, an Asian N4T4L1A_M84U sat feverishly rubbing her artificial clit while laying against the hostess stand. With her legs splayed wide, her soft synthetic labia was easily visible from beneath her skirt. Lubricant pumped out steadily and was forming a small pool on the ground beneath her. The hostess' eyes were blinking rapidly. Cooper could smell the tell-tale aroma of the N4T4L1A_M84U's pungent arousal fluid.

Slowly piecing everything he had witnessed together, Cooper pulled Natalia out the restaurants door. She was latched onto him, panting, digging her nails into his back through the fabric of his shirt. She breathed into his ear, "Coop. My tight-tight-tight-tight little plas-plas-plas-plastic pussy wants to feel your dick so-so-so-so bad-bad-bad-bad." Moaning with urgency, she continued, "I need you!".

It was now raining heavily, and the Natalia's white romper top soon clung to her slim figure. Cooper, still somehow un-phased by Natalia's repeated attempts at engaging him sexually, pulled her around the corner and stuffed her into his parked car. He exhaled deeply before following her in. Behind tinted windows in the dark and mostly empty parking lot his fear of Natalia being discovered by his parents was slightly eased.

In the back seat of his car, Natalia immediately peeled her romper top up and over her head. Cooper was already fighting back an erection and seeing her unrestrained silicone-polymer C cups was not helping. When she quickly began removing her summer dress bottoms Cooper attempted to seize control.

"Nat, initialize shut-down sequence 51N9L8."

With her bottoms halfway peeled off and her perfectly tanned full-bodied ass exposed, she froze. She blinked erratically and Cooper picked up on the sounds of her already taxed processors whirring up in intensity. He put a hand to her slender waist. He could feel her buzzing, and combined with how hot she felt, Cooper began to worry about his sexbot girlfriend's well-being.

Natalia continued to idle with no indication that she was making any progress in executing the verbal shut-down sequence issued to her. She had never frozen for this long before and Cooper began to panic. He reached for her manual ON/OFF button, a small and cleverly hidden flesh colored disc behind her right ear. This button was only to be used in emergencies where it would immediately cut all voltage output from her sophisticated set of graphene batteries embedded within her magnesium-alloy chassis. This instant loss of power often corrupted data streams in N4T4L14-M84U memory banks requiring extensive maintenance where the subsystem was either completely scrubbed or in many instances replaced completely.

Cooper knew all this and was about to proceed regardless, when with his finger hovering over the button, Natalia un-froze. She turned to Cooper with her faceplate calm and serene. Her full, soft lips parted and in a casual, friendly voice she spoke up, "Shut-down sequence 51N9L8 can not be found. I do not understand your request."

Instantly, with a frenzied whiz of embedded servo-motors within her face's plastic architecture, her face-plate scrunched up unnaturally. Cooper winced. With a sharp crack it reset itself into it's most seductive template. Her pouty lips, high cheekbones, cute upturned nose, and alluring eyes all combined to prove too much for Cooper to handle.

"Maybe I can fuck this crazy behavior out of you!" He grabbed Natalia's delicate hand and placed it on the seam of his pants. Her agile fingers gingerly grabbed for his stiff erection. She found it and smiled beguilingly. With machine-life efficiency she finished removing her bottoms before taking off Cooper's pants and boxers for him.

With graceful movement, Natalia straddled him and began grinding her artificial pussy against his rigid member. Cooper could feel her wetness through the fabric of her lace thong, her soft pliable lips bending around the tip of his erection. With his back firmly against the seat, Cooper reached up and grabbed Natalia's full, pert breasts. He kneaded the soft flexible mammary, her plastic nipples hard with simulated arousal.

Natalia moved her face down and nuzzled it against Cooper, her warm and yielding lips soon engaging with his own. They kissed with increasing urgency, Natalia's soft tongue aggressively pressing into Cooper's mouth.

Still engaged in a sensual kiss, Natalia's complex sexual performance bus prompted her systems to engage in intercourse. She stealthily dipped a hand below her waist where she moved her thong to the side and slid Cooper's throbbing erection into her slick, plastic vagina.

Natalia's warm walls glided up and down the sides of Cooper's manhood as she expertly pistoned up and down. He buried himself deep within the pliable folds of her pussy. Scientifically formulated lubricant was heated in an external reservoir from where it was slowly pumped into her synthetic vaginal canal.

The sexbot moaned as Cooper thrust into her again and again, her thousands of sensors embedded within the lining of her plastic-elastomer walls flooded her Main CPU with the stimulating data. Bracing her hands against her lover's chest she moaned, "Mmm tell me how hot-hot-hot I am!".

Natalia pistoned up and down expertly, riding Cooper with methodical precision that was bringing him close to the edge. She moaned, her voice clipping with digital distortion, "Mmm fuck me Coop-Coop-Coop!". Her soft vaginal walls gripped and clenched Cooper's throbbing manhood. They pumped and pumped, her snatch continuing to tighten and fill with lubricant as she anticipated Cooper's climax.

She initiated her own orgasm subroutine, her sophisticated out-of-the-box sexware combining with her several months of logged intercourse sessions with Cooper to expertly predict his oncoming orgasm and execute her own in parallel. Cooper found this highly erotic and it was one of Natalia's favorite tools for pleasing her lover. She bucked wildly, Cooper's cock penetrating her soft-rubber cavity as rivulets of lubricant dripped down from her flushed sex. The companion-bot's hands moved to his shoulders to steady herself as she continued to straddle him. Cooper moved his hands behind Natalia and squeezed her firm ass feeling the exquisite heat of her precision-engineered curves.

Natalia's RAM was reaching it's maximum capacity as her orgasm subroutine began firing. The issue with her internal debugger hadn't resolved and a deluge of unresponsive subroutines and processes were bogging her system down. Her eyes crossed as her array of processors hitched, buckled, and ultimately failed under the growing computational load.

Cooper continued wildly pumping in and out of Natalia's perfect plastic pussy; in his own throws of orgasm he didn't see or notice his companion bot go limp as her hastily thrown together emergency shut-down protocol initiated. Only several moments after releasing himself within her did Cooper pick up on Natalia's compromised state. He pulled himself out of the inert doll and carefully laid her against the far door. It had all been too much for the M84U's systems.

He pondered what to do before deciding to head back into the restaurant without Natalia and make up some kind of excuse for her absence.

......... ... ...

Against the echoing sounds of police sirens approaching, a man ran out the door just as Cooper entered.

Hearing the sirens he yelled, "I didn't mean to do it man! I didn't mean to! I just wanted that bartender to come home with me! I didn't know it would spread to every bot in the place! Fuck!"

Cooper watched the man run down the street before disappearing behind a corner.

He turned and was face to face with his parents. Beth had her hand over her face, "Cooper tell Natasha goodbye for me, I need to get out of this...hell hole." She gestured around to the many malfunctioning bots around the restaurant before stepping outside.

David tapped Cooper on the shoulder and gave him a knowing smile. "So uh, where's Natasha?"

Cooper with a slight panic in his voice replied, "Oh she's in the car...not feeling well you know?"

"Well I hope she feels better," He winked, "I might just have to convince Beth to get one of these N4T4L1A_M84U units for the house, you know a good dealer?"

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