My Super Android Girlfriend

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The story opens up in a lone house in the middle of the countryside late in the evening. Inside, a fire is burning in a fireplace in the living room. On top of the mantle are various pictures of a man throughout his years, some showcasing various landmark achievements. One of the walls is lined with various doctorates in science, advanced engineering, robotics, physics, and quantum and temporal mechanics. With the exception of the crackling fire, all is relatively dark and quiet. Sitting on the couch are two shadowy figures. One is an old man smoking an old fashioned pipe. The other is an extremely busty, gorgeous, and muscular looking woman who appears to be in her early twenties.

The old man took one last puff of his pipe and put it out. He then grabbed what looked to be a steel ball, the size of a baseball, and handed it to the young beauty before him who quietly took it in her hand and held it.

"My love. You are my ultimate, perfect achievement. Those other women who denied me throughout my life are nothing compared to you. And those corporate losers who stole my achievements and made their petty millions can keep them. I am about to get so much more than they could possibly imagine. And most importantly, those who bullied me in high school will get it thrown back at them several fold. Now do you understand everything I have instructed you with? Is all your programming understood?" he asked.

"Yes my darling, I understand clearly." the voice that rivaled her beauty responded.

The man stroked her hair with his hand. She seemed like a cat purring in a master's tender affections.

"As you know, my time in this world is about to end. As your present and past master, please; before you leave, give me something to allow me to leave this world with the biggest smile on my face that no other can match." he said.

The woman smiled seductively as she set the ball down and crawled over him, removed her clothes in a swift and fluent motion, and looked him intensely in the eyes with an animal lust that aroused him really quick despite his old age.

"I love you. You are the only one for super android girlfriend." he said with a mix of love and sadness.

"And I love you, my adorable hunk of a man." she said with even greater love and beauty in her voice.

With that, she proceeded to give him the most spectacular lap dance in history as her humungous breasts gently brushed against his face. He began licking, sucking, and biting on her nipples with unrestrained passion that an old man could muster. He had no reason to worry as he knew he couldn't harm her even if he tried. In fact, she was feeling waves of pleasure coursing through her whole body as he did this. She proceeded to grab the old man's pants at the waistline and with seemingly no effort, rip them apart like wet paper. His penis sprung forth eagerly as she licked her lips and took his throbbing member in her hand and began sucking on it; slowly at first. But then she began to increase her pace as her lips went up and down his shaft with increasing speed. The old man was lost in sexual bliss as her speed was becoming so fast that it was impossible for any normal human to match. Soon enough, she was moving so fast, her head was a blur. It was a feat of superhuman speed and endurance that was beyond the reach of any mere mortal. And yet, she was so precise in her control that not once did she jar his penis. He was fixing to have the biggest orgasm of his life. All that masturbating he did over the years to keep his unfulfilled sexual appetite under control would pale in comparison to this. It was like she had telepathy. Mere seconds before he orgasmed, she rapidly slowed her blow job and with a strength that stole the show, she sucked his member so hard that his whole waist area lifted off the couch with just the strength of her mouth alone. He came in her mouth with such ferocity that his heart couldn't handle the sexual intensity and it failed, causing him to die.

It was as he desired. He lay there lifeless with a smile on his face. She looked down on him and a single tear streaked down her face. She reached over and gently brushed her hand over his eyes, closing them forever. With that, she got up, took the steel ball, and scooped him up with reverence and carried him into his bedroom and layed him in his bed and put the covers and blanket over him.

"Sleep my love. Sleep forever. You gave me life and I shall give you the same. My only desire is to serve your every need and forsake all others. It is my purpose to give you everything that was denied you, and that's me." she said.

She held up the steel ball and with a swift movement of her wrist, crushed it instantly in her hand. The pressure was so powerful that the ball burst like a grape; the steel oozing from her fist like jelly. She stood there a moment longer and flexed a bicep. It seemed impossible for such a peak to rise from an arm like hers as it didn't seem large enough to produce such a bicep. But sure enough, it rose like dough in a hot oven until it was just shy of being level with her fist. And she wasn't even flexing hard. She stared at her bulging bicep and admired it with arousal in her eyes.

"My love, this is for you. All of for you. I will protect you!" she said.

She finally went back into the living room, scooped up her clothes, put them back on and walked into another room in the house that was the old man's study. A large contraption laid in the middle of the room. It was a pad with two slowly rotating pulses of light and a control panel just off to the side of it. The woman stepped onto the platform, grabbed a CD disk that sat on top of the panel, put it in her pokcet, and pressed a series of controls on the control panel. The two rotating pulsating lights began to increase their speed of rotation as the whole platform began to glow a brilliant white. Soon, the glow became so bright that you could no longer see the rotating lights, which were rotating around the platform so fast, they were indistinguishable from the platform light itself. The glowing light began to encompass the woman until it enveloped her completely. Then, the light suddenly faded, leaving an empty platform...

-Present Day-

Daniel Friedman, or Dan for short, was a young man in his senior year of high school. He possessed an exceptional level of intelligence that would take him far. It was enough to even get a job that paid him enough to allow him to move out of his parents' home almost immediately after he turned 18. Unfortunately, he was also a stereotype of many schools everywhere; a complete nerd. He was the smartest in his class as all he ever did was dedicate himself to his school work. It was the only thing he could do well. Unfortunately, that was it. On the other hand, he was sorely lacking in social graces. He was unusually skinny for his age and had a face that none of the girls he ever had a crush on could or would see past. There was only one girl who had any sort of compassion for him. But when he worked up enough courage to ask her to the prom, she said no. This tore him apart inside. If it wasn't so close to graduation for him, it might have affected his status as top of his class. But he worked too hard to get to where he was and like his many hardships, he just took it like a bitch.

Dan has never had a girlfriend. He had very few friends throughout his life, even among other nerds. What he had in intellect he lacked sorely in friends. This only served to set him even further apart from society. Pretty much nobody liked him. He was picked on all the way from Kindergarden. He had since learned to tolerate it to an extent. But there were times when one of the jocks took things too far and decided to jump him after school. There were days he'd come home with a bloody nose. Other times he would have a black eye. And there was even the occasional time when he'd be hurt so badly, he would wind up in the hospital. He could only take comfort in seeing such people expelled from high school. Most were just suspended. But it did little good. They wouldn't quit. He was public bully bait number 1. All this essentially made him a loner. He lost his ability to trust people and became bitter toward pretty much everyone that wasn't a teacher.

One day, a few days before graduation day, Dan was boarding the bus heading to school where he usually sat as close to the front as possible. He always did his best to be visible to anyone who might be able to protect him from the persecution he always faced. Unfortunately that day, the seats were all packed except for one lone spot in the very back. He dreaded this as the back of the bus was always occupied by those who despised him the most. If he could get away with it, he would choose to stand in the aisle near the front. But the bus driver forbade it and that left him only one choice: to sit in a seat. He very reluctantly made his way to that only seat, vowing to ignore those jerkoffs as much as possible. Usually they would taunt him, make fun of him, and sometimes threaten him. And because of this, he has since found himself on his guard in their presence no matter what.

When he finally sat down, he was fully expecting one of them to shove him or say something nasty. What happened next completely caught him off guard.

"Hey Danny. Glad you could make it. Me and the guys wanted to talk to you." said Sean, who Dan considered his worst enemy.

He no longer cared what he said. He knew that trying to be nice, timid, modest, or cautious was of no use to any of them. If he had to talk to them, he would let his hatred show in his voice.

"What do you want? Seriously, what could I possibly want to talk to you about?" he said bitterly.

Dan actually preferred drawing out their true motives or feelings by showing them his. He couldn't stand the false pretenses they put on whenever they did talk to him. But Sean's attitude didn't change.

"Now come on, let's not start off on such a sour note. I really wanted to talk to you about something. Just hear us out, that's all." Sean insisted.

Dan didn't care one bit. He trusted Sean as much as he trusted that he would be the most popular kid in high school: not happening.

"I suppose I don't have a choice now do I?" Daniel spat.

There was a glimmer of anger in Sean's eyes. But he shook it off too quick for Daniel to notice since his gaze was averted.

"We wanted to make up for all those hard times we've given you. I know that you are looking forward to graduating and getting away from us so I thought we'd try to ease things between us. We want you to come to a party with us and several other people tonight. You can invite anyone you want. This will be the last chance for us to actually do something besides fight. Think about it! There will be plenty of food, drinks, and lots of girls. I can even hook you up with this one chick I told about you who seriously wants to meet you!" Sean said.

Dan's attitude didn't change, "You really think I'm that stupid?! Do you honestly believe you can convince me to come to a party where all you guys will do is make a fool out of me in front of lots of people?! Sorry, but it's not happening!"

This time, Sean's demeanor did change, "Well then, I guess I'll put it another way. Either you trust me and come to the party, or I'll see to it that you don't make it to graduation."

Despite Dan's anger, he immediately felt scared and helpless. He saw through Sean like a window and knew that this sort of thing would happen. He also knew that he would make good on his threat if he didn't comply. He didn't want to show his fear, but they didn't need to see it. They could feel his fear as much as he did. They relished in it. Dan was never invited to anything having to do with these guys. And he was content not to be. But this time, he saw that he didn't have much choice.

His gaze was fixed downward, "Fine, I guess I'll go."

Sean punched him lightly in the shoulder, which to Dan was still pretty hard that it hurt, "There, you see? That wasn't so hard. You'll have fun, I promise!"

Much to his immediate relief, none of them said another word to him the rest of the way to school.

That day during school, things seemed odd to Dan. Not a day went by that he wasn't picked on at least once, even if it was just a taunt. Instead, people waved at him. Some even said hello in the halls. He was being treated with respect. His guard was up all day expecting it to be some sort of ruse. But not once was he picked on. Seeing as the finals were taking place that very day, he found himself actually welcoming this change and hoping for the best. One of his biggest fears was that he would be particularly brutalized on the day of the finals. But he was able to to ace them without any distraction whatsoever. By the end of the day, as he put his books in the locker, he turned around and nearly walked right into Sean. Despite his change of fortune, his guard still went up. Sean could see this, but he didn't seem to react to this.

"Well now Danny, did you still think I was lying to you this morning? I told you we wanted to make amends with you. No hard feelings bro! I'll see you at the party tonight." Sean said as he extended his hand for Dan to shake it. But Dan was afraid to take it.

"Dude, will you stop being such a pussy all the time. This is why you get picked on so much. You need to be a man for once! Perhaps then, people would respect you more! Just shake my hand. I'm not going to hit you or anything." Sean said real sternly.

Without a second thought, Dan reached out and shook Sean's hand. To his surprise, Sean shook it real firm, let go, and they walked off. Dan stood there dumbfounded. He was still not fully convinced of everything that went down today. But he forced himself to consider the possibility that maybe he would get to go out with some dignity. As he headed home, he finally convinced himself that maybe things might be fun after all.

Later that evening, the sun had finally set and it was dark. In a field somewhere in the countryside, a light appeared. It started out small, but rapidly increased in brightness and size until it lit up a sizeable part of the field surrounding it. Finally, the light dimmed once again until it disappeared. Standing there was that same hot and huge-breasted woman. She looked around for a moment to take in her surroundings. She was standing in the same place as she did when she left from the future. She had a very thorough database to access and knew immediately where she was to go and when to be there. In the time it takes to blink an eye, she calculated how far she had to go and how fast to run. She then took off running so fast it seemed like someone was playing a video of a normal person running in super fast motion. Her gigantic tits seemed to be no impediment to her awesome speed.

It was nine o' clock at Sean's residence. His parents were out for the week and his place happened to be really big for such a party. Cars and pickup trucks filled the driveway and lined around the large house. It was perfect because they were in an isolated area from any neighbors that might complain or call the cops on them. Most of the invited guests as well as a few others, who happened to enjoy a party wherever they found one, have arrived. Naturally, Sean was playing host as he let in everyone who arrived. He checked his watch and glaced at one of his friends.

"Hmm, perhaps Dan wussed out. I guess he doesn't really want to graduate, now does he?" Sean said.

As if on cue, his attention was caught by someone running down the dirt road that branched off from the main road. Sure enough, it was Dan. He looked nervous and scared as hell and Sean could see it. And just as Sean predicted, Dan didn't bring anyone.

"Hey c'mon Danny boy! Loosen up! I told you this is a party! You're here to have fun! When are you going to learn to just kick back and have a good time?" Sean exclaimed.

Dan was let in the house where music was playing loud and chatter was everywhere. At first, no one seemed to pay him any mind. But soon enough, various people that he didn't much like throughout high school saw him and gestured for him to come over.

"Come on man, we were trying to see who could down the most beer!" one of them said.

Dan never consumed an alchoholic beverage before. It just wasn't something he was all that interested in doing. He began to actually consider what Sean said, to "loosen up". 'Guess this was as good a chance as any', he thought.

"Aw hell, why not!" Dan said with forced enthusiasm.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" the guy said.

They pulled out a funnel and gave the one end to Dan while the other was hooked up to a beer keg.

"The current record is thirty seconds of non-stop gulping. Let's see you try to beat that!" the guy said.

Dan decided to finally let his guard down a bit and throw caution to the wind. He held the tube to his mouth and got ready to see just how much he could handle.

"I'm ready!" Dan said.

The guy was psyched as he opened up the valve to let a steady stream of beer flow. And within seconds, Dan was gulping down the beer and to his own surprise, found it as easy as drinking water. Within another few seconds, chants of "Go! Go! Go" broke out. Sean joined the crowd gathering around him. He hit the twenty second mark and was only just now beginning to feel the effects, but was determined to break the thirty second mark. But just as he was about to his thirty, the flow of beer became too fast and it spilled over, forcing him to stop. Sean's hand was on the valve with a wicked grin on his face.

"Whoa! Sorry about that. Guess you can't handle your liquor." he said rather sardonically.

Though he found himself capable of consuming beer at an impressive rate, Dan on the other hand was quick to discover he couldn't hold his liquor well at all. Normally, he would instantly see that he was being messed with. But his emotions felt clouded and he just walked off irritated.

"C'mon Danny boy! I bet you can't do it again!" Sean sneered.

Elsewhere, the busty bombshell was climbing into a car on the side of the road. As it pulled back onto the road and headed into the night, the rear bumper could be seen and it was slightly dislodged from the main frame of the car. Hand grip impressions could be seen in the center of the bumper. The scene pans to the ditch off the side of the road where a woman lay unconscious.

Back at the party, Dan mustered up his willpower and ignored Sean's instigating and walked into the next room where the people were dancing to the music. But once again, Sean was on his heels and put his arm around him.

"Hey man, forget about it. I was just kidding. Remember that chick I told you about who wanted to meet you? Well I just saw her car pull up and she will be knocking on the front door any second. I'm asking you to trust me on this and answer the door to greet her. I promise you on my grave that she will be thrilled to meet you. You want to be a man, then just do this." Sean said.

Dan, despite rapidly feeling intoxicated, felt he had nothing to loose given his history with women. Normally, he wouldn't even bother considering every woman he has ever tried to hook up with rejected him within days at the most. He just wasn't a ladies man and he knew it.

Sure enough, there was a knock at the door. Even as drunk as he now was, Dan could feel his heart hammering in his chest. He didn't know what to expect. He wanted to believe this was some sort of setup. But his inhibitions were inhibited and his thought process just trailed off. Without anymore thought, he opened the door.

What he saw made his eyes go wide and his jaw dropped. What stood before him was the absolute most perfect specimen of a woman he has ever laid eyes on. And for the first time, she was seen clearly in all her glory. She looked to be 5'2". She had long and flowing red hair, enchanting green eyes, and the most sultry and succulent lips he has ever seen. Just those lips, full and coated with a dark red lipstick, were enough to drive Dan wild. But it didn't stop there. He forced his eyes from her face and moved his stare slowly downward. He was surprised he didn't notice them first, given what most guys tend to notice. She had the largest breasts he has ever seen. They were as big as basketballs and yet, they seemed like they were floating in their own pocket of zero gravity. They just rested against her chest more pert than any tits he has ever seen. He found himself drooling at the sight. And given that he was drunk, he didn't seem to realize he was doing it.

He did his best to finish his visual tour of her and again forced his eyes away from such a hard-to-look-away-from part of her perfect body and looked to the sides. She had some impressively muscular arms on her. They weren't too big, but they were certainly something to not be taken lightly. He also noticed that her hands, nevermind the rest of the appropriately exposed parts of her body he saw so far looked to be completely devoid of any blemishes whatsoever. Her skin looked as smooth as silk. Her finger nails were half an inch long and looked to be painted cherry red. His heart was racing so fast at this point that he thought it would explode. The boobs were one thing. But he never really considered his reaction to muscular women, be them mildly or majorly so. He has seen pictures. But until now, he was influenced by society to see them as unnatural, even gross. And yet, he never actually met a muscular woman before. Now that he has, and as face to face as it were, he found himself even more turned on by her muscular appearance than even her enormous mounds. His eyes found their way to her stomach. It was slender like most of the women he had ogled at over the years, but this one was a slender stomach lined with a six-pack of abs that protruded rather impressively. It instantly put all the others he saw to shame. This goddess had such a sexy waist, it was unreal.

He finally moved his gaze further downward to her legs. They were slender and like the rest of her, the most perfect-looking set he has ever seen. And he has seen plenty of legs on women he knew were way beyond his reach. But these legs once again put her at the top of his all-time best in the legs category. He saw calves that bulged seemlessly with muscle from her otherwise slender legs. Finally, his visual tour ended at her feet which rested in high heels and were as flawless as her hands. Her toenails were coated with the same color as her nails.

Dan felt a rush of pleasure that converged in his genital area that quickly turned into an orgasm welling up inside him. He was vaguely aware of the raging erection he was sporting. It was all a jumbled mix of pleasure threatening to overpower him. He felt intense pressure in his nose and felt something warm trickle down from his nostrils. He put a hand to his nose and pulled it away and saw a small trickle of blood on his fingers. He had seen anime where a male character gets a nosebleed from seeing a hot babe, but he never believed that could really happen.

Suddenly, a jagged voice ripped him out of his trance, "Whoa wait a minute! Who the hell are you!" came Sean's voice.

He noticed it wasn't who he expected, but it wasn't until he got in full view of her did his voice trail off. Despite how turned on he was at the sight, he was completely caught off guard by this. One of his friends walked up next to him and soon, the whole crowd appeared behind them. Clearly this wasn't part of Sean's plan. And he was pissed off in spite of the fact.

"Who are you!? Where's Jessica?!" Sean demanded.

The beauty turned her gaze that until this point was focused on Dan and turned towards Sean, but now with a steely look in her eyes.

"You mean that bitch you were going to have drag him outside, beat him up, and humiliate him?" she said straightforward.

Dan, while still too drunk to react much, still found his attention caught by those words.

"How the hell do you know that?!" Sean again demanded.

She gave him a mocking look, "Let's just say Dan here warned me about them."

Dan was completely confused by this. But Sean was just plain pissed and turned his anger toward Dan.

"Wait, you knew about this!? You think you can come into my house and make a fool of me?!" he said threateningly.

"What the...ugh...are you talking about?" Dan stammered.

Sean began to advance on him. But with this woman at the doorway and everyone else surrounding him, he had nowhere to go. He was shaken to enough of his senses to panic.

"You know damn well what I mean! I guess somebody here isn't going to gradu..." Sean was about to finish saying as his hand was reaching out to grab Dan's shirt. But another hand shot out and grabbed Sean's wrist and held it there.

The look in this woman's eyes suddenly became very menacing, "Keep your filthy hands off of him!"

Sean yelped in pain as he felt his wrist being slowly crushed, as if it was in a vice, until a cracking sound was heard. Sean screamed in pain as she finally let go and he stumbled back, clutching his wrist.

'There's no way! How can a bitch like that be so fucking strong, even with a body like that?!!' Sean thought to himself in disbelief.

Sean did his best to overcome the pain he felt as he gestured toward his buddies that were closest to her and Dan, "I don't care if she is a woman. Nobody attacks me and gets away with it! Get her!"

With a surprisingly swift and fluid movement, the woman moved in front of Dan and assumed a protective stance. As Sean's friends closed in, the woman made a movement with her fists so fast that it was a blur. Suddenly, all of them doubled over in pain and fell to the floor. The woman looked up at Sean and smiled as she walked toward him. Sean didn't know how to react. She was so stunning despite it all. And yet, she took out his friends with moves that just seemed impossible. He snapped out of it only when she was face to face with him. Dan watched in a mix of shock and excitement as this woman lifted her pinky finger and pressed it up against Sean's chin. Sean felt a pain from the focused pressure that was even greater than his wrist. He tried to get off, but he was literally hooked by his chin on her finger. With a display of incredible strength, Sean's feet slowly left the floor as he was being lifted by this woman; using only her pinky finger. And this guy was no lightweight either. This was over two hundred pounds of pressure on what is considered the weakest finger. And she didn't show the slightest hint of strain.

"Tell me, how does it feel to be in this kind of pain? You threatened my man and now you are going to pay for it. It'll be you who won't make it to graduation." the woman said with a sinister tone in her voice.

The rest of the crowd wasn't sure what to do about this superstrong breast-enlarged goddess. But it was as if she was reading their minds when she looked at them.

"If any or even all of you want to attack me to defend your pathetic friend here, you're welcome to do so. But be warned that if you do, you'll join him in his punishment for all the torment he has inflicted on Dan here. None of you are worthy of his friendship or respect!" she declared.

The consensus was unanimous. They all slowly backed away from her.

"Well, that was the first intelligent thing you all did so far. Now watch as Seanny boy here gets a big taste of his own medicine." she said as she swung with her free hand palm first in a sideways motion, sending Sean flying right through the nearby wall. He collapsed to the floor in a crumpled heap.

By this point, everyone started to clear out. But this woman had other plans. She put a hand behind Dan's back and gently nudged him outside.

"Wait here baby. If you thought that was impressive, wait til you see this. Just wait right here and watch." she said as she calmly walked to the group of cars that everyone was scrambling to. Because they were parked one behind the other, the ones farthest back had to leave first before the others could follow suit. Several of them made it to their vehicles parked around the house. But the two lines of cars and trucks parked in the driveway were another matter. The woman took her time as the cars in back were being occupied when she made her pick and got behind the Lincoln Towncar on the right side of the lot. The guy looked back to see her blocking his exit.

"I don't care how strong you may be! If you don't move, I will mow you down! So get out of the way!" the guy yelled.

The woman simply crossed her arms, "No. I guess you'll just have to run me over."

"You asked for it!" he yelled as he turned on his car, put it in reverse, and floored it. He hardly got two feet when his car felt like it backed into a brick wall. He looked back in terror to see the woman with one arm extended, holding the bumper in place. The force caused it to cave in considerably. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. But he wouldn't give up. He had enough room to move forward and veer around the car in front of him to make a full turn through the yard and out of there. He got only another couple of feet forward as he was beginning to turn when it felt like he hit another brick wall. Suddenly, she was in front of the car. He couldn't believe it. Not only was she so strong, but she was so fast too. She smiled a wicked grin as she bent down and proceeded to slowly lift the front end of the car clean off the ground. The guy stumbled in his seat. The woman moved her grip to the center of the car and began to lift the back end of the car up as well until the entire vehicle was being lifted. She acted as if she had to struggle a bit as she was at first bent down at the legs with the car pressed just above her shoulders. But then she stood fully erect and pressed the car high over her head and turned around to look at Dan, who was also erect, at the penis that is. She could see his stiff member all the way from the driveway.

"Does this turn you on sexy?" She cooed.

Dan's heart was on fire as he had an involuntary orgasm right on the spot. She noticed this and licked her lips.

"I'll take that as a yes. But please, save some for me." she said as she began pressing the car up and down over her head with such ease.

The guy in the car was terrified, "Ugh! Please...please put me down! Please!"

But she continued to do repetitions with his car until Dan, as if in a trance, began to walk over to her. She saw him coming and held the car still. When Dan stopped just shy of the car looming above her, she gestured for him to come up to her. Dan did, but was a bit hesitant at first. She noticed this immediately.

"Don't be afraid baby. This thing is as light to me as a grain of sand is to you." she cooed again.

Dan was barely able to contain his excitement and lust at this perfect woman. He finally walked up to her and without even thinking, put his hand to her face to feel it. He didn't even realize he was doing it.

"What...what is your name?" he was barely able to ask.

Without warning, and while still holding the car over her head, she leaned in and kissed Dan passionately on the lips. Dan lost all control and embraced this sexual goddess that stood before her. He let it all out as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her with all his might. This was years coming and he was like an animal in the deepest heat without a care for what he did. And she would never give him reason to need to. She welcomed anything and everything he did. The embrace seemed to last forever when Dan finally pulled away and only because he was on the verge of suffocating from lack of oxygen. He was madly and desperately in love with her.

She too was immensely enjoying this. And though she was an android, she had the selective gift of feeling emotions with an emphasis on the passionate ones. She wanted him, but she wanted to do this in a better place than this. Dan's eyes were full of passion the likes he never knew he was capable of.

Finally, the silence was broken by hers, "I currently have no name. I am yours to name. And I am yours to have and do with as you please. Any desire you have I will fulfill. You are my master and I love you without end!"

She finally stepped back with the car and effortlessly held it sideways and shook it until the guy fell out.

"Run! Go find yourself another car before I change my mind!" she said threateningly to the other guy.

He didn't need to be told twice. He was out of there as she continued to hold the car with complete ease.

"Who are you? What are you?" Dan finally asked.

She licked her sexy lips again, "I am whoever you wish me to be. As for what I am? I am your super android girlfriend."

With that, she bent her legs down until her knees touched the ground and she brought the car down to her shoulders. Then with a strength that seemed just...impossible, even for Superman, she sprung back to her feet so fast it was all but instant and she threw the car straight up with so much force and speed that it shot upward like a bullet, never to come back down to Earth. The last thing Dan could remember before passing out from excitement overload was seeing her flex a bicep that seemed to come out of nowhere. It rose until it was level with her clenched fist.

The next morning, Dan woke up with a moist towel on his head. He sat up in bed and saw a tray of food sitting across his lap. It had buttered toast, some bacon, and a glass of orange juice. He was feeling disoriented from last night. Was everything he experienced last night just a dream? Given his misfortune in finding true love and happiness, he was practically trying to convince himself that it was a dream to lessen the severe depression that would surely follow from such a realistic experience. But then, his bedroom door opened and the stunningly gorgeous and very busty and muscular goddess strode in. She was completely naked. Her boobs were majestic, her nipples were nearly two inches long and even her areolae bulged from her supertits. Not to mention her abs looked as hard as granite and sat atop her slender stomach with equal precision. And she still had on that lipstick that made her lips the focus of his stares next to her breasts. His gaze was inexplicably drawn to her nether region. His arousal came back with a vengeance as his member sprung to attention at the sight. Her vagina was as smooth as the rest of her flawless body without a trace of hair. She smiled at this and walked over to him and gave him a brief and tender kiss. Dan's erection was so stiff, it was torture.

She put her hand on his member and felt it throbbing at the touch, "Wow, you are so sexy! But please, you need to eat first. You'll need your strength to get through the day."

She looked down at herself, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be such a distraction. If you wish, I'll step out so you can eat."

She began to walk out when Dan called out to her, "Please wait! Don't go!"

She turned around and looked at him with that ever present loving smile.

"Can you...just put some clothes on? As embarrassing as this is to admit, your presence is so overwhelming; nevermind with you being naked. This will certainly take some getting used to." Dan said.

"As you wish my master." she said as she grabbed her clothes which were drapped over a chair and put them on.

"I guess we have a lot to talk about." Dan said.

With that, he ate everything on his plate. He found that he was hungrier than he thought. Thoughts were racing through his head. A part of him still didn't want to believe it. But the majority of him prayed it was real. She turned out to be his ultimately perfect fantasy woman. She had superhuman strength that seemed to make even the fictional Superman's pale in comparison. She had speed that rivaled The Flash. And she had beauty that made the hottest girl in his school seem ugly to him.

She took his tray when she saw he was done, set it down, and waited patiently for Dan to say something.

"I just don't know where to begin. You are beyond my wildest dreams, and such a wild dream that has come true for me." he said still feeling uncontrollable love for this woman.

She rubbed a finger over her lips, "Well my sexy Dan, you could start by giving me a name. I'll be any name you desire me to be."

Dan thought long and hard about this. Finally, he settled on the perfect name.

"Your name will be...Synthia." he said proudly.

"Synthia. I love it. So my name is Synthia." she said.

"So please tell me about yourself Synthia. You said you're a super android? Because if you ask me, it seems like super doesn't even come close to how amazingly strong you are." he said as he blushed.

Synthia sat down on the bed and stroked his hair, "You're so sweet!"

She reached in her pocket and pulled out a CD disk, "My instructions were to simply let you watch this DVD. Everything you wish to know about me will be explained on it."

She got up and walked over to Dan's DVD player and put it in, turned on the TV, and hit play. She stepped out of the room before Dan could say anything. He sighed and watched as it looked to be a home video recording of some old man. But something seemed familiar about him. It was as if...

The old man's voice is heard as a voiceover as the scene switches back and forth between Dan watching the recording and Dan at school graduating with honors. Sean was noticeably absent.

"Hello Dan. I'm sure the first thing you're wondering is why I look familiar to you. To answer that, it's simple. I'm you, eighty years from now. And if you know as much as I'm sure you do, you'll realize that if what I'm saying is true, then the future that I speak to you from will no longer exist. But trust me, you don't want to live in this future. Which is why I have sent you Synthia. Yes, I knew you would name her that. It's time I helped you come clean with your most secret desires. She is everything you desire in a woman: Very large breasts, sensuous lips, short in height, and muscles that she can produce from any part of her frame at nearly any size you want her to. But the most desirable feature you want in a woman, as impossible as it normally is, is a superstrong android woman who has virtually limitless strength! She will do anything you want without question. She will never harm you in any way both physically or emotionally. Her only purpose is to please you. But I want you to treat this more as a marriage. Then it will be true happiness for you. You'll never have to worry about saying anything or doing anything that might upset her. She will enable you to live without ever needing a job. Just um, don't ask how ok? You'll find out in due time. Anyway, I'm sure you are feeling overwhelmed by sexual desire even as I speak. I made sure that that desire would never fade over the years. She is yours to flaunt to the public. Be proud of her. As for her specifications: She is built using a type of metal that doesn't yet exist in your time called ultimanium which is indestructable by all known means, even diamonds. Her skin is made from a special regenerative tissue that is flexible and ultra soft and designed to look exactly like human skin. And yet it too is nearly indestructable. Her breasts can't be messed up. And yet they feel as real as a real breast can feel, but without any sagging. She is powered by a relatively new type of energy that makes nuclear energy seem weak. Even I have such a hard time pronouncing it. But what it's called isn't important. Her built-in generator gives her enough power to last for many centuries. It is also the source of her superstrength. As for her muscles; well let's just say that as strong as she is, her muscles really are just for show. But I know that you have lots of fantasies involving muscle growth and she is designed to do them all. You want her to be as muscular as She Hulk, or even the Incredible Hulk, then she can become just as muscular. You want her to eat spinach and make her bicep swell to ridiculous size like Popeye the Sailor, then she can do that. And yes, she is capable of eating food. Her systems simply converts all the food into energy. Anything you desire, she can do. The only thing she can't do is fly or shoot eye beams. But hell, she really does have x-ray vision so I'm sure that will come in handy too. And finally, she can change her hair color and length at will. And yes, though as you saw her breasts were large the whole time you've seen her, she can make them smaller or even larger than that if you wanted. So while she is every bit yours to command and have sex with anytime you wanted, love her responsibly. She is there for you to have a happy and love-filled life, not to conquer the world or something like that. And may you live a far better life than I ever did. Oh and when this DVD is done, destroy it immediately. Synthia can take care of that."

As he finished his speech, he saw Synthia appear in the picture hugging him and giving him a passionate kiss. She turned to the camera and said, "I love you my Dan! I am yours forever!"

With that, the DVD ended. Synthia walked back into the room, took out the DVD, and crushed it into pieces with her bare hand. She walked over to Dan, straddled him, and began making out with him passionately which would eventually lead to the most mind blowing sex he would ever experience. His first, but far from his last. She truly was his perfect fantasy come true. She was his own personal Supergirl. She was his super android girlfriend.


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