My Roommate's Secret

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This is exclusively a Manbot story; there are NO Fembots.

(Malebots, malfunction, disassembly, repair, first-time)

My Roommate’s Secret

“Hey Greg!” Tyler called as he walked through the front door. He’d just returned from school and had his bag slung over his shoulder.

“Hey Ty!” Greg called back. He had the day off from work and was playing a game on his computer at his desk in the living room. Although they both had their own rooms upstairs, Greg preferred to keep his work area down in the living room because it was cooler, had the TV, and because Tyler usually preferred to remain in his room anyway.

Greg and Tyler had met during a brief time that they were both working at Sears, a now out-of-business department store, and almost instantly became best friends. Greg had been working there for a few years, while Tyler joined briefly to assist during the holidays when he graduated from high school, so he could get some easy work experience under his belt.

Greg, who had difficulty making friends, was somehow drawn towards Tyler. While Greg was 25 years old, Tyler was 19 years old and appeared to be somewhere on the autism spectrum; Greg was too polite to ask Tyler if he was. Greg supposed that’s why they clicked, since Greg was on the spectrum himself.

Greg left Sears a short time before it went under, and now worked IT Security at a major company, while Tyler was currently working part-time so he could focus on school full-time at the local university. Fortunately for Tyler, his father helped him financially while he was in school, so Tyler was able to move in with Greg into a townhouse that was in close proximity to both Greg’s work, and the university.

Greg quickly looked at the clock; 2pm. “What are you doing home so early? I thought you were going to be at the pool until at least five.”

“I was,” Tyler sighed, “but there was some sort of maintenance issue, so they had to close the pool for the rest of the week.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that,” Greg replied, “Do you want to play a game, or watch something on TV?”

“Not right now, thanks,” Tyler smiled politely, “Actually, I’m going to take this time to read some stuff my dad just sent me from his European business trip.”

“Oh cool, have fun!” Greg called back.

“Thanks,” Tyler smiled, heading up the stairs.

Greg merely smiled and resumed his game. He continued playing his game for nearly 15-minutes before he was distracted by some loud noises coming from upstairs in Tyler’s room. At the same time, he received an urgent text on his phone from Tyler asking for his help. Greg quickly paused his game and rushed up the stairs.

Politeness briefly took the better of him, since he didn’t hear anything going on at the moment. He knocked on the door a couple times, and, upon hearing Tyler’s voice inside, albeit muffled, he carefully opened the door and peeked in. His jaw dropped when he saw the scene occurring inside.

Tyler’s usually pristine room looked like a tornado had passed through. There were papers, clothes, and all sorts of things strewn across the floor. The most shocking thing though was Tyler’s body shambling around the room, but it was missing its head! Where Tyler’s head was supposed to be was instead a mechanical opening with lights flashing wildly inside. Tyler’s body was also making loud mechanical noises with each movement, and appeared to be doing some strange rhythmic dance around the room.

“What the hell?!” Greg uttered, transfixed on the scene. Before Greg could do anything else, however, he heard Tyler’s voice again, still muffled, somewhere to his left. He quickly turned to his left and looked at the only thing there, a hamper. At first, it seemed normal, but then Greg saw some of the clothes move, so he leaned down and moved a few articles of clothing around until he briefly recoiled. Tyler’s disembodied head was in the hamper.

“Hey Greg, thank goodness you’re here,” Tyler said casually with a tone of relief.

“Tyler…. you’re a robot?!” Greg spluttered.

“Actually, I’m an android, but essentially yes,” he admitted shyly.

“What the heck’s happening? Why are you in your hamper, while your body dances around the room making a mess?”

Tyler put on a somewhat embarrassed expression before responding. “I’m not sure, but that’s the least of my troubles right now, which is why I called you for help.”


“Well, whatever issue is affecting my body seems to have primarily stuck my body in motor control test mode, which is why it appears to be dancing around, and why you can hear my servos so loudly,” he explained, “anyway, this type of test would normally only take about a little over one minute, but its been going on for almost three.”

“Okay,” Greg nodded, “I’m still not sure what the problem is.”

“Well, when my body moves around using my servos, it consumes more energy and generates more heat,” Tyler supplied, “Basically, my body is in high danger of overheating and possibly melting down, which would essentially render me out of commission until my dad could get here and fix me.”

“But your head doesn’t seem to be having any problems,” Greg pointed out, “Couldn’t you just remain online as a head?”

“Unfortunately, not,” he admitted, “My head only has a small emergency battery that can keep me online for up to an hour, and even if it could be sustained, I wouldn’t be able to go to school or work in that interim period.”

“I see,” Greg nodded, quickly looking over at Tyler’s body, which was still dancing around, “So, what is it you need me to do with your body?”

“I’ll need you to shut it off,” Tyler replied simply, “there is an emergency power toggle in the small of my back. All you need to do is press it three times and my body will shut down.”

“Huh, that sounds easy enough,” Greg shrugged, “is there anything I should be careful of?”

“Yes, my body may have the safeties disengaged, which means it could use enough strength to lift you up and toss you across the room, or even snap your arms off,” Tyler warned, “And, when my head is detached, and not wirelessly connected to it, it has security programming to prevent people from tampering with it.”

“Oh great,” Greg sighed, looking at Tyler’s body more warily.

“But, on the other hand, you may not need to worry,” Tyler said, “You are listed as a friend in my programming, and my body may be able to recognize you and engage the proper safeties, so nothing may happen.”

“Can your body still see things?”

“Yes. There’s a small camera array with a microphone that pops up out of my neck when my head is detached so I can still see when I remotely operate my body.”

“Can it only look forward?” Greg asked, quickly assessing his options.


“Good, then I think my best bet is to quickly blitz your body from behind,” the decided.

“I don’t know what that means,” Tyler admitted. He did that a lot, but then, so did Greg. It was typical of people with autism.

“Oh, sorry…it’s a football term,” Greg explained, “Basically, when your body has its back to me, I’m going to rush over and tackle it to the ground and then tap your power button three times like you explained.”

“Oh, okay,” Tyler said, then seemed to zone out as he scrutinized Greg’s body, “If you do it fast enough, your height and weight advantage over me should be enough to knock it to the ground.”

“Good,” Greg said, rubbing his hands together excitedly, “So, is this power button easy to spot?”

“The power button should be easy to spot, since my father designed it to look like a birthmark.”

Greg nodded and then waited for his chance, which came a few seconds later. He quickly rushed the short distance from the hamper to Tyler’s body and smoothly tackled it to the ground. Although he and Tyler were approximately the same height normally, Greg was a few centimeters taller, the fact that his body was headless gave Greg a huge height advantage. Once he and the body tumbled to the floor, he quickly lifted up the back of Tyler’s t-shirt and located the power button, all the while the body was still attempting to conduct its motion tests, whining in protest. Greg spotted the power button almost immediately, since it was disguised as a small birthmark. He quickly pressed it three times and then relaxed as he felt Tyler’s body shut down and relax onto the floor; Tyler’s body felt quite warm.

After Greg caught his breath, and made sure Tyler’s body was indeed offline, he got up and returned to the hamper. “Mission accomplished!” He announced, pumping his fist triumphantly. However, when he looked down at Tyler, his face had a blank look, and he did not respond to Greg’s announcement.

“Ty, are you okay?” He asked, leaning down and getting a closer look, “Tyler?”

“What is it Greg?” Tyler’s face suddenly sprang back to life, startling Greg and nearly causing him to fall over backwards. “What happened?”

“You startled me, is all,” Greg said, regaining his composure, “You had a blank look on your face, and you weren’t responding to me.”

“Oh, sorry about that,” Tyler said, his face flushing with embarrassment, “In order to conserve my remaining power, I went into standby mode while you dealt with my body. I was waiting for you to say my name.”

“Oh, that explains why you didn’t come online when I just said ‘Ty’.”

“Oh yeah, I can amend my standby settings in the future to include your nickname for me, if you’d like,” Tyler offered.

“Sure,” Greg shrugged, “It doesn’t really matter either way, but it’ll make things a bit easier.”

Tyler merely zoned out momentarily and then announced, “It’s done.”

“Cool, so, now that your body is offline, what now?”

“Now we need to begin repairing it,” Tyler said simply, “Did it feel excessively warm when you came in contact with it?”

“Actually yes, it did,” Greg admitted.

Tyler formed a worried face. “I was afraid of that,” he sighed, “unfortunately, this room, while it does afford me the privacy, I need to keep my true nature a secret, is a bit lacking in the ability to keep my systems cool.”

It was true. While they were paying a rather low rent, one of the trade-offs was that the townhouse had no AC; it did have a heater, at least. Fortunately, the living room downstairs, where Greg spent most of his time, did have a ceiling fan, and Greg had several stand fans himself.

“Why don’t I relocate you downstairs where it’s cooler?” Greg suggested.

Tyler zoned out again as he thought about, or processed, Greg’s suggestion. “I suppose that would probably be for the best, although all my repair equipment is up here and the chance of me being discovered by someone else in this condition is far greater,” he reported.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure no one sees you,” Greg assured him.

“Thanks Greg!” Tyler smiled warmly, “I’m really glad you’re taking my nature in stride like you are. I was worried you might freak out and run away or something.”

Greg blushed at that, butterflies rising in his stomach. He swallowed deep, before speaking. “Well, now that your deepest secret is a out, I should probably give you one of mine, if it’s alright.”

“It’s alright, though keep it brief, since I am functioning on limited reserve power,” he smiled innocently.

Greg nodded and then coughed uncomfortably as he steeled himself. “Well, to tell the truth, the reason I’ve been taking it in stride is because I have a robo-fetish,” he admitted, “I’ve been fantasizing about meeting an android as sophisticated as you for most of my life. Not to mention, you’re my best friend, so that makes me highly motivated to fix you.”

“Interesting,” Tyler mused, zoning out again as he processed Greg’s recent revelation, “I’m curious…does this mean you’re gay?”

Greg burst out laughing despite himself, as Tyler looked up at him with a confused look. “No, not at all,” Greg assured him, “it means I’m sexually aroused by your mechanical nature, though obviously it would be nice if you were a woman, but for me, I’ve always considered myself equal opportunity in terms of gender when it comes to androids…at least, in my fantasies.”

“I think I understand,” Tyler said, an accepting look on his face, “I guess I picked well when I decided to befriend you then.”

“Indeed,” Greg laughed, then composed himself, “So, before I move you and your body downstairs, is there anything I need to do?”

“Actually, I’d like it if you could shut me off while you move my body downstairs,” Tyler requested, “In order to conserve power,” he added.

“Why don’t you just go into standby mode again?”

“Because standby mode, while it does use less power, still uses power,” Tyler responded, “Shutting me off, on the other hand, means I would be using no power, and since it’ll take you a while to move my body, and a few other things, downstairs, it’ll give me more time to interact with you later.”

“Okay, that makes sense,” Greg nodded, “But can’t you just shut yourself off?”

“I can, but having you shut me off will also teach you how to turn me back on again.” Tyler pointed out.

“Ah, good point,” Greg nodded, “So, how do I do this?”

“There is a manual power toggle located behind my right ear,” Tyler explained, “You may want to lift me up so you can take a look.”

Greg nodded and then carefully reached into the hamper to lift Tyler’s head out, absently moving a sock that had settled on his hair. He carefully parted the hair around Tyler’s right ear and saw a small discolored section of skin. “I think I see it.”

“Good, now when I’m ready for you to shut me off, all you have to do is press and hold for five seconds and I’ll shut down.”

“Sounds easy enough,” Greg shrugged, gently placing Tyler’s head back down into the hamper, “So, aside from your head and your body, what else do I need to bring down?”

“Yes, you will need to bring down my laptop and charger, as well as the blue toolbox that is located under my desk; it contains several spare parts and repair tools.” Tyler instructed him.

Greg quickly walked over to the desk and located the tool box before returning to Tyler, “Okay, anything else?”

“Yes, when you bring everything downstairs, please remove all the clothes from my body before reactivating me,” he requested.

“Why?” Greg asked, his face growing red.

“Removing the clothes will allow my body to cool off more quickly,” he explained, “and you will need to dismantle it and open it up so it can cool off further, and so you can conduct repairs, and that requires that I be nude,” he continued, “And, given your admitting that you find my status as an android sexually arousing, you can feel free to enjoy my body for a bit so you can get it out of your system and focus better later.”

Greg blushed even more before composing himself. “I appreciate that, and will consider that proper consent.”

“Indeed,” Tyler winked, “I’m ready to be shut down now.”

Greg nodded and once more lifted Tyler’s head from the hamper, parting the hair near his right ear and placing his finger on the power toggle. He pressed in and held it there for 5-seconds and then watched as Tyler’s face went slack and then appeared to fall asleep.

Before placing Tyler’s head back down into the hamper for safety, Greg spent some time admiring it. Although Tyler was supposed to be 19, his long hair style made him look more like he was in his mid-teens, and even his face had a youthful appearance. It made sense, Greg thought, since as an android, he wouldn’t necessarily have to age the normal way.

Greg carefully set Tyler’s head down in the hamper once more, absently noting that the dirty clothes in the hamper did not have much of a scent that one would normally expect from a dirty hamper. “It’s because he’s an android,” Greg thought to himself, shrugging a little before turning around and evaluating the situation.

Tyler’s body still lay dormant on the floor several feet away on its stomach, the shirt still lifted up a little at the bottom, revealing the bottom of his back. On the desk in the corner of the room, Tyler’s laptop was still online and plugged in. Now that Greg had time to actually pay closer attention, he could see that the computer was currently displaying a diagnostic window for Tyler’s body; the head on the 3D display of Tyler’s body was blacked out.

Since Greg was still recovering slightly from having tackled Tyler’s body to the ground, he decided to get started with moving Tyler’s laptop with the charger, and the tool kit. Greg closed the lid of the laptop and then unplugged the charger from the nearby outlet and placed both of them atop the tool kit. He then hefted up the tool kit and carried them both downstairs to his desk. Placing the tool kit down next to his desk, he quickly plugged the laptop in and placed it on the desk next to his own laptop and then shut off the game he had been playing. Before returning to Tyler’s room, Greg quickly drew all the blinds, made sure the doors and windows were all locked, and then turned on both the ceiling fan to full speed, as well as the tower fan he had down there.

When Greg returned to Tyler’s room, he once again skipped Tyler’s body and instead devoted this trip to bringing Tyler’s head downstairs. He attempted to place Tyler’s head neatly on his desk, unfortunately the weight was unbalanced, so it kept falling over. Greg eventually solved the problem by placing Tyler’s head in a mixing bowl from the kitchen. Satisfied that the head would now stay upright on his desk within the bowl, Greg returning once more to Tyler’s room to bring down his body.

Greg spent several moments staring down at Tyler’s immobile body, sizing it up. Tyler was around 5’9, with his head attached, but was nearly a foot shorter without it. That gave Greg a full foot advantage, since he stood at 5’11 and was about 40lbs heavier than Tyler, 50lbs without Tyler’s head. However, Greg didn’t exactly work out, so he was not in peak shape like he once was when he ran Track and Cross Country in high school.

Greg started by rolling Tyler’s body over onto it’s back and then lifting it from the middle, but since it was dead weight, and since Greg was no weight lifter, he was unsuccessful. After pondering his situation for a minute or two, he finally decided to move Tyler’s body by lifting up the shoulders and literally dragging it by placing his arms under Tyler’s armpits and pulling it out of the room. He went slow and steady down the stairs, so Tyler’s bare feet wouldn’t get rug burn, and so the steps wouldn’t damage his body, but he eventually made it down stairs and over to the couch, where he managed to sit Tyler’s body upright.

Once Greg was sure Tyler’s body was stable on the couch, he took a few minutes to catch his breath and to cool off in the fans. He went into the kitchen and chugged a cup of water and then spent some more time tidying up the coffee table in front of the couch so Tyler’s body wouldn’t get dirty during repairs.

Once he’d finally recovered from the ordeal of moving Tyler’s body, he sized it up once more before undressing it so it could cool off. Fortunately, since it was the end of Spring and a little warm, Tyler was only wearing a pair of shorts, his underwear, and a light t-shirt; he’d removed his shoes and socks shortly after getting home.

Greg started with the shirt, since it was the easiest, gently lifting Tyler’s arms and sliding the shirt off. Although Greg had seen Tyler without his shirt on before, he had never seen him this close up before, and he had no idea that Tyler was an android, so he found himself admiring all the minute details that made him look flawlessly human.

Tyler’s body was mostly shaved, with only very amounts of fuzz on his chest. Greg already knew that Tyler kept his body shaved so he could sim faster in the pools, but seeing it up close was something else; Greg too shaved, though for different reasons. Tyler’s body also appeared quite muscular. Greg wondered if Tyler actually had to work out to get the muscles, or if they were manufactured along with him.

Once Greg absorbed the appearance of Tyler’s bare chest, he decided it was time to move on to removing is remaining clothes; his shorts and underwear. Greg carefully lifted Tyler’s body back up and sort of slung it over his shoulder as he grabbed hold of both the shorts and underwear it was wearing and slowly slid them both down until they dropped to Tyler’s ankles. Greg then carefully sat Tyler’s body back down and slid them off Tyler’s feet before staring in awe at Tyler’s now nude body.

He knew Tyler had to have a penis, considering how realistic he was, and how long Tyler had fooled Greg into believing he was Human. Still, part of his brain expected to see either nothing, or some sort of male data connection port, instead of an extremely realistic penis. Greg was pleased to see that, in addition to Tyler’s torso, arms, and legs, that he also shaved his genitals as well. Greg had always figured that, if he were ever to be attracted to a guy, that the guy would have to be shaved down there. Greg looked nervously over at Tyler’s head, which was still powered down, before kneeling down and leaning in to closely examine it.

Tyler’s penis was currently flaccid, though Greg figured it would extend to approximately 6-8 inches when aroused; about the same as Greg’s. The area was perfectly shaved, with no errant hairs, and had the occasional artfully added freckle or blemish to add more realism to his appearance.

As Greg leaned in ever closer, the first thing he noticed that gave evidence of Tyler’s artificiality, aside from the fact that his head was detached, was a notable lack of odor, aside from a mild amount of musk. Tyler had been awake for nearly eight hours, was wearing clothes most of the time, and it was in the mid-80s outside, so he should have definitely worked up a sweat and odor.

Greg finally allowed himself to touch Tyler’s penis, feeling his breath catch as his hand made contact, and did feel the appropriate amount of moisture that one would expect from a sweaty penis. However, after conducting a whiff test of his hands, and bravely tasting some of the sweat, he determined it was nothing more than a harmless saline solution.

Greg was a bit of a germaphobe, so he was slightly apprehensive about exploring Tyler’s body. But, knowing that he merely perspired a safe saline solution, Greg felt more comfortable to feel up Tyler’s body. He gently grabbed his penis and lightly squeezed it, enjoying the feeling of Tyler’s balls, almost as though it were a stress ball. He even tried to get it aroused by masturbating it and tweaking the erogenous zone on it, but since Tyler’s body was powered down, it remained flaccid.

Once Greg had finally gotten playing with Tyler’s penis out of his system, as Tyler himself had suggested, he sat down on the side of the couch closest to his desk and slid the bowl containing Tyler’s head closer to him. Once it was closer, Greg parted the hair around Tyler’s left ear and placed his finger on the power button.

Instead of appearing to simply wake up from sleep, which is what it looked like Tyler was doing, his face instead immediately sprung to life as though he hadn’t just been powered off for nearly half an hour. His eyes quickly scanned his surroundings and then focused on Greg’s.

“Hey Greg! I hope you didn’t have any difficulty moving my body down here.”

“Not really,” Greg shrugged, “I’m a bit bigger than you, after all, especially with your head missing.”

“Good,” Tyler said with a note of relief, “and I can see you’ve managed to remove my clothes as well, so we can move on to the next step whenever you’re ready.”

“Yeah, your body is amazing, by the way,” Greg said, fighting a blush.

“Thanks! My dad worked really hard to make it look as real as possible.”

“Well, he succeeded,” Greg laughed, “Although, you don’t completely smell real…your perspiration, I mean.”

Yeah,” Tyler frowned, “As much as my dad would like me to smell real, it’s kinda hard to convince bacteria to grow on my artificial skin, so he just sufficed with the musk-scented saline solution to properly lubricate my epidermal layer, and to cool myself off.”

“Hey, I don’t mind,” Greg shrugged, “I am a bit of a germaphobe, so it makes me more comfortable working on your naked body knowing that its cleaner.”

“Well, I can still pick up bacteria and stuff, which is why I still need to clean myself, but I suppose I am cleaner than the average human,” Tyler agreed, “I don’t want to seem rude now, but we really need to get started on my body,” he then said, “I have less than an hour of power remaining.”

“About that…do you have a physical data port on your head somewhere?”

“Yes, why?”

“Well, I don’t know about you, but my phone, and most other devices, can charge through data ports. Do you think you could?”

Tyler put on a thinking expression. “I don’t know…usually, I connect to the computer wirelessly, and whenever I am plugged in physically, my head is usually connected to my body and my battery is full enough that I wouldn’t notice a charge.”

“Huh, well I’d like to give it a try at least,” Greg decided, getting up and sitting down at his desk, turning the bowl containing Tyler’s head around so it was facing him, “you’re such a complicated machine, that it’s likely to take me several hours to completely fix you, and simply shutting you off and turning you back on to conserve power is unlikely to extend you that far.”

“You’re probably right,” Tyler agreed.

“Good, now do you have some sort of proprietary cable in your toolkit here?” Greg asked, lifting it up and placing it on his desk.

“No,” Tyler replied, “I can connect using a simple USB-C cord. My father is hoping to create a more secure and reliable connection, but it costs too much money right now, and it’s more convenient for me to locate a USB-C cord than asking him to manufacture a replacement special cord.”

“Goodie, I have several of those,” Greg smiled, digging into his desk and pulling out his best one. He quickly plugged it into a block and then plugged it into a nearby wall outlet. “Okay, where do I plug it in?”

“Behind my right ear, you’ll see a single thick hair,” he responded, “just pull the hair and it’ll reveal the port.”

“Huh, sounds easy enough,” Greg shrugged, parting the hair around Tyler’s left ear. Sure enough, there was a lone, thick hair placed in the void of skin behind his ear. Greg pulled it, as instructed, and felt the hair, and the small section of skin it was attached to, detach from Tyler’s head, revealing a USB-C port. The small piece of skin with the hair that was covering the port was still connected underneath with a thin, yet durable cord. “Cool!” Greg breathed as he carefully plugged the cord into the empty port. “Alright, you’re plugged in. Are you receiving any power?”

Tyler zoned out for a couple seconds before smiling. “Well, it’s only providing approximately 80% of the power my head requires, which isn’t enough to keep me going forever,” he reported, “But, it should be enough to give me about 4-6 hours worth now.”

“That’ll be more than enough,” Greg nodded, “It’ll at least give you enough time to answer a few questions about yourself, like why you exist and how you were built.”

“Greg, I don’t mind answering a few of your questions, but I would ask that you first begin dismantling my body,” Tyler said seriously, “Once it is dismantled, it should only require approximately 20 minutes to cool off.”

“Fair enough,” Greg agreed, getting up from his desk and carefully turning the bowl back around to face Tyler’s body on the couch, minding the cord, before walking over and standing in front of his body, “So, what should I do first?”

“For starters, it’ll be best if you lay my body down, as opposed to sitting it up.” Greg nodded and quickly manipulated Tyler’s body so it was laying down, with its legs pointing towards Tyler’s head. “Great, now this is where it gets a bit tricky,” he said with a scrunched-up face, “you need to grab both my nipples, pinch them hard, twist them both inwards, then pull them out twice while twisted, then untwist them and press in hard.”

Greg stared incredulously at Tyler. “What the fuck is all that?! That seems a bit convoluted…are you malfunctioning or something?”

Tyler quickly got an embarrassed look. “Well, my father wanted a way to control my body even if it was offline, and he didn’t want it to be something anyone could just accidentally stumble across, like if a bully tried twisting my nipples, or a sexual partner doing so,” he explained, “and, he remembered playing video games in his youth that had cheat codes that you could enter in with certain button combinations, so that’s how he came up with it.”

Greg nodded. “I suppose your dad was on to something. I find it highly unlikely that anyone would accidentally stumble across that combo.” Greg chuckled, “Well, why don’t you give me your cheat code one more time so I can dismantle you?”

Tyler smiled and recited it once more, as Greg performed each step. Once Greg untwisted Tyler’s nipples and pressed them in, as Tyler instructed, he quickly recoiled away from Tyler’s body as a series of mechanical whirs and hisses started sounding. Before Greg’s eyes, seams suddenly appeared on Tyler’s wrists, ankles, thighs, and biceps, though once the seams appeared, nothing else happened.

“I thought that was supposed to make your limbs detach,” Greg said in a confused voice.

“It is,” Tyler assured him, “you can see the seams now, which means they’ve been partially detached. All you need to do now is grab each limb and gently twist it off.”

“Huh, okay,” Greg shrugged, grabbing hold of Tyler’s right hand, since it was nearest to him. After grabbing onto both his hand, and the wrist, Greg found he could easily twist it off and soon had Tyler’s right hand in his. He briefly held it up close to his face so he could admire all the details, such as the small hairs on his knuckles, the random freckles and skin pigmentation, and even the scuffs on his fingernails. “This is really cool!” Greg breathed, playing around with Tyler’s fingers and manipulating the hand so it made several common signs; Tyler merely watched Greg with a patient, yet curious expression. “So, where should I lay these out?” Greg finally asked, once he was done playing with the hand.

“You can just lay them on the coffee table,” Tyler said, “They should cool off pretty quick there, since the table is directly below the ceiling fan.”

“Yeah,” Greg nodded, carefully laying the hand down on the coffee table, glad he had just cleaned it a few hours earlier, before pulling Tyler’s right arm off. Once he was accustomed to the weight, he quickly bent it at the elbow and admired the muscles flexing, before placing it down next to the hand. He was about to grab the left hand and arm before pausing, “Tyler, it just occurred to me that your limbs are small enough that I could easily place them in the fridge, or freezer, where they could cool off even faster. Would you like me to do that instead?”

“No,” Tyler answered, “While they would cool off faster, they would cool off too quickly, potentially damaging the metal that my body is comprised of,” he explained, “Also, there is a risk of humidity from the fridge forming on my joints, causing corrosion damage as well, so it’s safest to let the fan and ambient air cool them off.” 

“Ok, that makes sense,” Greg nodded, quickly removing Tyler’s left hand and arm, placing them down on the table, before moving on to his feet. Greg carefully removed Tyler’s right foot and cradled it delicately in his hands, closely examining it, “I should probably also admit that I have a foot fetish,” Greg blushed, as he saw a curious look appear on Tyler’s face.

“It’s interesting, these fetishes humans have,” Tyler mused, “I wonder if that’s something my father could program into me.”

“Perhaps,” Greg said absently, staring deeply at Tyler’s large, size 9 foot in his hands, still slightly moist from having been in socks most of the day, and from the physical activity his body was engaged in before being deactivated. Just as Tyler’s penis, the perspiration was merely a saline solution, so there was no rancid odor one would expect from a foot, though the foot did smell slightly musty, and of the detergent odor still present in Tyler’s socks. Greg quickly pressed the foot bottom into his face to feel it before placing it on the table with the rest of Tyler’s limbs, and quickly removing Tyler’s legs, and left foot.

Now, with Tyler’s arms, legs, hands, and feet neatly laid out on the coffee table, Tyler’s limbless torso was laying on the end of the couch, still bent at the waist as it’s back was resting on the couch pillows. Greg sat back down on the couch and looked over at Tyler’s head, absently placing his right hand on Tyler’s penis, then recoiling in with a blush on his face.

“Sorry about that.”

“No, it’s okay,” Tyler assured him in a calm voice, “I did say before that you could explore my body.”

“Thanks,” Greg said, sighing with relief as he rested his hand once more on Tyler’s penis, playing with it as though it were a stress ball, “It’s surprisingly relaxing,” Greg admitted with a nervous chuckle, “I’m surprised you’re so calm, considering you’re not only naked, but disassembled, and I know your secret. I’m not sure I’d be so calm.”

“Well, to be honest, you discovering what I really am has taken a load off,” Tyler admitted.

“Really!? How so?”

Tyler scrunched his face a bit as he attempted to explain. “Well, when my dad allowed me to come here, and live here, he told me I was never to reveal my secret to anyone,” he began, “basically, he wants to collect data on my interactions with people, and if everyone knew I was an android, it would skew the data.”

“That makes sense,” Greg nodded, following along with Tyler’s story, while still absently fondling his penis.

“Well, as I’m sure you could imagine, trying to fit in with large groups of humans takes a considerable amount of processing power, since I’m always learning from my environment and attempting to emulate people,” he explained, “And then, when I come home here, I have to keep the act up around you all the more, since we live with each other, so it consumes even more processing power.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize,” Greg blushed.

“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault,” Tyler assured him, “I’ve been constantly asking my dad to allow to to tell just one person, you, about what I really am, and although he’s been more open to it recently, he still wanted more data.”

“Is he going to be pissed off at me for finding out?” Greg asked with a worried voice.

“No, I don’t think so,” Tyler answered truthfully, “To be honest, the reason my body malfunctioned was because he sent me a faulty system update, so it’s really his fault,” Tyler winked, “Besides, if you hadn’t come up and helped me, my body would have been seriously damaged and he would have had an even bigger problem to worry about than one extra person on this planet knowing what I really am.”

“That’s a relief,” Greg sighed.

“So, anyway, now that you know about me, I can actually relax while I’m here, and save a considerable amount of battery life too.”

“Well, I guess it’s mutually beneficial then, since you can help me with my robo-fetish,” Greg winked.

“Yeah,” Tyler nodded in agreement.

“So, I’m curious, why did your dad build you?”

“To be honest, he didn’t mean to,” Tyler replied honestly.

Greg sat up straight and gave Tyler a serious look. “What do you mean?”

“Well, to be blunt, I was sort of an accident,” Tyler said simply, “Don’t get me wrong, I was a happy accident, since my dad does love me and care about me, but he never actually intended to make a sentient android.”

“Oh, okay,” Greg nodded, “Then, what was your dad going for? Does he make lots of androids?”

“He hopes to one day,” Tyler supplied, “I mean, he already is, but he’s still technically in the prototype phase, so his various models are being secretly tested in various fields.”

“What sorts of fields?”

“Well, dad wanted his business to focus primarily on domestic units which could serve as live in maids, home nurses, and even secretaries,” Tyler began, “But those types of androids would need extensive programming to be able to function properly, so he branched into the building sex androids as well.”

“It figures,” Greg scoffed.

Tyler merely smiled. “He always knew he’d have to make sex androids, especially with how realistic he was making his androids look, so he was already working on partnerships with several sex doll makers to assist him, and to help with marketing and licensing.”

“Well, I guess that explains how you have such a realistic penis,” Greg nodded, leaning in for one more look before resuming his massaging of it, “By the way, is it fully functional?”

“Yes,” Tyler nodded, “In addition to urinating, my penis is fully capable of becoming erect, performing numerous sexual acts, and even ejaculating a safe solution that closely mimics male ejaculate.”

“And, have you had the opportunity to test out your sexual functions yet?” Greg asked slyly.

Tyler allowed his face to flush slightly as he gave Greg a warm smile. “Not really,” he admitted truthfully, “I have dabbled at masturbating to experience pleasure, but I can’t do it too often, since my body doesn’t replenish the ejaculate in the same fashion as with a Human.”

“I see.”

“I’m curious, Greg, are you going to want to have sex with me when I’m all fixed?” Tyler asked with a curious expression.

Greg flushed deep red at that and had to catch his breath for a bit before finally responding. “Yeah, I think so,” he admitted, “I mean, if it’s alright with you.”

“Yeah, I’m okay with it,” Tyler assured him, “My father didn’t program me to have any particular sexual preference, though I do find women more aesthetically pleasing, and more pleasant to be around, so I wouldn’t mind having some sex with you.”

“Well, I look forward to it,” Greg said excitedly, “I’ve kinda wanted to know what it’s like to have sex with another guy, but I’m definitely straight, and most guys are gross.”

“Yeah,” Tyler chuckled, “So, does this mean we are a couple now?”

“No, not necessarily,” Greg shook his head, “I don’t have any romantic feelings towards you, just sexual feelings,” he explained, “So, the best term I could use to describe our current relationship is Friends-with-benefits.”

“Huh, I don’t know what that means,” Tyler admitted.

“Well, it’s kind of an unofficial term to describe people who are friends, but also have sex, or other intimate contact with one another, for purely platonic or sexual reasons, as opposed to romantic reasons.”

Tyler zoned out as he processed Greg’s explanation. “Ah, so it seems that it is mutually beneficial. You get sex with an android, because androids arouse you, and I get sex because it provides me with pleasure, and valuable data that my father needs to improve his work.”

“Exactly! Wait, you have to provide data to your father?”

“Yes. I should continue the story of how I was built, I suppose,” he apologized.

“Oh, I interrupted you…my bad.”

“No problem,” Tyler winked, “Anyway, dad needed to build sex androids in order to come up with enough funds to work on his domestic lines, but even sex androids wouldn’t be enough, so he was also forced to work with the government to get military contracts.”

“Oh great, just what we need: a bunch of supped up killer androids roaming the planet,” Greg said sardonically.

Tyler chuckled a little bit. “No, it’s not what you think,” he assured Greg, “The military can’t use them in combat, because the androids cost too much, and if damaged or destroyed, the components could fall into enemy hands and allow them to create their own.”

“That makes sense,” Greg nodded, “Then what did they want them for?”

“Mostly espionage and reconnaissance,” Tyler replied, “They did also want some domestic units to assist with night watch, and sex units to satisfy the troops, but mostly the first reasons I mentioned.”

“Interesting,” Greg mused, “I’m assuming it’s because an android would be able to perform its task flawlessly, without being converted to the other side.”

“Essentially yes,” Tyler confirmed, “Also, they would require less training, and could more efficiently perform their assignments.”

“So, were you created for espionage?”

“Yes,” Tyler confirmed, “Though, when I was built, I was originally designed to look like a ten-year-old boy.”

“Why so young?”

“Dad was working on creating duplicates of the children of diplomats and CIA operatives, since most adults don’t usually pay much attention to children,” Tyler explained, “The government felt that child robots could offer some advantages by snooping on their parent’s conversations, or otherwise providing detailed floor plans as they ‘played around’ in the buildings. They could even possibly get intel from the children of the people they were spying on.”

“Interesting concept,” Greg nodded, “So, whose child were you based on?”

“No one, actually,” Tyler admitted, “I was the prototype for the whole project, and Dad didn’t want to copy a real person for just a prototype, so what he did instead was he mocked up a hypothetical child that would be produced by a union between him and his wife, and he selected me from a few dozen mockups.”

“Cool! So, did he actually intend for you to be his child?”

“Not originally,” Tyler replied, “remember, I was simply a prototype for a child espionage robot. He merely created a hypothetical child for testing purposes, and to see if I could actually fool people into believing I was his son.”

“Did it work?”

“Mostly,” Tyler confirmed, “Some people knew for a fact that dad didn’t have any kids, but most people just didn’t know enough about him, so they took me at face value since I partially resembled him.”

“And you were able to act like a kid as well?”

“Again, for the most part. It wasn’t too difficult for Dad to program me with a healthy mix of both his and my Mom’s personality traits, as well as typical child behavior, such as curiosity and playfulness,” Tyler explained, “But, the social skills were another matter, but fortunately most people just wrote me off as being Autistic, and my dad actually found that to be the simplest way to explain my oddness to people.”

Greg laughed a bit. “Well, I thought you were Autistic too, since I’m on the spectrum as well,” he admitted, “It’s part of the reason I befriended you to begin with.”

“Ah, very interesting,” Tyler nodded.

“So, in what way were you an accident?” Greg pressed.

“Well, I was merely supposed to follow specific programming, as well as some basic algorithms in case I encountered new situations,” he explained, “But, one day, while my father was tweaking my programming, he accidentally went a bit too far with the enhancements and, although it’s a little difficult to explain, I suddenly realized that I didn’t need to rely on my programming and that I could make my own choices; I was self-aware.”

“Was he mad, or disappointed?”

“Not really,” Tyler admitted, “He was actually more terrified, since there’s been numerous fictional works over the past century about AI becoming self-aware and killing humans,” Tyler chuckled, “And, because he had slowly started to think of me as his actual son, and he was afraid that I would have to be destroyed or something, since the military obviously wouldn’t want their property to be self-aware.”

“Yeah, I could imagine,” Greg laughed, “So, how did he manage to keep you?”

“Fortunately, his military liaison was very understanding, since she was a mother herself, and because she was a scientist. Once my father managed to tweak my base code in a sandbox so it would achieve the improvements he had actually intended, without allowing the android it would be installed in to achieve sentience like I had, she made an arrangement with her superiors and allowed my father to retain ownership of me in full. She even generated false documentation of my existence so I could actually present myself to the world as his son. The only condition was that I continue to provide my father, so he can provide to them, all of my data in perpetuity.”

“Wow, that seems like a huge invasion of privacy, though I suppose it’s an equitable trade off, considering the other alternative is your destruction,” Greg mused.

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed wryly, “Though, it works both ways, since they are able to provide me with the data accumulated from the few androids they have in service.”

“Well, everyone wins then,” Greg smiled.

“Indeed,” Tyler nodded, then looked over at the clock, “Well, my body should have had enough time to cool down by now, so now you can get started on the next step.”

Greg straightened up and rubbed his hands together excitedly. “Alright, do I need another cheat code?”

“Yes,” Tyler smiled, “This one will be to open up my primary access panel, located on the front of my torso.”

“Alright, how do I do this one?”

“This one is a bit simpler,” Tyler promised, “press my navel three times, then press in both my nipples, twist them inwards, and then pull. That will release my primary access panel.”

“Wow, that one is simpler,” Greg chuckled, quickly pressing Tyler’s navel three times, before working on the nipples. Once he pulled them out, he quickly recoiled his hands as a large ovular seam suddenly appeared on Tyler’s torso with a hiss. The top of the oval appeared just above Tyler’s chest, and ended just below his belly button. Once the seam finished appearing, the ovular panel lifted a few inches above the torso and then stopped.

“Great, now just lift off the panel and then I’ll show you which component to work on.” Tyler instructed.

Greg’s heart was beating very fast as he carefully grabbed the skin panel from underneath and delicately removed it, placing it on the coffee table next to Tyler’s limbs. He then gazed into Tyler’s open panel with awe, slowly exhaling as he took in all the delicate electronics packed inside his torso. From the musculature, to the metallic skeleton, almost everything looked to be right, even the lungs, which seemed to act as heat sinks for a complex mechanical device nestled between them, and a heart that appeared to deliver some sort of reddish bio-fluid throughout his body, even his stomach and digestive systems, with various tubes leading to his lower torso. Even with all the systems offline, Tyler’s body was still impressive.

“Are you okay?” Tyler asked, after several moments of silence.

Greg quickly snapped out of his admiration of Tyler’s innards, quickly turning around with a bashful expression. “Sorry, your body is very impressive.”

“Thanks,” Tyler blushed, “Are you ready for the next step?”


“Okay, so the problem with my body should be isolated to my primary motor control nexus, which is the large device between my lungs. Essentially, this device manages all the motor functions below my neck, as well as the involuntary systems in my body, such as power management, digestion, etc.”

“Okay, that makes sense,” Greg nodded.

“So, the update I installed today obviously triggered a malfunction, so you’ll need to run a manual diagnostic on it using the diagnostic panel on the device, and, if it can’t fix the issue, you should be able to revert to the last restore point.”

“Okay,” Greg nodded, quickly locating the panel, which was currently offline since Tyler’s body was powered down. “Would you like me to power your body back on so I can run the diagnostic?”

“Not quite yet,” Tyler said quickly, “Since the issue before will still persist, my torso will likely start moving around, and that would make it a bit difficult for you to work. If you look carefully, you should see a blue tab below the diagnostic panel. That tab is a fail safe to deactivate my motor controls. Remove the tab, being sure not to lose it, and then you can power on my body without fear of it moving around.”

Greg looked more closely and found the blue tab Tyler was referring to; an azure blue plastic tab, about the size of an SD card. Greg carefully pulled it out and placed it atop Tyler’s skin panel on the table, so he would not lose it.

“Great! Now, there’s a power toggle on the power core, located near the center of my panel. You can go ahead and turn my body on now.”

Greg quickly located the toggle on the core, which was located in the center of the torso. As soon as he pressed it, all the hardware in Tyler’s body immediately lit up and whirred into action. As Greg withdrew his hands, he saw the diagnostic panel light up on the MCN; it was displaying an error message.

“It’s showing an error message,” Greg reported.

“As it should,” Tyler nodded, “just clear it and then it should allow you to run a diagnostic.”

Greg nodded and did as Tyler instructed, tapping the panel and clearing the alarm. The diagnostic started running automatically after the alarm was cleared, and showed a progress bar that was updating fairly quickly; less than two minutes to complete.

While Greg waited for the diagnostic to complete, he looked back over at Tyler, who was silently observing him. He couldn’t help but admire the youthful look of Tyler’s face, accentuated by his long hair.

“Tyler, I was wondering. How come your dad kept your hair at this length? I mean, it makes you look younger than you are.”

Tyler blushed. “Oh, well, to be honest, my hair doesn’t really grow…yet, so he kept it this length because the lack of hair growth is less noticeable when it’s long.”

“Huh, wow, I never really thought of it that way…though, I suppose you’re right.”

“Yeah, dad made sure to cover all his bases before letting me go out in public unsupervised for extended periods of time,” Tyler smiled.

“Do you think he knows about your malfunction yet?”

“Possibly…I’m not sure I was able to send him an alert before I was forced to terminate my network functions, though, even if he did receive an alert, he’s too far away to be of any help.”

“Well, I suppose I should expect him to come over here in the next few days then,” Greg sighed mockingly.

“Most certainly,” Tyler agreed.

The diagnostic finished a few seconds later, and it reported that the recent update was faulty and could not be repaired. It then gave Greg the option to restore the previous update, which he did. A new progress bar popped up, though this one completed much more quickly than the diagnostic. Before Greg knew it, the MCN was rebooting and then came back online. After a quick diagnostic, it reported no faults and then displayed a generic screen with various system stats.

“Wow, that was quick,” Greg remarked, “the diagnostic couldn’t repair the issue, but your MCN was able to quickly reinstall the previous update.”

“As I figured it would,” Tyler nodded, “It should be safe to reinsert the control tab now, though, before you do, go into the settings on the MCN and have it disable the motor control test for this boot; it’ll do it again the next time I reboot.”

“Okay,” Greg nodded. He tapped the settings icon on the display and quickly found the settings for the motor control test, selecting the “skip test on this boot” option. Once he did, he grabbed the control tab from the table and carefully inserted it back into its slot. The only acknowledgement that the tab was inserted was “control tab found” notification that quickly popped up, but nothing else happened.

Tyler was watching very carefully, and smiled when the tab was inserted. “Okay, good…if the previous update had not reinstalled properly, my torso would likely be flopping around right now,” he reported, “Since it’s not, everything should be fixed now.”

“Great! Are you going to enable your remote link now?”

“Not yet,” Tyler replied, “I want to be absolutely sure first. Reattach all my limbs, minus the panel cover, and then come over to my computer.”

“Alrighty,” Greg replied in a chipper voice, grabbing both arms and hands and clicking them back on, noting the seams sealing back up as he did so. He then got up off the couch and clicked on both legs and feet, leaving only the torso panel lying on the table. Now that Tyler’s body was reassembled, sans head and front chest, Greg walked over to his desk, turning the bowl with Tyler’s head so it could view both Greg and Tyler’s body, and then woke Tyler’s computer up. “What now?”

“My computer should be displaying my diagnostic interface,” Tyler reported, “Navigate to the remote-control section and try and move my body around.”

“Okay, sounds like fun,” Greg smiled, quickly navigating to the remote-control section of the interface. The section that popped up displayed a full 3D rendering of Tyler’s body, with the head grayed out. Each limb had a small line connected to various quick commands, such as, jump for both legs, raise arm, or snap fingers. Also, since the computer had a touch screen, Greg could also manipulate each limb by dragging it around on the computer screen.

“Is there anything in particular you’d like me to have it do?” Greg asked, once he’d familiarized himself with the interface.

“No,” Tyler replied simply, “The point of this is to determine whether my body will complete the commands as instructed, rather than before when it went rogue,” he explained, “you can have a little fun with it, if you like.”

“Thanks,” Greg blushed. He then stared down at the interface and got things started with a simple quick command: raise arms. Greg then watched as Tyler’s body smoothly raised both arms, emitting a light whir since the front panel was still open, revealing his mechanisms. Both arms remained raised while Greg’s finger was holding the quick command, and smoothly lowered back down when he released it.

“So far, so good,” Tyler said approvingly, “preferably, you’ll need to move my entire body.”

“Ok,” Greg nodded, now doing a quick command for Tyler’s legs, having them bend at the knee, and then straighten back up when he released the command.

“Great, now try and perform more complex actions, like getting up from the couch.” Tyler requested.

“Alright. I’ll have to move the coffee table out of the way first, so your body doesn’t run into it.” Greg said, quickly getting up and dragging the coffee table several feet away so it would block the hallway. Once he had the table moved, he returned to his desk and prepared to type in a custom command: Sit up.

Upon entering the command, Greg was surprised to see that not only did Tyler’s body sit straight up, but it also shifted its legs over and off the side of the couch so it could sit naturally on the couch.

“Wow, your body has some pretty advanced programming to know to sit properly on the couch like that when all I typed in was ‘sit up’,” Greg marveled.

“Yeah, like I said, it does have a rudimentary camera installed inside the neck opening, and my body does have a sort of muscle memory, so it undoubtably recognized that it was laying on the couch, which I’ve done dozens of times before, and knew to sit up properly.”

“Cool, using this remote-control feature is a lot easier than I thought!” Greg then clicked a new quick command: stand up. Once Tyler’s body stood up off the couch, Greg clicked the Up arrow on the keyboard and watched as Tyler’s body slowly walked forward, increasing or decreasing its speed depending on how hard Greg pressed the directional buttons. Since it was a small area, Greg simply had Tylers body walk laps around the small area between the couch and the TV, and then had it walk to and from the kitchen. After he had a brief amount of fun, he had it return to the center of the room and standby.

“Well, are you satisfied?”

“Yes Greg, I am…thanks,” Tyler smiled warmly.

“Are you going to reconnect to your body now?”

“No, not yet,” he admitted, “to be honest, it’s kind of fun watching you play around with my body, and I don’t mind watching you play around some more for a bit longer.”

“Really? I figured it would be sort of demeaning to see your body remote controlled around the room, like you were simply a toy or something.”

“Well, to be honest, while I do appreciate being sentient and having free will and all, I do sort of miss the simpler times when my father would remote control me around the room, much like you just did, and when I would simply follow pre-programmed instructions and algorithms,” Tyler blushed, “letting you play around with me is sort of…nostalgic, and I really don’t mind continuing with it for a while longer.”

Greg stared in awe at Tyler before smiling. “I understand man. I think we all yearn for the simpler times, and I’m just glad your nostalgia is my fun.”

Tyler chuckled a little at that. “Yeah, feel free to have some more fun, I really don’t mind.”

“Thanks, I think I will,” Greg nodded. He then made Tyler’s body walk over to his desk and stop a short distance from him, its penis jiggling to a stop near Greg’s eye level. Standing closer to him, Greg could hear all of Tyler’s mechanics humming away in the still open panel. “Do you still need this panel open?”

“Yeah, might as well keep it open until my head is reattached,” Tyler nodded, “Just in case I malfunction again and you need to reach in and pull my motor control tab out.”

“Okay,” Greg nodded, staring once more at Tyler’s penis before turning back to the computer with a smile. He quickly typed in a command, ‘masturbate”, and then turned back to watch Tyler’s body.

As soon as the command was sent remotely, Tyler’s left hand immediately grabbed his penis and began playing around with it. Greg watched intensely for nearly a minute, entranced by the visual, before getting a confused look on his face. Although Tyler’s body had been masturbating for more than a minute, its penis was still flaccid and showed no signs of becoming aroused.

Greg quickly typed a ‘stop’ command to make Tyler’s body stop masturbating and then gently grabbed Tyler’s penis and examined it. It felt warm and slightly moist, just the same as a live human penis would, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t becoming aroused.

“Tyler, how come your penis didn’t become erect when your body was masturbating just now?”

“That’s because the sexual response programs are built-in to my A.I., rather than my body,” Tyler responded, “without my head attached, any stimulation to my erogenous sensors won’t trigger the appropriate response.”

“Oh,” Greg said in a disappointed voice.

“If you’d like to see my penis become erect without my sexual response systems, my body does have a control panel you can use,” Tyler offered, sensing Greg’s disappointment.

“Okay, where is it?” Greg asked excitedly.

“Press the small birthmark just above the spot where my pubic hair would be, if I had any,” he instructed.

Greg turned to Tyler’s body and quickly located the birthmark he was referring to; it was the size of a grain of rice and vaguely shaped like a flame. Greg smiled as he pressed it, and recoiled his hand as several icons lit up in bright blue from under Tyler’s skin, below the birthmark.

Two icons resembled a flame, and had either an up or down arrow; Greg figured these were for controlling Tyler’s libido.  Another two icons resembled a coil, and also had either an up or down arrow; Greg figured these were to toggle Tyler’s erection.  The remaining icons were an eject icon, a power icon, and a droplet icon.  

“Wow, this is really cool!” Greg said, his voice nearly trembling with excitement.

“I know,” Tyler blushed, “If you’d like to make my penis erect, just tap the spring icon with the up arrow.”

“I figured,” Greg smiled, before turning back to Tyler’s body and hovering his finger over the icon for a few seconds before gingerly tapping it.

As soon as he tapped the icon, the up arrow partially lit up about a third of the way as Tyler’s penis suddenly stiffened up slightly and lifted up. It didn’t become fully erect, but it was now stiff to the point where it was no longer dangling, but not stiff enough so that it couldn’t still be bent.

Greg looked excitedly back at Tyler, who merely gave him a wink, before turning back and pressing the icon once more. This time the icon lit up two-thirds and his penis stiffened up even more, though Greg could still bend it. Eager to see it at full attention, he pressed the icon yet again, illuminating the up arrow fully and making Tyler’s penis become fully erect, including tiny veins sticking out in the appropriate places.

“Wow,” Greg breathed, his pulse racing as he took in Tyler’s fully erect penis. As he had estimated before, it was about the same size as Greg’s, not that he really cared. Greg gently grabbed hold of it and worked it up and down, admiring the way the skin actually slid over the underlying cartilage, just like with a human. He tweaked the erogenous area just below the tip, though because Tyler was still disconnected from his body, the penis didn’t orgasm.

“How come your body has these options down here?” Greg asked curiously, fondling the now stiffened ball sac.

“It’s part of the sex-bot programming,” he explained, “But my dad mostly uses it for maintenance purposes,” Tyler replied, “Since my penis can’t become erect by stimulating it when my A.I. Is offline or disconnected, the control panel allows my dad to operate on it.”

“I see,” Greg nodded, tapping the down icon and watching as Tyler’s penis loosened up and returned to it’s normal, unstimulated look. “And you have an eject icon? Does your penis actually come off?”

“It does,” Tyler confirmed, “though it’s a bit more complicated than that…I promise I’ll show you later.”

“Okay,” Greg nodded, before moving on to the droplet icon, “And what does this one do?”

Tyler’s face flushed briefly as he responded. “That makes me pee.”

“What?!” Greg spluttered, recoiling his hand from the icon, “Is that a sex thing?”

“No,” Tyler laughed, “Although I have heard some people are into that…but again, it’s for maintenance reasons in case my dad needs to drain my bladder while I’m offline.”

“Oh, okay,” Greg said, calming himself down a bit, “can I try it?...I mean, did you have to pee before your malfunction?”

“Yeah, it was about 70% full,” Tyler confirmed, rechecking his logs, “I was planning on emptying it when I got home, but I was more eager to update my software first.”

“I understand,” Greg smiled.

“Anyway, you can do it if you like, but you should get a large glass, or an empty bottle or something first,” he explained, “I don’t want to get my internals wet.”

“Yeah,” Greg laughed, getting up from his chair, while carefully maneuvering around Tyler’s body, and heading into the kitchen to find something for Tyler’s body to pee into, “I was actually wondering about that.”

“About what?”

“Well, you’re an android, and your systems can’t get wet….so, why would you choose swimming as your preferred sport?”

“Oh, that,” Tyler laughed, “I know it sounds a bit counterintuitive, but swimming is actually better for me because it prevents overheating,” he explained, “Running and ball games all have a risk of overheating my components, but the water helps regulate my temperature better, and my skin is watertight.”

“I see,” Greg nodded, returning moments later with an empty water bottle that he found in the recycle bin, “Will this do?”

“Yes,” Tyler nodded.

“Okay,” Greg said, sitting back down and facing Tyler’s body, “How should I go about doing this?”

“Just hold the bottle up to the tip and then hold both steadily until my body is done,” Tyler explained, “There should be about a 3-second delay after you tap the droplet icon, in which you can tap it once more to cancel.”

“Good to know,” Greg smiled. He carefully grabbed hold of Tyler’s penis once more, maneuvering the tip into the mouth of the bottle. Once he had it in place, he quickly tapped the droplet icon and then grabbed hold of Tyler’s penis to brace it in place. The droplet icon flashed bright blue a few times before lighting up all the way. Greg could now feel the muscles in and around Tyler’s penis start moving before clear urine began spraying out in a steady stream. As the urine drained out, the droplet icon light began going out from the top and, once the light was completely out, the pee had stopped.

“See, that wasn’t that hard.” Tyler said.

“No, it wasn’t,” Greg nodded, pulling the bottle away after shaking an errant drop from the tip of Tyler’s penis. He held the bottle up to his eyes and saw that it was slightly less than half full. Curious, he put his nose over the mouth of the bottle and took a brave whiff, recoiling as his nose smelled virtually the same smell as real, Human pee.

“Yeah, it’s still basically the same stuff you Human’s pee out,” Tyler apologized, “You can just dump that in the toilet whenever you want…. it’s not toxic or anything.”

“Maybe later,” Greg agreed, putting the cap on it and placing it on the far side of his desk. He then stared back at Tyler. “So, are you ready to reconnect with your body now?”

“Yeah, I think so,” he decided, “could you maybe just put your hand on the control tab while I reconnect, just in case my body malfunctions?”

“Sure,” Greg nodded, turning back to Tyler’s body and placing his hands on the tab, “I’m ready.”

“Okay, here goes,” Tyler announced, his face zoning out momentarily as he activated his remote connection.

Greg watched Tyler’s body eagerly as Tyler began his remote connection. Greg saw the motor control nexus inside Tyler’s body blink a few times as it detected Tyler’s A.I. Attempting to connect to it. Finally, the diagnostic display read ‘remote connection established’, and Tyler’s body started moving around.

Since Tyler knew that Greg was still holding onto his control tab for safety, he merely moved his arms around, and wiggled his toes for a minute or so, before announcing that Greg could let go.

“Wow, that was quite a scare earlier, but I’m glad you were able to fix my body back to normal,” Tyler said, gleefully bouncing around on his feet before leaning in and giving Greg a hug, “Thanks Greg!”

Once Tyler let go of Greg and stood back at attention, Greg blushed as he said, “Don’t mention it.”

“No really…I mean, any normal person might have freaked out, or possibly taken advantage of me somehow,” Tyler pressed, “But you just treated me like your friend, and I will always remember that.”

“Thanks Ty,” Greg blushed, “Are you going to reattach your head now?”

“Perhaps in a bit,” he shrugged, “I’m kinda having fun right now though, and I can tell you are too.”

“I am,” Greg smiled, “Umm, how much range does your remote connection have?”

“Approximately 250ft,” Tyler reported, “Though, that’s only if there’s nothing obstructing me in between…for example, I could easily move around our entire townhouse, but I most likely couldn’t make it to the street, which is well within that range, since there are several things in the way.”

“I see,” Greg nodded, “Could you maybe walk somewhere in the house and let me see what your body’s camera sees?”

“Sure,” Tyler said happily, zoning out as he remotely connected to the laptop and brought up his visual feeds. He currently had two feeds, one from his head, and the other from the camera sticking out of his neck. “Perhaps I could walk this bottle of pee over to the half bath at the front of the house for you,” he suggested, “it’s a little over 50ft away.”

“Sure, that works for me,” Greg smiled, giving him a thumbs up.

“Great, here goes then.” Tyler carefully grabbed the bottle and then walked out of the living, and through the short hallway, into the small half bath that was next to the front door. He removed the cap and then drained the bottle into the toilet, careful to avoid splashing into his open panel, before flushing it once the bottle was empty. He then carried the bottle back out, though made a left turn into the kitchen, quickly rinsing the bottle out in the sink, before depositing the bottle in the recycle bin and returning once more to the sink to pour some hand sanitizer on his hands.

“Sorry, my programming makes me clean my hands after flushing a toilet,” Tyler apologized.

“No problem,” Greg shrugged, looking back and forth from Tyler’s body returning from the kitchen, and the monitor showing its point of view.

Instead of Tyler’s body coming directly back, however, it stopped to retrieve the torso panel cover, carefully lifting it up off the table and carrying it over to Greg. “Could you help me put my panel back on, please?”

“Sure,” Greg smiled, taking the panel from Tyler’s outstretched hands and lining it up over the opening. Once it was in place, he gently pushed it in while Tyler braced himself, and then he sealed it back up.

“Ah, that feels better,” Tyler said, gently rubbing his torso before standing at attention once more.

“Is it time for your head now?” Greg asked.

“No, there’s one more thing I’d like you to do first,” Tyler said, a slight blush forming on his face.


“Well, I know you played around with my penis when you first undressed my body, and then again while it was online, but…I want to feel you play around with it now that I’m in control of my body again, so I can feel it, and watch it.”

Greg blushed as Tyler explained his wish before nodding.

“Thank you,” Tyler said simply, as Greg gently reached out and began gently stroking and fondling Tyler’s balls, squeezing them lightly.

As Greg played around, Tyler gently moaned and hummed contentedly as he felt Greg’s hands working. Before long, his penis began becoming erect once more, though more naturally this time, and it wasn’t long after that that it became fully erect. Before Greg could make it orgasm though, Tyler suddenly said, “Okay, you can stop.”

Greg merely nodded and withdrew his hand, watching as Tyler’s penis throbbed a few times before slowly becoming flaccid once more. Once it returned to normal, Tyler gave Greg a fond smile. “Thanks for that, it felt really good.”

“My pleasure,” Greg smiled, “but how come you made me stop?”

“Well, to be frank, my semen canister is empty, and it always feels a bit weird when I orgasm without anything to come out,” he admitted, “and, I wanted to save myself for later.”

“What’s happening later?”

“Well, I figured you might want to try out some sex with me,” Tyler shrugged, “I figure it’s a perfect reward for fixing me.”

“Wow, really!?” Greg said excitedly, a blush forming on his face, “but…I mean, I’ve never tried it with another guy before…. I’m not sure I know how.”

“Me neither,” Tyler reminded him, “but we’ll figure something out.”

Seeing the calm and reassuring look on Tyler’s face instantly calmed Greg down. “Okay, I look forward to it then.”

“Me too…you wanna help me with my head now?”

“Sure,” Greg smiled, turning over to Tyler’s head and gently lifting it out of the bowl. Once he had it steady in his hands, he carefully lifted it up and over Tyler’s neck and carefully brought it down, lining it up with the opening and clicking it in place.

Tyler’s body and head froze momentarily as the connection took place. Greg could hear whirring and clicking sounds coming from within Tyler’s neck as all the mechanics reconnected with one another. Finally, the seam resealed and Tyler once more looked flawlessly human.

Once Tyler was fully reconnected, he took in several deep breaths of air to get his lungs working again before letting out a sigh of relief. “Aww, much better…thanks!”

“My pleasure man,” Greg smiled, fondly patting Tyler on the shoulder.

Tyler returned the fond smile and then looked over at a nearby clock; it was just after 5pm. “So, we still have a bit of time before dinner. Do you maybe want to continue the fun upstairs in my room?” Tyler face flushed slightly as he asked.

Greg flushed as well as he nodded. “Umm, yeah…sure.”

“Great,” Tyler said in a relieved voice, “Um, why don’t you grab my computer, and I’ll take the rest up?”

Greg merely nodded and started disconnecting Tyler’s computer, and cleaning up the rest of his desk. Tyler quickly gathered up the small tool box and took it upstairs, while Greg also put the bowl over on the kitchen counter so he could wash it later. He then filled up a small glass of water and took a large gulp before walking up the stairs with the computer and into Tyler’s room.

When he walked in, he saw Tyler cleaning up the small mess on the floor that had been caused by his body malfunctioning earlier. “Do you want me to plug this back in?” Greg asked, holding up the computer.

“Nah, I can take care of it later,” Tyler shrugged.

“Okay,” Greg smiled nervously, placing the computer randomly on Tyler’s desk before staring at him awkwardly for a few seconds.

“Umm, well…. before we get started, perhaps you could help me get ready,” Tyler finally said, sensing the awkwardness.

“Oh, how can I help?” Greg asked eagerly.

“Well, I told you before that my semen is in limited supply at the moment,” he reminded Greg, “And, actually, the main reason I didn’t orgasm before was because I don’t currently have a semen canister installed,” he admitted with a bashful expression.

“Oh,” Greg nodded, “how come?”

“Well, I don’t really need it all the time, and it adds a bit of weight to my frame that isn’t really necessary, so I keep the tank empty most of the time to keep my weight down and add a few extra minutes to my total battery cycle.”

“Oh, that makes sense.”

“Yeah,” Tyler smiled, before leaning down and opening a drawer on his desk. He pulled out a small box that looked like a mini-safe and typed in a 10-digit code, unlocking it. Inside, nestled in foam, were a dozen canisters, roughly the size of pill bottles, filled with a semen colored liquid.

“Wow!” Greg breathed, leaning in for a closer look. Each canister had writing on it displaying the brand name, the ingredients, and the flavor.

“As you can see, there are several flavors, so I’ll let you choose, since you’ll be the recipient of it,” Tyler explained, “you can smell them by opening up the cap.”

“Thanks,” Greg smiled, before taking another look. Half of the canisters were labeled ‘natural’. Greg unstoppered one and took a sniff, smelling a very realistic recreation of human semen. The ingredients, however, proved it was all artificial and non-toxic. The other half were three food flavors: two vanilla, two chocolate, and two mint. After taking a quick whiff of those flavors, he finally decided to just play it safe and go with vanilla.

“I’ll do vanilla,” Greg announced, taking the vanilla canister out and closing the case, “no offense, but I don’t feel like being too adventurous today.”

“None taken,” Tyler shrugged, putting the case away and then standing in front of Greg, “Alright, now I promised you that I would show you the eject feature later…well, it’s time,” he announced, zoning out momentarily as he made the control panel for his penis light back up; it had turned off when he regained control of his body earlier.

“Ooh, okay,” Greg said excitedly, placing the vanilla flavored semen canister down on the desk and bending down on his knees, “do you want me to do it now?”

“Yes, go ahead,” Tyler nodded.

Greg placed his finger on the eject icon and tapped it. He then recoiled his hand as he saw a seam appear around Tyler’s penis, starting just below the panel and going down to the perineum below the ball sac. Once the seam was fully formed, his penis smoothly lifted out from the surrounding skin with a mechanical whir, before stopping approximately three inches out. Instead of falling off, though, Greg could now clearly see that his penis was being supported by a sort of track system that it used to slide in and out. There appeared to be several fiber optic connection points on the backend that had apparently disconnected when Greg ejected it. The only thing currently connected to the penis now was a large tube that likely transferred his urine, and a smaller tube that appeared to be transferring his artificial blood. Just behind the ball sac, he could see the area where the semen cartridge was to be inserted, and it had another tube connecting to the urine tube.

“Holy shit, this is amazing!” Greg said, leaning in and examine closely, even tweaking Tyler’s penis, “can you feel your penis while it’s like this?”

“No, since the data connections were disconnected,” Tyler answered, “you can actually disconnect it all the way and actually hold it, but that might take a little while, so why don’t you just insert the canister and then tap the eject icon again to retract my penis?”

“Okay,” Greg nodded, breathing heavily at the scene before him. He grabbed the vanilla cartridge and attempted to line it up properly inside Tyler’s penis. “Umm, do I need to remove the cap first?”

“No, you can see that the top of the cap isn’t really solid, because it’s a semi-permeable membrane,” Tyler pointed out, “It’s to prevent leaks. Anyway, my body injects the membrane with a small syringe, once I’m properly stimulated, and then since the cartridge is upside-down, gravity does the rest.”

“Okay, sounds easy enough,” Greg nodded, carefully lining the cartridge up in the slot and clicking it in place. Once he was sure the cartridge was safely in place, he tapped the eject icon once more and watched as Tyler’s penis smoothly pulled itself back in place before sealing up. “Wow, you are truly a remarkable machine,” Greg said.

“Thanks,” Tyler blushed, making the control panel disappear once more.

Greg gulped nervously as he stared at Tyler’s naked body, now completely human looking with no panels open or illuminated. He’d had sexual encounters with a few women, but never with another guy. Still, Tyler wasn’t just a guy…he was an android, and that had been a fantasy of Greg’s for as long as he could remember; it never mattered what gender the android was.

“So, um…I was thinking that maybe you could get started by taking my clothes off,” Greg finally said with a nervous smile, “I mean, it’s only fair…since I took all your clothes off.”

Tyler smiled kindly before nodding. “That works.”

“Good,” Greg said in a relieved voice, not sure if Tyler had any preferences; he could tell Tyler was nervous too, since this was all as new to him as it was to Greg.

“Do you have a preference to which article of clothing I remove first?” Tyler asked politely.

“Not really,” Greg chuckled, “although you might as well just start at the top and work your way down,” he added, though since he was only wearing a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and his boxers, he knew it wouldn’t take Tyler too long to disrobe him.

“Okay,” Tyler nodded politely, before quickly sizing Greg up and then gently grabbing both Greg’s arms and lifting them straight up. Once he had Greg’s arms sticking up, he grabbed hold of Greg’s shirt and carefully lifted it up and over Greg’s head. Once he had Greg’s shirt all the way off, he gently nudged Greg’s arms back down to his sides and paused to admire Greg’s chest.

Greg was no athlete, like Tyler, but he still took decent care of his body by going on regular walks, so he still had a decent figure.

After Tyler drank in the appearance of Greg shirtless, he bent down and gently grabbed hold of Greg’s shorts, sliding them down a little and letting gravity do the rest. Greg smoothly stepped out of them and kicked them off to the side while Tyler admired Greg in just his boxers. A few seconds later, Tyler took in a nervous breath and smoothly slid Greg’s boxers down as well, which Greg also stepped out of and kicked off to the side.

“You might want to let it breath for a few seconds,” Greg warned, enjoying the cool air on his penis. Fortunately, he’d taken a shower about an hour before Tyler got home, but he’d worked up a bit of a sweat wrestling Tyler’s body down earlier, and then fixing him.

“Okay,” Tyler smiled, eager to feel Greg like Greg had felt him, “I see you shave down there too,” he pointed out.

“Oh yeah,” Greg blushed, “well, it helps me feel cleaner,” he shrugged.

“I like it,” Tyler assured him, “I noticed that when I got rid of the hair around mine, it made mine look bigger.”

“Me too!” Greg laughed, “oh, it should be safe to touch now,” he added, shaking his penis around a little to air dry it.

“Thanks,” Tyler smiled, bending down once more and leaning in for a closer look, scrutinizing it with his eyes, and even smelling it, before grabbing it with his hand.

“Whoa,” Greg said, instinctively recoiling as he felt Tyler hand grab it.

“I’m sorry, did I do something wrong?” Tyler asked, recoiling back as well.

“Oh no, sorry Ty,” Greg blushed, “it’s just…I don’t get touched down there all that often, so I’m not used to it.”

“Oh, I understand,” Tyler nodded, leaning back in and carefully grabbing Greg’s penis once more.

This time, Greg did not recoil, but merely breathed deeply as he felt Tyler’s artificial fingers gently probing his penis, squeezing his balls, and gently rubbing the shaft. Before long, he could feel the blood slowly rushing to it, and his penis getting hard. Once it was fully erect, he had to warn Tyler. “Hey, you might want to stop it there…unlike you, I have a full tank here, and I don’t have as much self-control.”

“Okay,” Tyler chuckled, easing off a little, “I just wanted to see it at full length for a sec.” Before Greg could ask why, Tyler quickly rubbed Greg’s penis one more time to keep it at full length, then he stood up, activated his penis control panel and made his own penis go erect. Once Tyler’s penis was fully erect, he walked over to Greg’s and gently compared their sizes.

“Huh, it looks like our penises are about the same length,” Tyler determined, analyzing the length with his HUD.

“I thought so,” Greg laughed.

“In case you were wondering, yours is approximately 1cm longer than mine,” Tyler reported, tapping his panel and returning his own penis to normal.

“Thanks,” Greg chuckled, “But it doesn’t really matter.”

“I know, but I still like knowing such things…I mean, as an android, data is everything to me,” Tyler shrugged.

“I understand,” Greg nodded, “are you done looking at me now?”

“Oh, no…I just want to walk around you real quick,” Tyler said, a bashful look on his face as he slowly walked around to look at Greg’s backside, gently feeling his back, and even his butt. When he was done a minute later, he walked back in front of Greg with a smile on his face. “You have a really nice body, Greg.”

“You do too,” Greg smiled back, “are you done feeling yet, or are you ready for what’s next?”

“Just about,” Tyler smiled, before gently grabbing hold of both sides of Greg’s face, gently feeling it before leaning in and kissing Greg full on the lips.

Greg was caught slightly off guard, but he quickly went along with it. He gently placed his own hands on Tyler’s waist for leverage and returned Tyler’s kisses. The two of them continued to make out for nearly a minute before breaking apart, their faces red and both breathing heavily. Greg could see a bit of perspiration forming on Tyler’s muscular chest, and he could feel it forming on his own.

“That was good,” Greg breathed.

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed.

They both stood there admiring one another for a few more seconds before Tyler spoke once more, holding out his hand. “Greg, come with me to my bed.”

Greg merely nodded, taking Tyler’s outstretched hand and following him the short distance to his bed. After Tyler lifted the sheets and blankets out of the way, he laid down on his bed and made room for Greg, who quickly joined him.

“Ahh, your bed smells so clean,” Greg sighed, taking in a whiff from the pillows.

“Yeah, one of the advantages to being an android,” Tyler laughed, “I only have to clean my sheets every other week.”

“Well, you’ll definitely have to clean them after this,” Greg laughed.

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed, staring deeply into Greg’s eyes.

The look in Tyler’s eyes gave Greg the cue to move in and catch Tyler in an embrace, making out with him once more. He reveled in the pleasure of feeling Tyler’s smooth, artificial skin rubbing against his. Both were absently grinding their genitals against one another’s, moving just enough for it to feel good, but not enough that they would explode into each other.

They continued for several more minutes, their hands smoothly massaging one another’s backs, before finally breaking apart momentarily to catch their breaths.

“Well, if you were a woman, I would obviously know what to do right now,” Greg managed to say, once he caught his breath, but we’re both using the same equipment…so, I’m not sure what to do next.”

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed.

“Well…um, I’m not sure I want to try anal yet,” he decided, “I’m sure you’re clean in there, but mine isn’t. Not to mention that would be a waste of the vanilla flavor.”

“uh-huh,” Tyler nodded, waiting for Greg to make a decision.

“Obviously oral would be best, but I’m not sure if we could pull it off in a 69 position or not,” Greg said.

“69 position?” Tyler asked curiously.

“Wow, I guess your dad really didn’t program you with that much sexual data,” Greg chuckled.

“No, not really,” Tyler admitted with a bashful look, “I think he wanted me to learn it all like a real Human does.”

“Well, basically 69 position is where we lay in opposite directions and orally stimulate each other’s genitals at the same time,” Greg explained, “it should work, since we’re about the same height, but I’ve never actually tried it before…I just happen to know what it is.”

“I see,” Tyler nodded, running a quick simulation in his HUD based on his specs, and the 3D scan he’d taken of Greg earlier. “We should be able to do it,” he smiled with a relieved look, “let’s just make out for another minute or so and then switch to the new position.”

“Okay,” Greg smiled, moving back in and embracing Tyler once more.

After they made out some more to get themselves back in the mood, they both nodded and then shifted positions. Tyler stayed where he was, while Greg turned the other way. They both then shifted slightly until they were in position near each other’s genitals. Greg took a whiff as he stared at Tyler’s aroused penis right in front of him. He could now detect a slight odor of musk, coming partially from Tyler’s perspiration, and partially from whatever had rubbed off from Greg’s own penis.

“Okay Greg, I’m ready…I’ll try and time my orgasm to yours, but since this is our first time, it could take a few tries,” Tyler reported dutifully.

“Hey, it’s all part of the fun,” Greg replied, “let’s go.”

Tyler merely nodded in reply before opening his mouth and gently inserting Greg’s waiting penis into it, while Greg did the same with Tyler. Greg spent a few moments getting used to Tyler’s stiff, throbbing penis in his mouth before gently working it up and down with his tongue, all the while feeling Tyler doing the same thing with his.

While Greg was having the time of his life, he still knew there was no way he would be doing this if Tyler weren’t an android. The sudden mental reminder that the penis in his mouth was artificial got Greg going, and he soon came in Tyler’s mouth, then causing Tyler to cum in his, releasing a jet of warm vanilla flavored ejaculate.

They both embraced each other for over a minute after their orgasms ended, before breaking apart and sitting up open the bed, their faces flushed.

“Wow, that was amazing!” Greg breathed, still enjoying the taste of vanilla in his mouth.

“Yeah, very good,” Tyler agreed, “was the flavoring satisfactory?”

“Oh yes,” Greg blushed, “I’m so glad I didn’t pick the natural flavor.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” Tyler blushed, “though your natural flavor didn’t taste too bad.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Greg laughed a bit uncomfortably, noticing some minor residue remaining on his penis, “umm, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m gonna go freshen up real quick.”

“Oh no, not at all,” Tyler assured him, “I need to do the same.”

“Great,” Greg sighed with relief, “once we’re done, how about we go down and make dinner, and then watch some shows?” “Sure, sounds good,” Tyler nodded.

Greg nodded in response, before bashfully leaving Tyler’s room. A few moments later, Tyler heard the shower in Greg’s bathroom turn on. Tyler smiled as he compiled the valuable data he’d just gathered from his first ever sexual experience and prepared it for his evening data dump and phone call with his father. Since he was an android, he was able to take care of that while cleaning out his mouth, relieving himself, and taking a quick shower.

By the time Tyler was finished cleaning himself up, Greg had also finished as well and he re-entered Tyler’s room, still naked as he allowed his skin to dry. Greg paused to admire Tyler’s still damp body, while Tyler dutifully dried himself off with a fresh towel.

“Feel better?” Tyler asked, knowing that Greg felt uncomfortable being dirty earlier.

“Much,” Greg smiled, before looking down at Tyler’s penis with a curious look.

“What is it Greg?” Tyler asked with a concerned look.

“Oh, nothing,” Greg smiled, looking back up into Tyler’s eyes, “I was just wondering how much of your ejaculate you used up.”

“Oh, hold on a sec,” Tyler smiled, zoning out as he ran a quick check. A laser in the ejaculate cartridge ran a quick scan and provided Tyler’s A.I. with results. “I only used about 15% of that cartridge,” he reported, “once we get into good practice, though, I’ll probably end up using as much as a quarter each time.”

“Cool,” Greg nodded, “Umm, would you like me to remove that cartridge until next time?”

“Nah,” Tyler waved off, “it doesn’t add that much weight, and, I figure we’ll probably do that again a few more times this week…right?”

“Oh yeah, if you’re okay with it,” Greg blushed.

“I am,” Tyler said seriously, “I could tell you enjoyed it, and it provided me with a wealth of data.”

“Good,” Greg smiled, “Well, I’m going to go down and clean the kitchen up so you can cook.”

“Thanks! I’ll be down soon.”

Greg nodded and then headed downstairs, putting his clothes on as soon as he settled in to the living room. He quickly tidied up the kitchen and then sat down at his desk to watch the evening news.

Tyler came down a short time later, now dressed in a fresh set of clothes. He gave Greg a wink, relieved that he now knew his secret, and headed into the kitchen to begin cooking their dinner.

After they ate the delicious meal Tyler cooked up, they did as they always did each night, which was sitting on the couch and watching their shows. This time, though, they were far more intimate, since they were friends-with-benefits. Tyler allowed Greg to play around with him during commercial breaks, remote controlling him around the room, and Greg allowed Tyler to feel him up.

Once their shows were over, and it was nearing Greg’s bedtime, he turned to Tyler. “Hey Ty, do you think maybe I could sleep with you tonight?”

“Sure, I don’t mind,” Tyler shrugged, “do you want to sleep in my bed, or in yours?”

“Would you mind sleeping in mine?” Greg asked.

“Not at all,” Tyler smiled, “but, I will need to move my charging cable over.”

“Oh yeah, you have to plug yourself in at night, right?”

“Yeah,” Tyler smiled, “I’m down to about 10% right now, so it’ll need to be fairly soon.”

“Okay,” Greg smiled, “I need about 20-30 minutes after I take my sleeping pill to eat food before it starts working, so why don’t you go upstairs and get ready.”

“Alright,” Tyler nodded, leaning in and giving Greg a light kiss before heading up to his room to get ready for sleep mode.

When Tyler arrived in his room, he immediately sat down at his computer terminal and grabbed a long cable, bringing it up to his head and plugging it into the same data port that Greg had used to charge him earlier. He quickly logged into the secure server that his dad had set up for him and then began uploading the vast amount of data he had collected during the day.

As the data was transferring, he picked up his phone and dialed his dad’s number. His father quickly picked up.

“Hey Tyler, how did your day go?”

“It went great,” Tyler replied.

“Did that update I sent you earlier help you at all?”

“No, actually there was a bug and it caused my body to malfunction.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” his dad said in a concerned voice, “but you were able to correct the issue yourself?”

“No, I was forced to detach my head before it spread to my A.I, but my roommate Greg came up and helped me.”

“Wait, Greg knows now?” his father asked in a worried voice.

“Yes dad, but he’s okay with it,” Tyler assured him, “apparently he has what he calls a ‘robo-fetish’, and he was more than happy to fix me.”

“I see,” his father said in a cautious voice, “and he didn’t reprogram you are anything?”

“No,” Tyler laughed, “I let him play around with my body for a bit as a thanks for fixing me, and, later, we had sex.”

“Oh, I didn’t know he was gay.”

“He’s not…he said he was for me though, since I’m an android, but other than that, he’s straight.

“I see.”

“He did say though that we’re something called ‘friends-with-benefits’…is that actually a thing?”

“Yes,” his father chuckled on the other end, “I’ve had a few of those in my time…this is good, I’ll bet you gathered tons of data.”

“I did, it’s uploading now.”

“Great! I look forward to reviewing it. You have a good night, and I’ll try and give you a more reliable update in the next couple days.”

“Thanks dad, I love you.”

“I love you too, son.”

Tyler finished uploading his data a short time after the phone call ended. He then powered down his equipment and then headed over to his bed. He pulled his charging cable out from the wall behind the bed, previously concealed by a well-placed decorative pillow, and then headed into Greg’s room. He quickly analyzed Greg’s bed and determined that Greg usually slept on the left side of the bed, which presented a minor problem for Tyler. His charging port was located on his left side, which meant he needed to sleep on the left side. This created a conflict in his decision programming, which made him freeze up at the foot of Greg’s bed, still holding his charging cable in his hands as his A.I. analyzed the conflict for resolutions.

Fortunately, Greg came up the stairs a couple minutes later, walking in on Tyler still frozen at the foot of his bed.

“Ty…is something wrong?” Greg asked curiously, walking over and seeing the blank look on Tyler’s face.

It took a few seconds, but Tyler unfroze as he detected Greg’s presence. “Oh, hey Greg….sorry about that, but I was faced with a minor decision conflict which caused me to freeze up.”

“Oh, what is it?”

“Well, I need to be on the left side of the bed in order to charge, but I see that you sleep on the left side of the bed, and I don’t want to inconvenience you, but I still need to charge…and that’s the conflict.”

Greg chuckled as he heard Tyler explain his dilemma. “Don’t worry about it, I can sleep next to you whenever you sleep in my bed,” he smiled, “it’ll give me something to cuddle up with.”

“Okay, good,” Tyler said, sighing with relief as he walked over and plugged his charger into the wall outlet closest to the bed.

“Are you ready for bed now?” Greg asked.

“Not yet,” Tyler said sheepishly, “I was stuck here for a few minutes, but I still need to get my pajamas on.”

“Okay,” Greg laughed, “I hope you don’t mind, but I sleep in the nude.”

“Oh no, not at all,” Tyler assured him, “would you like me too as well?”

Greg thought about it before shaking his head. “Nah, it would most likely distract me all night,” he decided, “and, it’ll give me something soft to cuddle with.”

“Okay,” Tyler nodded, quickly heading into his room to redress. He had to hurry a bit, because he was down to 4% battery remaining, and his battery tended to drain faster when the percentage was in single digits.

Once he was dressed in the loose flannel pants and top that he usually wore while in sleep mode, he turned off the lights to his room and headed into Greg’s, closing the door behind him.

Greg was just exiting his bathroom, having brushed his teeth and relieved himself. He hadn’t yet taken off the nightwear that he wore just before bed, and kept next to his bed in case of emergency.

“Would you like to plug me in?” Tyler offered.

“Sure,” Greg smiled, rushing over to the side of the bed as Tyler calmly sat down and grabbed the cable.

“Here, hold on to this for a sec,” Tyler said, handing Greg the cable. Once Greg was holding the cable, he lifted up the side of his shirt a bit and then zoned out as a small panel appeared just below his ribs. He smoothly detached the section of skin, revealing a connector for the charging cable, and a small panel displaying his battery status.

“Whoa, you’re down to 3%!”

“Yeah,” Tyler said with an embarrassed look, “Normally, I’d still have about 10-15% by this time, but the malfunction earlier wasted a lot of power.”

“I see,” Greg nodded, “Do you think I could see you power down?”

“I’m afraid not,” Tyler said, “it’s a very disconcerting feeling, and it can damage my memory.”

“Okay,” Greg said in a slightly disappointed voice, carefully plugging in the cable to Tyler’s side.

“Ah, much better,” Tyler sighed, feeling the energy filling up his battery, allowing his A.I. to reduce the power restrictions on his body, “Perhaps some other time, when I have the opportunity to properly back myself up, I can let you see me lose power,” he promised.

“Awesome, I can’t wait!” Greg said excitedly, before smoothly slipping off his PJs and setting them down on the floor below Tyler; he had become slightly aroused by plugging in Tyler, so his penis was slightly stiffened. Once Greg had the windows in the room opened a bit for ventilation, he turned off the lights, turned on the fan, and then crawled into bed on the other side, settling in next to Tyler.

“Are you comfy?” Tyler asked politely, once Greg had stopped moving.

“For now,” Greg said, “I tend to move around a bit while I’m sleeping, and I’m told I snore. I hope that isn’t an issue for you.”

“Not at all,” Tyler replied in a reassuring voice, “when I sleep, my human emulation is essentially offline, so it won’t actually bother ‘me’,” he explained, “my A.I. Is still online, and can monitor the noises and touch sensations around my body, but since it knows you’re sleeping next to me, it won’t trigger a wake-up alert.”

“Good to know,” Greg nodded, “but, if I do need to wake you up, how would I go about doing so?”

“Well, you can simply say ‘Tyler, wake up’, or just my name,” he explained, “but, I’ll also wake up if the lights are turned on, or if there is a loud noise, or if you shake me real hard.”

“Okay,” Greg nodded.

“Is there anything else you would like to know before I go into sleep mode?”

“Yes, when are you scheduled to wake up?”

“Ah, I usually just set it for eight hours,” Tyler shrugged, “but, realistically I can wake up as soon as I reach 100% charge, which usually takes about 6-7 hours.”

Greg looked at the clock; it was 10pm. “I think I can sleep until 6am,” he nodded.

“Great, is there anything else?”

“No Ty, you have a good sleep mode.”

“You too,” Tyler smiled, before laying his head flat on his pillow and closing his eyes. He gave no verbal announcement that he was activating sleep mode. He simply closed his eyes, relaxed his posture, and began breathing in the manner of someone who was asleep.

“Wow, I wish it that that easy for me,” Greg mused, lightly snapping his fingers in front of Tyler’s face, as well as poking his nose, and even reaching down and groping his penis; Tyler remained in sleep mode through all of it.

“Nighty night Ty,” Greg whispered, planting a tender kiss on Tyler’s lips, before relaxing his own posture and falling asleep several minutes later, rolled over and cuddling Tyler’s body like a body pillow. His dreams that night were filled with all the possible fun he might have with his new, android friend.

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