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A short green hedge fronted the three houses between mine and Eoen's place, in generally good shape as required by the community HOA. I noted the yards behind each weren't quite as uniform. Mr. Robert in particular had some bare patches. It could be because he was old and single now. If so, maybe I could send my robot to help a bit. Or it could be just because the price of water was up again this year, and he'd probably decided to save money. Eventually, I figured a lot more people would switch to zeroscaping like my folks did, since they were helping with college tuition. That was kinda sad - I had liked their nice green yard, and hated to think I was the cause of its demise.

After the third house came a series of townhomes, Eoen living in the first. They could afford nice green yards, because there was only about two feet between the street and the doorstop. I paused for a moment before going up the short path. What if he wasn't home? It would feel strange to just walk back past everyone's houses. Fortunately, I had my robot with me; that was the ostensible purpose of the visit. There were signs of activity in the house. I knocked.

"Oh, um, hey," Eoen said (pronounced eh-oh-in). "You're... Alexa! From A.U.!" He's tall and a bit lanky, but fit, and super nice. I did know him from college. Maybe stalked a few times around the campus, to be honest. Not creepy-like. We'd said hi a few times, but I don't think ever he really noticed me. I'd practiced my most charming smile in front of a mirror for almost an hour, but now it still felt like a goofy grin. "Yeah! Guess what I found out? Would you believe I live just up up the street? We're neighbors!"

"Really? Wow. That's awesome! We should totally hang out!" Uncertain pause. "Uh, and what can I do for you today?"

My god, he was so adorably awkward. It made some of my own nervousness evaporate.

"Yeah, can I come in? I really need your help with something," I asked. "Oh, uh, sure!" he said, and we stepped through the threshold.

I sat on one of the overstuffed rockers in his living room as he fetched some water, and we chatted a bit about school and the neighborhood to break the nice.

"So that crazy old man is Mr. Robert, huh?" Eoin said. "I've been worried whether he's really okay, out there cutting wood in the heat of the day. I once asked him if he needed help, and he just yelled at me." I couldn't help but smile. Seems he was good to old people too. He noticed me looking, and blushed. He blushed! "S.. so" he stammered, "you said you needed my help with something?"

I needed his help with something alright, but I actually was supposed to be here on a purpose. "Right!" I said, a little too quickly. "Actually... I'm having a bit of a problem with my robot, and I was wondering if maybe you could take a look. You're pretty deep into that CIS stuff, right?" According to one of my friends in admissions, he'd nearly aced all his IT courses, and at A.U. those were hard!

"I could do that." he said, but then got more serious. "But I'm only just a beginning student. I'm not sure what I could do," he said. "But I'd be happy to take a look!" he quickly amended, seeing my rejected look.

I clapped my hands in excitement, "Yes! Perfect. Whatever you can suggest is fine. We can take it from there. I brought her with me, if now is okay?"

He looked puzzed for a second, but agreed. "Sure... I don't have any plans until later."

I presented her to him. A QR-17 with aftermarket additions, she had the appearance of a young adult female with long black hair in a high-rise ponytail, bangs pinned back, a super-cute elfen face of interminate origin - maybe a bit gaelic, maybe a bit slavic. She had a tiny body for her 5'6" height that was largely leg, and absolutely huge J-cup breasts that hung weightlessly as balloons, and you could see the faint rise of a nipple even through two bras and a shirt. "Here she is. She came base with 30-50 gigas, and we've amped that up to almost a tera. Thus some of the, uh, volume." I pantomimed by own breasts, which were about the same size. I was a little relieved; judging by how he was looking at the robot, he liked that kind of thing.

Eoen looked a little puzzled, then shocked. "Your robot?" he asked, sounding surprised. I understood the confusion. Especially with all the upgrades, my robot wasn't cheap. I'm sure my folks were still paying it off. There was no way a college student could hope to afford one. So it was with some pride that I nodded and proudly said "Yep!"

He shook his head in shock, and then to his credit shook it off. Some people would judge my parent for such indulgences, but they loved me dearly, and I took good care of it. "So, uh, " he said, "what seems to be the problem?"

"There seems to be something wrong with it's focus, I guess." I said. "it's been getting distracted a lot. Like it gets super aroused, and it struggles to deal with it. When that happens, it is really slow to focus on anything work related for almost an hour until the episode passes. It used to be pretty rare; once or thrice a week for maybe 10 minutes, but now: two, three, even four times a day."

I watched Eoen's face carefully as I described the symptoms. Everything I said about my robot was true, but the excitement of bringing up something sexual with him made me shiver. I hoped he couldn't see my own nipples; they felt like rocks. Anyway, it was blushed quite red. His face, not one of my nipples.

"Wow. Just, uh, wow. That could be complicated, but I can take a quick look." he guestured to the far side of his apartment. "Do you mind coming over to my computer?"

I looked around as we crossed the living room. A little cluttered, with a few days of mail on the table, but overall pretty well organized and clean. Niice. The place was in a state of semi-order even his bedroom, where the computer station was.

Eoen rummaged through a box of cables and hooked one into the computer, then turned to me. "Can you open your... robots panel?" he asked. I stared back stupidly for a second. "Uh. Which one?" I didn't even know which one was supposed to go with the cable.

"Oh, it's probably... do you mind if I take a look real quick? I'll show you." I nodded, but he still hesitated. "Just so you know, it's kind of around... this region. Are you sure that's okay?" He pointed at just above my robot's crotch, blushing furioiusly. I couldn't help but grin. Boys! Or maybe he thought I was going to be jealous of my own robot! Still grinning, I said "It's okay! It's just a bit of plastic with some fancy electronics aside. Not like.." I coughed, suddenly embarassed myself. "Not like the real thing."

He paused a moment longer, then nodded. "Right." and he unhooked the button keeping the fashionable white jeans on and pulled them down. With those hips and ass, it didn't need a belt. It revealed a pair of pink low-rise panties, mostly a sheer lace but with a satin bottom that hid the thick layer of padding which protected the "fancy electroncs." I picked it myself, of course. It was both practical and cute!

I saw Eoen's hand started to drift, but then he was in control once more. "Okay, here we go. I see the serial number - it is a QR 17 of course. This is the panel I need you to open." He tapped on a nearly invisible square just above my robot's neat trapazoidal landing strip. After a moment's work, I did. Inside was another panel, this one faintly metalic, with a few small blinking LEDS, a couple ports, and just a couple simple buttons - most sophisticated control requiring a digial interface. Eoen returned to his computer and plugged in the cable he found, then plugged the other end into one of the ports inside my robot's open panel. "Alright, I downloaded the AR17 diagnostic suite. Let me take a look."

I watched over his shoulder as he hmmmd and murmered for several minutes. The screens of text that whipped by were completely lost on me.

"See anything?" I asked at last.

"Well, there's not a lot of log data. Which makes sense, because you wouldn't expect to be at a heavy log level in common use. But I really don't see anything unusual. Most the programs related to sexual behavior are out of the box, and the few that are custom seem designed to primarily just act as an interface with those upgrades you mentioned before. This system, at least, seems fine."

Eoen looked back up at me, "Sorry to ask, but can I see your breasts?"

I blushed bright red. "Wha??" I gasped out. Then I caught myself. This is what you want, Alexa! Eventually. Don't let him steal initiative! I leaned down and looked him in the eye. Using my most victorian tone, I said "Mr. Eoen, I would only CONSIDER such a thing if we were going out, after a nice date at the theater!"

"Oh... I'm.. so sorry Alexa. I didn't mean.." he trailed off, blushing himself. He sounded disappointed, and a little confused.

Oh for! Now isn't the time for wounded puppy! I cleared my throat "Sooooooo...." I prompted. Eoen looked back at me, even more confused. "Sooooo..." he said. Then dawn broke. "Sooooo... would you, maybe, like to go out with me?" he asked.

Finally! I hid my excitement as best I could and played innocent. "To the theater?" I asked. He laughed. He had such a nice laugh. "To the theater." "Good. Then we'll see what happens." God, I could hardly wait!

"Sorry to be so clueless. It's just all this..." he gestured to the cable leading into my robot's open panel. "It's a strange situation."

"Don't let it bother you. My robot just needs a little debugging, that's all. And speaking of which, what's next? Have you done everything you can?" I asked him sincerely, but I'd be okay even if the answer was no. My mission was accomplished! (◕‿◕v)

"Well, I have a hunch, but I'd have to see your..." he paused. "... your robots breasts."

"Oh, that's no problem. Go right ahead!"

"Oooookay then." he had a funny smirk. A confused, amused sort of smirk. But he stood up and pulled the shirt up over its breasts. I helped him with the hidden zipper - I suppose in his experience he'd have no way of knowing a shirt that form fitting doesn't go with a rack that big by elastic alone.

He then removed both bras (with additional assistence). They were mostly for protection - my robot's breasts dropped only a little, and hung high and proud even sans support. He mimed grabbing its left breast. "Is it okay if I...?" he asked. I made hurry-up motions. "Of course."

Eoin carefully lifted my robot's breast off where it folded over the chest wall. It gave a little gasp of shock at his touch. He looked at something underneath, though I couldn't quite see what. He seemed to be almost shaking. I could definitely understand. Seeing such a handsome boy fondling such a beautiful breast was either going to make me really jealous or really aroused, and after what I said earlier I wasn't about to get jealous.

Reluncantly, he released my robot's psuedomammary and returned to the computer, searching on a new string of characters. The next couple minutes passed much more uncomfortably. Leaning on the back of his chair again to watch, I couldn't help glacing down at the obvious massive bulge in his pants and thinking how perfectly it seemed to match the raging hollow inferno in my own.

Every so often, he would stop and flip over to the diagnostic program again. He brough up some new windows seemingly related to sexuality, and then stare at them, shaking, before going back to browsing schematics, input/output apis, and so on. I had no idea what was going through his head, but the way I felt, if I had a half-naked man-bot next to me, I'd be pretty tempted too. Fuck, I didn't want to wait at all myself, but I was going to do this right.

A few minutes of torture later he had an answer. "Well Alexa, I think I know why your robot is acting the way it does."

"What?" I started out of my the fantasy I was entertaining. Eoin did NOT have to know what it entailed.

"It's literally those breasts. You mentioned it was an after-market addition, right"? I nodded. "Well, this model of QR-17 was designed to have very small breasts. And because it's a, um, sex model, they're supposed to be very easily aroused by them. It's a feature. But as part of your after-market additions, the breasts were replaced with a much larger pair. A pair that, I hazard, comes into contact with things a lot more often than the original design allowed for."

"Oh. I can vouch for that, breasts like these are really hard to keep away from everything. I'm sure that's happening."

"And I'm guessing your robot doesn't get a lot of action?" he asked. I gave a blank stare. "I mean, do you ever touch yourself? Her! Um, in the way I'd really like to touch you right now."

"Oooooh." No! Of course not, I'm straight as they come! And I told him so. I didn't miss his invitation, but I couldn't even risk replying. "Then that's it. Your robot is, essentially, chronically horny, and the tiniest stimulation is enough to set her off, but she can't get any relief."

"It's an 'it', Eoen. Don't go anthropomorphizing my robot or I will get jealous."

He gave me that funny look again, but nodded solomnly. "It."

"So is there anything we can do? I think Mom's getting a little fed up with it, and that's my responsibility!" I asked.

"Maybe a short term solution. I looked into if it might be possible to change how 'it'," he stressed the pronoun for my sake, " reacts to physical contact, but it turns out that's a no-no. Bot memories are relational, a little like humans' are. Changing fundamental reaction drivers messes up any memory that makes reference to that reaction call, which scrambles recollection chains and generally is a Bad Thing. Maybe a much more advanced engineer could do it, but I'm barely skilled enough to understand why that's a bad thing to begin with."

"So", he continued, "I looked at maybe cutting back on the sensory input from the, um, mammary unit itself. But that would be the human equivalent of injecting a numbing agent; 'it' just wouldn't feel anything from 'it's' breasts at all. And I expect that wouldn't be a good thing."

I shook my head. That sounded awful. "So, neither of those options are any good? What's left?" I asked. He poked his fingers together. "Well, you could, uh... engage in the normal human response to that. Or I mean, order 'it' to."

I frowned. It felt gross just considering it. "I guess I could try, but I don't think it's programmed to do that." Eoen half turned towards his computer, then stopped. "I could check, but I think I'll just take your word for it."

I sighed. No solutions. I was altogether too horny to discuss things this complicated. I just wanted to rip off Eoins pants and give us both the relief we desperately wanted. It was a good thing a woman's body held secrets. If he knew I wanted what he wanted, he might want to do what I wanted him to do enough to do it, and I don't know what I'd do if that happened. It was funny - in it's own weird robotic way, that's exactly what was wrong with my robot too. And suddenly, I had an idea.

Putting on my best sultry smile, I spun his chair around to face me. "Hey, why don't you do it?" I asked.

"Whoa, Alexa! Careful of the cable! Do what?"

"Give my robot that programmed climax it needs to function right."

"I couldn't Alexa. I don't really think you're fully in your right mi oh god" I squated between Eoen's legs and unzipped those blue skinny-jeans that hugged his butt and calves so well. "Let's be honest, Eoen, you can't hide what's going on down here." As I spoke, I fumbled my way into his boxer briefs and got ahold of my target. It was shockingly hot, and so incredibly stiff and firm, and I swear it throbbed in my hand. Fuck, I wanted it inside of me so bad. "I told you before that I wasn't going to be jealous. You've used all your other tools on my robot, why not this one?" I tried to pull it out through the hole I'd made, but it was too big and stiff to bend out. So I just unbuttoned his pants completely. Indulging myself, I leaned in and kissed it. "Do it for me?"

"Alexa, I can't resist if you're going to do that." Eoen jumped out of the chair, his dick slapping my breasts. He grabbed my shoulder and thrust it between them, making me squeak uncontrollably. I rolled backwards to extract myself and angrily stood to face him. "Not me, Eoen! My robot!"

Eoen shook his head. "I don't understand what you want me to do, Alexa! I... wait." He reached down and grabbed the cable. "This leads from the computer to your robot right?"

"Yes!" I said, still angry.

"And consequently, this" he said, pointing below the open port it plugged into, "Is your robot's pussy, right?"

"Yes! Or what it has that passes for one!"

"Fine then!" Eoen pulled the cable out of my robot, picked her up, and threw her gently on the bed. "Then this! Is your robot's! Panties!" he said as he roughly pulled them off it. "And this! Is your robot's clit!" he buried his head in it's crotch at

li..lick... licked.. oh my god, I can image exactly how it must feeeeeeeeeel! To have his tongue dart around that tiny bud of, ohhhh my god. I clutched the sheets tightly in my hands like a lifeline.

Eoen wasn't finished yet, though. "And this! Is my dick. In your robot's little. plastic. pussy."

He entered my robot and it was more than wet enough to welcome him. It was more than I could take. He was so big, it filled me up completely. W.. wait, was he fucking me, or my robot? I thought he was fucking my fucking roooboooooooooooooooot! My back arched involuntarily, and my huge breasts spilled over the two bras and shirt still wrapped about my chest. I bit my shirt as hard as I could, trying to hold it together as he went in and out, in and out, each thrust soliciting a tiny scream, making my back arch further. He started to slow, panting, and desperate I rolled up onto his lap so forcefully he fell backwards and then I was on top. My breasts bounced like mad, obscuring all but fleeting glimses of what was going on between my legs, but I didn't need to see to know how to move. I rolled my hips and twisted back and forth, all the while bouncing up and down to get every last bit of sensation, squeezing my vagina around his monstrous dick to give him the climax I knew I was desperately waiting for! Oh god. Oh gooood. It's too much - Ican'tkeepittogetherohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I'm so into it, I barely notice that my robot has stopped moving, just twitching ineffectually, muttering "oooooooo" softly. Eoen looks down at my robot's crotch, his chest lit by a blinking red glow that comes from it.

"She... malfunctioned? Oh man that's so.. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit"

He came, and it was like it released everything that had built to intolerable levels. If before it was the pressure of a massive damn, now I was carried away by the food. I screamed as loud as I could scream, my back arced almost 90 degreees, pulsing as he pulsed, and for tens of seconds after. Finally I collapsed on his chest, panting loudly.

I got way more into that than I thought I had been going to. He may have been fucking my robot, but I'm pretty sure I just came while straddling my new boyfriend.

The cuddling that followed was more important, and I left off figuring out what just happened for another time. Eventually we parted and cleaned up.

"So, next Sunday then?" Eoen asked me.


"For our date. You still want to have one, right?"

"Oh, of course! Sunday would be great! Like 4:00ish maybe?"

"Yeah. I'll try to find a good play for the theater." Eoen smiled at me. He had a good smile.

"Sweet! It's a plan!"

"Oh, and bring your robot's maintenace codes next time!" he said. I paused. It wasn't that I minded, but, "Why?"

"Sh.. 'It', rather, was pretty hot tonight. I have an idea for a way to give 'it' a digital climax so hard it'll malfunction."

That did sound exciting, but I shook my head. "My folks would kill me if I broke my robot."

"Oh, don't worry. It wouldn't be anything permenant. I'd hook it up to my computer and fix it after. You could watch everything I'd do, as I did it."

"I guess. But if you break anything you can fix, you reimburse us!" I insisted.


I left Eoen's townhome with a huge grin, and didn't really care who saw me walking back from his house. He was my boyfriend now, and I couldn't wait until next Sunday.

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