My Neighbor's Wife is Sucking My Cock

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Written by Mirage

My Neighbor's Wife is Sucking My Cock!

I peeped into my window and saw him wave goodbye, and got into the taxi, after loading his languages. I reached to see his wife waving goodbye too and getting into the house, closing the door behind her. I waited a few minutes and then ran downstairs. I looked at myself in the mirror to make sure I was presentable.

After combing my hair, I went to her door and ran the doorbell. A moment later, she opened the door "Yes?" she smiled.

"Nataly, I just saw Scott leave again for a trip." I stated.

"Yes, again." she smirked.

"And I was wondering if...well, if you need something, like some milk, sugar, or a fuck, I am here for you." I grinned.

She paused a bit, "MMmm... I think I am good for now… Er.. Did you say a Fuck?" she asked confused.

"Yes, the best fuck you will ever get, I promise!" I smiled away, showing her a computer circuit in my left hand.

"REALLY!?" she laughed out. "Fine, come in and let's see." she said, inviting me in.

I had only been once inside her house, as her husband hates my guts, as he seen me in the past, masturbating to his wife a few times in the window. That only time I was in, I snuck inside and secretly installed a camera in their bedroom, when she was taking a shower, as she had forgotten to lock the back door. I followed her into the house, to the living room.

She turned to face me and got undressed "Well, let get it on with it”

"Okay...sit there, I'll install this inside your CPU." I informed her, as I was surprised at her willingness for this.

She sat down on a corner of the couch, and reached to move her long black hair from her neck. "I am waiting." she simply said, waiting for me.

"Ahh.. okay.. let's see.. here.. right?" I said, as I pressed the back of her neck and the back of her skull opened up, revealing her CPU, a mishmash of circuit boards.

I slowly inserted the circuit in her head and closed her up.

She took a small gasp and sat up quickly, "New software accepted... please proceed" she said quickly in a cold voice. She blinked and turn to face me "MMMmm.. lot's of new programming to try... let's go in the bedroom." she smiled, grabbing my hand and leading me upstairs.

"Naked, now!" she said, pointing to the bed.

I did what she asked and got naked and jumped into bed. She crawled on top of me and started sucking my hard cock. I groaned, as I was in ecstasy. I came in her mouth, as she then climbed and sat on top of me and inserted my dick inside her wet pussy. She rode me like a mechanical bull, until she almost broke my back as she finally came. I laid there, amazed at my situation. I just had the best fuck in my life.

Nataly laid on my left arm, playing with my penis, "So... what is like you wanted?" she asked.

"Even better I ever imagined." I smiled.

"Me too." she said back.

"Did you also imagine fucking me?" I was surprised to hear from her.

"Ever since we moved here, I noticed the way you looked at me...the many times you masturbated watching me from the windows. That camera you put in my bedroom right there that was a huge turn on." she said, showing me where my camera was hidden.

"You knew?" I asked, ashamed a bit.

"Of course, why do you think I left the back door unlocked that day?" She grinned, masturbating me more.

"My husband barely touches me, I am just a just a maid droid for him... actually, I think he is secretly gay. He bought me so he can look good for his boss, when he is invited over sometimes." she explained, as she rubbed her breasts on my dick. "Titty masturbation!" she laughed, as she squeezed her breasts around my dick and masturbated my dick with her lush breasts.

Her nipples were huge, as they were much erected. "Thank you for installing those sex programs into me." she said, as I came over her titties. "You know, I was watching you too." she whispered to me.

The telephone rang suddenly. She shushed me to be quiet as she answered the phone, "Hello? Hi, honey... yes. yes.. CODE VERIFIED...SYSTEMS LOADING NEW PERIMETERS.. UNDERSTOOD." she said in a robotic voice as she listened to the phone.

I got somewhat spooked by her, talking like that. She hung up the phone and turned to face me. "It's okay, it was my husband checking up on Me." she smiled, back to herself. She excused herself for a second, as I sat up.

"Maybe I should go." I asked, getting nervous.

"Of course not... Close your eyes, I got a surprise!" she said, coming inside the bedroom.

"Err... I must go... let me remove that circuit inside you." I asked her, seeing her beside me, holding something.

"It's okay... you can leave it there... we will need more." she said, as she pushed me on my back, and climbed on top of me more. "So, you like to fuck me?" she asked. I nodded a yes, getting more and more worried. "Good... Me too..." she said, as she suddenly tied my hands to the bed railing.

I tried to get out of her hold, but she was stronger than me. "Nataly! Let me go!" I yelled at her, freaking out.

"I want to fuck more.. and more.. and more..." she said, her head twitching every time she said "more". As she rode me until I passed out, I heard someone coming inside the room.

"Wakie wakie!" someone woke me up, as pain ran inside my lower pelvis.

"Ah! My dick! It hurts so much." I moaned out.

"Well, that is no surprised, Nataly fucked you for six hours non-stop until her battery ran out." explained the high pitched voice. Still tied to the bed, I could only see around me, and not the one talking.

"Do you know how I knew that you were going to fuck my robot?" the voice said in the background.

"Scott? Let me the fuck loose!" I yelled at him, now knowing who was in the room with me.

"How did I know? Well, my fucking wife of a robot, she kept fantasizing about you all the time. Do you know how demeaning is to have your own robot, masturbate herself to another man, all the time. Did you know she had a camera inside your bedroom too? She snuck inside your house and put that camera to watch you… all the time, just like you did to her." he laughed out.

"Fucking perverts... staking each other... my own robot wife.. I tried to reprogram her a few time, but no... Every time she saw you, the same shit happened over and over again. "I want to fuck him so bad." she said to me once, when I was erasing her memories yet again." he said, sitting at the end of the bed.

"But you’re gay!" I laughed out, making fun of him.

"No! No! Just because I am a weakling and a nerd, that doesn't make me gay!" he screamed in anger.

"Well, your wife thinks so... and I do too... FAG!" I said, trying to provoke him more.

"FUCK YOU!" he screamed jumping on top of me, trying to strangle me.

As I tried to fight him off, I felt something…something moving down there. "Er.. dude.. you are getting an erection!" I manage to yell back at him.

He paused and look at me in disbelief. He jumped off the bed and started crying, like a new born baby.

"WTF??" I yelled back.

"FUCK! FUCKK!... I tried.. I tried... but I can't fight it no more... Yes... yes... I am gay." he cried out.

"I knew it!" I laughed out. "Let me go, Scott! I am sorry for your crisis, but I am straight, and your robot wife is too.., so, let me go, and let me have her." I explained to him.

He stood up, with a blank look in his face and reached for the ropes, untying me.

"Yes… That’s it." I told him, relieved.

He suddenly grabbed me and turned me over and retied me before I could escape. Now, lying on my front, my ass totally exposed.

"I don't think I can last like Nataly did, but I will try my best." he said, as he climbed on top of me from behind, naked. I screamed as much as I could, wishing my day with my neighbor’s wife was over with.

That day, I learned an important lesson... Don't fuck with another man's wife, as it can bite you on the ass...or fuck you in the ass, like he did on that day to me.

The end

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