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Part 1

Henry Waltfield had lived a sheltered life. He was the son of the CEO, president, and head researcher of Soltech Technologies, a mulitrillion dollar company.

For security reasons he had been given private tutors as opposed going to real school, the only times he had ever been allowed out of the property was when he was in transit to another property his family owned. He never had any real friends (especially not a girlfriend), and not surprisingly he hated it all.

When he was 20 it was time for him to get a university education, and through a great deal of arguing he had managed to convince his father that he needed to go to a real university, as opposed to home schooling. He had left that meeting with a sense of triumph. Finally he was free!

He thought about all of this as he looked about the house he had rented. Everything had gone according to plan.

“Honey, where shall I put your cloths?” well almost.

Henry turned to look at the speaker. It was a green eyed girl, with raven black hair that went to her shoulders, she was wearing a mini skirt and a tank top which helped to show off her D-Cup breasts, and very feminine curves. She had the type of body that you would think that someone had taken a half-dozen male fantasy's, made a mold and pored her in. However Henry just looked at her with annoyed disinterest, not because he didn't find her body attractive, but because such feeling rather thoroughly repressed by the knowledge that someone had taken a half-dozen male fantasy's, made a mold and pored her in, and that underneath that pleasant exterior was just a bunch of circuits and microchips.

This was ERICA – 0001FT which stood for Emotionally Responsive Intuitive Controlled Android – 000-1 Female Type or “Erica” an android created by his fathers company that his father sent with him for his “protection”. His father thought that having her pose as his girlfriend would be a great cover. This however severely got in the way of Henry's plan of getting a real girlfriend which Henry suspected was the real point of him sending her.

“Don't call me that!” Henry said crossly.“You're not my girlfriend! You're not my girlfriend you're just some soulless doll my father sent to spy on me!”

Erica got a shocked look on her face,”Um, well, Ouch.”

Erica knew that Henry wasn't to pleased with her being there but this was the nastiest he'd gotten. She opened the suitcase she was holding, and started to unload it into a dresser.

“I'll just put them in here,” she said as she was folding shirts and putting them into the dresser, as Henry sat down sulking in a arm chair and started to read a comic.

“Look,” Erica sighed, “You maybe right, I'm only consciously aware of a few of my own directives, but heres a summery of the ones I know. Protect you, obey you, please you. Also I have to act as your girlfriend and behave like a human girl in public. Those are ranked in order 2,13,14,6 and 7.”

Erica finished putting away his cloths , and started to put her own cloths in the closet.

“So yes there's a fair amount of my programing I'm not aware of, but the part that I am aware of wants you safe and happy,”Erica stated as she put some of her more revealing outfits in the closet. “and like it or not I have to act like your girlfriend and girlfriends say stuff like that.”

The dressers and closet were on a rise with railings up a about three stairs. Erica leaned over one of these to graph Henry's response. He just sat there unresponsive.

“We could use another name, Darling, Sweetheart, Beloved, whatever you want.” Erica suggested.

Henry replied, without looking from his comic, in a voice as cold, mean, and dripping with venom as he could, “How about master?” he had meant this as an insult, a petty way of getting back at this thing he was stuck with, but if Erica realized this she didn't show it.

“Ok, master is good, but we can't use that public,” Erica put her finger to her mouth in a thinking about it way. “So what would you like me to call you in public?”

“I don't care!” Henry shouted angrily, “Just such up and leave me alone!”

“Fine,” Erica said calmly.

She picked up a fashion magazine and sat on the couch across from him, flipping through the pages. Total silence followed for a few minutes, broken only by the flipping of pages till Henry, looked over his book and asked, “What are you doing? We're not in public. You can stop pretending you're human.”

“I'm not. ” she stated , “If I was, I'd be screaming at you for being an insensitive jerk. This,” Erica pointed to the magazine, “is research. I'm bad with subjective, concepts like fashion, or humor. Especially humor, how is someone accidentally suffering a head injury enjoyable? Anyway I'm trying to see whats in fashion, so I'll know what to buy when we go shopping.”

Henry ignored the first part of her statement.

“Sorry, to burst your bubble,” Henry said smugly, “But, I only allowed to spend $2000 a month in expenses, and I'm not spending any of it on buying you clothing.”

“That's ok,” Erica said calmly, “Your father, gave me a $100,000 a month credit limit for expenses I deem necessary.”

Henry looked at her stunned for a moment,”What! Why would he do that?!”

Erica shrugged,“I guess he wanted to teach you fiscal responsibility, were as I already have restrictions built in to prevent me from overly frivolous expenditures.”

“Meaning you have no free will,” said Henry coldly

Erica looked over to him, “I wouldn't have put it that way but essentially yes.” she replied , then added, “I could make a good case about humans not having any either, you know.” There was another moment of silence, then Henry began.

“Look they're having a party, over at the dorm for all the new students. So I was wondering if...”

Erica with a look of delight, cut him off. “That would be wonderful! We could get to know all are classmates, and-”

Henry cut her off, “I meant by myself. I want to go by myself.”

Erica got a disappointed look.

“I can't let you do that.” Erica stated, ”See directives, 2 and 6.”

“Look,” Henry pleaded, “I just want to get to meet some people without my father looking over my shoulder.”

“I'm just a soulless doll with no free will, master.” Erica said with a trace of venom, “So there's no point arguing with me,” then added “and I'm not your father.”

“I could tell everyone you're an android,” Henry threatened, “What would you do then?”

Erica was quite for a moment, then replied “I'd have to call your father and ask.”

Henry's heart sank, he wasn't sure if she meant that as a threat or if she was just stating that she didn't know what to do, but the last thing he wanted was his father called.

“Fine you win.” Henry said, crest fallen, “We'll go together.”

“Good,” Erica said happily, “You'll have to decide what we'll wear. You know I'm bad at that.”

“Fine, whatever.” Henry replied.

Erica got up and put her hand on Henry's shoulder, ”Look, as much as I'm hurt that you find going to a party with me that reprehensible, and the fact you're directing all your anger at your father at me, I can't stand to see you so down.” she said this in a concerned voice.“You should make better use of me. I could cook you your favorite meal? How about a back rub?”

Henry looked up from his comic at her smiling face, he didn't feel in the mood to argue anymore. “Surprise me.” is all he said and went back to his comic.

He heard Erica move about a bit, and the sound of cloth hitting the floor.

“What are y-” he started as he put his comic to the side, but was stopped by the sight of a naked Erica, For a brief second he saw her body he realized she was anatomically correct, but before the realize the significance of this she was on top of him kissing, at the same time her hands with mechanical speed and precision removed his shirt then his pants and underwear. Henry may have able to keep up a detached attitude toward Erica's body when she was clothed and there was a few feet in between them, but when she was straddling him naked, her lips on his, her sit synthetic skin on his flesh, the fact she was just a machine seemed somehow irrelevant. For the moment he was was a 20 year old virgin and she was a very hot girl making out with him. Henry kissed back and proceeded to have the best (if only) sex he'd ever had.

After it was over, and Henry had regained his senses, he began to think A. What have I just done!, and B. Why would my dad give me a sexbot.

Erica was laying on top of him, sensing henry's discomfit and looked him in the eye's with a concerned look. “Is every thing alright, master?”

Henry felt a aroused again at the word “master” realizing for the first time that besides a few rules and regulations Erica was at his beck and call.

“Um, well, just, you designed, um, sex.” Henry managed to spitout.

Erica smiled “Well I am supposed to be your girlfriend, master.”

Erica got up and headed to the shower, “We'd better get cleaned up, we do have a party to get to.”

Henry followed her and though for a moment that it might not be so bad to have her around...

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