My First and Last Robotic Date

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Written by Mirage

My first and last robotic date

I met her on those dating sites, we had a 97% compatibility. I sent her a message, describing myself.

She replied almost instantly. She wrote that she liked what she saw and she then sent me her descriptions.

I was nervous when I did sent her a pic of myself, I am not the best looking guy. She said I look cute for my age as she sent hers. She look a bit nerdish but cute also. Huge glasses and her hair could be better, but still.

We decided to meet at the movie theatre at 8pm. I arrived at 7:30pm to be sure not to be late. As I turned around the corner, she was standing there waiting for me. We laughed as she also thought the same as me.

We sat close to the middle of the room and waited for the movie to start. We talked about our job, me, being a tech support for a computer company and her being a data entry supervisor for the government.

"You`re good with computers? Could you fix mine later?" she asked with a devilish look.

I agreed to stop at her place after the movie to look at her computer.

"It's sometimes buggy." she laughed out.

I wasn't sure what was so funny but I let out a small laugh too. As we watched the movie, I slowly reached my hand and grabbed hers. I was shy but confident of my move. She paid no attention to my advance, as she was engrossed by the movie.

As I look at in her direction, in the darkness of the theatre, I tried to study her body. To my surprise, she seem to be well stacked. A C or D cup at least. I then noticed her legs and arms were slim but not skinny. Her face was actually very nice looking.

As I studied her features, she turned her head and looked at me studying her. "Am I to your liking?" she asked.

I nodded while I blushed red. She smiled and returned her attention to the movie as I did too.

"Good movie." She said, looking around the parking lot. "There's my car, don't mind if I do the driving?" she asked.

"No, of course not, I came by bus." I told her.

"Where to?" she smiled.

"Want to go for a beer somewhere?" I asked.

She gave a puzzled look and said "Sure, why not!"

We ended up at a bar close to her apartment, as she was not sure how beer would affect her. We sat in a booth and talked more. She was so smart and funny and a bit nerdish. Lots of LOL humor and tech jokes.

When our beer arrived, she gave me a strange look, as she had never had one before. She slowly took a sip and then drank the entire jug in one chug. I gasped as she removed the beer from her lips.

She blinked and smiled "That was good...That was good....Thah wass gooodd." She stopped and giggled

"Oopsy, I think the beer is already affecting me." I laughed out too, seeing she was already drunk from that beer.

She started to blink her eyes quickly and tilt her body left to right, "Ohh the room is moving” she gasped.

"I think we should get you home." I told her. She agreed and we got up after paying the bill. She took a few steps and started tripping on her own two feet. I grabbed her in my arms and felt her bosoms bounce in my arms.

We slowly walked to her apartment while she started rambling about her job. "Data data and more data… what AM I? A calculator???" she snorted out laughing. She gave me her keys and I opened her door and walked into her place.

She suddenly groped me hard, feeling my penis in my pants. "Mmmm..." she growled.

I reached down and kissed her deep. She giggled as she pushed my hands on her breasts. I squeezed them as she made funny noises, "Honk! Honk!" she laughed out.

She unzipped my pants and pulled them down, with my underwear. I was shocked at the blow job she quickly gave me. I came in her mouth as she licked it off. "Tastes salty." she said, laying on the couch. I reached down her skirt and gave her oral sex. She came as quickly as I did.

I sat her with her on a nice red couch where she gave me a strange smile. "Hey! Since you are here, can you see to my computer?” she asked quickly, "I think it's not working properly right now."

"Sure, where is it?" I asked, removing my coat after locking the door and sitting beside her.

"Here..." she said, opening her blouse and showing me her bra. She quickly unhooked her bra from behind after completely removing her blouse. Exposing her breasts, she then grabbed one of each breasts in each hands and pulled them apart from her chest.

Her chest then opened like a cabinet door, both breasts now on the side of her torso. Where her breasts was now circuits, cables and wires showing. A small monitor was right in the middle of the robotics innards. I gasped as she then pressed a button inside her exposed circuits and she loaded information in the small screen.

"Can you fix it?" she asked me, while I stare at her exposed breasts.

I peered over the small screen inside her chest, feeling nervous.

"Don't be shy, it’s a touch screen." she giggled out.

I touched the screen and loaded up the diagnostic program. As I started the program to verify her systems, she suddenly froze like a statue. It would take about 15 minutes to do a full system check.

I looked at her frozen goofy smile she had and removed her glasses. She was a beauty. I knew robots were more and more common, but this was the first one I had the pleasure of being able to play with. I press a few sub menus and accessed her A.I.

Everything was in lock mode, but being a tech guy, I knew a few tricks. Typing on her virtual keyboard, I managed to access her A.I. systems codes. Since hacking was very illegal, I made just a few changes.

Since she was already a pretty cool A.I., I didn't change anything in her programming. Also, like mentioned, if anyone would discover any hacking by me, would get me in jail. I just tweaked her sexual programming a bit and her strange humor. Of course, I made her my girlfriend. After her diagnostic was over, I fixed any problems and errors she was having. I rebooted her systems and she came back active.

"Thank you, my love, I knew the second we connected, you would reprogram me to be your love! I was so tired of being single!" she said, hugging me.

"You knew I would hack you??" I gasped.

"Of course, how could you not resist!? I studied your profile and knew we would benefit from each other." she explained.

"My profile? I don't understand." I mumbled out confused.

"Do you think you are the only one who knows hacking? I got all your data from the government files. I know everything about you." She said, blushing a bit too.

I smiled and kissed her hard "Not bad for a first date, heh?" I chuckled.


Very strange humor she has...

The end

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