Mother-Daughter time

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June Walked Towards the knocking on her door, Hurriedly pulling up her pants to meet the unknown person at the door.

”HI HELLO IM SO SOR- MOM?!” June gasped

”Hello, June” Judy, her grandmother said as she made her way into the house.

”I- I didn’t expect you!” June said trying to pull up her pants, her exposed belly still showing”

”as expected of you, but anyways, I’m here to talk…, Ive been holding this in for a while.” Judy said as She began to make her way towards June, heaving.

“ June, I , I, I love you.” She said blushing.

”Wha- MOM, I’m Your Daughter. Do you NOT see the problem with that? I mean it’s completely immora-

She was cut off by her mother Pulling down her shirt and bra down together, and shoving her breasts in her daughters face.

“Come on baby, I know you’ve always felt the same way about me too…”

June shoved her mother away, “I don’t know what’s going on with you. But you’ve got to STOP”

Beyond the Family members arguing, Two Technicians were moaning and groaning about this mishap.

”Dude The June Bot is Going off script, AGAIN, should we just dump it for a new one?”

”Ugh, man just after this scene, I’ll go in a fix it if that makes it better”

the man got off from the chair and went in to the back door. Which revealed that this wasn’t a house, but merely a set, and the Grandmother and Mother were merely androids meant for pornographic films.

”Alright Judy Power Down.”

Judy Shut Down

Judy promptly closed her eyes and powered off, breasts still sagging outward plump and nipples hard.

”What did you do to my m-“ June states before being shut down herself.

the man sighed at the two fembots and realized this was going to much much longer than he’d hoped