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Written by Mirage


Part 1

As I looked at her, my eyes began to tear up. How did I miss her? How many years has she been gone, God only knows. I took a deep breath and pressed her activation button. I slowly waited as her systems started booting up.

I stared at her open panel on her stomach. Her CPU started making a small humming noise as it finished loading up. I examined in detail her eyelids as they slowly opened. My heart raced as her eyes were now wide open.

I spoke to her, "How do you feel?" I asked, as I wanted to see if her programming response was the way it was supposed to.

"I feel fine, was I was sleeping?" she asked with a smile on her lips.

"Yes, sleeping." I responded, grabbing her soft hands and helping her sit up.

She looked around the room, somewhat confused at first, "You are home, where you belong." I told her, closing the stomach panel.

She paused and finished sitting up straight and stared at me and remained silent. "I missed you so much." I told her as I put her hands around my face. I felt her fingers running on the ridge of my face.

"I missed you you you you you y" she started saying, as she got stuck in her phrase. I hit her on the side of the head quickly, "You You You too." she finished the phrase, as the hit shook her system back in place.

I know she is just a robot, but I don't care, she is real to me. I looked at her and I couldn’t stop myself, I started pressing my lips against hers hard. She closed her eyes, as she showed no resistance. My hands glided down on her chest and reached her breasts. As I kissed her deep, my fingers were pressing her nipples, as they become erect and hard.

I slowly removed my lips as she gave me a smile back. I realize my hands were cupping her breasts, as she looked down at her chest. Somewhat a shy reaction from myself, I pulled my hands back.

She gave me a concerned look, as she disapproved my shyness. She slowly grabbed my hands in her hands and directed my hands back to her breasts. "Love me." she whispered to me, from her soft lips.

I greeted her blue eyes with mine, as my hands squeezed hard both breasts. She made a quick gesture as her head suddenly pulled back, as she felt me squeezing them hard.

"Ahhh..h.h...h.." was the only soft noise coming out from her.

She then quickly grabbed my right hand, to stop my massaging of her right breast. She slowly moved my right hand between her legs, where her vagina was located. As my fingers touched the lips and contour of her pussy, I felt the wetness of it.

My fingers slowly passed through the pubic hair and penetrate and entered her. As my fingers went deeper inside her and became more wet and sticky, we were still staring at each other's eyes.

Her lips trembled, as if she wanted to scream, but couldn’t. As my fingers were moving slowly inside her, I bent two of my fingers as I found her clitoris. Her eyes closed shut, as she let out a gasp.

While my left hand was still squeezing her left breast, my right hand was slowly massaging her g-spot. But as she slowly reached ecstasy, she made a strange jerk of the neck.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, worried.

She slowly reopened her eyes and stared back at me, a simple word came out "Dad?"

Part 2

"Dad?? No! No! You are my wife, my partner! Damn it! That freaking virus! I was sure I removed it!" I yelled out in frustration.

"Dad, what's going on? Why were we kissing?" She asked me quickly, confused.

"Elaina, try to remember, I created you, seven years ago, but my old assistant infected you with the ‘Sugar Daddy’ virus! He was jealous of seeing a beautiful young looking android like you with me, an older man. So, as a sick joke, he infected you with a computer virus, dubbed the ‘Sugar daddy’. Any infected android who lives with someone older looking, leaves the owner or creator and runs off with the infector of the virus. It took me two years to locate you and finally try to cure you. I hoped you were cured, but obviously not." I said, as I grabbed her head with both my hands and squeezed hard until the top of her skull pop open, showing many circuits.

She was panicking as she was not listening to one word I was saying. I reached quickly and pulled out her main CPU. She suddenly went all limp and crashed on the floor hard, deactivated.

I looked at the CPU circuit I removed and smashed it on the floor, under my left foot. "Hell, with it, I will just reformat all of her systems as new. I tried to save her, but no, the damage of the virus is irreversible. Elaina is no more."

I took a deep breath and put her on the table on her back, she lied as though she was sleeping. I connected her systems and started reformatting all of her programming. It would take hours to do it, so I decided to see my friend in the basement.

As I finished climbing down the stairs leading to the basement, I saw a man tied up in a chair. This was the man who took Eleina from me. I sat facing him. He was looking down at his feet, passed out, dried blood still covered most of his face.

"William.. wake up.. WILLIAM!" I yelled at him.

He woke up in a jolt, his eyes wide open.

"It didn't work... Your last hope to stay alive didn't work. Eleina is truly gone..." I informed him.

He started to cry, mumbled something about Eleina just being a robot.

"Yes, you see, she is more than just a robot to me. But I know you also loved her, which is why you infected her to leave me for you. But now, in the moment of certain death, she is just a robot for you."

"You were my assistant, I trained you how to build androids, but instead of building one yourself, you decided to steal mine. Not just steal her, but infect her with a virus to see me as her father, instead of her lover.

“I must confess, it is somewhat a brilliant way to make sure the android eliminates any sexual desire toward the old owner, as every android has deep programming rooted in its systems that incest is very wrong in today's society."

“So, once infected, the infector, you, show's up and promise a whole new world of possibilities to the android and to leave her father forever. Of course, the android with her main logic circuit infected, simply can't refuse this and leaves with him."

“It took me two years to finally find you and her. I crashed my empty car into yours last night, as you arriving to your lab. I brought both of you back here. I gave you one last chance to try to restore her, but you failed at it. I was thinking of some clever way to kill you off, but I will simply duct tape you to death."

As I informed him of this, I started rolling duct tape over his mouth and nose. He tried to resist, but within minutes, his limp body still sat in the chair, lifeless.

I got back upstairs, took a shower and sat beside Eleina. Her formatting was over. I inserted a new CPU and reactivated her.

"Your name is Rachel, and you are to be my wife." I informed her.

She smiled and responded, "My name is Rachel and I am your wife."

"Now, I need your help to get rid of a body in the basement." I told her.

"My pleasure, my love" she smiled back.

Me and Rachel, I think we will be good together.

The end

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