Mia and Kristin-Limited Edition

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I'm Alex, I graduated college a bunch of years ago and I dedicate myself to digital design. I'm always kinda lonely, I don't really talk to my friends from school anymore, my parents are never available and I don't have any coworkers I like to work with. I really like robots though, my computer genius is more toward the designer side, but I love watching videos of how they are made and what crazy stuff they can do. Every year they make this event Robo-Con and I always try to go, much like I did this year.

I guess you could say my experience this year was... Bizarre, you see, this year the people I expected the least showed up: Flirt4Free, it's a porn site... In a robot convention. I was weirded out by their presence, so I went to check out their booth. And damn was it worth it.

They were selling these robo-chicks, they looked so real but they were made of plush with metal and cables inside. There were 2 that particularly caught my eye.

One was Mia, a redhead latina with beautiful eyes and body. She reminded me a lot of Layla, a girl I liked in middle school until we graduated, we're still facebook friends. I could really try fulfilling an old dream and get myself something similar. The other one was Kristin, she was very pretty, a hot blonde with a great body and beautiful face. I was drawn to her the second I arrived. Both Mia and Kristin were the Limited Edition variants, which meant that unlike the regular ones which only come with one set of lingerie, and these ones came with that PLUS two weeks worth of change of clothes. It was a bit pricey, but I ended up buying them both.

Mia Kristin Boxes.jpg

They were great, I made their hair, helped them dress up, we had sex and kissed, be it with them turned on or not. I made them a check up every once a month, I managed their safe files so their memories didn't fail and I kept their pieces maintenance so that they functioned properly. They also had these pull strings on their backs, a bit like Woody in Toy Story but they said hot kinky phrases instead. They also had my favorite feature, in their asses since they were made of plush, they had these buttons and when you pressed them it was so soft. It was the options button. You could check them, change their languages, minor adjustments, connect them to wi-fi, and my favorite feature: Kink mode, they became more perverted and made sex way wilder.

One day I decide to make a special dinner in my house with the three of us, they didn't eat, so I made myself a nice steak and some fine wine and gave them empty cups and plates so they didn't feel bad. Then, Kristin popped a difficult question:

"Ok, Alex, for real now. Between me and Mia, which one is better?"

We all stopped for a moment.

"I-I don't know sexy, you both are pretty cute and make me so happy, I wouldn't be able to decide"

I said as I rubbed her soft cotton leg and threw a kiss at Mia.

Mia didn't look happy:

"Come on, I am way better than Kristin!" She said "I have a better smile, prettier outfits and you said that I look like that Layla girl you like! I am a real attraction, but that shallow shell? She is just a toy"

Kristin backed off a little when Mia said that, so she stood up from her seat, grabbed the bottle of wine, pinned Mia to her seat and jugged the whole bottle in her mouth.

Mia malfunction.jpg

Mia started malfunctioning, and Kristin sat back on her chair.

"Who's the shallow toy now?" She said.

Mia stood up from her seat and she struggled to move as she went "y-you-you-youuuuuu" she sparked and moved "Hi! I-ah-I-I Malfunction!" She said randomly before starting to make random moves.

Kristin just stared at her and I was about to get up to help Mia. But then Mia started walking again, she grabbed my cup and tried to spill it on Kristin, but she sparked and rocked her body back and forth, spilling the wine on both her and Kristin. She sparked and made Kristin break too. Mia lost balance and supported herself on Kristin's back while her feet were still walking, she was "Hi! I'm Mia-Mi-Mia the perfect-pe-perfect-perfeeeeee..." While Kristin was smoking from her mouth and jerking her body with every phrase she said. "I'm Kristin!... Ultimate bottom!... Ultimate bottom!... Kristin-Kris-Kristin-Kris-ERROR... S-s-system ERRRR"

Kristin pushed Mia to the ground and my Mia stayed there walking nowhere whilst jerking her head and speaking nonsense out of sync. Kristin on the other hand, was there, trying to reach Mia, but she was just leaning down and going "E-error-Kristi-Kristin. Oh Alex-A-Alex I feel so horny-shallow toy-toy-I-I-EEEEEEE..."

I stood up from my seat and helped Mia stand up as I tried to grab Kristin to take them both inside, but Mia let herself go and headed towards Kristin. Kristin quickly stood back but just stared blankly as she said "System error.. I am Alex I love-I-I-Kristin... My name is Kristin-Kristin" Mia was about to grab Kristin. Kristin raised her arm trying to defend herself but Mia grabbed her by the wrist and twisted her arm, breaking it. Kristin started sparking and twitching, she lost balance and I grabbed her before she could fall, she stared blankly at the ceiling as smoke was coming out of her mouth as she just said "aaaaaaaaaaaaa..." I took them both inside.

I sat Kristin on a chair and went to the couch with Mia. I stripped her naked and tried shutting her off with the button on her shoulder. It looked like she was about to shut down but then she started turning on again as she was glitching through her name like "Mia-Mi-Mia-MMMMIIIIIAAAA..." She got stuck so I turned her around.

"Mia, baby, are you ok?" I ask her She is just smoking and blankly smiling as she goes "AAAAAA", then I grab her by her arms and randomly goes "a-ahhh, harder-harder dad-dy!" She gets stuck in that phrase, and I won't lie, the way she said it all broken got me kind of excited. I kissed Mia, these dolls have a chip in their lips that make them kiss people so I kissed her while squeezing one of her soft plush boobs. Then I had an idea.

I left Mia on the couch, she just layed there while malfunctioning and getting tangled in the red blanket I had put in the couch. I went to Kristin, I tried to get her to fuck Mia for my amusement. But when I get to Kristin, she hugs me but keeps falling back to her chair, sparking and twitching and glitching.

Mia Kristin malfunction scene.jpg

"Alex-A-Alex-Alex I am-so-sexy I am-ERROR-so horn-ny ERROR ERROR" I tried getting her to stand up but I couldn't get her standing so I carried Kristin to the couch with Mia.

I waited for Mia to twitch her head up, so I dropped Kristin in the exact moment she would be kissing Mia. They started making out. Mia's leg got stuck in the same pose and started vibrating. Kristin was just there, frozen in place, kissing Mia on the lips, while the microphone on her neck went "Hi! I'm Kristin, the-the-the Ultimate BbbotttOOOOOOOMMMMM...." While going through a high pitch, a low one, back to high and then a normal one but with a drop in quality in the microphone.

Mia then pushed Kristin aside and went "ERROR-I-Mia-I-I... Malfunction... Malfunction as she turned from left to right, one of her eyes twitching, without moving her mouth aside from a smile as her arms stayed in place. Kristin on the other hand was there laying down on the couch saying "IIIIIII... Ultimate bottom! Mia, you-Mia-Mia-bitch-bitch-bitch Sex Doll! Miaaaa-you-are-Malfunction You are a biiiiiiiiitchhh...."

Mia's body then rocked back and forth, she lost her balance and fell on Kristin's body, face on one of her tits.

"Error.. Error" she went as she put one of her arms around Kristin's waist and the other one cuddling her hair. Suddenly she stopped moving and said. "ERROR Mal-malfunction detected i-in-in computer sy-sysssss-system. Initiating emergency shutdown-shutdown-shutdowwwwnnnnnn" she sparked a bit and kept jerking her head as she was in and out of shutting down, kind of like a person playing with a room's light. She then went from caressing Kristin's hair to clenching her hand on it.

Kristin was like "hello-hell-hello I am Kristin! Bottom-bott-bottom bottom I-I-I sex-sex-sex I love-have sex! With-with-Miiiiiiiiaaaaaaa....." Mia then pulled back Kristin's hair. I was worried because I thought she would pull away Kristin's hair, but I didn't expect her to crack her neck broken! A loud crack was heard, as Kristin started smoking profusely from her mouth as she rapidly jerked her body with a very high-pitched incomprehensible bumble as she shut down. Mia then finally shut down.

I went to them both and disconnected a few of their circuits so the damage didn't get worse. I looked for their boxes, put their stuff back together and kissed and fingered them one last time before putting them back in.

I understood. I still love robots but I don't think I'd like loving them like that again. And if I could get 2 sex dolls fighting for my love, I can totally make a real girl genuinely love me.

I put the packed sex bots back where I found their boxes, left the room and picked my phone, it was time to do what was right. "Hello? Layla? It's me, Alex" -the end-

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