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Last thursday I took a work trip and returned office by bus after as usual. It was a clear mid-summer afternoon, the sky was so bright. I looked around unintentionally.I saw a young girl about 20 sat on the opposite seat. She was in a pair of shorts, her 40"" long leg was revealed, with a strange wound! I continued to watched, her skin of left thigh was peeled and rolled. And the inside was not blood, it was some wires! Also, a wire pulled out from her wound, pluged into a device like mp3. It's like a science fiction. I didn't put up with this and went ask her,

"Good afternoon lady, what are you doing on the leg?" "Oh, you see that? Well, I'm tired." "Tired?" "Maybe it is not the tired you think, but I really need to put down you have e-mail?" "Yes." "Can it saw on phone?" "Yes." "I send it to you."

She took a nap, after a few minutes, my phone rang a bit, I had a mail. I opened it. It wrote ,

"Hello, I'm Jane. I'm the humanoid robot sit beside you. I'm a new technology that less known by the world. I type this message in my hardisk and send myself with the internal modem. I am told to walk down the street as a real human female to test my performance. I walked around, observing people's activity. Now I need to upload some information I get today to my portable disk. I estimate that here will not have more people to sit, so I open my thigh and upload here, but it uncovered by you. I don't know how to do. But you don't tell this to other."

This is not a small thing, I haven't promise her. She close her thigh quickly then got off the bus at the next stop and disappearred in the crowd. Her skin was stuck by a special glue like skin's color and quick dried made that she could stood up at once and wandered on street like a normal girl. What is she doing now? Where is she from? Who is she work for? It's still a mystery in my mind.

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