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Main Manips

The standard artwork manips I do as a hobby.

Screencap Manips

Manips of various anime screencaps. Games are included if they have anime-styled cutscenes.

Vtuber Manips

Since Virtual YouTubers (Vtubers) are basically somewhere inbetween an anime character and a real life celebrity, I've decided to put any manips of their characters on a separate category. Variants of the manips are still under "Alternate Manips".

Manipped Fembots

These are fembots that I only manip to either spice things up or change some stuff.

Alternate Manips

The alternate versions or variants to my manips.

3D Renders

These are mostly made from Blender and Source Filmmaker, some are from GMod with Photoshop, when I decided to play around with 3d models.

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