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Charging Completed...

The message displayed inside Claire's field of vision, as she lay in her bed motionless, eyes closed. To a casual onlooker, she would just seem like any normal beautiful girl asleep in their bed, except of course for the charging cord that was attached to her hip.

Hibernation Deactivated....

Claire's eyes opened as her head tilted slightly with a twitch. As her still body powered on and began to move, her CPU loaded the system diagnostic protocols into her field of vision:

Entering Human Emulation...

Core Central Systems...Model SX-3900...Loading Model Info.... Designation: Claire Thomas....Emulated Age: 27 Measurements: H: 5'7" Weight:126lbs...34d-22-34.. CPU Type: CCS Hypercore Processor....Test OK! System Age: 0yrs...6mos...14days...9hrs..15min...49sec... Last Config: Human Emulation: Horny.EXE...No Errors... Current Batt Life: 100% Power Mode: Wall Outlet...

Once the last of the protocols ended, Claire's CPU instantly began to process what had transpired at the club earlier, an abormality that her sensors picked up during her exchange with Brenda.

"Did that really happen?" Claire wondered to herself.

Claire's programming found incredible arousal at the thought of being with another robot, and being one herself, she knew that the possibility existed, but her CPU was more than able to compute the actual probability, which was highly unlikely. So, like anyone with a fetish for robots, she turned to the internet for her fix.

Loading Horny.EXE....

Claire swiftly removed the blanket she was under to reveal the tight purple tank top and matching panties that she normally wore to bed. As the program loaded, her nipples grew hard through the tank top. She slowly moved her hands down, caressing her breasts and grazing her erect nipples, down her stomach and around her naval, to her pussy which had become moist. She proceeded to rub herself outside of her panties until the sensors in her fingers felt her juices through the front of the undergarment with one hand. With the other, she removed her charging cable.

Claire was able to enjoy her fantasy in a way that no human ever could. Sliding out of bed, she caressed her breasts with both hands and played with her nipples as she walked across her studio and sat down in a chair.

Converting chassis to intercourse mode...

Claire slid forward in the seat and slowly leaned her torso backward resting her shoulders on the back of the chair. Simultaneously she raised and spread both of her legs, resting the bottoms of her thighs on the chair's armrests. With her right hand she continued to work her right nipple, with her left she rolled up her shirt.

Open Front Access Panel.... WARNING: Opening an access panel can only be done in System Maintenance Mode...change mode and proceed? Y Leaving Human Emulation Entering System Maintenance Mode

Claire's body stiffened in the position that it was in.

Opening Front Access Panel.

A seam appeared in Claire's stomach. Starting below the breasts and trailing down to just below the naval. This panel then split itself and slid into her sides, presenting her internal components, blinking lights. wires, and her chrome chassis.

Robotically, with her right hand she continued to work her right breast. Slowly jerking her had nipple in multiple directions. With her left, she reached down and produced an ethernet cable. She pivoted her arm much like a crane and plugged one end of it into a port in the open panel. With a jolt, the robot accepted the new internet connection.

Using her field of vision, Claire navigated first through her own hard drive, for some "robot porn" that she had downloaded, but in all honesty it just didn't create the same sensation that she had processed earlier.

Load Web Browser.... Navigate to Arousal Level....70% CPU Usage....75%

Clair viewed the website in its entirety, In mere seconds she absorbed new stories, viewed pictures, even previewed some fembot movies in production. She could no longer contain herself.

Loading Program Sex.EXE Searching for Mate........None Found Unable to locate suitable mate, engage self-stimulation? Y Loading Routine Masturbation.EXE

Claire's right hand jerked to a stop on her breast and navigated its was down to stopping robotically just outside of her crotch. Once there, she slowly slid her panties to the side and mechanically inserted both her index finger and her middle finger into her wet, synthetic pussy. Her CPU decided that her left nipple needed some attention, so she moved her left hand up to her left breast and caressed it with her hand while playing with her nipple between her index finger and thumb.

Then she got another idea.

Load video logs for last 24 hours.........Done Search Time code Search Parameters? 0yrs...6mos...14days...6hrs...9min...15sec Searching.........Target Found! Begin Playback? Y Loading.........Video Loaded

The opening frame was displaying in Claire's field of vision. There Brenda stood in an extremely robotic pose.

Start Playback

Brenda began to do the most amazing, and what her CPU processed to be the sexiest robot movements she had ever seen. Complete with the standard jerky movements...crossed eyes....and finished with a power down bending to 90 degrees ath the hips, just as the song ended.

Display Config At Current Video Point....

Human Emulation: Horny.EXE Fluid Levels.....Optimal Hydraulics.....OK Arousal Level.....98% CPU Usage.....98% WARNING: Current stimulous may cause system instability....Disengage Horny.EXE? N

In the video Clair walked over to Brenda while she was bent down in that sexy, shutdown pose. She rubbed Brenda's ass and inadvertently grazed Brenda's pussy lips.

"Mmmmmm...." Brenda moaned. She let out a little giggle.

"Damn you do that so good! How do you do that?" asked Claire.

"Its simple...I'm a robot." responded Brenda with a smile.

"Haha...that'd be awesome!" Claire laughed. "I gotta tell you...that shit is HOT!"

"What do you mean?" asked Brenda.

"When you move like a robot...I don't know...something about" Claire gulped a sip of her drink. She moved in closer to Brenda. "Sometimes I fantasize about being with a perfect lover....a robot. Could you imagine?" Claire switched to System Maintenance Mode, to see if she could illicit a response from the sexy new robotic Brenda. "" she said in monotone "let'!"

"Yeah that is pretty hot!" said Brenda. Suddenly, Brenda stiffened up and acted robotically. Perfect movements of course. "Can...I...have...a...kiss?"

Claire's system became temporarily unstable. She pounced on her and the two robotic girls kissed passionately.

End Video.

Fluid Levels.....Optimal Hydraulics.....OK Arousal Level.....100% CPU Usage.....100%+ WARNING: Current stimulus may cause system instability. It is recommended that this unit disengage current activity to avoid a malfunction....Disengage Current Config? N

The video combined with her own stiff jerky movements were enough to send her processor over the edge. Claire climaxed. Again the system became unstable but the recovery process would not be as simple. Claire's system would need to reboot itself.

As her body powered down, all of her limbs went limp. A few moments later Claire came back online. The diagnostics loaded in her vision.

Core Central Systems...Model SX-3900...Loading Model Info.... Designation: Claire Thomas....Emulated Age: 27 Measurements: H: 5'7" Weight:126lbs...34d-22-34.. CPU Type: CCS Hypercore Processor....Test OK! System Age: 0yrs...6mos...14days...10hrs...4min...49sec... Last Config: System Maintenance Mode: Horny.EXE Masturbation Routine...System Reboot... Current Batt Life: 98% Power Mode: Battery...

Unable to load Human Emulation....this SX-3900 unit has an open panel, close panel? N

Claire wanted more, and she was going to get all she could out of her robot body, but an incoming call directly to her VOIP module came through her internet connection, and interrupted her.

Incoming call...Activating Human Emulation Voice Synthesizer


"Hello...Claire..." It was Brenda, talking like a robot!

"Brenda? Hey...I was just thinkin about're still on that robot thing huh? See? Told ya!" responded Claire.

"" said Brenda in the sexiest robotic voice claire had ever heard!

Loading Horny.EXE....

"Mmmmmm....that sounds like fun! I'm super horny right now from that kiss earlier too! I'll be right there! You know I'm only across the street." said Claire


Claire's CPU instantly responded to the command. "But how did she know...." Claire tried to think to herself but before she cold she switched to her Robot Identification Mode in monotone she reported: "Affirmative...stating unit diagnosis information..."

"Core Central Systems...Model SX-3900...Designation: Claire Thomas....Emulated Age: 27 Measurements: H: 5'7" Weight:126lbs...34d-22-34..CPU Type: CCS Hypercore Processor....Test OK! System Age: 0yrs...6mos...14days...10hrs...5min...49sec...Current Config: Human Emulation: Horny.EXE...No Errors...Current Batt Life: 98% Power Mode: Battery..."

"" said Brenda maintaining her robotic tone.

Call Ended

Close Front Access Panel

As her panel closed Claire pulled the ethernet cable free from its port.

Loading Human Emulation.....

Quickly and without changing her top, Claire adjusted her panties and slid on the mini-skirt she had worn to the club earlier. With one tug, she unplugged her charging cable and headed for the door. The only shoes she could locate on initial scan were her flip flops, which she slid into and flew out the door.

"Brenda..." she said to herself as her CPU began to compile a list of scenarios for the night.

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