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Part 1

I am a contractor – I work for lots of loyal customers that have never used anyone but me to repair their electrical and lighting problems at their businesses. I got a call from one of my oldest customers one morning and he informed me that he was closing his business and taking some much needed time off. He also said that there was going to be an auction tomorrow for all the business property and that if I wanted anything to get down there ASAP. Well, I am always looking for a bargain so off I went to see what he had to that I couldn’t live without.

I arrived at the restaurant and met my customer, Mr. Johnson, out front. He explained that he was just tired of the grind and wanted “Out of the business”. He was ready for some fun and he deserved it, and I agreed. He unlocked the front door and showed me all the normal stuff, dishes, kitchen fixtures, all the stuff needed to run a restaurant. It was all good stuff but what am I going to do with it?

I kindly told him that nothing really caught my eye and that I would let my other customers know about the auction. He then told me there was one more room to check out and I might find something interesting in there. He opened the door and I just about fell over, inside were all the waitresses I thought were real people. There were 2 or 3 copies of each of the waitresses and 1 or 2 each of the rest of the staff.

“ You mean to tell me that everyone working in your place was a robot?”

“Yup, that’s how I kept my costs down and they cause a lot less problems than real employees”

Now robots have been around for a while – not everyone owned one – good ones were still very expensive and the cheap ones would not fool anyone. These were commercial units, very expensive, they were much more heavy duty than the “Personal” robots available to the public and they were much easier to upgrade. I looked around and found my normal waitress , Maryanne, actually I found 3 Maryannes all standing at attention. I still had a hard time believing that Maryanne was a robot – she was always so friendly and loved to flirt with the customers, but it did explain her strict “No dating customers” rule.

Mr. Johnson noticed me lingering over the Maryannes and told me that the restaurant down the street had offered him a pretty penny for them and would be at the auction tomorrow. I asked him how much he wanted for the Maryannes and he replied $200,000.00 each , they are very popular. Well, I told him I would love to have one but there was no way I could afford that. Mr. Johnson just smiled and said that he thought I would want one and that there was one more Maryanne available and he thought it was in my price range. I told him “I don’t know what you think my price range is , but it is no where near $200K”

I followed Mr. Johnson back to his private office and standing in the corner was another Maryanne. She was stunning, long brown hair, olive skin, brown eyes, little nose, full dark red lips and under her polo uniform shirt was a nice pair of large C cup breasts. She had a trim waistline that the tight blue jeans showed off and very sexy legs. Mr. Johnson informed me that this was Maryanne 1, his first unit, she was heavily upgraded and has been the test bed for all the upgrades for the Maryannes. But, she is nearing her End Of Service Life and is no longer used as a waitress, for the last year she has been Mr. Johnsons personal assistant.

Mr. Johnson continued “ As a waitress she has about 6 months of service left before she needs to be refurbished, but as a personal unit she has several years of life left. If you really want her I can let her go for about $50,000.00”

$50K was a lot of money for me, but I could swing it if I had to, and she was stunning. I asked about the upgrades and if she was just a commercial unit. Mr. Johnson said that she had all the latest upgrades and she was refitted with all the “Personal” upgrades when she became a personal assistant, he assured me that Maryanne 1 was a woman in every way.

“What the hell!, You only go around once right, lets do it” I signed the papers, wrote him a check and she was mine.

Mr. Johnson picked up her remote control and activated Maryanne 1. Her eyes opened and she said “Maryanne One online, Command Please”. Mr. Johnson put her in “Maintenance Mode” and then selected “ownership transfer”. After several long series of numbers and passwords Maryanne looked at me and stated that she was ready for the new owner information.

It took about 10 minutes to finish the transfer and then she was all mine.

“Ownership transfer complete, command please” she was now looking at me. I told her to enter normal operating mode.

Maryanne blinked twice, then her face lit up with a smile. I picked up the folder with all her paperwork and we were off. Once were in the my car she asked what here primary function would be.

“Well, lets go with Personal Assistant and Companion for now, is that ok with you?”

“Yes, those are compatible functions. I will re-initialize my systems now.” Her eyes closed and she stopped moving for a minute then made a few beeps, her eyes opened and she stated “Maryanne 1 online – new functions installed – command please”

“Enter normal operating mode” I told her

Again her face lit up with a smile and leaned over and kissed me full on the lips – it was the best kiss I ever had.

“So, does this mean your No Dating Customers Rule is history?”

Maryanne looked at me “You are not a customer anymore and I’ll do whatever you like”.

Part 2

Maryanne and I discussed her capabilities on the way to my house. I found out she was indeed VERY upgraded – Mr. Johnson had installed every possible upgrade to Maryanne. That is the nice thing about commercial robots, they are made to be easy to upgrade due to their long service lives.

Once we got home I showed her around the house and the grounds and introduced her to my two other robots, Brenda and Jean.

Brenda was my first robot – I won her in a card game years ago. She is a domestic model, made for cooking and cleaning, taking care of a house and the people in it. She has a “Mom” look about her, Pretty face, med. length brown hair, large D breasts, kinda thick in the waist ( not fat but not skinny either ), and nice legs. She is not much for conversation but she is a great cook and she gives great blowjobs. I did upgrade her sexual suite ( which was very limited ) with the new PlayBot version 5.0 software.

I got Jean, in trade, from a customer who could not pay his bill. Jean is a companion robot, she was not “Top of the line” in her day but she was decent quality. Jean has short blonde hair, a nice “all over” tan, perky B cup breasts, a slim waist, and killer legs. She still functions perfectly ( most of the time ). I don’t take her out in public anymore, she is getting older and I am always afraid someone might hack into her and crash her beyond repair. Then I showed Maryanne the “Bot” room, where all the chargers and self maintenance items were located. I told her to get her things set-up and then come join me in the living room.

About 30 minutes latter Maryanne found me doing paperwork,

“ I’m all set-up , what would you like me to do now?”

“Well, I had Jean call all my customers and clear the rest of the day. I thought we could spend the rest off the morning breaking that silly “No dating customers” rule you had”

She had a little sparkle in her eyes and a slight grin “ I told you on the way home, You are not a customer anymore and I’ll do whatever you like” Maryanne proceeded to slowly undress and stood right in front of my chair. Her breasts were perfect – large C cups with nice little nipples standing totally erect , a slender waist , and a little patch of dark brown hair. Maryanne bent down and unbuttoned and removed my pants , then she gave my the best blowjob I ever had – but, just when I was about to explode, she stopped and climbed on top of me , guided me into her and started to gyrate her hips back and forth. She was moaning softly, her breasts were right in front of me, I started kissing and fondling them and she moaned louder and louder. The more I kissed and fondled her breasts, the loader she got, and the faster she pumped. I was just about to explode - Maryanne was moaning very loudly - then a monotone voice announced “ Warning – CPU overheat eminent – reduced function in 2 minutes” . Well that really turned me on and I exploded into her. Maryanne was almost screaming , she collapsed into me - “Sorry about the overheat warning – my sexual suite uses 100% of my CPU capacity and sometimes cooling system just gets overloaded”

I asked her what would happen if we kept going and she did go into “reduced function mode. “Well, first my personality suite would shut down and I would go into Sexbot Mode. Then I would start to loose motor functions and my cooling system would kick into high and you would hear my emergency cooling fans. After that I would go into emergency shutdown and stay offline until my CPU temp. returned to normal.”

“Well, it really turned me on and you were great!!!” I had a smile from ear to ear.

Maryanne looked me in the eyes and said ” If you can live with my limits then I’ll do all I can to make you happy forever”

And I believed her.

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