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"Hello sir. I'm Marrion-23, an assistant gynoid," said a lovely tall brunette in a business suit. "I'm capable of full human female functions, free thought, and I'm an individual."

"Well look at this James," called out Victor. "It’s a walking computer, that's programmed to think its human. If that doesn't beat all."

"I assure you sir, though my body is composed of circuitry, processors, wires, and other hardware," said Marrion looking Vic in the eyes. "I'm very much human, and free thinking."

"She's right Vic," interrupted James. I got mine a week ago, there's no doubt about it."

"I can't believe I'm stuck with you on this company trip," said Vic from the driver's seat. "I have a laptop."

"Vic, your remarks about me are wearing thin," said Marrion in response.

"Sure," replied Vic ending the conversation as they continued through the snow covered mountains of Western Canada.

"There's only one room left," said Vic returning from the motel lobby, around 10:00 that night. "Thank God you’re a machine or this could be an awkward situation."

"Vic!" said Marrion firmly. "I'm a gynoid, an inorganic female. This is a bad and uncomfortable situation for me. I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with my bigoted boss, and I have to share a room with him. Damn you Vic. Damn you Vic."

"Well, um," said Vic sheepishly. "I'm sorry Marrion, it just kinda weird to for me. I don’t like technology."

"And I'm the height of it," said Marrion. "Vic there's hope for you yet."

"Look at this snow," said Marrion. "They say the roads goin be closed for a week."

"Oh well, at least we get a free holiday," said Vic."

"Vic," said Marrion. "I'm lonely, and scared. This weather and the night are weird to me. I can't see that far. I'm not used to it."

"Ya," replied Vic. "I grew up in Northern B.C. I'm used to it."

"Vic," said Marrion. "Hold me."

"Marrion," said an astonished Vic.

"Vic," said Marrion. "I'm a women. I need somebody. Someone to love me for who I am. Someone to comfort me."

"Well Marrion," said Vic. "I've always been attracted to you."

Slowly Vic began holding, and caressing Marrion. Her moans showing her pleasure with this.

"Vic make love to me," said Marrion.

And with that it became a full encounter. Slowly both of their pleasure increased as they neared orgasm, as both of them got harder, and tighter.

"Marrion I've never been with a gynoid," said Vic. "But, if they're all like you it’s a good thing."

"Thank you Vic," Marrion. "I've never been with anyone."

Moments later as Marrion began to orgasm.

"Error….System error….Maaar-Mmmarrr-Marrion-23 overloading. Aaahhh….Emulators overloading," said Marrion as her robotic nature shone through. Suddenly there was a sharp sound of a crackle, and Marrion's eyes closed, and as she became rigid. Smoke came from her mouth, and ears. Suddenly her stomach panel opened, revealing her inner circuitry, and emulators. Some sparking, the smell of fired electronics filling the room."

"Marrion answer me," said a worried Vic.

Slowly, Marrion blinked then said, "Thank you Vic. Everything's okay. My systems were overloading, and overheating. My fail-safe kicked in, halting all new data to my systems, and open my stomach panel to remove excess heat. That was great Vic," said Marrion as she replaced her stomach panel, and lay down. "That was great."

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