Married to a Machine

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Written by Mirage

Married to a machine

As I lay in bed with my wife, I wondered. I wondered what I could do. What could I do to her?

I stared in the dark at her shape. The shape of her head on the pillow. The pillow holding her delicate head. I yawned a small yawn. I turned my shoulders toward her. Her back was facing my front. My front facing her back.

I reached with my left hand toward her neck. Her neck was as warm as the rest of her body. I smiled, knowing what is really inside of her. Her inside that is not warm. I slowly moved my fingers through her blonde hair. Her artificial hair that looked real. Really real.

My index finger found the small bump. The small bump that open her skull. Her skull that holds her CPU. Her CPU that is her. I press slightly the bump. I heard the small motors moving, opening the small panel to her CPU. I saw the lights blinking inside her open skull. I saw her. Her. The real her. Circuits that gave her life.

An artificial life but still, life. I stare at the circuits, blinking randomly. What does each light represent? Does each blink mean something? A thought? A calculation? I really really don't know.

I moved my hand down to the left pocket of my pajama pants. In my pocket, I slowly removed a screwdriver. A very small screwdriver. I pulled it up until it reached her open panel. I slowly inserted it inside her head. Her beautiful but artificial head.

The head of the screwdriver touched one of the connectors of her CPU circuit. I slowly started turning the screwdriver. I saw one of the four connectors open, releasing its grasp on the circuit board. The circuit board that was my wife's CPU.

Suddenly, everything went wrong. So very wrong. She turned quickly to me. Her beautiful face was now a very angry face. She only said one phrase to me before my story ended.


The end

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