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The office building of Miles and Powerson was prime real-estate. In the center of the commercial district, dozens of companies paid top-dollar to locate their offices there and staff them with mediocre data-management androids. Day in and day out, these mechanical humanoids sorted through information, filed forms, re-directed calls and made the cogs of capitalism click and churn away. However, no team of inexplicably all-female androids is complete without a human task force to direct, maintain and oversee them, and that is where Miss Zelda and her assistant Eugene come in.

Miss Zelda was a tall woman that was almost pushing six feet tall. She had long, dark hair that shiny and straight that hung well past her shoulders. Her eyes had an icy, blue-eyed stare that could put down any weak-willed white collar worker with one chilling glare. A tight, royal blue skirt hugged her wide hips, and a pair of sheer stocking rode down her long legs. Her top was a white blouse that barely managed to hold back the generous breasts she sported, and a lacy bra could be seen through her blouse's thin material. What wasn't too obvious just by looking at this woman, however, was that she is an android herself, designed to emulate a human being perfectly. She believed she was utterly flawless in design and program, that the androids she overlooked and even the humans that maintained them were beneath her. She was the perfect android, after all!

Unfortunately, this being a place of robotic middle-management paradise also makes it a prime candidate for destructive hacking. A virus had managed to infiltrate the wireless network that the fembots of the seventeenth floor all used to get OS updates, and it was causing intermittent malfunctions in the workforce throughout the day. Miss Zelda was touring the offices with her assistant, Eugene. He was a young, lithe man with short black hair combed back impeccably and he was writing notes down about the various affected units. The two of them came up to an office labeled 'Betty-338' and peeked in...

The office was a mess. Papers were strewn about, coating the wooden desk and making messy piles on the floor. Betty-338, a buxom robotic blonde with high heels, smiled as she heard the door to her office open. “Like. Hi!” She said in a cherry but electronically tinged voice. The robo-blonde was walking into a wall, backing up, and walking into it over and over. The sound of loud, persistent whirring could be heard from her body. “Like. Hi! Like. Hi! Like. Hi!” Over and over, she repeated her greeting like a broken record while walking into that wall repeatedly with a sexy sway to her hips.

Zelda scoffed and rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms. “Eugene, mark Betty-338 for the disposal bin.” Eugene looked puzzled, turning to look at Zelda. “Uhm, ma'am, I'm not entirely sure that she requires a replacement. The error should be relatively easy to purge once-” Zelda turned to Eugene and gave him that cold, silent stare and he immediately quieted down. Satisfied, Zelda closed the door to the office, leaving that robotic worker to her loop. “Eugene, it's easier to just toss that thing out and get a new one! Betty's model are a dime a dozen.” Not like myself. I'm far too advanced to be replaced so casually, was the thought that processed in her data core as they came up to Jenna-21 walking down the hall.

“H-h-hi hi Miss Zelda!” Jenna-12 smiled, her ruby lips making a perfect grin... but her head twitched to the side with a quiet whir. “Init-initiating sh-short range wireless-less broadcast.” Jenna's green eyes flickered with light, and Zelda's eyebrows rose in a brief flare of shock. She'd left her own wireless system online! But before she could close her connection it was too late, and a burst of data filtered into her body. Zelda briefly shivered, her lips parting almost sensually, and then she gave Jenna-12 a shove. The red-headed fembot stumbled backwards and hit the floor, her legs whirring as they continued to walk as if she were upright.

“Miss Zelda, are you... alright?” Eugene questioned his boss for the second time that day. “I'm...” Zelda froze. No sound, no movement, she just froze mid-step, mouth open, and then... “Fine. I'm perfect, actually.” Zelda had been worried for a moment, but she was sure her anti-virus software had resolved the problem. She was, after all, the best android in this building. So amazing and wonderful, and so caught up in her own greatness she didn't realize she was pushed up against a wall, her breasts squished into the surface while staring dead ahead with a blissful smirk. Eugene cleared his throat. “Ma'am?” Zelda blinked twice, stopped walking and turned to look at Eugene with a series of inhumanly stiff movements. “Yes, Eugene?” she said, her tone polite but subtly threatening. “Uhm. Nothing ma'am. Shall we continue the tour?” Zelda nodded, her neck making the faintest hint of a whir. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” Damn it, the virus was beginning to lag her systems! But she was too good to become some mindless machine. She pressed on with her assistant as they made it to Bambi-B3's office.

“Bambi?” Zelda called out in a tone that was much like a mother looking to scold her daughter. Bambi was almost as thin as Eugene was, with small but perky breasts, brown hair in a bun and glasses perched atop her nose for aesthetic purposes. “D-d-don't come in!” Bambi called out in mousey shock. This of course, led to Zelda and Eugene making their way in and finding the thin, lovely fembot laying on her back atop her desk. Her legs were spread, panties down around her ankles, and her hips were rising and falling, each movement making a mechanical buzz that filled the air. “It-it-it-it's not what it looks like-like! Error!” She continued to thrust up against nothing, a glowing blush lighting up her cheeks.

Eugene crossed his legs and coughed, while Zelda's brows furrowed. “Eugene, mark Bambi-B3 for disposal as well-well.” Bambi whined as if she'd been grounded. “B-but ma'am! I have vacation time com-coming up! If I get scrapped, I'll-I'll lo-lose that!” Her right eyelid fluttered rapidly as those hips rose and fell. Zelda's head twitched to the right, a dull 'kzzt' barely heard inside of her. “You should have thought-ght-zzt of that before you were so careless with your wireless network!” Eugene was about to speak, but Zelda slammed the door to the office shut.

“Darn. I was going to the Poconos, too.” Bambi pouted as her hips continued methodically rising and falling. Whrr, whrr, whrr.

Zelda was now storming down the hallway, almost stomping as her head twitched left to right. Her fists opened and closed as her hands spasmed, and every step made her body produce a mechanical sound of some kind. She could get through this. She was a perfect fembot. A perfectly designed human machine. Eugene looked like he was going to question her, but she cut him off. “This Zelda human is fine-fine-fine. I'm per-fectly functional. I flawlessly em-emulate a human being.” She walked into her office door with a THUNK, then THUNKED again, but Eugene got the door for her before she banged into it once more.

Once inside her spacious office, she made her way over to the desk, knees banging against it as she bent over and her hands and breasts slapped into the surface. She clutched her papers as her head bzzt-jerked side to side. Eugene closed the door behind them and couldn't help but admire the way those that tight pencil skirt hugged his boss' backside. “Ma'am, it does... seem like you're starting to...” “TO WHAT-WHAT-WHAT?” Zelda snapped, her voice taking on an electronic tinge. Eugene adjusted his tie. “To uh. Malfunction. Ma'am.”

By now it was obvious that Zelda was a machine like her subordinate fembots. She was twitching, shivering, and even those icy blue eyes flickered with light. “Eu-Eugene. That is so silly. Look at me. Look at me.” She started to sway her hips side to side, that wide rump sifting to the left, making a sudden and jerky stop, then shifting to the right. Each movement made her slinging skirt shift around those perfectly proportioned and juicy cheeks. “My-my-my ass is perfectly designed to emulate a flawless human.” She stood back up rigidly. By now, her movements had lost all their life-like animation, and she moved like a robot as she turned to face Eugene. She leaned back against her desk like a rigid wooden board, then righted her torso with a slow whrrrr. Her hands lifted, fingers straight, then moved in to her blouse. She clenched down on the material and tore it open, exposing her big, gorgeous tits that were held together by lacy black bra cups. “This unit's silicone tits-tits-tits are perfectly designed to emulate a human's. They are designed to remain perky w-w-without 'bzzzt' the support of a bra.” With a precise flick of her middle finger, the front of her bra parted open, and those breasts barely jiggled as they hovered in mid-air, a pair of gravity defying orbs topped with hard, pink nipples.

Eugene watched those breasts, this display, her... fakeness getting the young man going. “Oh. Uh, yes ma'am, very human-like.” She didn't seem to mind when he started to slowly stroke his palm over the bulge in his slacks. She didn't seem to be looking at ANYTHING, actually, her eyes staring dead ahead as they flickered with light. “Affirmative! Because this unit-unit-unit ERROR, multiple instances of protocol 334.77 load-load- I am human. A perfect human. Perfect mechanical human.” Her legs spread slowly, buzzing as she slipped her ass up onto her desk. “This unit even-even has a pussy module installed to emulate sexual intercourse and sensors that allow it to receive and-and-and process pleasurable responses.” Again, her hands moved mechanically into position, and with one swift tear her skirt and panties were shredded away from her body, leaving her in nothing but those sheer stockings and blue heels. “This unit can even emulate various stages of coitus on prompt. Demonstrating, Hot and Wet settings.”

Suddenly, lubricant bubbled from her hairless and perfectly molded sex. Her hand slapped against the counter of the desk and gripped the edges. A hot, tinny moan escaped her lips as a blush raced over her cheeks. “Ohhhh... Eugene...” Her hips started to move much like Bambi-B3's still were. A dull whir and they pushed forward, then a quiet buzz as they pulled back. “You-you-you are so deep inside of my human-silicone pussy! My sensors are so hot!” She trembled and bit her bottom lip, eyes rapidly fluttering as her head twitched to the side. “Fuck your dirty human sexbo-simulation complete.” She sat upright, the blush fading instantly as the flickering in her eyes slowed. “See? Perfectly human. Perfect. Human.” Her head jerked to the side once more and the sound of a fan whirring could be heard coming from her.

By now, Eugene was enthralled. He was already undoing his slacks as he approached his boss. His heart was pounding, and he was rapidly tugging his slacks down until his hard cock peeked up over the falling waistline. 'I see... ma'am.” Eugene spoke quietly as he lifted his hands, hovering them over Zelda's perky breasts. When she simply started ahead, whirring and statue-still, he took that as a cue that it was safe enough to touch her. Those hands sunk into the synthetic material of her breasts, and as they squeezed down the only reaction she gave was a flicker of light in her optics. “...Ma'am?” He asked when she didn't respond to his touch. Her head turned smoothly and she looked at him. “Yes, Eugene?” Her voice was heavily tinged by an electronic echo, but calm. He looked confused at that response, then looked to her chest. “Isn't that... pleasurable for you?”

Zelda followed his gaze, her neck buzzing as she looked down at the hands on her breasts. Then, she looked back to Eugene. “Affirmative.” Her jaw dropped and she moaned softly, but her expression was otherwise unchanged. Eugene stepped a bit closer while his thumbs swept in and brushed over her nipples. The moment those buds were touched, Zelda's jaws sapped shut and her eyes crossed. “M-m-multiple inputs det-detected! Oooh, c-careful, those are sensitive.” The male nodded, making a silent 'oh...' as his fingers slipped away from those nubs... then suddenly he attacked them with a powerful twist. Zelda's head shot to the right and a spark fired from her ear! “Unh! Eu-GENE!” Her body flared briefly with heat but instead of pulling away, she pressed her nude mechanical figure up against the male as tightly as she could. Though her movements were robotic, and her body shivered and twitched, she dominantly embraced him. One hand slipped behind his back and down to cradle his hips. She forced him into her, his cock spreading her silicone walls apart and making her body warm up considerably, not to mention bathing his shaft in her lubricants.

“Can-Can-Can a robot-bot fuck you like-like a machine?” She buried her face in his neck, forcing him to moan in pleasure. With her breasts grinding into his body and her hand forcing his cock deeper and harder into her figure, he was out of control as the sexy fembot had her way with him... but he was loving every moment. “Unnh! F-fuck ma'am, you're so tight!” Her hot, wet tongue dragged against his flesh, making him shiver. “Affirmative. Var-variable tension setting allow-allow-OHH! Sensory data buffer fail-failure!” There was a 'pop' inside of her body. Smoke rose from the back of her neck, seemingly seeping through a micro-seam in her covering.

Zelda pushed her weight forward, forcing Eugene to fall backwards and hit the ground hard. The flare of pain was nothing compared to the pleasure of this hot female machine forcing him to ride her. With him on the ground, she sat upright with her pelvis against her assistant's. She started to rise and fall, each movement making a whrr-hiss as she pistoned herself robotically atop him. Each push onto his throbbing cock made her head twitch. Her arms were stuck outright at her sides in a 45 degree angle pointing downwards. “I-I-I am your perfect human fuckbot! Oh fuck, You're gonna-gonna-gonna make this unit cum, tiger!” Eugene was in a haze, his hands exploring her warm body. When he reached her breasts, her jaw dropped and her eyes widened. “Re-re-remember the nipples are-NGGGGH” he clamped down on them, twisting as sharply as his hands could allow. A loud KZZZRT and the smell of ozone filled the room as a panel in Zelda's back blew out. Contained inside was her steel spinal assembly and behind that, a curtain of wiring with smoke and sparks rising from within. LEDs could be seen rapidly blinking from yellow to red.

Her hips thumpthumpthumped rapidly against Eugene, the arousal spike making her fuck him at a blurred pace. The tightness of her silicone cunt prevented him from blowing his load and pleasure seared through his loins. “Warning. Zelda unit 03 overloading! I'm way-way-way too close to cumming!” Smoke rose from both of her ears, and sparks fired from her open mouth. Her eyes glowed so brightly that the blue color completely enveloped them. Her breasts bounced wildly and her ass made satisfying smacks against Eugene's hips. Her pleasure, and his, climbed and climbed as her whirring became louder, the sparks became more violent and the smoke darker, until she threw her head back and called out in echoing synthetic pleasure!

Her lubricant washed out over Eugene's hips like a flood, and that allowed her lips to loosen enough to let hum cum. Spurt after spurt of hot spunk filled her sleeve and drooled down her inner thighs. She was utterly frozen, the occasional spark firing out of her back panel. A loud, constant beep could be heard inside of her body, and the glow in her eyes died down slowly. “...Eu-Eugene. We n-need to ascert-t-tain what fembots have been affected by the virus.” She slipped up off his exhausted body as if nothing had happened. Her fluid movements came back, and she sauntered out of the office with a smooth stride, totally naked and sparks still firing from her exposed panel. Eugene just sat and watched as her meltdown unfolded before his eyes.

Zelda calmly strode, a confident smirk on her twitching face. “These stupid bimbots are nothing compared to me. Mass pro-produced models that are only goo-good for ERROR.” She strode past offices of fembots suffering mild malfunctions, past the gawking stares of technicians who didn't want to get too close to her smoking, sparking body... and right into a wall. Her breasts pushed against the surface, her nipples were stimulated... and her body rattled like it was caught in an earthquake! “Nnngh-gh-gh! What's g-g-going on! My... Oooh...” She sunk to her knees with a ker-thunk and both hands shot in between her legs. She furiously fingered her soaked pussy as gush after gush of lubricant spilled from her. “Wh-wh-who set my sensitivity setting so-so-so ERROR I cannot pro-process! Cumming! Cumming! CUMMING! OVERLOAD! OVERLOA-” A fantastic blast blew out several circuits, causing them to fly out of her back. A smoking component dangled from the panel by smoldering wires.

“Perfect... human... an-android... s-so-so-s-s-s-s you're fiiiirrrrrreeeed- 'click' ” Her body wound down slowly as she slumped over, her tits pressed against the floor as smoke rose from her figure. Her round ass was pushed high up into the air and a puddle of lube and cum spilled around her knees. Meanwhile, inside of Zelda's office. Eugene was shaking his head and getting himself dressed. “Bitch.” He muttered as he walked up to the west wall and pulled open a large walk-in closet. Inside, there were six more Zelda units exactly like the one that blew out. He walked right up to the closest one on the left and started to activate it.

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