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Part 1

"So you're the new maid?" asked Alistair, the owner of a quaint estate in Alba.

"Yes sir," answered Mairi. "I was built and programmed according to your desires, sir. I hope I please you."

"Quite," answered Alistair. "It so amazing what they can do with gynoids now," as he walked around Mairi, gazing at her. "You're so life like. If I didn't know better, and if you didn't have tail, Id think you were an Adamannaich."

Indeed Mairi was quite the sight. Her auburn hair done in a lovely French braid. Her perfect figure in her maid's uniform. Her stiletto shoes at the end of her statuesque legs. Her pale complexion highlighted by her ruby lips, and lovely green eyes, which followed Alistair as he circled her.

"Beg your pardon sir," replied Mairi. "But I am alive. Sure I might not be organic, but I free thinking, and I have feelings.

"Quite right," replied Alistair, taken back by her reply. "Well I have to go now. Complete your tasks, then do as you please. Good bye."

With that Alistair left the room, leaving Mairi by herself.

"Well that was interesting," said Mairi to herself. "If I wasn't mistaken, I'd say he was quite fond of me."

With that Mairi gracefully left the room. Her body moving like a model's. Her heels clicking on the marble.

"Well hello there, Alistair. How are you?" asked Horatio as he turned around from looking at a news bulletin.

"Oh quite well. Quite well indeed," replied Alistair

"Well Alistair who is it now?" asked a smiling Horatio. "Who's caught your eye."

"Well to be quite honest its Mairi, my new maid," replied Alistair his tail paying the newsman for the paper to had in his hand.

"Come on my she's a gynoid," replied Horatio. "She's a gynoid. You'll go blind." Horatio said in a sarcastic tone. "But really tell me about her."

"Well how do I start," replied Alistair a big smile on his face. "She so beautiful. A body to die for. And her mind. Oh I tell you her mind. She openly corrected me. She's not machine, she's a woman."

Later that night, at Mairi's quarters, Alistair knocks at her door.

"Who is it?" asked Mairi her hair undone, reading on the couch.

"Alistair," replied Alistair.

"Come in," replied Mairi putting her book down.

As Alistair enters the room, he stops for a second. There in front of him is Mairi, her auburn hair hanging loosely on her shoulders. A slip dress on, revealing her body's curves.

"I was just reading," said Mairi her pale face flushing in embarrassment at Alistair's gaze.

"Oh really," said Alistair knocked out of his trance. "What were you reading?"

"I hope you don't mind," said Mairi looking a bit worried. "I borrowed it form the library. It’s a collection of supposed Ghost Stories. I really like it."

"Why, of course you can borrow a book from the library," replied Alistair. "This is your home."

"I particularly like the one about Glamis Castle. You know, the secret room, and clashing knights," said Mairi with a tone of giddiness in her elegant soft voice. "I imagine myself being there, seeing the story, and I feel kinda scared."

"Well there's nothing to fear around here," replied Alistair assuringly as he moved closer to Mairi. "There isn't a ghost that'd want to scare a pretty thing like yourself."

For what seemed like hours the room was silent as Alistair gazed into Mairi eyes.

"Well. I'm sorry sir, "said Mairi. "But I have to go to bed. You know, let my systems recharge, and repair themselves."

"Oh. Yes," replied Alistair like a puppy that had just lost its favorite ball. "Well I'll be leaving."

"Yes," said Mairi. "See you tomorrow. Have a good sleep. I know I'll probably dream of you," said Mairi, winking at Alistair as she the last part.

Slowly Alistair walked the halls to his room. Knowing that he loved Mairi, and also knowing Mairi was ready to toy with him.

Part 2

He's quite the master, thought Mairi to herself. He's been in love with me since I was first delivered here, as Mairi slowly opened her stomach panel to run diagnostics. Here auburn hair was no longer in a French braid, but flowing down onto her shoulders. Inside her panel was a massive maze of wires, circuitry, and processors. Beeping, clicking, and whirring came from Mairi's inner components, as they worked in unison to bring her to life.

"Mairi. How was your day?" asked Alistair as he arrived home to his estate from a busy day. "I see your looking as good as ever."

"Don't-you-know-robots-are-not-allowed-to-socialize-with-humans," replied Mairi in a robotic tone, complete with jerky robotic movements.

"But you're not a robot," replied Alistair his muscular human body relaxed, his tail the symbol that he was an Adamannaich, not a Homo Sapien wagging happily. "You're Mairi. A friend, a helper…."

"A bunch of servos, circuitry, and processors," interrupt Mairi as she turned her back to him, and smacked her ass in her maid's costume. "Really sir, remove one of my components, and I'm no longer Mairi."

"Okay," replied Alistair in a cold tone as he lunged forward and forced open Mairi's stomach panel, and grabbed a circuit board.

"Your bluffing, said a nervous Mairi still as stone. "You love me too much to pull it out. I'm not a gutter trash gynoid like the scraeling nations make. It'll kill me."

"That's what I was hoping would happen," replied Alistair his hand still holding the circuit board. "I have enough of sass. You're spirit can add flavor to this estate as the ghost of a maid."

"Please don’t," begged a scared Mairi. "I don't want to die. Your race is immortal you can't know how its scares mortal races, like me."

Suddenly Alistair pulled back his hand, a circuit board in hand. Before Mairi could see his tail returned to its previous position. Mairi screamed an ear-piercing scream that echoed through the estate halls. Then she hit the floor.

"You're really the biggest asshole I know," said Mairi. "That wasn't funny. How was I to know that you switched my circuit board with one in you're tail's grasp. My God you know I can't follow anything faster then light. That wasn't funny."

"Sure it was, "replied a smiling Alistair.

"I could've overloaded from the shock," said an un-amused Mairi. "I did faint."

"Bullshit, you're a liar," said Alistair. "You know a s well as I do it'd never happen."

"It could have," said Mairi in her most innocent, child-like voice.

Later the night as Mairi sat in her room, she gazed at her open stomach panel. Damn the Adamannaich, their speed, and almost cruel sense of humor thought Mairi. What interesting machinery they've made of though thought Mairi. She realized that as she thought this, this machinery was working at the same time to process it, and make sense of it. She shuddered as she thought of Alistair's joke. Fear embraced her. As sleep closed her eyes she fell asleep with her favorite ghost story book in her hand.

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