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Any minute now, I’m expecting a package from a company called “Sexy Girl Inc.”. It’s a company that makes life-sized dolls of any person you make or see. I had to pre-order one from overseas, and I figured that I wanted to prepare. So, I prepared my bedroom in black curtains and rose red garland, streaming all around the room. I even bought some new satin bed covers, so I can play with my new doll. But as I finished with the bed, the bell rang. I said that my doll has arrived. I rushed down to the door and opened it. When I did, the delivery guy gave me the clipboard to sign in. He helped me with the package, as it was labeled that it was from “Sexy Girl Inc.”. But… there was a problem… The box said, “Сексуальная Девушка Инк (Seksual'naya Devushka Ink)”. It was in Russian! I didn’t understand it, but I opened the crate. I figured it must be one of those sexy Russian dolls… but when I opened the wooden crate, there was a small woman, looking about 21 years old, at about 5'5", with black hair lying on the box, in her gray coat and pink scarf. She had her eyes closed and was lying motionless in the box. I picked her up and stood her in place. However, I had no clue on how to turn her on. I read through the instruction manual, which was in English (thank god). And I read that I had to turn her on, by pressing her right nipple. Well, it was so perplexed and simple, that I pressed her right nipple. She opened her eyes, which shone a bright blue, with her long black hair, up to her waist, waving around. She then smiled and said to me, “Спасибо за владение меня ... Я Ая. (Thank you for owning me… I’m Aya.)” I asked her, “Why don’t you speak English?” She didn’t listen. She approached me and whispered, “Должны ли мы повеселимся? (Shall we have some fun?)” I was shocked, as she then said, grabbing my pants, “Mmm… У вас такое сексуальное тело, хозяин. (Mmm… You have such a sexy body, master.)” She then dug through my pants and grabbed my dick. She then said, “Позвольте мне высосать твой. (Let me suck you dry.)” I didn’t know what to do, as the Russian Robot kneeled down and unzipped my blue jeans. She clamped onto my long dick and started to lick on it. She started to moan, as she licked the tip of my cock. She then said, “Позвольте мне высосать твой.” She started to suck on it, as I was moaning, profusely. I told her to get up, but she didn’t listen to me. I read the manual, while I was being sucked on. It said that I can deactivate her, by pressing her right nipple. “Пожалуйста, выключите секс робот, нажав ее правый сосок… Перезапуск программы, нажав ее левый сосок…” Loosely translated, meaning I must turn her off, by pressing her right nipple, and restart, or reboot, her by pressing the left. But she had her coat on. She then stood in attention, with some of my goose on her lip. She then asked, “Чем я могу служить вам, мастер? (How may I serve you, Master?)” Well, I just cannot take it! I pressed her nipple and she powered down, bowing down, slightly. Her eyes went black, while her lips were still moist. I then removed her winter coat, reveal her pale skin and black panties, with a red lace bra. Her scarf was still on, as I looked behind her. Her back panel had a small handle, above her spine. I twisted it and her back panel opened. However, when it was open, it showed of a small keyboard, with an LED monitor. I examined it and found her speech patterns. I saw that Russian was her default language, since I had it pre-ordered from Moscow. I looked at the manual and switched the language to English. I then closed it and said, “Now, let’s see if we can start you up.” I was to hit the right nipple on her breasts, but I hit the left nipple, instead, by accident. Aya restarted and beeped, “Мемори савед… Перекалибровка… сейчас начинает программу… Обработка… Обработка… запуске системы…” She beeped, meaning that her program is processing and starting. She turned to me and smiled, while blushing, “Oh, you must be master. I am Aya. It is honor to be with you…” She spoke in a Russian accent, since she was reprogrammed to speak English. But I tweaked it a bit, not to be a bit rude. I deactivated her and restarted to language functions, setting it to English (US). I then restarted Aya and said, “Hello. Aya.” She spoke in a normal voice and said, “Hello. You must be my master. I am Aya. It is an honor to meet you, my master. Shall I kiss you?” She kissed me on the lips, as Aya whispered, “Oh. You’re so hot…” She stopped kissing and unzipped my pants again. She then removed her panties and went closer to me. She then said, “Shall I fuck you, my master?” I responded to her, “Blow me.” She blew at my face, really hard. She then said, “I am sorry. You said “Blow me”. But you didn’t say where.” Annoyed, I deactivated her and checked her sexual programming. I set it Naughty and Nice to Ice Cold Hooker. Then I reactivated her, as Aya looked at me, with her sultry grin. She wrapped her arm around my shoulders and gave me a kiss with her tongue. As she held me with her right arm, she dug into her pussy with her free left arm, and started to masturbate. She moaned, as she kissed me, while I grabbed her bare ass. As she continued to rub her crotch, my dick began to grow long, while Aya stopped kissing me, stepped back, and removed her bra. I removed my shirt, leaving me naked. Aya then whispered, “I want to fuck you rotten, honey. How about we fuck us up a storm?” I pushed her down to the bed and stuck the huge cock into her pussy. I spread her legs out, while humping into her pussy. She moaned and groaned, while speaking in Russian. “Uh… Unh! AH! Oh, yeah… Fuck me, baby… Ah… I’m feeling hot…” She was about to cum, as she was sweating and moaning, until she began to buzz and beep. She then started to speak in Russian again, while her pussy was being fucked. “Ебать меня! Ебать меня! Отдай его мне! Так держать! О, да. Да. О, да. Да. Ебать меня! Ебать, да. Да! Да! Ах! Ах! Ах! Дай мне больше! Больше! Больше! Да… Прикоснись ко мне там… Я Камминг! Я собираюсь кончить. Я собираюсь кончить! Да! Да! Да! Да! Ах, черт! Ах, черт! Я собираюсь кончить! Я собираюсь ... Ах! АХ! АААХ!” By the way, she was about to cum. And if you don’t know what she’s saying, look it up. Anyway, Aya then sweat, as her body started to smoke. Her head tilted back, as she moaned, “Aahh… Fuck… Fuck me… I’m going to… Я Камминг… Ahhh… Ебать… Ебать… Ебать… Fuck… Ah… Ах, черт…” She kept alternating her speech functions, as she was moaning in a loop. I pressed her left nipple, but she did nothing. She grabbed me and threw me onto the mattress. She then stuck my entire dick, deep in her pussy. She whispered, “Now, it’s my turn…” She then gyrated and humped up and down, holding onto my shoulders. She continued to hump up and down, really fast, and she moaned and groaned, without every stopping. She then cried lightly, as she pushed her hip down. She looked at me and whispered. “Я люблю тебя. Ты заставляешь меня чувствовать горячее… Я хочу твой -. (I love you. I feel so hot. I want your--.).” She then froze in place. She then made an error noise, “Ошибка… Ошибка… Ошибка… Ошибка… Ошибка…” She then bent up and said, “сбой системы… (System Failure).” She then smiled, as she suddenly rebooted, “Now, shall I continue?” I was lost in arousal, as she continued to hump and down. Just as she finished, I grabbed her breast and suddenly squeezed it. She moaned, as she closed her eyes, rubbing her breasts with her fingertips, moaning in arousal. She pleaded to me, “No more… No… I cannot take it… AAH!” I held her up and stood her in place. She suddenly froze in place and beeped, “This unit has shut down. Please wait while we fix sex robot…” As I waited, with the huge dick stuck inside her, I gave her a kiss on her closed mouth, with her lips a bit curled and her eyes a flickering blue. I continued to kiss her, as I rubbed my huge dick into her pussy. As I kept digging into her… I suddenly felt weak and tired. The fembot was enjoying this, even those she was shut down. But as I tugged back a bit, I suddenly felt--. CLANG! I froze in place, as Aya was still frozen. My dick was emitting goo from inside, as I had my hands on her back and butt. I stepped back and looked at Aya, passionately, and began to kiss her again. But as I approach her face, I--. Unit shutdown… Vrrrr…

Aya rebooted and saw the robot man, holding her tight. She whispered, “Oh, naughty thing… He is a Sexy Guy from overseas… Too bad. And we had such fucking around.” She dug her fingers into his black hair and brushed it. She then said, “How about a kiss, before we fix you up, my toy boy.” But as she was about to kiss, she felt weak. “Низкий уровень заряда батареи… Мне нужно, чтобы перезарядить. (Low battery… I need to recharge…).” Aya then whispered, as a tear came from her eye, “I am so sorry… But I guess we’ll be together, forever…” “Shutting down… 3… 2… 1…” She kissed the broken mandroid on the lips and froze completely. Her back panel opened, emitting steam from inside her. She then said, in her final words… “I love you… I… love… you… I am… your sexy girl… Master…” Her arms were wrapped around his motionless body, as her lips touched his. Her left leg lifted back, and was dead, completely. Inside his bedroom, a robot man and his robot playmate were kissing each other… without anyone to fix them.

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