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Day 1

“Pleased to meet you my master. I am MFMA - B05. Title ‘Sophie’ ” These words came from a came from a girl. Actually, not so much a girl, as girl like. This was an android, and obviously so. She had metal sensor things sticking back and up, where her ears should be. Her hair was pink, and it went down to her shoulders, and she had the Zeno Corp logo imprinted on her forehead. They had made sure no one mistook her for human. She was wearing variant on a maids outfit, that was low-cut, and colored burgundy. It showed off her ample bosom, and shapely thighs well.

It looked like something out of an anime, that freak Johnson had to have had something to do with this. What were they targeting? The fetish market!?

Perhaps I should start at the beginning, my name is Jacob Sanderson. I work as an accountant for Zeno Corp, a company that designs and makes robots. The afore mentioned Johnson, works in marketing and, I don’t like him.

Anyway they wanted beta testers for their new android maid. Evidently it’s got a revolutionary new A.I. and all kinds of other new features, all hush, hush. So they insisted that all the testers worked for the company in a non-technical field, non-technical, because knowing how it works would taint the results of how it would workout with the average Joe.

I thought, extra pay, free maid service, and if it works out all right I get to keep it. Which brings us to now, where I have just opened the box I took home and the android girl just stepped out.

“Um, hi, uh, Sophie.” I said awkwardly, “Sooo how are you?”

“I’m fine master, I’m pleased that you asked.” she replied smiling. She then pulled a book out from the box she was in. “Here master.”

I looked at the book. It said MFMA owners manual. It was kind of thick, and despite working for a robotics company, I’m not really all that tech savvy. So I asked her to just give me the gist of it.

Bad idea. She went on about her hard drives, processors, and programs, and I didn’t understand a bit of it. “...PH7 personality programing , DS emotion programing, and LL learning programing.”

That part was some what understandable, and gave me a little bit of hope.

“Wait, so does that mean you have something like free will?” I asked eagerly, if she can just do the stuff on her own I don’t have to listen to another word of this.

She looked mortified, “Oh, no master! It’s true that I have been programed with a personally, and emotions, and capable of what could be defined as personal growth, but they are all focused around my core directive programing, to serve you, please you and protect you. Fulfilling them gives me joy, failure to gives me sorrow. Obeying you is my primary directive, the protecting you directive will only override it if you’re in imminent danger. I am yours, totally, and utterly. You need not fear rebellion, or desertion.” she’d fallen to her knees and sputtered all that off in under 10 seconds.

“Yeah,” I said awkwardly, looking down a her a my feet, “ um, good to know. But I meant if I could just leave you on your own, and you could, you know take the initiative to do stuff without me having to tell you.”

She blushed - Cute feature - and got up. “I apologize for misunderstanding master. I can fulfil my functions in such a way, but I lack sufficient data to properly serve your desires in such a way at the moment. I have some questions, that if you answer should aid me, and during my early operating phaseI may ask you for input on what I’m doing so I may adjust accordingly. Please bare with me.”

“So I just, answer some questions, and you can get to work?” I asked.

“Yes, master.” she replied.

“Okey, but before that, stand on one leg.” I commanded.

“Yes, master.” she replied and obeyed without question. Sure it was juvenile power tripping, but after a speech like that I couldn’t resist. I had her do a few other things, hop, spin, sing all the songs from the H.M.S Pinafore (good singing voice). Then got back to the questionnaire.

It was pretty basic, favorite food, color, etc, etc. Eventually it finished.

I had several accounts to work on, so I told Sophie to make dinner, and I got to work. More accurately, I tried to.

“Master do you want beef or chicken?” Sophie interrupted me and asked.

“Um, chicken..” I replied. 2 minutes later.

“Master would you like it baked or fried?” interrupted again.

“Um, baked.” I replied 1 minute later

“Master what kind of salad would you like?” interrupted again.

“Um, garden.” I replied, 30 seconds later.

“Master, what dressing would you like?” and again.

“Um, ranch.” I replied. 5 seconds later.

“Master, how would you like the lettuce leaves to be cut?” this was ridiculous.

“Look, just do what you think is best, and stop asking me.” I told her.

“But, if I don’t fulfil my functions exactly how you desire me to, I may displease you.” said Sophie meekly.

I spoke slowly as if speaking child, and in a way that’s what she was.“Look I have work to do, alright. I can’t be interrupted all the time. Just fulfil all your functions to the best of your ability, and if you do something wrong I’ll tell you, and so long as you learn from it I won’t be displeased. That’s an order.”

She looked uncertain but nodded and said “Yes, master.”

She went back to the kitchen and I got back to my work. In retrospective I should have found out what all her functions were.

Supper was good, the best I’ve had in a while. But I guess that means very little when your staple is TV dinners.

After supper Sophie started cleaning, and I finished off my work, then went to bed.

I didn’t hear anyone enter my room, but suddenly I felt breasts against my back, lips kissing my neck and a hand caressing my thigh moving down to my... I let out a startled yelp, and turned on the light.

As I’m sure you to guessed Sophie was naked in bed with me.

“Sophie!? What the hell are you doing!?” I asked stunned.

“Attempting to please you sexually.” she replied, totally deadpan. “It is one of my functions.”

“You were designed for sex!?” I asked stunned. This was not a feature I was expecting.

“No, I was designed to be multi functional, sex is one of my functions but it is not the sum total of what I was designed for.” she explained. She looked sadly at me, “did I displease you master?”

“Um, no, just surprised. Shouldn’t you ask before you try to do that.” Great, I’m being guilt tripped by a Dutch wife.

“Master commanded me to fulfil all functions to the best of my ability.” she replied.

“I see.” I said sighing, I’m gonna have to watch what I say to her.

She then tried, to start where she left off.

“Whoa, stop!” I called out as she tried to kiss me. She stopped.

“Why, Master? Am I deficient in some way?” Sophie asked kneeing on the bed.

“You, usually have sex with people you’re in love with.” I replied.

“But I’m not a person. I’m a machine. Merely a device created to serve a function. Such stigma’s would not apply.” she replied

“Um, then lets just say I’m not in the mood, okey?” I said.

“Yes, master.” she said disappointedly. She got up, picked up her cloths she had folded neatly by the door , and left.

The truth was, after that I was in the mood. Those breasts, her body, god. But this was a beta test and,her data would be analyzed, I’d hate it if Johnson got some blackmail on me. Plus it was just not right. True, I couldn’t think of a good reason why at the moment, but still.

I tried to calm myself, by telling myself she was just a machine. Just a cold machine. Just a machine that looks like a hot girl, and will whatever I say, whenever I say, however I say. Not working.

I’m gonna have look at that owners manual tomorrow.

I did not sleep well that night.

To be continued...

Day 2 - Part 1

When I got up, I had the breakfast Sophie had made for me. It was pancakes and sausages, which definitely beat the usual cold cereal, but I was in no mood to enjoy it.

When I was done I, got my suitcase and went it to the living room where Sophie had begun to vacuum. She moved with such grace.

She sensed me as I entered, “Master, did you enjoy your breakfast?” she ask politely.

“What? Oh, yes. Great, wonderful, best I ever had.” I replied.

“I am so pleased, master!” Sophie said, smiling sweetly.

Yes, that smile. All her air and grace gave the idea of a gentle and innocent girl.

Then I looked at her thigh half exposed in that skimpy outfit, and recalled last night to remember the whore that she was.

No that was unfair, as she stated, that was just one of her functions. People should be judged as awhole not just a small part. But she wasn’t a person, she was just a machine. (Sigh) I was totally confused as to how I should think of her, and I was finding the original plan of ‘something that cooks and cleans and I pretty much ignore’ was becoming increasingly difficult to implement.

I continued to the door but Sophie stopped me, “Master is there anything specific you wish me to do today?”

I thought about it a moment. I still hadn’t read her owners manual, and had no idea what she could do, or what she thought she should. So I thought I’d give a relatively safe answer.

“Clean,” I replied, “Just clean. Don’t do anything else.”

Sophie smiled her sweet smile again, and replied “ Yes, master.” then I went out the door and off to work.

I was in a terrible mood when I got to work. I had spent the entire night in what could be called afevered wet dream, and I was grouchy, tired, and wanting to vent my frustration on someone. More accurately some people, some very specific people.

I dropped my work off at my office, then went to the engineering department, to have a little talk with those geeky perverts. I mean sex! What were they thinking!? Do they have any idea the can of worms this will open for the company!?

I went to the engineers break room. The only person who was in there was Kyle Winslow. Despite being in completely different departments of the company, I actually knew the guy fairly well. Nice guy if a little irritating at some times. I also knew he was involved with the MFMA project.

“Winslow, good buddy o pal, I would like to have a talk with you,” said with venom.

He raised his hand to stop me.

“Let me guess. You’re here to rant to me about the special feature, on the MFMA. How that if it became public knowledge we were making androids for sex, we would be boycotted by every religious and feminist group in existence, are reputation would be ruined and we would be condemned by all other robot manufactures in an opportunistic mock show of moral outrage, and how they never even bothered to tell you.” he smiled a smug smile, “right?”

“Um, well, um ,yes?” he really stole my thunder there.

Winslow sighed, “Look, it’s not a standard feature, but it’s included in all the beta test models. It’s only to be offered to V.I.P customers.”

“Even so-“ I started, but was cut off by another hand gesture.

“Preaching to the choir man,” Winslow replied, “I didn’t get into this business, to make sex toys, but orders from above man.”

“But who would be so short sighted as to-“ I stopped, It was so obvious.

“Marketing?” I asked.

Winslow sipped his coffee, and kept up his smile, “Yep.”

“Johnson?” I asked

“Him? no. Total moral outrage at the very idea.” Winslow replied still smiling.

“Really?” I asked shocked, this sounded exactly what Johnson would do.

“Of, course not. He spearheaded the effort.” Winslow said laughing, “Anyway were only responsible for tech support and data analysis, for the beta testing. Direct all other complaints to marketing they’re responsible for the rest, though I hear that they didn’t tell the testers about the one feature for fear that it would deter people from volunteering, because of social pressure , AKA being labeled perverts.”

“As opposed to being labeled perverts after the fact,” I said cynically.

“Not their problem now, is it,” Winslow replied, then he snickered, and then looked at me with a evil smile, “Oh, and since there’s going to be so much data, the analysis will be done by an A.I. program, that will tell if there’s any problems, so you can do ANYTHING you want, and no human will ever know.”

“What! I’d never-” but Winslow cut me off.

“Oh, I’m sure you mean that,” Winslow replied, still with that irritating smile, “ but let me tell you a little something about human nature. As much as some people would go on about virtue, and morals, the only thing limiting human behavior is what they can do, and what the consequences are. With your new roommate the former is anything, and the latter is nil. So I’m trying to calculate how long it will take for your inhibitions to fall to pieces.”

I was annoyed “Your just trying to irritate me.” I snapped at him.

“Probably,” he replied, snickering, and I walked off to the marketing department.

If I had been there five seconds later I would have heard Winslow say “I give him a week at the most.” and laugh.

Well a long story short, I couldn’t get in to see Johnson. His secretary wouldn’t let me in. She told me that all tech complaints should be directed to the tech department, and that the testers opinions on the merchandise will be taken at the designated time. She was an android so there was not point in arguing.

I went back to my department and got to work, I couldn’t spend all day on this. I’d deal with Johnson tomorrow. The rest of the work day went pretty normally, and I headed back home.

I took a deep breath and tried to focus, before entering. She’s just a machine, just a machine, why would I be attracted to a machine. Even if she can, who cares. Just pretend she can’t.

Winslow’s and Sophie’s word. filled my head. ‘Only thing limiting human behavior is what they can do, and what the consequences are.’‘I am yours, totally, and utterly.’ Ignore that, clear your mind.

I entered.

Sophie was in the living room. She was bent over slightly with a rag in her hand totally inert, as if she had been in the middle of cleaning but just froze.

“Um, Sophie?” walked over to her, waved a hand in front of her. No response.

“Helooooo?!” still nothing, I was worried. Why should I be worried? It’s just a machine!

I went over to the owners manual and found and dialed the tech support. I got Winslow.

“Hiya, Sanderson. What can I do for you?” he asked over the phone.

“Look, um, Sophie, the android I’m supposed to be testing has frozen up, and ,um, you send someone to fix her.” I asked nervously.

“But I thought you didn’t like your robot? Is that a hint of concern in your voice. Have you come to see her as an individual? Ahhhhh, how cute!” Winslow replied, snickering.

“Shut up, and just send someone.” I yelled, god he was annoying.

“Relax, there’s probably no need. Now tell me, did you remember to recharge her battery?” asked demeaningly.

“Um, recharge, her battery?” asked meekly, she would need to be recharged sometime, “wouldn’t she do that on her own?”

“If it didn’t conflict with an order, and only if their power was low.” Winslow replied. “They can go for about 20 hour without recharge. I’m guessing you activated her about 6 yesterday, didn’t recharge her last night, gave her a strict order today, and she worked till her battery ran down. Am I right?”

I remembered what I told her that morning, ‘Just clean. Don’t do anything else’

“So how do I fix this?” I asked

“Easy,”Winslow said “get her adapter from her box. She has an outlet at the base of her back. Plug that in then plug it in the wall. In 4 hours she should be totally charged and activate. If you want to activate her before that, there’s a button at the back of one of her sensors.”

“That sounds easy.” I replied

“In theory.” Winslow said back.

“What?” what did he mean by that?

“Oh, nothing bye.” and he hung up.

I shrugged, and went and got the adapter, and went to connect it up. I suddenly realized what he meant by ‘in theory’. The only way to get to the base of her back was going up her skirt. Oh, god.

I tried. I lifted up her skirt and tried to find the outlet, but all I could see was her panties and ass. oh, god. I tried to feel around for it, she was soft, so soft. This was making me so horny, the fact she was frozen and I could do anything I wanted to her made it worse.

But you could always do what you wanted to her, she’s your own personal robot sex slave, if you just asked her to act like this she’d be happy to do it. No bad thoughts, bad thoughts, focus.

Maybe if I just unzipped the back of her outfit I could get at it.

So I unzipped her but I couldn’t see the outlet, so I decided to try sliding her outfit a little down. Still couldn’t see it, a little more, still can’t just a little, at this point her out fit fell to around her feet and she was standing in nothing but her panties and bra.

Oh god, no bad thoughts, bad thoughts.

I looked at her now semi-nude form and tried to find the outlet, but I still couldn’t find it. “Come on, where could it be?” I looked at her panties, and knew it had to be it there.

I took a breath and pulled them down. Her crotch was smooth and hairless, and I saw the slit that was her pussy. I don’t know what came over me, but I grabbed her ass and fingered her. Inside her was dry. well she wasn’t turned on. Turned on? What the hell am I doing? What am I thinking?

I pulled my fingers out, and looked for the outlet again. It was just a little above her ass. I plugged her in. Then I realized that I couldn’t dress her back up with her plugged in. Oh, screw it! She won’t care.

I went to the kitchen drank several glasses of clod water and laid on my bed.

To be continued...

Psych Profiles:

Jacob Sanderson :

A repressed individual He is highly worried what others might think of him, and has a strict sense of what is proper, this is for the most part rooted in his own ?insecurely. His view of Sophie is some what skewed.

Part of him see’s her as only a machine, a tool created to serve a function, this both attracts and repulses him, he can do anything to her he wants, she’s totally in his power. Yet, he see’s a machine for sex as just wrong.

But to a degree she looks and acts human, and at times he can not help but see her as such, and you just don’t do whatever you want to a girl.

On kind of joint level he see’s something that will accept him no matter what, a point he find truly attractive.

MFMA - B05 ‘Sophie’:

The Multi Functional Maid Android - Beta 05, Designation: Sophie, is pretty easy to understand.

She was programed to, serve, protect, and please her master, and fulfilling these directives are the only things she desires, and only things that give her pleasure. To best please her master she believes that she should fulfill all of her programmed functions to the best of her ability. She see’s her master’s reluctance to utilize her sex functions as a failing on her part.

She has no concept of social norms, or socially acceptable behavior. She also has no concept of logical context.

Though she has the ability to learn and adapt her programming accordingly, as of the moment she has a simplistic thought and emotional patterns, and though her programers tried to give her an understanding of the intricate nature of language, she still has a tendency to take everything as a literal absolute.

Day 2 - Part 2

I was awoken by the sound of vacuuming. I opened my eye’s to see Sophie vacuuming my room wearing only her bra.

‘Huh!? Why wouldn’t she put- Only clean, of course! Putting on cloths would be something other than cleaning. In must be careful what I-’ I was distracted from my thoughts as I just began to stare at her. It was erotic her vacuuming in the all but nude. She did it as if it was perfectly normal, without modesty or shame, and the single minded attention to her work that only a machine could have.

I turned my eye’s to my clock, partly to find out what time it was, and partly to prevent them from staring at her breasts and crotch. It was 10:41. I’d been asleep for over 5 hours.

I didn’t mean to fall asleep, but I guess the lack of sleep late night had caught up to me. I hadn’t even had supper.

I sat up and, turned back to Sophie, and tried to keep my self from staring. She had yet to acknowledge, my presence.

“Um, Sophie,” I began, “you can stop cleaning now.”

She turned to me and replied, “Understood Master,” she then looked downward and began nervously. “Master, I am sorry, but I was unable to fulfil your command to only clean. I tried to but my power ran out. I apologize most profusely master!”she said bowing, then she stood there waiting for my response, looking as if she was about to cry.

Part of me would have been impressed that they could program an android to act like this, but that part was smothered by the part of me seeing a naked girl about to cry.

“Um, look,” I began “you ran out of power, so it’s okey. Just next time, if you’re running out of power recharge yourself regardless of what I ordered you to do.” why do I keep letting myself get guilt tripped by her?

“Yes master,” Sophie replied meekly, she didn’t look any happier, “ and, master, were you the one who removed my cloths?”

“Um, yes” I replied, “I needed to get to your power outlet”

“That is good.” Sophie said, sounding relieved, “Only master is authorized to touch my body. I was worried someone else had done it.”

I remembered what, I had done to her when she was inactive, and was feeling guilty, I had to tell her.

“Also, um,” I began “I didn’t mean to do this , and I’m sorry but, um I kind of, um, fingered you when you were out of power. I’m so sorry!”

“Fingered? As in penetrating my vaginal opening with your fingers? I hope master enjoyed it!” Sophie replied happily, then looked confused, “But why is master sorry? Was it displeasing?”

“Well, um,” I began, confused. Displeasing!? I violated her when she was helpless and she’s worried I didn’t like it!? “No I wouldn’t say that, but I did it without your consent or knowledge, when you were helpless to do anything! How can you be okey with that!?”

Sophie still looked confused, “I do not understand, master. I am yours, you may do as you wish to me. I exist only to serve and please you. If you find pleasure in penetrating my vaginal opening with your fingers when I am inactive, why should I have a problem with that?”

Part of me knew she was going to say that, part of me knew she was just a machine, but another part of me was having a hard time acknowledging that.

A look of understanding appeared on Sophie’s face. “ I see. Master you must remember I am not human.” Sophie walked so that her naked body was directly in front of me. I had an great view of her breasts. “I am merely a device created to serve you. You should feel no guilt or inhibition for using my body for sexual, or any other form of physical gratification whenever you feel like it, such as now as you are expressing the physical cues of being aroused. Would you desire to use me master?”

Yes, I was aroused. How could someone not be, in my position. It must have been the lack of sleep combined with my now hyperactive libido, I don’t know what came over me. But, I got up behind her and put my arms around her, with one hand I squeezed her breast, the other I moved down to her inviting pussy and did as I did before, she was wet this time. She put her head back and let out a moan. I was almost worried her sensors would put out my eye.

There were a thousand voices at the back of my head telling me to stop, but I ignored them. For the moment I she was my eager to please love doll, and I her eager to be pleased master.

“Enjoying that?” I asked as I kept at her pussy.

“Though, ahhhh,” Sophie started through her moansing “I am, ohhh, programed to, ahhhhh, have a physical reaction, ahhhh, to sexual stimmmmulus ahhhh, it in itself ah, does not produce ahhhh, pleasure. Only thahh, it is fulfilment of my, derecivahhhs does that. Areaah you enjoying your ah, self master?”

“Very much so, now lay on the bed,” I commanded her.

“Yes, master,” Sophie replied obediently, “ I am pleased you are enjoying me.”

Sophie hoped on to the bed and laid down her legs spread.

“Do you wish me to start a seduction routine, or merely allow you to do as you will?” Sophie a asked politely.

“The later,” I responded as quickly took my cloths off.

“Yes, master,” was her only reply.

Sophie lay there passively as I moved on top of her, I grabbed her breasts as my penis entered her inviting pussy. It was pure ecstasy, as I pumped her up and down. We both screamed and moaned. After we were done we both lay panting, and my senses came back to me, I was filled with a ton of emotions, guilt, and shame, confusion, but a longing, and warmth as well. She was his, and she would be his no matter what.

“Was (pant) that (pant) pleasing master? Did (pant) I serve (pant) you acceptability?” Sophie asked eagerly.

“Yes,” I replied, exhausted, “very (pant) good.”

What else was I supposed to say?

“Then shall I proceed to my other duties, or do you desire further sexual gratification?” Sophie asked sweetly.

“No, “ I said, “ I mean, stay here, just stay here with me, just lay down beside me nothing else.”

“Yes, master,” Sophie replied and obediently lay beside him.

“Your mine, right?” I asked.

“Yes, master,” Sophie replied smiling.

“Always?” I asked again.

“Yes, master, “ Sophie replied

I fell asleep with Sophie beside me. I slept well that night.

To be continued...

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