Lonely With The Ages

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Written by Mirage

Lonely With The Ages

I was standing there, not sure what to say. She gave me a look and then asked me to sit down. Sitting down, I looked at the table. I saw the menus and wondered if they served hamburgers here.

She introduced herself and asked my name. I told her name and I stared more at the table.

"You have not done the dating scene in a long time, haven't you?" she laughed lightly at my awkwardness.

"No... I haven't been on a date since my wife left me..." I responded, being shy and somewhat ashamed of it.

"Relax, we are just here to have a good time, right?" she smiled.

"Yeah... I guess." I agreed, grabbing the menu.

The night passed quickly, her and me, we had a good time, I guess.

"Let's be friends." she told me, leaving for her car.

I looked at the bright stars, knowing what she really wanted to say, "You are a good man, but not what not I am looking for."

To be honest, she was not I was looking for too. Since my ex left me, I was kinda relieved in some way. True, I was lonesome, but somewhat free of what I wanted to do now with my life. Just this year, I turned 37 and was in good health.

One day, after work, I was going into a small bar I sometimes go to relax. But that day, I decided to stop for a pack of gum at the store beside it. Opening the door was this beautiful tall woman with beautiful, long, dark brown hair.

She smiled and she kept the door open for me.

I smiled back and thanked her. Just before entering the store, something made me turn around and asked her if she had the time. She turned and paused to look at me. "Its 10:22pm." she answered with such a sweet smile.

I paused and nodded a thank you. "What's your name?" I questioned her quickly, my heart almost jumping a beat.

"Lisa" was her answer.

"Mine is Tom." I blurted out, now turning red.

"Nice to meet you, Tom." Lisa replied. She then turned around and started to walk away.

"Wait! Can I buy you a beer or something?" I asked her quickly.

"Beer?" she look surprised.

"Yeah... right here, let's just sit together and talk a bit." I mumbled out.

She looked at the night sky and blinked. "Ok." she agreed.

We sat in my favorite seats, facing the giant screen TV where I sometimes watched my hockey games. "So, Lisa, what do you do in life?" I quizzed her.

"Take care of my house and daughter. You?" she asked back.

"Me, not much, I’m a divorcee and I work at the post office, it’s not much, but it's a future pension." I joked.

She then took a sip of her beer and looked at me strange, "This is good." she chuckled.

"Your first beer?" I laughed.

"Yes..." she nodded, drinking more of it.

Time passed, and me and Lisa made a great connection. She was a widow and was living not too far from here with her daughter, who was away at college, who visits sometimes. Lisa was also close to my age, I think she said 36, but she was still a beautiful and dashing woman for her age.

After her fourth beer, I asked her if I could walk her home. She nodded a yes and we left the bar laughing together.

"You know, I never did this before..." she laughed out loud, slurring her words.

"Me too..." I chucked too. Like old friends, talking loudly, we reached her house.

"Do you want some tea or coffee?" she asked me at the entrance.

I nodded yes and we laughed more. We entered the house, which was a beautiful small house. She then sat on the couch and looked at me strange. "Tom... I think I am drunk...a bit...The room is spinning... need to...eh.. res.. Set.. Er..myself..." she blurred out.

"Eh?" I laughed out, sitting beside her.

"I guess the alcohol is affecting my logic and balance..." she continued laughing.

"Eh?" was my only response.

She then looked at me with horny eyes, "Fuck me.." she whispered to me.

"Sure..." I responded in confusion.

We went to her bed and we got undress. She then asked me something strange. "Please insert a finger into my pussy and press hard on my clitoris." she whispered to me.

I nodded and did what she asked. While doing this, I studied her body. She was in great shape, rounded breasts, no fatty tissues, great body for her age.

"Press until you feel like a click." she said. While I was feeling her clitoris, her pussy was dry until I felt the click that she mentioned.

She let out a gasp and her pussy became wet instantly. "Been a long time since I’ve had sex." she grinned to me. Sadly, me too, but tonight, I was getting some.

I woke up with a hangover of course. We had slept only two hours. I looked around the room, trying to remember clearer details of the last few hours. Before I could, Lisa came in with breakfast on a big tray.

She looked radiant. "Hungry?" she asked quickly.

I nodded and sat up and kissed her on the lips, "Thanks.." I mumbled out.

She grabbed a plate and gave it to me, a full breakfast. While eating, we snickered from what happened.

"My god... I never did anything like this before." I grinned.

She laughed out, giving me the look, "Really? Me too!"

After eating, we both got in the shower together and kissing each other more.

"Lisa... Can I see you again?" I asked, scared of this being a one night fling.

"Of course! You better call me tomorrow too!" she smiled.

After the shower, I came to her and kissed her more on the neck from behind. I then let my hands caress her breasts a lot and then, explore more the lower part. She was enjoying the touch, but still fixing her hair in the big bathroom mirror. My right index finger entered her pussy and like last night, I pressed on her clit.

"Don't.... need to rechar.OOOhhh!!!!!..." she started to say while I pressed and felt the same click while she let out a gasp before finishing her phrase. She turned around and sat on the bathroom counter and spread her legs open, giving me invitation to come in.

While fucking her hard, she suddenly became limp, like a rag doll. I got frightened and stopped and looked at her. Her eyes were wide open but had an empty look to them.

"Lisa! Lisa! What's wrong???" I asked her.

"No moree...eennergggyy.." she whispered. "Need to ressttt..." she mumbled out.

"Sorry.. I didn't mean to..." I said shaken. I carried her to her bed and tried my best to make her comfy.

She blinked and looked at me, "I just need to rest a bit... sorry." she said softly. She then closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. I felt bad and decided to rest myself beside her.

A few hours pasted and I woke up before her. She was still asleep hard. I got up and went to look around the house a bit. I explored the nice little house, very tidy. I then opened a door which I guessed was her daughter's room. I saw some photos on a desk.

"Wow!" I gasped, seeing the daughter in the pics.

She was beautiful, around her early 20s, same long hair as her mother. With her, was I guess her father who passed away a few years ago. Beside the pictures was a small remote and a small long circuit board.

I took the remote and studied it a bit. It only had a few buttons ton it. "On, off, open, close, pause, .new command" were the buttons on it. I put back the remote at where I found it and look more at the room. Beside the bed was a strange digital clock. It was counting down, like a timer (33:39 hours).

I found it a bit strange and turned it around to explore more. The walls were light purple and had a few stuffed toys on the bed. I wondered if I would meet Lisa's daughter one day.

Leaving the room, I saw another door, but for some reason, it was locked. It was for sure another bedroom, facing Lisa's room.

I stopped wondering and joined Lisa in bed. She had her eyes closed, sleeping in deep lumber. I then took my time to explore her body. I was so impressed by how well she took care of herself. She still had no cellulite like most women her age. Her breasts were still firm and her pubic area was well shaved.

I decided to be nasty a bit and penetrated her a bit, spreading her legs open. I insert myself deep into her and she suddenly opened her eyes, but remained quiet.

"Lisa?" I asked her.

She remained quiet and was staring directly at the ceiling. I kept thrusting myself into her, but she remain motionless. After releasing myself into her, I slide out and lied beside her, breathing hard from the orgasm. She simply closed her eyes and remained asleep.

"See you tomorrow?" I asked Lisa.

"Tomorrow? Sorry, I'll be out of town. But my daughter will be here taking care of the house while I am gone. Please keep her company." Lisa asked me while I was leaving for my place to get ready for work.

"Your daughter? Sure.. Why not!" I smiled back, remembering what a looker she was.

The day passed quickly and I went home alone to have a decent night of sleep. The next day, after work, I stopped at Lisa's house.

"Hi, you must be Tom, please come in, my mom told me all about you!" this young beautiful woman invited me in.

Getting shy, I chuckled out something I can't remember. I sat on the couch her and I mother started to have sex on.

"Coffee?" she asked me.

"I feel strange asking you this, but your mother never told me your name?!" I asked her.

"Samantha... I like it!" she hummed out.

"Nice name." I blushed.

She sat beside me and turned on the TV. She was around 24, same long, dark brown hair as her mother, but her face and features were very different. But don't get me wrong, she was gorgeous. Nice dark green eyes, unlike her mother's light brown eyes.

“So, what are studying in college?" I asked her.

"Robotics and A.I. developments." she answered my question while drinking a glass of water.

Something seemed odd from her and her answers... Something I can't put my finger on.. Anyway, we watched some movies and talked more until it was late.

"Did you and my mother.. Did.. You know..?" she grinned.

"What?? I.." I mumbled out, blushing red.

"Don't worry... Me and my mother, we tell everything to each other.." she smiled a naughty smile. "I bet you are great in bed.." she smiled.

HOLY SHIT! My brain just burst!.

"I don't know!???? I guess! I didn't hear your mom complain!" I said, panicking.

"Tom, relax...Just relax and let me do everything." she whispered to me, unzipping my pants and taking them off.

"Sam... me and your mom.." I mumbled out.

"Oh, I see you are hard.. Do I make you hard?" she said, starting to fondle my penis and testicles with her hands. I could not say anything, Samantha had seduced me, turning my brain to mush.

"Take your finger and put it inside me and feel my clitoris... yes... good.. Now press it like this... do you feel it clicking... do you know what this mean... It means I am so fucking horny that I want you to fuck me all night long..." she said, controlling every one of my actions.

Nodding was my sole action, and of course, fucking her all night long.

In the morning, I felt wrong being in bed with Samantha and I left early before she woke up. I stayed away from the house for the next few days, waiting for Lisa to come back from her trip.

Finally on the last day of the month, Lisa answered the phone, "Tom, where are you? Me and Samantha, we were worried about you. Please come to see me as soon as possible!?" she asked me.

Feeling guilt, but happy that Lisa was back, I decided to go back to her that night.

"Tom! Glad to see you again!" Lisa kissed me on the cheek.

"Lisa.. Me and Sam.. We.." I mumbled out.

"Sshhhhh......... I know, Sam told me everything. She felt so bad, she already left for college without telling you goodbye." she informed me.

I sat beside her, stunned and embarrassed.

"I don't blame you if you hate me now.." I said to her, disgusted with myself.

"It's okay... Sam said she was just horny that night and lonely and could not stop herself... and I can't blame her.. Just look at you..." she grinned.

I blushed and felt relieved in some way.

"Come and let's go fuck each other a bit in my room." She laughed out.

She took my hand and guided me upstairs to her room where we got naked and got into bed together. She was very beautiful and still sexy for a woman of her age. After a few minutes of wild sex, I needed to go in the bathroom.

Walking to it, I saw Samantha's room door open. Quickly, I gazed inside it. Everything was the same as before, except that strange clock was now reading 89 hours, 45 minutes.

Whatever, I said to myself. After relieving myself, I went back into the bedroom, where Lisa was lying in bed, relaxing. Sitting down, I went to turn off the small table lamp when I notice the small remote control that I saw last week in Sam's room.

"What's this?" I asked, grabbing it.

"Oh... nothing.. I forgot to put it away." Lisa said, reaching to grab the remote from my hands.

While she took it, I pressed the "open" button by accident. I then heard a strange noise, like a small motor spinning.

"What's was that?" I asked her.

"Don't know... I'll put this where it's supposed to be!" Lisa smiled, getting out of the bed naked, putting the remote in her top drawer of her chesterfield.

"Lisa..." I mumbled in shock, because I saw in the dimmed lighted room, Lisa's back, from the top of her shoulder blades to the middle of her back, was open. In the opening, I saw circuits, cables and a small computer screen inside her.

"Don't move!" I yelled to her.

"What?" she said, confused.

I got up and went to her and look more at the exposed circuits and the little LCD screen.

"What's wrong??" she asked, confused.

I said nothing while I pressed some of the buttons on the screen.

"Tom, what are doing to meeeee....?" Lisa's voice stopped in mid-sentence and she remained frozen like a statue.

"She's a machine..." I whispered to myself.

Following the simple touch LCD screen, I made Lisa make a full diagnostic of herself. I realized after a few minutes, this was her maintenance port, where her creator could see how she was functioning.

I then tried to make Lisa be normal again, but she remained frozen. I then grabbed the remote and pressed the "close" button, followed by the "pause" button. The panel closing. She unpaused, and turned around confused, "Tom?"

I then pressed the "new command" button.

"Awaiting new command, master." she said in a robotic voice.

"Err... touch yourself... " I mumbled out, confused and excited at the same time.

"Yes, master.." she said. She then closed her eyes and became herself again.

"Tom..." she said, starting to squeeze her breasts and masturbate herself. She groaned in ecstasy, masturbating herself more and more. "Tom... can't stop it..." she yelled out. She started to scream out loud moans, masturbating so fast, I could barely see her hands move. "Tom... I'll...burn out... make it stop...." she begged, between her loud moans.

Pressing "New command" I screamed, "Stop touching yourself!" at her.

"Yes master." she said with a robotic voice.

She then closed her eyes and regained herself and collapsed on the floor.

"Lisa!! Are you okay???" I asked her, while I lied her on her bed.

"Almost burned out many of my circuits.... Please be careful with my remote..." she smiled to me.

I smelled burned rubber or something, coming from Lisa's lower body.

"What's wrong.." I asked her.

"Some of my motors overheated, need to cool them down. Press on my lower stomach very hard, until you feel a click." she said.

I did and when I removed my hands, her stomach opened in two panels. Smoke came out of her.

"Now, see those two green buttons, press them." she directed me.

Pressing them, her two legs simply detached themselves from her pelvis. I saw wires and cables and smoke come out from the separated limbs.

"I'll be okay now... let me cool down and reassemble me later, Tom... Okay?" she asked me.

I sat beside her and felt so much guilt, I regretted touching that remote in the first time, okay, just a bit of guilt...

"There..." I said, clicking back her legs in place.

Lisa smiled and hugged me hard, "I hope me being a gynoid doesn't change our feelings for each other?"

"Of course not!" I returned, still a bit of a dazed from the situation.

"So. This remote controls you?" I asked, holding it.

She nodded, as she didn't approve of it.

"Don't worry... I won't use it....maybe.." I snickered.

"I hope so... Even I am not real, my feelings are." she said, getting up from the bed, naked.

Pressing the button "new command" on the remote, I said "Let me move in with you and we be a couple."

"Yes master." she said in a robotic voice and then blinked back to herself, "Tom, you didn't need to command me for that... I want you to be with me!" she responded.

"What about your daughter, Samantha?" I asked her.

"Sam will be happy about it... she likes you too a lot." Lisa said, getting dressed.

"Lisa, who is Samantha? Since you are a robot, she's not your real daughter." I asked curious.

"Samantha's father was my creator... he died last year.. I was her only family she had. I take care of her as she take cares of me. Every time I need repairs or something, she handles it." she answered my question.

"Oh... okay." I smiled, satisfied with the answer. I got up too and we went in the kitchen to eat. As I sat down on the table, I realized something "Lisa, how can you eat? You are a machine!" I asked quickly.

"Henry, my creator, was making a new energy system for androids. I was the prototype. Anything I eat, I transform it to energy for my energy cells. Must be organic, of course!" she smiled, opening her stomach panel and showing me her digestive system, which looked like a small blender attached to many cables and other robotic things that I got no clue how it works.

"Cool." I smiled.

She turned around and started to cook something.

I could not resist but press the "pause" button on her remote I had in my pocket.

Lisa simply stopped moving, standing there at my mercy. I walked up to her and pulled back her night gown she was wearing. Her breasts came out, all perky and hard. I kissed her neck and squeezed her breasts from behind, my arms around her waist.

I slowly pressed again her "pause" button and she regain herself.

"Mmmmmm..." she moaned out, enjoying my advances, "You know, you don't need that remote for any new commands.. I'll do anything you want, just ask..." she growled in my left ear.

"Gimme a blowjob..." I tested her.

"Yes, my Mmmmasterrrr..." she said in a sexy voice, lowering herself on her knees, her face reaching my underwear. She pulled down on it and let it drop to my feet and started to suck me hard. I came quickly in her face and sat down a bit to rest. She smiled and finished cooking supper for me and her.

The next few days were great. We were now a couple, almost living with each other now. I barely used the remote on Lisa. Once, we went to see a movie an d during it, I pressed the command button and ordered Lisa to give me a hand job in the dark because she had refused, being shy about it.

After coming in her left hand, she look at me angry, "Stop using that fucking remote on me! I am not a sex toy for you!" she said to me, pissed off.

"Stop being pissed off and be happy and enjoy the movie.." I said to her, pressing the "new command" button.

"Yes master.." she responded and she enjoyed the movie a lot.

Another time, we were watching TV and I was telling her how I was planning to buy this new car soon. She didn't pay much attention to me, too busy watching a soap opera she liked. She turned and said she didn't like that kind of car. We started to argue a bit because I really liked that car and she didn't.

"I'll make you like it!" I told her, reaching for her remote I had it with me most of the time now.

"Don't you dare!!!!!" she yelled back, laughing.

"Awaiting new command, master." she simply said, with her robot voice.

"I dare... Lisa, you love this car.... LOVE IT!" I commanded her.

She closed her eyes and look at me, "I hate you..." she smiled, knowing she loved that car now.

"and come here to fuck me until I reach an orgasm." I told her.

"Yes, master." she simply said. She blinked and came back to herself. "Tom... you are sometimes a real asshole!" she laughed, getting naked and climbing on top of me and rubbed her breasts in my face, stimulating me and herself for a good fuck.

Later that day, she look at the time and look strange, "Samantha is coming back tonight." she said, in somewhat a sad voice.

"Why so sad? Don't you miss her?" I asked her.

"I guess..., but I must go myself." she said, still sad.

Confused, I asked her why.

"Wait tonight and you will understand." she simply said. Around eight at night, Lisa took my hand and we went to Samantha's room.

"What are we doing here?" I asked her confused. She simply said "Samantha is coming soon."

Confused even more, I look at the room more. I saw some newspaper clippings on a desk that read "Robotic expert was killed last night by unknown assailant. Coming out of his favorite restaurant, Professor Henry Tremblay was killed a few minutes later. The only clue the police reported is that the murderer was a woman, describe by an eye witness who only saw a silhouette of the murderer. Mr. Tremblay was savagely stabbed in the chest and throat repeatedly. If you have any information, please contact the local police."

I turned around, a chill coming down my back, I saw that the strange clock was ready 14 seconds to go. I then saw Lisa reaching down under the bed and pull out of strange wooden box. She got up and put the box on the bed and opened it. I let out a gasp, seeing what was inside the box.

Looking at the content on the box, which was also looking right back at me. Samantha’s face was inside the box. Samantha's eyes were wide open, as the mouth, with a complete blank emotionless expression to it. Linda grabbed the face with both hands and slowly pulled it out of the box.

"What's going on??" I mumbled out.

Linda, remaining quiet, simply put the face plate down on the bed and reached behind the back of her own head. I noticed Samantha face was a thick face plate, attached with circuits and wires on the other side of the face. Linda then pressed something in her scalp where the back of her head open a small panel.

At the same time, I notice Linda's face was slowly coming off, I heard small motors spinning quickly. Linda reached for her face and removed it. I almost screamed at the sight. I could see the inside of her head. Circuits, motors, cameras for her eyes, it was so machine looking. She then reached inside the box and took out a small circuit board that was behind Samantha's face and put it beside her face on the bed.

Linda, if I could still call her that, reached in the back of her head and pulled out a small similar circuit, just like the one she just removed from the box.

"Error, Personality circuit removed." the gynoid barked out loud, with a female digital voice you hear when calling for a bus schedule.

I remained quiet and just let things happened. Next, the robot, after putting Linda's personality circuit inside the box, reached and grabbed the other circuit and placed it in the panel in the back of the head.

"Loading new persona....completed..." the voice said next.

Then, it grabbed Samantha's face and placed it in place in the head, until I heard a nice click. Samantha's eyes blinked and she smiled.

"Are you okay, Tom?" she asked me.

Shaking my head, I sat on the bed, nervous. "You and your mother... Linda... Are the same?" I asked Sam.

"No... we do share the same body and memory hard drives, but we are two different personas.

Sam grabbed Linda's face plate and put it in the box, along with the circuit, who is Linda and put the box under the bed. She then went to the clock and press a button, resetting the clock. "That is how we share the body, by this clock." she politely said.

"Please explain to me what happen to your creator." I asked, wanting answers.

"Follow me.." she simply said.

We went to the door that was always locked and Samantha took out a key from a pocket. Unlocking the door, she let me in. The room was dusty and forgotten. She turned on the lights and allowed me to investigate.

"This was his lab..." I said.

"This is where I was created, along with my sisters." she said, looking unhappy.

"Sisters..." I said, more confused. I then saw what she meant. On a table, along dusty computers... was three other female faces, along with persona circuits.... all smashed beyond repairs.

"Who were they?" I asked, knowing this would answer some of my questions.

"This was Cindy, the cheerleader, Natasha, the French maid, and last.... My creator's killer, Olga, the dominatrix..." Sam said, grabbing Olga's damaged face plate. "You see, Professor Henry Tremblay created only one gynoid body, but gave it five personas, so he would not be bored with it. With the others, Linda was the sweet home maker, as I was, supposed to be his daughter that he never had. We knew of each persona, because we shared the same memories drives, which are inside the body. Anything one persona did, the other would know when loaded back. He created the clock, so we could rotate persona in shifts. At first, we didn't mind, but Olga, Cindy and Natasha started to be jealous of the other personas, wanting the body only to themselves. To be honest, me and Linda, we also wished this, but knew the Professor could not afford to build us all bodies.”

“Professor Henry Tremblay, he tried his best to make us all happy, even took us out sometimes to restaurant and movies, treated us like humans. Sadly, he had also a darker side, for sex. Not once he had sex with me or Linda. But with the others, he was wild. Olga was the worst with him, but he enjoyed it in some pervert secret way. More and more, Olga pushed him to give her own body. He tried to build one, but she was getting more and more violent to him. So, one day, he had enough of her and took her one last time out, before deleting her for good. This was the last time he was alive. When Olga realized what he was gonna do to her, she lured him in a dark alley beside his favorite restaurant and killed him. She ran back here, laughing all the way. To her surprise, she could not help herself when the clock told her to change persona. She resisted a while, but the programming was too strong for her and removed her persona and Linda was loaded inside the gynoid body. Linda, sharing the memories, screamed out in sadness, and in a fit of rage, came in this room and smashed all the personas, except mine. She took me as her own daughter that her mother's instinct programmed in her personality which took pity on. She fixed the clock for only me and her and we have been sharing the same body since..." Samantha explained to me in details.

I sat there, not one single word came out. She came to me and I hugged her hard. Then it hit me. "You said Professor Henry Tremblay started another body for Olga... what happened to it?" I asked excited.

"It's in here.. But it's not completed.. The parts missing are the costliest.." Samantha said, confused.

"If we get the parts, could you finish it?" I asked her.

She nodded, not sure what to say. "But Tom..." she said.

"I guess my car will have to wait a few more years." I laughed out.

Samantha's eyes began to water "Tom... Thank you."

"Linda.. Linda, wake up.." Linda heard, while opening her eyes.

"Tom..? What..? I feel strange.." she mumbled out, scratching her eyes, like she was waking up from a long sleep.

"I was scared you would leave us... Samantha explained everything to you?”

“Wait.. I have no memory files from the last week... What's happened??" Linda said, confused, sitting up in her bed.

"I might explain..." Sam said, coming inside the room and sitting beside me.

Linda's face expressed some emotions that she never felt before.

"Sam... Samantha... I... we.. Can be together, at the same time??" she mumbled out, shock, surprised, scared, happy.

"Yes...you both have your own lives now..." I smiled to Linda and Samantha.

We laughed and hugged each other, just like a real family should....

The end...

"Wait! Wait! This can't end like this." Samantha said out loud to the narrator of the story. "We need to say thank you to Tom!" she grinned.

"What do you mean?" Tom asked.

"This..." Linda said, kissing Tom on the neck from behind. Tom then felt Linda's breasts rubbing hard on his back, in a circle movement. "Oh..." Tom moaned in approval. Samantha, facing Tom in the bed, removed slowly her clothing.

"Ever heard of "Manage à Trois?" Samantha smiled to Tom, licking her lips wet.

"Here... use this on us." Linda said to Tom, giving him the small remote control. Tom got really aroused and looked at Linda and Samantha, who were now both naked in bed with each other.

"Command us... please." Samantha smiled.

Tom pressed the "new command" button and asked them to arouse themselves until they were very wet.

"Yes, master." they both said in robotic voices. They then started to grope each other and squeezed each other’s breasts hard. Tom then pressed the "open" button and their panels opened on their backs.

Moaning hard, Linda and Samantha were reaching their sexual peak.

"Tom, join us..." they begged, rubbing their clitoris hard and deep. Tom then pressed the pause button and they froze like statues. Tom got a camera and took a few pics of them. He needed proof this was no dream of a porn movie he saw and dreamed up.

He then sat between them and pressed the unpause button.

"Tom!!!!!!" they smiled, kissing him hard and deep.

"Can we both give you a blowjob?" Linda asked with puppy eyes.

"Sure..." Tom mumbled out.

While Linda was sucking his dick, Samantha was rubbing her breasts in his face, him biting and licking her hard nipples on her nice rounded shaped breasts. Tom came in Linda's face and they switched places, now Samantha was blowing him while Linda rubbed hard her chest in Tom's face.

After coming a second time, in Sam's face, Tom lied on his back and Samantha's came on top on him, trusting him deep inside her.

"No fair..." Linda pouted because she wanted to be on top too. She then decided to be mischievous and started typing commands in Samantha's open back panel.

"Hey... What are doing to me???" Samantha laughed, while Linda's hacking started to work.

Samantha suddenly went into sleep mode. Tom laughed out, knowing what Linda just did to her.

Samantha's eyes were now closed and she was snoring, while still being fucked by Tom.

"My turn..." Linda said, grabbing Samantha and pulling her off Tom and dumping her on the bed beside them. She then climbed Tom and continued where Samantha was at.

Tom smiled, "I wish this story never ended..."

"Me too.." Linda smiled back..."Me too...."beep"...me too.."beep"...me too."beep"..me too.." ..

The end..... Again.

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