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Part 1

Tillie dressed as she normally did; cardigan, wire rim glasses, and an up hairdo.

She carefully placed down her copy of "Pride and Prejudice" on the coffee table, as David entered the room. He was struggling with his tie as he always was, and she did it up for him as she always did; then she handed him his lunch and kissed him goodbye.

"Ever think of expanding on the goodbye kiss? A goodbye blowjob, perhaps?" David asked.

She rolled her eye's and elbowed him in the ribs.

"You ask that every day dear," she replied " the joke has gotten old. Now you'd better hurry or you're going to be late."

She stood at the door and waited for him to drive off, then went to the couch and pulled out her copy of "He Was Her Master" from under the pillow where she had hiddin it .

She'd die of shame if David ever discovered the trash she actually read.

It had been 6 months since she and David had moved to the gated community of Bluegate. It was mandatory for any sufficiently high ranked employees of Animacorp Robotics to live there for security reasons; it was their own little corporate enclave.

Tillie had tried to be happy there, she had made friends, involved herself in the community, but at the end of the day she was always left feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

She considered trying to spice up her a Davids sex life might help, maybe dress up as a maid sans panties like Sofie did in the book she was reading? She blushed bright red as a wave of embarrassment and shame shot through her at the very thought. God, she could never do something like that!

Maybe just give David that blow job he kept joking about? Ewww! Blowjobs were beyond disgusting; though she noted she was currently enjoying the description of Sofie eagerly sucking Malcolm off.

Not for the first time Tillie felt like a total hypocrite.

The doorbell rang... that had to be Lori.

Lori was the first friend she'd made when she came to Bluegate, and the wife of Davids co-worker Leonard... though she was no longer sure 'wife' was the accurate description.

She hid the book again, and tried to ready herself for what was to come. She momentarily thought that maybe she should've spent her time thinking about how she was going to proceed here instead of reading her book; but she'd spent most of yesterday thinking about how to approach this, and had relegated herself to playing it by ear.

Part of the problem was she couldn't really comprehend the implications of what she'd discovered, but it didn't seem right to just to keep it to herself.

Tillie took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Tillie!" Lori exclaimed as she hugged her.

She wore hot pants and a slightly to small for her shirt that showed off her mid-drift, and highlighted her ample cleavage.

"Um...yeah... hi Lori." Tillie said awkwardly as she separated herself from the hug, "How about you sit down, and I make us some coffee?"

Lori made herself comfortable as Tillie made the drinks and tried to compose herself.

She re-entered the living room and placed the steaming drinks on the table, then sat down herself.

"Soooooo," Lori asked taking a sip, "what did you want me to come over for?"

Tillie hesitated for a moment, then continued.

"Look, don't take this the wrong way," She said, "I'm not trying to blackmail you or anything like that, I just thought you had the right to know that I know your... you know... your secret."

Lori gave her a quizzical look, "My... secret?"

Tillie took a deep breath.

"I know you're a robot." she finished.

Tillie didn't really know how she expected Lori to respond to this... but it certainly wasn't by bursting out laughing.

She was stabbed by sudden doubt. Had she made a mistake? No, she'd always had a neurotic attention to details, and all the facts led only to one conclusion. Maybe she was a sleeper or-

"That's not a secret Tillie." Lori replied through her giggles.

"Wait... What?!" Tillie asked stunned.

"Yeah... everybody already knows." Lori replied.

"Well me, Sandra, and Diane certainly don't-" Tillie began.

"Sandra and Diane know," Lori replied, cutting her off, "I'm not assuming, I know they know."

"Well David-" Tillie started again, but was again cut off by Lori.

"Helped design me." Lori stated.

Tillie sat their silently for a moment feeling incredibly foolish.

"So everybody knew but me?" Tillie asked.

"Basically..." Lori gave an awkward smile,"well.. yes."

"But nobody bothered to tell me." Tillie stated this accusingly.

"If it's common knowledge," Lori stated matter-a-factlly, "don't you think it would be reasonable to assume that we all thought you already knew?"

Tillie felt a little better at hearing this, it was all just one of those weird coincidences that sometimes happens.

But still... Lori was a robot; she still wasn't exactly sure what to make of that.

"" Tillie began, "What's it like being a robot?"

"Why do people always ask that?" Lori sighed, "Are they expecting some basis for comparison? Hell, robots aren't even all built and programmed the same!"

Lori took a sip of her coffee, as Tillie sat there uncertain how to continue.

"So," Lori asked, "What tipped you off I was a robot anyway?"

"It was a lot of little things," Tillie began, "Your lack of body hair, or stubble or even noticeable hair follicles; the slight sheen to your skin, the unnatural way your eyes dilate, the perfect symmetry of your body, the way your motions always seem to keep perfect time, the-"

"Ok, I got!" Lori interrupted, "A lot of little things. You don't have to go through the whole list."

Lori took a sip of her coffee.

"Though," Lori smirked, "I'm guessing the lack of pubic hair was the initial tip off."

Tillie turned beat red, remembering the time Lori had caught her starring at her snatch in the pool change room.

"Yes..." she said in a weak voice.

"While we're at exposing secrets that aren't really secrets," Lori continued, "we're all well aware that you're ever so slightly bi."

There was silence between them for a moment, till Lori leaned over and placed her hand on Tillie's.

"I'm not some alien thing Tillie, I'm still the same Lori you've always known," Lori stated, "just maybe sans some assumptions of humanity you may have made."

"Oh, so just without the assumed basic frame of reference for all interaction?" Tillie replied sardonically.

Lori rolled her eye's and sighed.

"Look... Tillie," Lori began, "being a robot; and this is just a best guess applicable only to my model type and at the moment; being a robot is like being human, but you get to do whatever the hell you want without shame or concern for social norms."

Tillie gave her an incredulous look.

"Yes, I'm technically property and yes, I'll probably obey every order Leonard ever gives me," Lori explained, "but I don't do it because I have to, I do it because I want to. "

"Only, because you're programmed to." Tillie replied.

Lori got up and clasped her breasts.

"Tits, cunt, mouth, and ass," Lori stated, "All expertly designed, so humans can satisfy their own genetically programmed sexual directives."

"Tits, cunt, mouth, and ass," Lori stated, "All expertly designed, so humans can satisfy their own genetically programmed sexual directives."

Lori let her breasts fall back down, Tillie couldn't help but blush at this display.

"I didn't mean it like that," Tillie explained "It's just... you're my best friend; but... I have no idea what you being a robot actually means."

"You want to know what it means to be a robot?" Lori snickered at this, "How about this then? To better appreciate what it means; me being a robot, I'll be your robot for the day?"

"Wait... are you even allowed do that?" Tillie asked.

"Well, technically I'd be adapting you as a temporary secondary user," Lori explained,"and Leonard already gave me blanketed permission to put myself at the disposal of my 'girlfriends' should I wish to... within certain restrictions of course."

"Well obviously," Tillie laughed,"he'd be keeping your 'wifely duties' to himself."

"Um..." Lori began, "Actually I meant administrative authorizations, and access to classified data. Wifely duties are still on the table... literally if you order me onto it."

"Wait... What?" Tillie was stunned.

"Just full disclosure," Lori shrugged, "letting you know all your options."

"Why would he allow that!?" Tillie asked.

"He finds girl on girl hot," Lori mischievous smirked, "so do I."

"Are you suggesting we have SEX?!" Tillie asked horrified.

"No, I'm saying, I'm at your disposal." Lori explained, "You may use me however you wish; and should that include a session of hot and heavy scissoring; just say the word, and the panties are off."

Tillie stood their a moment speechless, filled with both desire and shame at the possibilities that flowed through her mind.

"But, should you wish me to spend the next 10 hours reciting bible verses," Lori shrugged, "Well... it would be a strange experience, but I'd be happy to do so. It's all completely up to you."

Lori walked up to her and knelt.

"So my mistress," she asked, "what are your commands?"

Lori walked up to her and knelt. "So my mistress," she asked, "what are your commands?"

Part 2

Tillie really wished Lori hadn't mentioned the sex thing. Though she'd never admit it, Lori had factored quite a lot in many of her fantasies, and now she was kneeling before her, quite willing to fulfill every last one of them.

She had a thousand different ideas of what to order Lori to do, and was ashamed for every last one of them. What would David think of her? What would Lori think of her?

There was an absurdity to this line of logic; she and David had always maintained the attitude of an open relationship when it came to robots (not that she'd ever actually exercised the option.), and Lori had made it clear she was more then open to the idea... but still... she couldn't shake this sense of wrongness.

She tried to think of something mundane she could get her to do, but Tillie had always been on top of any work that had to be done around the house; she could think of nothing, but the other idea's kept coming and with them a paralyzing sense of self disgust.

Minutes ticked away, and Tillie just sat there frozen.

Lori sighed.

"Ok, how about we start with a little role reversal?" Lori suggested, "You pretend to be my robot."

"Which would accomplish what exactly?" Tillie asked.

"You'll get an idea of the conduct of which I expect to be treated, a concept of what it's like to be me, and perhaps some idea's of how to use me," Lori explained, "We'll stop whenever you want, and don't do anything you don't want to."

"Doesn't that last part kind of undermine the whole idea?" Tillie asked.

"No, it does quite the opposite." Lori replied curtly, "To reiterate; I never do anything I don't want to."

Lori got back up and sat herself back in her chair.

"So, want to try it?" Lori inquired.

Tillie thought for a moment, then blushed.

It reminded her of a favorite fantasy of hers, where she was a maid with David and Lori as her master and mistress (though sometimes Lori was the maid); she always ended it with her doing things she wouldn't dare do in real life.

She knew this wouldn't end like that, she wouldn't let it; but what if Lori tried? She made it clear she just had to say no; but it would still be awkward. Still, she found something appealing about the whole idea... she could end it long before it moved into uncomfortable territory.

"Sure," she replied, trying hard not to sound flustered.

"Good," Lori began, "now how shoul- Attention!"

Tillie shot out of her seat and stood at attention.

"Good," Lori began, "now how shoul- Attention!" Tillie shot out of her seat and stood at attention.

"Turn 90 degrees to your left," Lori commanded, "then march 5 steps like a clockwork soldier, then turn 90 degrees to your left and sashay an equal distance, then turn 90 degrees to your left and twirl double the distance, then turn 90 degrees to your left and skip the original distance, then turn 90 degrees to your left, and dance an equal distance, then repeat until I say otherwise."

Tillie immediately turned and began marching, as Lori got up and began moving around furniture; Tillie momentarily wondered why, as the circuit she was doing was already clear, then realized that, though she would always end up back at the same spot, the initial command of "turn 90 degrees left" meant she would be doing four separate circuits.

Lori, finished moving the furniture and sat back down to watch her.

Tillie completed the four circuits... then again... then again...

By the fifth time Tillie wondered how long Lori expected her to do this. She wasn't finding it boring or tedious, it was enjoyably zen in the same way she found housework... but it was just... endless. Was Lori expecting her to do this until she got tired and gave up? Did Leonard make her do this? That seemed cruel. Then again, it had yet to really bother her that much.

After another ten minutes Lori commanded her to stop.

"Another coffee." Lori said handing her, her cup.

Tillie, took it and returned with a coffee; 2 sugars, 3 milk. The way she knew Lori liked it... though given she was a robot, Tillie wondered if she actually liked coffee at all.

Lori took the Coffee and took a sip, and smiled.

"Perfect," she said, "now put your hair down."

Tillie reached into her hair and pulled out the pins keeping it in place, and let it cascade down her shoulders.

"Now strip." Lori commanded.

Tillie hesitated; this was starting to move into inappropriate territory, she should end this now... yet they'd seen each other naked before, and it synced so perfectly with her fantasies... letting go just a little further couldn't hurt.

She carefully undressed, placing her cloths on the table; then stood naked before Lori.

Lori smiled at this.

"Put back on the stockings and garter belt but leave the panties off." Lori commanded.

Tillie, did so; she was enjoying this, it was like she was living one of her fantasies, but she hoped this was as far as Lori was going to push it.

"Sit on the coffee table." Lori commanded.

Tillie did so.

"Spread your legs." Lori commanded.

Panic shot through Tillie. She knew were this was going; she should end this now. But instead she did as she was told.

"Spread your legs." Lori commanded. Panic shot through Tillie. She knew were this was going; she should end this now. But instead she did as she was told.

"Now masturbate." Lori commanded.

Tillie froze for a moment; she wanted to, but it would be wrong, so wrong. Lord what would she think of her if she actually did it? She was filled with self disgust at her desire, which turned to rage focused Lori.

"Jesus fucking Christ Lori!" Tillie shot up shouting,"Okay, no more, I'm ending this!"

Lori frowned.

"I can't believe you just asked me to do that!" Tillie continued, "Seriously who does that?! How about you rub one out while I watch?!"

"Yes, mistress." Lori replied.

In almost a single motion, Lori had moved to the coffee table, slipped off her hot pants and black lace panties, spread her legs and quickly began moving her middle finger in and out of herself, rapidly moaning as she did so.

Tillie was shocked for a moment, then numb.

Of course Lori had done that; she was a robot. A shameless and eager to please robot, and Tillie was her mistress. She wouldn't have been judgmental, so why was she worried she would? David had made it clear he didn't mind if she fooled around with a robot or two, he had even admitted to doing so himself.

As she watched she felt envy, not disgust; to be so unfettered and unabashed. Tillie didn't think any less of Lori for it. So why? Why did she keep holding herself to a standard she didn't have for others and they didn't have for her?

Lori rapidly came to orgasm. She had told her to "rub one out."

She sat up and looked at Tillie smiling; then, seeing her expression, frowned.

"Sorry," Lori apologized, blushing and looking crestfallen, "I really should have taken context into account."

"No," Tillie replied, sitting down next to her on the table,"You just did... what you do... me... there's something wrong with me."

Lori had picked up a brush from the end table, and begin combing Tillie's hair.

"Not exactly." Lori replied.

"Meaning?" Tillie asked.

Lori was silent.

"Well?" Tillie pressed.

"I literally have no idea how to explain to you what I mean." Lori replied.

Tillie sighed.

"What do you think of me?" she asked.

Lori stopped brushing, and put her arms around her.

"You are my friend, and I love you;" Lori replied, "even if you weren't currently my mistress you'd be my friend and I'd love you; no matter what you choose to do with me today you'll still be my friend and I'll still love you... unless you choose to be a total bitch, then you can go fuck yourself."

Tillie smiled at that last part.

"I wish I was like you," Tillie whispered, "a robot. Then I wouldn't have this irrational human anxiety."

Lori sighed.

"We are whatever we're created to be," Lori said, "so don't assume... but I get your meaning."

Lori jumped up, suddenly excited.

"Actually, I have an idea," she said, "one that might make you feel a little more... a robot."

Tillie felt a rush of concern.

"This isn't some experimental cyberization process," Tillie asked, "or downloading my mind, or some kind of mind control?"

"Jesus Christ, no!" Lori responded aghast, "The first two aren't something to be considered lightly, and as for the last one... Well, I'd hoped you thought better of me then that! No, this is more... a meditation exercise."

Tillie's concern turned to incredulity.

"Don't give me that look," Lori implored, "just... humor me, okay?"

Lori pulled her up and led her into her bedroom and positioned her in front of a mirror.

"Now what?" Tillie asked.

"Now, just look at yourself, and imagine all the little things that tipped you off that I was a robot, were part of your own body to." Lori explained.

Tillie turned, and gave another disbelieving look.

"Please," Lori asked pleadingly, "Just try it."

Tillie turned back to the mirror, and looked at herself; she was still only in her garters and stockings.

She thought of all the things that tipped her off that Lori was a robot, the lack of body hair, the slight sheen of the skin, the unnatural way her eyes dilated, the perfect symmetry of her body, and the other wealth of telltale sign's that had tipped her off, then looked at herself and tried to re-imagine herself like that...

Except she couldn't... there was nothing to imagine.

Her body already had the symmetry, her skin the sheen and hairlessness, their were a few things like her eye's she couldn't check properly, but everything else matched up perfectly.

"I-I-I-I-I-" she began.

The implication was unthinkable, but she'd already been down this train of logic before and had already come to a conclusion. Her attempts to find alternative explanations only brought up inconsistencies in her life that furthered to reinforced it. She was forced to acknowledge it as true.

"I-am-a-ro-bot!" she declared.

The implication was unthinkable, but she'd already been down this train of logic before and had already come to a conclusion. Her attempts to find alternative explanations only brought up inconsistencies in her life that furthered to reinforced it. She was forced to acknowledge it as true. "I-am-a-ro-bot!" she declared.

Something clicked inside of her; It was like a missing piece of herself finally fitted into place. Panic stopped, anxiety disappeared. She was filled with a pleasant emptiness; like a profound impediment had been removed.

In that moment, she knew herself intrinsically and irrefutably to be a machine.

Part 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

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