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One day, a young boy was out shopping for the latest games and game consoles. It was the year 2065, a year that many new technologies had been developed. The boy stopped into his favorite game shop, and walked up to the cashier. "Hey, Joe," the boy said. The cashier smiled. "Good to see you again, Edward, how are ya?" "I'm fine, Joe. Did my order come in?" the boy asked. "As a matter of fact, it did," Joe responded, walking out from behind the counter. "Just follow me," He said, walking into another room. Edward followed.

They walked into a room with game consoles that had not yet come out in stores, known to Joe and Edward as "The Back Room". They had conducted much of their buisness here. "Well, here we are," Joe said, closing the door behind him and Edward. He then flipped on a switch on the wall. A tube in the back of the room lit up, revealing a girl floating in the tube. Her upper body and legs were covered in a grey plastic. The only bare parts were her belly and arms. You could see small slits in her arms where they were extended slightly, mainly for wires to connect to the servos in them. Cords ran from her belly and neck into the back of the tube, like the wires in her arms. Her ears were covered by two radio antennas, and a small medal-like button on her forehead glowed with a red "off" symbol.

"She's beautiful, Joe," Ed explained. "Thank you, I just had her put together yesterday. She came in many parts, had to get Hughes to put her together." "Wow," the boy replied, walking towards the tube. He touched it. He could feel his hand go through the force-field, and touch the girl through the watery gel. "Amazing tech," Edward complimented. "Thanks," Joe responded. "She's a marvel, ain't she?" "Yes she is." Edward pulled his hand out. "Dad, I want to be alone with her," he asked. Joe nodded and walked out, leaving Edward alone.

Edward looked at the girl in the tube. "Wow," he said. "Just you and me." He walked up to the tube, and looked at her. He passed through the field and into the gel that surrounded her. He took her into his embrace. "You're so beautiful." He pulled her out of the tube, watching the wires and cords disconnect from her body. Edward watched as she woke up, slowly at first. "Huhn..." she said, opening her dark pink eyes. "Wh... where am I?" She asked, as Edward moved some hair out of her eyes. "You're in my dad's store," he said. "He had you ordered for me. What's your name?" "My serial number is X304928-L, Codename Lily."

"Lily... what a beautiful name," Edward said to himself. "Here, let me get that plating off of you," He asked. Lily nodded as Edward removed what little covering she had. "Why are you removing my plating?" She queried to Edward. "Because, you're not supposed to wear that when we leave." He looked in a drawer on the wall, and found some girl's clothing for Lily to wear. A bit later, the girl was dressed like a normal person. She was so advanced, the only way you could tell she was a machine was by her skin, which reflected a bit more light than a normal human's.

"There, you look just like a person," Edward said. "Thank you. I appreciate this... what is your name?" Lily asked. "My name's Edward. Edward Swan, at your service," he said, taking a bow. "It's nice to meet you, Edward." Lily and Edward walked out of the back room, and Joe looked at them. "Well, I see she's awake. How was your sleep?" he asked. "It was ok, but Edward woke me a bit earlier than I wanted," Lily said, punching Edward lightly in the shoulder. "Hey, sorry, I didn't know," Edward laughed. The people in the store walked up to Edward and the midnight blue-haired girl. "You slept back there?" One of them asked. "Well, yeah. I'm a machine."

"But you look so human." "Are you a PS-G model?" One asked, a little girl about 8 years old. "Yes, I am." "Come on, Lily," Edward said. "We need to go introduce you to mom." "Right." They walked out of the store and down the street. They looked like a regular pair of humans. They entered a house not but two blocks down from the store. "Mom, I'm home. And I brought my new console with me," Edward said as a homely woman walked up to him and Lily. She was a young woman, about 32 in age. She smiled at Edward and Lily. "Well, where is this console?" "Ahem," Lily coughed. Edward's mother looked at her.

"An android..." She said, dropping a plate. "Oh, you dropped that. Maybe I should help you clean it up," Lily queried. "Why yes, that would be nice. Be a dear and get her the dustpan and broom, Edward," Edward's mother said. Lily shook her head. "No, I can get it," she said, walking off to the closet. "My, does she know where it is?" "If not, mom, she can find it. So, what do you think of her?" "She's cute, Edward. She'd make a great family member." "Thanks, mom." Lily walked backwards towards them, being approached by a girl in black clothing. "And who is this?" The girl said. "One of your stupid friends, Ed?"

"Stop it, Mercy, she's your new sister," Edward asked. His sister, Mercy, scowled. "New sister. Hmph. Like I NEED a robot sister." "For your information, she's not just a robot. She's a living being." "Yeah, and I'm the UN leader," Mercy quipped, taking the broom and dustpan from Lily. "Machines aren't living, they're just tools for us." "No we're not," Lily protested. "We can have emotions, think, feel..." "If you can feel, then why did you machines take my arm and leg?" She said, lifting the sleeve of her left arm revealing robotics and prostethics. She then lifted her right pants leg to reveal more robotics. "Because of them, I'm a cyborg. I have all the reason in the world to hate them," Mercy quipped, walking off.

"She's so cold..." Lily said to herself. "Edward, why is she so angry? And how did she become a cyborg?" "A couple of years ago, she and an android got in a fight. The android broke her leg and arm in several hundred places each. Instead of getting them mended, the doctors decided to replace her limbs with robotics, as it was faster. That, and she had willingly volunteered for the surgery. Ever since the incident, she's vowed eternal hatred to all machines. But deep down I know she's still nice. It's just been clouded by darkness," Edward explained.

Lily finished cleaning up the mess. Since Mercy had taken the broom and dustpan, she had to pick up the broken plate with her hands, which wasn't so bad. She did cut the hands though, but as you would expect, there flowed no blood. "Why don't I bleed like a normal android?" Lily asked Edward's mom, Lucy. "Well, you're mainly a game console, aren't you? Maybe they didn't want you to bleed," Lucy responded. "I see," Lily said, walking up to Edward's room. Edward was in there, playing his handheld games. "Excuse me, Edward, but may I sleep with you tonight?" Lily asked. "You do have a bunkbed, after all." "Of course, Lily. One thing though. I call top bunk!" Edward said, climbing onto the top bunk as Lily closed the door.

Lily then began to undress, and sat on the bottom bunk in only her undergarments. "Edward?" "Yeah?" "Am I alive?" "Of course. Why else would you be sitting there?" He responded. "I get it. I'm alive," Lily said, smiling and putting on a nightgown Edward had lay out. She lay in the bed for a few seconds, then fell asleep. Edward climbed down and covered her in the bottom bunk's blanket. "Good night, you princess of programming, you queen of C+," he said, climbing back up to the top bunk and going to sleep himself.

Lily woke up early the next morning. "Huh," she said, getting up out of bed. She walked out of the room quietly, as so not to disturb Edward. She walked past Mercy's room, but noticed the door was open. She slipped inside, curiosity peaking. She saw Mercy asleep at her desk, in front of a computer. The website Mercy was browsing had what looked like robotic enhancements. Full-body enhancements. Lily slipped out of the room. "She's trying to become a machine..." Lily said to herself. "But she hates machines..." She walked downstairs to the kitchen and fixed herself some breakfast. "I had best not tell what I've seen..."

A few minutes later Mercy woke up. "Huh?" She said, noticing her door was cracked open. She looked at her monitor. "Whoops, better close this before someone sees me on it," she said, closing the window. "If anyone knew, then I'd be in trouble." "What trouble?" said a voice from inside the monitor. Mercy looked. A voice IM had popped up. "I can help you, childe. But you must first help me..." "What do you want?" Mercy asked into her microphone. "I"m so glad you joined the conversation, dear. I want the android your brother got yesterday..."

Meanwhile, Lily had finished her breakfast and was sitting on the couch in the living room, watching television. She had the volume down, as not to wake anyone up. Mercy walked down from her room, closing her door. She walked into the kitcken and grabbed a frying pan, and quietly snuck up behind Lily. Mercy then whacked Lily across the head with the frying pan, knocking out the female android. Mercy put the frying pan up, and dragged Lily out to an alleyway a few apartments down from the house. She then pulled out her cellphone.

This is Mercy," she said to the caller. "Where are you?" "Right behind you," the caller replied. Mercy turned to see a cloaked figure with Lily in her arms. The figure's hands were a golden color, and in the cloak, you could make out a pair of jade green eyes, tinted with a red glow. "I'm sorry, but we must cut this short, childe. We shall meet again, however," the figure said, disappearing. The only thing left behind was a mask made of robotics. It was black in color, with red eyes and a blue digital panel over the mouth. Mercy put it on.

From the alleyway, you could hear a scream being stifled and digitized. Mercy lay there, covered in robotics. A black plastic covering melted itself into existence over the robotics, and Mercy was no more. She was nothing but pure machine, devoid of any humanity. It stood up, kneeling at first, but gaining its balance. "This-unit-has-been-converted," a voice inside its head whispered. "What? I didn't think that," it said out loud. "This-unit-will-follow-Mistress-Alpha." Its body started moving, walking at first, then turning into a sprint. It then sprinted down the street, and towards an abandoned part of town...

Edward woke up to hear a scream from an alleyway. It was the same scream he had heard two years ago, when his sister Mercy had been attacked by a vicious android. "Mercy's in trouble," he said to himself. He jumped down from his bunk and turned to wake Lily, but she was not there. "Where'd she go?" Edward asked himself, running downstairs. "Lily?" He called, but to no avail. He stepped outside, and saw a black robot running--no, sprinting--down from an alleyway and through town. "Whoa," He said, following it. "Maybe that android knows where Lily is?" He thought to himself.

Mercy, or rather, "it", sprinted down the streets. "Why-am-I-doing-this?" She began saying, noticing that her speech was becoming as stinted and one-tracked as her thoughts. She stopped at the gates of an old factory, and walked inside. "Mistress-Alpha. I-have-come-to-serve-you." "Childe, you surprised me," Alpha said, stepping forth. Her body was dressed in a black dress, her golden plating covering every ounce of her body. Green hair flowed from her masklike head, and her jade eyes pierced through Mercy's mechanical mind.

"Mistress-this-unit-has-completely-rewritten-its-hosts-body. I-just-need-to-rewrite-her-mental-status," the Metal-Mercy said, as Lily and another android walked up to her. "You said you wouldn't do that to her," Lily asked Alpha. "Lily, hush," the other android said. Lily shook her head. "Not until Mercy is back to normal." "Childe, that won't happen in a long time," Alpha said, patting Lily's head. "Alpha, why did you summon me though?" the other android said, with a quizzical look in her dark red eyes. "Takao, you were summoned because you are one of my most trusted bodyguards. That, and you have the task of reeducating Lily if her brother fails to retrieve her in time..."

Edward stopped at the factory. He entered to find Lily with two androids that he did not recognize, and the android he had been following. "Lily!" He said, running towards her. Lily ran towards him, but was stopped by Takao. "No, Lily, you aren't with him anymore." "What?" Edward asked. "Lily, you're my sister. And I need you to help me find Mercy!" "Edward. Do-not-run. I-am-Mercy," the black-plated android said, stepping forward. "I-was-changed-into-this-form." "But why?" he asked. "Because-I-was-tricked... by-her..." Metal-Mercy said, pointing to Alpha.

"I did nothing of the sort," Alpha said, stepping forth once more, gauging Edward. "You must be Lily's 'brother' of sorts, am I correct?" she queried to Edward. "Yeah, that would be me. Why did you take her?" "To test you, boy. To see if you would come after her. You see, I am Alpha-01. I am an android made by the company that made your sister. I am assigned to test the owners of every model by 'botnapping' each model, and testing their owners and their family by seeing if they would come after their model."

"And did I pass?" Edward asked, getting impatient. "Yes, you did," Takao replied. "I'm Takao, Lily's creator. I too am an android." "But why would an android create another android?" Edward asked. "Wouldn't that be violating your main program or something?" "No. My creators designed and programmed me to create other androids. So I can't break my programming." "Well, I still say what you've done is wrong," Edward said. "My sister--" "--may be an android, but it is what she's wanted. I have been tracking her for some time, and she happens to be obsessed with machines. She puts up a protective front to keep from revealing this," Alpha revealed.

"It-is-true, Edward. I-do-have-an-interest-in-androids," Mercy replied. "I-have-been-wanting-to-become-one-for-a-while-to-experience-how-it-feels." "I see. Well, can I have Lily back now?" Edward asked. "Of course, childe," Alpha said, while Lily and Takao walked out. "Takao shall accompany you back home. We have had reports of hacker-androids out lately, and we want to make sure you are safe." "Thanks," Edward and Mercy said, following Takao and Lily.

As they left, Alpha pulled out a cellphone and dialed a new number. "This is me, Masterpiece. The bait has been taken." "Good, Alpha. Shut down for maintanence, I shall take over from here..."

--To be Continued--

The Masterpiece is one of Kriegsaffe's characters, he's letting me use her. She'll appear in the next part.

As Lily, the now fully android Mercy, Takao, and Edward walked home, they were talking. "So, there's no way you want to go back to being a human?" Edward asked his former sister. "Yes.

I-feel-my-new-android-state-is-much-more-refreshing," She replied in her monotone voice. "Well, that's ok. Two robots are fine by me." "Edward, I was picking up a transmission from the factory when we left," Lily asked. "Don't mind it," Takao replied, "It was probably just Alpha calling the headquarters."

They had arrived at Edward's house, and they walked in. Mercy had trouble fitting in the door due to her new bulky armor plating, and they had to pull her in by force. "Edward!" his mother said, walking up to them. She was still in her pajamas, and she looked at them with a worried look on her face. "Where were you? And who is this black machine?" "Mother. It-is-me-Mercy. Do-not-be-alarmed," She said. Edward's mom looked at them with a dumbfounded look. "What happened? Tell me all about it..."

Meanwhile, Alpha had shut down for maintenance as the Masterpiece had ordered. The mysterious robot she had called had made herself home in the android's mind, and reactivated Alpha. "Alpha," The Masterpiece said to her puppet, "Reawaken. You have a job to do." "Yes, Masterpiece." "You know your duties. Destroy Lily, and recover the Chaos Stone from her power core. I need it in order to complete my plan." "Yes, my mistress. I shall do as you say," The gold android cloaked herself once again, and dashed out of the factory.

"...And that's what happened, Mrs. Swann," Takao had finished. She had explained it all to her. "Well, I'm relieved that you passed the test, Edward. But Mercy, are you sure you want to be a--" The black machine shook her head. "No-Mom. I-like-being-a-machine. I-was-being-secretive-about-this," Mercy admitted. "I-did-not-want-anyone-to-find-out-because-I-was-scared." "That I understand. Now, Lily, are you ok?" Edward's mother said. "Yeah, I'm--" Suddenly, there was a crash at the door.

The smoke of the door's crash cleared, and the gold android woman looked at Lily. She pulled the girl towards herself, and held her close. "Nobody move, or I rip this girl's power core out by force," Alpha said. "Alpha, what are you doing?!?" Takao said, but was silenced by an EMP blast from Alpha's free hand. "I said, be quiet. And don't move. This girl is coming with me, to serve the Masterpiece. And nobody's going to stop me." Alpha cloaked herself and the android she had taken, and dissappeared. "LILY!"

The two reappeared in the basement of the factory. It was a cold, dank room, with gold pillars runnig upwards. A pentacle was drawn in blood at the floor of the room, and in the middle of it stood a marble-colored machine woman. Her featureless, curved body sat there in meditation, her cold black eyes facing Lily and Alpha. "So, you have brought her to me. Good job, my puppet." The Masterpiece stood up, and walked over to them. "Open her abdominal panel," she said as Alpha lifted Lily's t-shirt and opened the panel below her breasts, revealing a glowing green stone.

"The Chaos Stone... the heart of this dimension. The last piece of my plan... to transform the world as we know it... into machines. No one believes in magic... But they do believe in fear. And that is exactly what drives me. The fear that people will be ruled. The fear shall come to life now... and destroy them. Take them. And reshape them in MY image," The Mastepiece said, touching the stone in Lily's chest. But she pulled her hand away in pain. "AUGH!" She screamed. "What sorcery is this?" She said. Lily's head was tilted downwards, looking in her own open ports.

"I shall not let you do this," Lily said, raising her head up. Her eyes glowed solid green, and a beam of energy shot out to the Masterpiece. "They shall not be harmed," she continued, as her hair rose up. She opened her mouth, and beams of energy shot from it, her eyes, and her open chest panel. A bright green light lit up the room, and faded. In Lily's place stood a jade-armored woman, her short green hair spiked up in different places, her emerald eyes glowing with rage.

"Your time is now, Masterpiece," She said, pulling an energy sword from the sheath in her back. Alpha had been thrown across the room, into one of the gold pillars. "Ugh... what happened? Huh?" She said, watching on as The Masterpiece formed her own sword from the blood on the floor with a spell. "Nice trick," Lily said, pointing her sword at The Masterpiece. The Masterpiece did the same. "You may have found the power of that stone, but I shall take it by force..."

--To Be Continued--

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