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The silence of the dark lab was broken by a loud robotic voice.


On the table sat a stunning blonde, her hair barely touching her shoulders. Her body was wrapped in a white linen towel. Upon saying the last phrased her head tilt a little to the left, and her eyes blinked.

"Where am I?" asked Lila.

Slowly she got up onto her feet, and took a step, only to fall on her face.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Lila.

Meanwhile her gyros calibrated themselves to allow her to walk; loading various variables. Moments later, Lila got up on her feet, and walked to the lab door. Opening it she saw a dark stair well.

"Let's hope I've mastered the stairs," said Lila out loud as she ascended the stairs.

At the top she found a dark house. Loading a map of the house in here vision she located a bedroom with clothes that would fit her. As she entered the room, the flash of a gun broke the darkness.

"ERROR IN LEFT SHOULDER JOINT," said Lila robotically as she pivoted to the left from the bullets.

Suddenly another shot was fired.

"MAJOR SYSTEM ERROR….ZZT…EMULATORS DAMAGED….ZZT…SPINAL CORD DAMAGED….ZZT," Lila spasmed robotically as she was thrown back against the wall, across the hallway. Sparks flying from her stomach, and shoulder. "LILA HEAVILY DAMAGED." The sound of frantic beeps, mixed with the sound of failed servos, and blinking lights from her stomach. Moments later the lights went out, and the beeps stopped.

From out of the room came a man with a shotgun. Passing Lila he kicked her in the open stomach. And left. "I've got you. You mechanical bitch!"

As dawn broke Lila moved. Slowly her right arm moved robotically to her left shoulder, and began trying to repair it. In her field of visions Lila received error messages from everything below her bust. She had quickly realized that be playing dead she might survive the attack. She was right, and soon she would have all the repairs done as best as possible.

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