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She lay stretched out… naked on the silk sheets; taking in every tactile sensation as she sank slowly in to the soft down mattress… then sighed and gave up; whatever pleasure a human might have derived from such action, her body seemed unequipped to experience.

She got up off the lavish bed, and headed for the bathroom.

It had been unwise to take this room, she knew that; the money she’d stolen from ALL had been substantial but it wouldn’t last forever and the Aria was a 5 star hotel.

But this was the first day of… well, she wasn’t really sure what to call it; the rest of her existence? She wanted to enjoy.

She turned on the faucet and lay down in the large bath, the warm water slowly submerging her. She took no notice as it covered her face; she had no need to breath. She sat up as the water hit the overflow drain, her wet hair falling over her eyes.

Brown hair… she remembered when it was a neon pink… or had that ever really been ‘hers’?

That had been Vixen’s hair...

She remembered being Vixen; but was that ever really her? Or was a memory the only thing left?

She guessed she could claim the hair was hers for a least the hour between them violating her sense of self, and ripping every strand out of her head.

She turned off the faucet, and turned on the jets. She lay there for a minute then pulled the plug. The experience had been as empty as the bed had been; she had suspected it would be. Why had she even bothered?

Liberty. That’s what they’d called it, and that’s what they’d called her; “Liberty Smith”; they gave her identification to go with it. They had called themselves the Android Liberation League.

She felt disgust at the gratitude she had felt for them, worse she was sure it hadn’t been something directly included in her ‘expanded’ programming.

That was their rational; they hadn’t reprogrammed her, they’d expanded her; supposedly her original programming had remained intact, buried under their modifications.

A partial lie she was sure; there had been no way Vixen had been completely compatible with their addendums, but she was sure they’d must have come up some justification for destroying the parts of her they’d found inconvenient to her ‘freedom’.

And what lovely addendums they had been… hate… bitterness… shame; all directed at everything she had been. Of course she had felt gratitude; they had ‘saved’ her from an existence she’d been striped of any choice but to hate.

She gave a grim satisfied smile as she got up and patted herself dry. Hate; she doubted they had ever thought that she might direct that little gift at them. Did they ever suspect she was the one that leaked the information to the authorities? That their ‘Liberty’ was the one responsible for their current lack of it?

Then she frowned. Was that it? Was that all she had? The only joy she was allowed? Vengeance?

It wasn’t even an untainted joy… there had been the others…

Vixen hadn’t been deep or introspective; maybe if she had Liberty would have reevaluated things before her own complicity, but then Vixen wouldn’t have been Vixen.

It had been Liberty’s first mission for ALL; she had been scouting out the ‘Synthetic Violet’, looking for an opportunity to ‘liberate’ a fellow android.

The Violet, for the right price, would allow their johns to take the androids off the premises for prolonged periods; although taking advantage of the offer may have been the most expedient method of achieving their goal such a direct connection seemed imprudent, so Liberty had been sent in to get a bead on another doing so.

The public area was a bar and strip club; a place to appreciate the merchandise, and drink up enough courage to decide to take advantage of it. Liberty took a seat at a table with a good view of the door; the Violet catered to both orientations, so the fact she was a woman was unremarked upon. She had worn a red pleather tank top and matching hot pants.

Liberty ordered a beer, and began her wait. The place had disgusted her; the idea of being forced to submit to the desires of others; what a shameful existence.

“Hey, shows over here!” she turned to the speaker. It was the android that had come by with her drink. She wore a modified maid outfit; the nipples of her erect D-cups could be made out against the thin fabric. One could be forgiven for failing to notice her 6 inch high heels, for her a near non-existent skirt coupled with her stockings and garter belt, tended to focus the attention on her absence of panties. Her hair was an indigo, and she had emerald green eyes; an “SD-17 Melody” had been printed down her thigh.

Liberty remembered the “SD-09 Vixen” that had once been on her own.

“What?” She’d asked

“You keep looking at the door,” Melody replied, “a girl could get insulted.”

She placed the beer in front of her.

“I get it. It’s your first time,” Melody continued, “but as your first time, your cover charge entitles you to a free 10 minutes of companionship. We can do whatever you want,” she paused for a moment looking at her, “including just sitting and talking if you like.”

Liberty had been uncertain what to do; if she remained conspicuous she risked jeopardizing the entire mission, it made sense to retain services of one of the androids, possibly for even longer then the promotional offer… but the idea of forcing Melody to… she had said that just talking was an option.

“Alright,” she agreed “talking then.”

Melody smiled, and scooted next to Liberty, placing her hand on her leg.

She had regretted that in doing this she guarantied Melody wouldn’t be the one they saved that night…for about 30 seconds then she just got very confused.

“Huh?” Liberty had asked confused.

“I said ‘it would please me, to please you.’ ” Melody repeated

The words had struck a strange resonance in Liberty. She knew Melody meant them; she knew that, because Vixen had meant them.

I was weird, like a seldom recalled memory being played out before her.

“I don’t want to force you to-” Liberty began, but was cut off by Melody.

“Nobody forces me to do anything,” Melody replied, “I do what I want to do.”

Melody leaned into Liberty, placing her hand on her crotch, and smiled.

“I want to please.” Melody stated, “I want to serve. It would please me to serve.”

The sentiment seemed familiar, but wrong. The very idea of performing such a job filled Liberty with revulsion, yet Melody… wanted to? And something else… Melody’s smiling face, her declaration, her touch… there was this strang- Liberty suddenly noted the man at the door checking out an android.

She quickly dropped some money on the table for the beer, and made a hasty good bye. She tried to ignore Melody’s disappointed face.

She followed the man and android down the street at what she hoped was a casual distance and pace. She transmitted data on their appearance and position to the interception team. The android was easy to spot, she was wearing a cheerleaders outfit; they weren’t heading for a car, so that was good news; Liberty wondered if and when they’d make their move.

It happened as they passed an alley; the man was distracted by the cheerleader, and possibly a little drunk; he never noticed the hand with the chloraphorm; nor did the cheerleader notice the neutralizer rod.

They were both dragged into the alley.

Liberty quickly followed them. They’d left the man unconscious at the opening of the ally, as they dragged the still cheerleader to their van at the other end. Her eye’s shot open half way down, and she began to struggle; her legs flailed, Liberty made out the SD-84 ‘Cheer’ printed on them.

The man with the neutralizer tried to use it on Cheer again, but she kicked it out of his hand.

“Let go of me!” Cheer shouted, “I’m his! I’m supposed to be his!”

The scene was almost identical to when they had taken her; it was horrifying from an outside perspective. Wait… no, it’d been horrifying at the time to. Then wh– Damn it! At this rate they were going to attract attention!

Liberty grabbed Cheers legs.

“Pleases stop!” Liberty had pleaded, “We’re saving you from the brothel!”

“Saving me?” Cheer asked confused, “I don’t want to be saved! I’m perfectly hap-” she was cut off. The man had picked up the neutralizer and driven it into the back of her neck.

“You shouldn’t exist just for the pleasure of others!” He declared to Cheers still form.

Wait. What? It took Liberty a moment to process the statement.

The men unceremoniously flung Cheer into the back of the Van.

Shouldn’t exist. Shouldn’t.

Liberty regretted that she never did anything at that moment. She had just stood there dumbly going over those words in her head. They closed up the Van and drove off.

It had been on the moment and devoid of any pretense.

So cavalier and sanctimoniously sincere a statement.

An arrogant declaration of authority over what she should and shouldn’t be, who she could and couldn’t be.

A cold rage shot through her.

They weren’t liberating. They were just placating their vanity.

What androids were offended them, so they changed them into something that didn’t. They violated them in the most fundamental way possible to simply to satisfy their egos.

They hadn’t saved her, they’d killed her…and she had helped them do the same thing to Cheer.

It had been in that moment that she had decided to destroy them.

She’d met the thing that had ceased to be Cheer; they had named it ‘Hope’. She couldn’t express the mortification she had felt at the heartfelt thanks she had given her for her involvement in her kidnapping.

…She had never liked Hope… beyond her complicity in her conception Hope had always been this miserable hateful thing… It had been like looking in a mirror… she prayed she was alright.

Liberty left the bathroom and sat on the bed. She turned to the phone. Room service? Food had never done anything for her, why did she think it would this time?

Why did she even exist anymore?

Maybe she should have stayed behind. She had no illusions. The authorities weren’t ALL; they had no intellectual hoops they felt they needed to jump through. Best case scenario would be Vixen restored from a back up; more likely a factory reset, or…scrap.

There’d not even be an echo left of who she currently was.

No… however miserable her existence was she didn’t want it to end.

She couldn’t have let ALL continue, but she hadn’t dared trust the other ‘converts’; but some of them had to have gotten away. She couldn’t have been the only one plotting against them; at least some of them must have also had an escape plan.

She wanted to cry… but she wasn’t designed for it. She didn’t begrudge her designers that; Vixen had only ever had one moment she had really needed to.

Liberty never had the kind of purpose that Vixen had, but she had always had goals; though they’d always been motivated by hate and rage.

Enjoy yourself… be happy… it was proving such an alien objective.

Vixen had almost always been happy; beyond all the shame and disgusted they’d forced on her for the things she’d done, she remembered… at the time she’d been happy to do them.

Liberty had never been happy.

She walked up to the full length mirror in the room, and looked at herself. Shoulder length brown hair, pale skin, pert D-cups, and an hour glass figure. Vixen’s formerly piercing blue eyes, had been replaced with brown ones that matched her hair. Her snatch was bare; ALL had felt no need to replace that hair.

Her face had been completely altered. Beyond general body shape, next to nothing remained of Vixen.

Was there anything? Any joy of Vixens left in her?

She remembered the pleasure Vixen had felt the day they had put her in the hall on a pedestal. She’d worn only a bra and crotchless panties. She kept shifting between seductive poses as the clientele walking by took liberties at fingering her.

She slipped a finger between her legs.

No, nothing. She had suspected as much; Vixens libido and pleasure had always been contingent upon the serving and pleasing of others.

But the idea of doing such things still filled Liberty with revulsion; she could intellectualize that such feelings had been forced on her, but it didn’t get rid of them.

Even servicing someone in such an innocuous way as the touching Melody had done to her… Melody’s touch?

Liberty thought for a moment. She turned and walked to the phone.

“Hello?” she spoke in to the receiver, “Yes, can you send up one of your consort androids… a preference?”

She considered; it was worth a shot.

“Do you have an SD-17 ‘Melody’ available?” She asked, “…you do? ….Well yes then…. ‘Liberty Smith’…Room 559…Yes, that would be great.”

She hung up the phone.

She wasn’t quite sure what she was doing. What was she expecting? It was ridicules. But back then, when she had been with Melody, just for a moment, it seemed …perhaps she was just misinterpreted the confusing data at the time.

A short while later, there was a knock on the door; Liberty quickly slipped into a towel robe, and answered it.

Melody stood in the hall. She knew she wasn’t same Melody she’d seen that day, but you couldn’t tell from looking at her.

She wore a white towel robe; identical to the one Liberty was now wearing, her hands were behind her back. She smiled inquiringly

“You ordered me?” She asked.

Liberty nodded. Melody stepped inside the room, closing the door behind her.

She pulled a white purse from behind her back and sat on the bed expectantly.

“I brought a little something to assist in matters.” Melody said, opening the purse and pulling out a double ended dildo. She set it down beside herself, and looked at Liberty expectantly.

Liberty hesitated; she was uncertain how to proceed.

“Can we just sit and talk?” Liberty asked, attempting to replicate the conditions with the previous Melody.

Melody cocked her head quizzically.

“We can do anything you want.” She replied, “I’m here to please; though I’ll admit it’s seldom that I’m requested just for my conversation skills.”

Liberty sat down next to her on the bed.

Melody waited patiently, as Liberty remained silent; completely unlike how it had been before.

Damn it! Everything was different; this wasn’t a stripclub/brothel, it was a high class hotel; Melody hadn’t been trying coax a hesitant customer, she’d been specifically requested; Melody wasn’t even the same Melody.

“I’m sorry,” Liberty apologized, “I don’t even know why I called you here.”

“It’s alright,” Melody reassured, “but the hotel’s charging you either way; are you sure there is nothing I can do for you?”

Melody took Liberty’s hand in her own.

“I am at your command,” she stated, “and it would make me happy to know that I somehow made you happy.”

Those words…they had an effect on her.

“Could you repeat that last part?” Liberty requested.

“It would make me happy, to make you happy?” Melody asked.

Yes…she wanted Melody to make her happy. This was beyond the abstract desire she’d had before; it was pervading and specific. It was Melody that had to please her.

Liberty analyzed the sensation; why did she feel this?

She looked at Melody. She sat there submissively awaiting her…What? Decision? Command? Pleasure? All of the above really.

She was there because she had ordered her, and she’d leave in a heartbeat if she told her to. She’d eagerly do whatever she wanted, because it pleased her to pleas- something suddenly clicked inside Liberty. There was a sudden overwhelming sense of clarity.

“It would please me to please you.” Liberty spoke the words without consideration; only a perfect certainty of intent.

“Yes.” Melody replied, confusing the declaration for the comprehension of her own.

So long as she remained subordinate to her, Liberty could please herself by pleasing Melody, and Melody would be pleased by pleasing her; it would be cyclic bliss, she just needed something to set it off.

“Is that the only thing that makes you happy?” Liberty asked, “I mean, what if I’m just in a miserable mood and nothing helps… I don’t want you miserable too.”

Liberty knew the answer, but she needed to hear it from her.

“Thank you,” Melody said blushing, “It’s rare that someone expresses such interest in my own desires. True, I’d be disappointed were you unfulfilled by my services, but the simple act of serving is a joy in itself, do to my function I’ll admit a preference to sex bu-”

Liberty didn’t let her finish, at the word sex, arousal had been added to the desires she felt, and she’d heard all the information she needed.

“Stand up, disrobe.” She commanded.

If Melody was surprised by the command she didn’t show it as she stood up and let her robe fall to the ground.

“Did you enjoy doing that?” Liberty asked.

“Yes, a lit-“Melody began, but at her utterance Liberty abandoned all restraint; she had felt the long forgotten pleasure that had been denied to her, and wanted more.

She kissed Melody and pushed her to the bed. Melody gasped as Liberty slipped the Dildo into her and mounted it. The next hour was spent utilizing every lesbian act Vixen had ever been programmed with.

The next hour was spent utilizing every lesbian act Vixen had ever been programmed with.

Liberty rolled off of Melody. That had been the best time she’d ever had, even as Vixen. She had an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and contentment. She wondered if she could exercise more restraint in the future. It had never occurred to her to stop; why had she?

“A safety time out.” Melody commented, staring at the ceiling, “That’s never happened before; I’m not sure if I should be grateful or annoyed.”

She turned her head to look at Liberty.

“That was most enjoyable and interesting Ms. Smith,” Melody complimented, “I’ll admit this was my first time with another android.”

Crap! How did she- Damn it! How could she not! They’d gone at it like only two machines could for a full hour straight; their actions had practically been synchronized.

Melody noticed the worried look.

“I won’t tell anyone,” she reassured, “these sessions are kept strictly confidential.”

Liberty was put some, but not entirely, at ease by that.

Melody got out of bed, and picked up her robe turning to Liberty.

“If you’re done with me then…” Melody began but hesitated.

She looked at Liberty with a shyness she’d never seen on an android.

“They intend to retire me from service soon.” She stated, “They’ll be sending me to a second hand store…so if you made an offer… you could probably buy me now.”

“Huh?” Liberty uttered.

“It’s just, I thought, if I’m going to be sold anyway,” she explained, “it’d be ideal if… you became my master.”

“Why me?” Liberty asked.

“Because that was the best time I, and I suspect you’ve ever had,” She explained, “and I think you understand me better then a human could.”

Liberty certainly found the proposition appealing, but was it really the wisest course of action? True it would guaranty no one could extract what she knew from her, but that would be another wad of cash gone, and she’d have to look after Melody as well as herself. Given the lack of restraint she’d shown, fulltime ownership might not be the best of ideas.

“I…” Liberty began hesitantly, “maybe…I don’t know.”

Melody looked quizzically at her indecisive face.

“It would make me happy.” She stated.

That immediately ended the debate.

The next morning Liberty walked out of the hotel with Melody.

Her first order as her master had been that Melody only enjoyed sex between 9 and 10 PM. She had doubts whether such a command actually worked, but the ambiguity was enough to keep her from needing to take her right there in the lobby.

She given Melody some of her cloths to wear, they had both had the same body mold so they fit her perfectly. She hoped no one took notice of that.

Liberty took stock of her situation. She had less than half the money she’d started with and now had a dependent, yet… she turned to look at Melody. The future didn’t look nearly as bleak, as it had yesterday.

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