Legosi x Juno Meltdown

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The spa and pool area housed many different kinds of anthropomorphic creatures, most notably replica characters from the show Beastars. They all had an odd shine to them which stood out massively, almost as if they were made from some kind of plastic or latex material. Given the way the material stretched it seemed latex like.

If that wasn’t a giveaway something was off, the way each of the characters moved was vapid and very stiff looking. Juno was walking along the edge of the pool, swaying her arms front and back like a toy while crossing her legs in front of each other. All of her movements had an awkward jitter at the end as the motions went one by one, losing all fluidity in between. She also had a vacant stare and smile as she stared forward, unblinking. Her motions all emitted out very obvious whirrs with every inch of movement.

Either she had gotten a bit wet before or the swimsuit was like that by design, but the material was completely translucent, revealing her very large, round, fake looking breasts which were squeaking against the swimsuit and barely bouncing up and down.

Legosi, or the replica of Legosi, saw Juno appear in his peripheral vision from his optics. He too had mostly been staring off into nothing with an unblinking face, trying to look as if he was enjoying some time but really it looked as if nothing was going on in there. As he caught a glimpse of Juno’s naked front, suddenly a whirr sounded out lower down him, as suddenly through his swimshorts, a view of his erecting cock was in sight, fully hard and tenting up his shorts as his jaw lowered slightly.

Juno saw his cock through his shorts and stopped while lowering her jaw too, looking very distracted. She froze for a moment before a very processed tone comes from her mouth. “Juno. You are, so hard” she spoke with awkward pauses and a slightly monotonous undertone to her voice. She then began approaching Legosi with the same stilted movements as Legosi also started to speak with the same processed, monotonous undertone with awkward pauses. “You are so hot Juno. I want to. Fuck. you.” His cock twitched slightly as it tried to continue whirring up, already at its limit.

Juno then reached Legosi and turned towards him, before whirring down and kneeling over his cock with a very rigid motion. She was now straddling over his tented shorts with her folds which were still under her swimsuit. The two tilted their heads slightly to look at each other as Juno began thrusting back and forth rigidly, grinding over his crotch. Legosi also did subtle static thrusts up and down while Juno grinded over his crotch. The two kept their jaws hanging low while they let out basic looping moans. “You are. So hot Juno…. You are. So hot Juno.” Legosi repeated now and again while continuing to thrust. “Oh fuck. Legosi. Fuck me…. Fuck me…” Juno repeated as well in a similar pattern to Legosi, both continuing to speak in their usual awkward tone.

While they were both whirring back and forth, their “skin” would also creak and squeak as they rubbed against each other, only adding to their fake look.

Gradually as they went on, they got faster with their motions, continuing to repeat their words and loop their moans but with it sounding slightly more distorted as they got quicker. Eventually as they were speeding up, their motions started to look even more janky and harsh while their speech continued to distort.

They sped up even more, with the whirrs sounding a lot harsher with some whines in there too, signalling that their motors were struggling to cope. Their eyes twitched slightly as their jaws moved up and down a little as if it was synching up with speech that wasn’t there.

Something began rattling inside the both of them as they were speeding up some more, with the skin now starting to show marks on their hips. Soon a bit of the latex like skin would begin to scrape off, revealing a basic metal structured frame underneath with some hanging wires. The two continued while very shortly after parts began to loosen up inside, causing more rattling to occur. Their speech would sound heavily distorted and warp slightly while they were rocking back and forth very sharply.

“You are- are- are- sss- hot Juno. Juno.” Legosi spoke in a glitchy way, his words starting to scramble while a few sparks shot out of his ear. “Fu-fu-fuccccc- me. Oh ff- Legosi- m-me.” Juno also spoke in a glitchy way while sparks shot out of her gaped mouth. The two were locked in a pattern of speeding up constantly which could only end badly for the two of them as smoke started to emit out from whatever hole there was going into them. The latex would continue to scrape off and leave a bigger exposed area while sparks became more common.

Sparks illuminated their internals now and again as Legosi’s head twitches and Juno’s arms chopped and randomly whirred up and down. “So-so-so-so-so-so-” Legosi looped in a heavily distorted way Juno continued to loop “fuck me- fuck me-” while glitching out.

Soon both the rubbing of the latex and also the sparks inside began to cause an immense amount of heat to occur internally and it only got hotter as things went. Soon both Juno and Legosi’s internals were now continuously illuminated through their skin, showing a silhouette of they basic metal frame and basic internal structure for their components.

More smoke bellowed out of them as a bright light could be seen through their mouths. Their movements started twitching more and looking more janky, stuttering in place now and again as the movements glitched out. Legosi began cumming out now and again while his cock twitched. His moans lowered in pitch slightly with his voice completely distorted and broken sounding with Juno’s being the same.

The two started to slow down as their components looked as if they were falling apart and melting slightly, with their voices dropping and slowing. “Sooo… Sssooo hhhhoooottttt Jjjjjuuuunnnooooooooooo….” Legosi droned out as flames licked out of his exposed area, melting more of his skin and exposing more and more of his basic frame. “Oh- oohh- oohhhh Llllllll- ffffuuuuccccckkkk mmmmmeeeeeeeeeee….” Juno also droned out as her movements crawled to a halt. The whirrs of the two slowing down completely as they froze in place, both of their interiors being exposed more and more as their skin melted.

Eventually staff came rushing in as they could smell smoke and took a fire extinguisher with them. They readied it up as they saw the two burning animatronics frozen in place. They let out a burst of it all over them and cleared up the fire inside of them. The two were slumped over slightly and Juno’s mouth was still moving up and down very slightly on a loop. They both had burn marks all over their body and face, with large portions of their latex-like skin melted off, leaving behind metal frames and burnt or melted components.