Law & Order SVU TNG - Cops Get Religion

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"Lazy Maisie" made her haphazard way down towards her car in the vast shopping outlet's parking lot, when she was jumped by a worthless slug out for the first quick personal-fix of his day.

High noon was the perfect strike-time, in the mind of our antagonist. He'd been quite active recently, always striving to push the envelope under the cover of night, and he NEVER got caught!!! Lazy Maisie was his crowning glory - he'd give her the usual fuck-and-run {hey, she ALWAYS dressed like that, so she obviously deserves SOMETHING}, and proclaim himself a new God, for having done so in daylight for the first time AND remaining uncaught!!!

His joyously savage pounce on Maisie was THE last positive sensation he felt in this world; and when his manhood achieved full penetration, he was suddenly gifted with the "reward" for his violent attempts at self-gratification at the heedless expense of others. Far from being a mere target, Maisie was more accurately a new law-enforcement religion - of zero tolerance, fully incarnate at last.

Her female orifice the thug manged to violently enter did not shudder or throb - it sliced and diced the foreign object detected by her sensors, which stunned the aggressor for an important moment before the actual pain of his situation kicked in. The Rapist had been caught, tried, convicted, and sentenced in one fell swoop - and his pain was only beginning.

Looking up at his triumph-turned-nightmare, while trying not to see her short dress, boots and slightly damp complexion that turned him on so, he was nonetheless met with the last, worst, and most horrifying example about how his seemigly harmless "predilections" might come home to roost in a nasty way.

"I am Officer Hardgood-Day, and you are under arrest for rape, assaulting an officer.............." He was tuning out as she Mirandized him, but he sat up ramrod straight and really FELT something for the first time in many moons, when his captor bent down to kiss him - and then grasped her face and pulled it free, to reveal her true nature as a mere machine.

Albeit one devised under enough wisdom to overcome ALL obstacles in her path to justice, which was her true beauty. She wasn't designed by some committee; she was manufactured as a specific solution to a specific need. Period. And her entire design worked perfectly the first time out - raping a virigin was almost too obvious, but female robot Officer "Lazy-Maisie" Hardgood-Day proved how easy HER job could be, if given carte-blanche................

Outsmarted by an impossible DREAM???


Blue-State Jurisdiction, after all - the Red side is for "others".........

DUM ~ DUM!!!!

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