Late Night Maintenance

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It has been a long day and you are off to bed. Despite my best efforts to entice you, you are simply too tired. You turn towards the bed when out of the corner of your eyes you see me pick up your remote. I press a button on it and your personality slowly fades toward the background. You are still dimly aware of your body's need for rest, but the feeling isn't so strong. You snap up straight, tall and erect. Your mind becomes focused and open. With almost no thought, your mouth opens and you report:

"Calahan Pleasure Systems 2000 Model Alpha Online. Designation: "Kimbot." System status narration enabled. Personality mode disabled. Fembot mode enabled. Voice command mode enabled. Pleasure units online. Kimbot awaits input, master."

I look over your body and salivate slightly. You are so hot and sexy, like you were built for nothing but pleasure. I run my hand down the small of your back and inside your pants, feeling the satin underwear covering your ass. I withdraw my hand and slap it loudly.

"Stimulation detected. Arousal increased by 2%. Mmmm. Yes, master. Lubricant pumps warming up."

I slide both my hands inside your panties and start massaging your ass cheeks and the back of your legs.

"Increased stimulation. Arousal increased by 4%. Mmmm."

You start to shudder slightly.

"Involuntary muscle stimulation detected. Lubricant resevoir filling."

My hands slide around to your front, gently massaging your pelvis from just below your tummy to just above your cunt. My fingertips delicately touching your skin, giving you goose bumps. You shake slightly.

"Tremble ratio increased. Body temperature increased. Arousal increased by 15%. Yes master, please touch me."

I slide my hands out from your underwear and take a step back. I order you to undress to your underwear.

"Obedience levels at maximum, Kimbot must obey. Kimbot must please master."

Your movements are slow, jerky and mechanical. You take off your night shirt and your pants and drop them on the floor without regard. You return to an erect position of attention. You stand motionless, with the exception of your eyes which dart toward the bed momentarily in anticipation. I tell you to assume lower maintenance position.

"Assuming lower maintenance position. Kimbot is programmed to obey your orders master."

In your jerky robotic way you climb onto the bed on your hands and knees. You spread your legs as far as you can and bend down so that your ass is up in the air and your cunt is exposed from behind. You are suddenly aware of me kissing your cunt from behind. My lips tease yours through your underwear before embracing your cunt in a deep, long, wet kiss. You struggle to maintain position while my tongue pushes against the satin fabric over your clit. My hands reach to your perfect breasts, held erect by a lacy bra. My fingers manipulate your nipples gently.

"Stimulation increas- Arousal increased 58%. Clitoris-mmmm stimulated. Oh master, please continue stimulating-stimulating-stimulating-obey-obey master-must obey master-Kimbot must obey master. Lubrication system engaged. Lubricating pleasure unit. I am ex-ex-experiencing system mal-malfunc-tions. I am sexy. I am-must obey. I am irresistable. Calahan Pleasure Systems 2000 Online. I am programmed to maximize my sexual pleasure."

I continue licking, you reach back and adjust your panties so my tongue makes direct contact with your cunt. I dig deep inside, lapping up your juices.

"Ohhhhhhhh yes. I am programmed to fuck. You must fuck me. Mmmmmm. System malfunction. Overheat. You must obey Kimbot."

You roll over and rip off your underwear. With robot strength you pull me on top of you and pull my cock inside your awaiting cunt.

"Cock detected. Analyzing. Suitable dimensions to initiate orgasm. Mmmmm. Fuck me. I must be pleasured. Kimbot must be obeyed. Only your cock can satisfy my vagina. Reading Cock. Oh yes! Optimizing vagina for master's cock. Ohhhh, ohhh. Warning! Lubrication-lub-lub-fuck me-lubrication and coolant leak detected. Vagina system overload. Clitoris stimulated beyond maximum levels. Releasing pleasure waves over all circuits. Initiate emergency orgasm prograaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm Oh! yes. Fuck me hard! Mmmmmmm. Cock stimulation increased to maximum."

I cum hard inside you as your juices lubricate my cock.

"Oh God! Oh! Mmmmmmm. Ejaculation detected. Oh yes master! Cum inside your Kimbot. Only I can satisfy you. Only Kimberly can take care of you! mmmmm.... Critical System error. System reboot...

"Good night honey, mmmmmm I love you."

I love you too sweetie.


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