Kristenbot Gets Married

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Kristenbot Gets Married

We meet Kristen years later inside KLAB's room 3. She's suspended, hanging by her underarms, legs in holsters, and situated veritcally. It's customary for this sort of procedure. Her thoractic cavity is wide open, the electronics behind her chest whirring, buzzing, and blinking. She's got a high-volume data cord plugged directly into her main CPU. Kristen's face stares blankly forward into space, her memory banks processing bit after bit of information at lightning speed. She's downloading her "wife" software. Fully upgrading to a KLAB Companion Unit, she is undergoing an upgrade to her logic to be more nuturing and caring, as well as some new sexual software patches. While her breasts are facing out in opposite directions, Kristen's abdomen and lower back covering are also completly off, revealing wires, motors, and her ever-precious FemCum resoivors that were currently being repenished. There were also spaces inside of her lower torso for extra battery packs. She would need these to hold a charge longer for her upcoming big day, as well as wifely duties. After years of sleeping around, Kristen had settled down with a young man, Alex, who doesn't want kids (she can't have any anyway) and isn't against Kristen engaging in relationships with other women...particularly the few times he had joined in. Alex, however, has no idea Kristen is an ultra-realistc female android.

Back in room 3, the woman technicians were almost finished installing the extra battery packs inside Kristen's robot body. They each add just under 10 pounds each, and are not small. In fact, Kristen's abdomen covering will have to be swapped out for a slightly bigger and barely-noticeable larger stomach panel. It's difficult for her to contain her exitement. Feeling intensely erotic, but not being able to move, a small drip from her plastic vagina fell from her pussy lips. Fortunately under her spread, dangling legs there is a swatch of paper to catch the leaking lubricant. One technician fastened the artifical skin making up Kristen's lower back onto her torso, while the other stretches the flexible silicone abdominal panel on in front. Her data download had finished and she was unplugged from the mainframe. The lead tech lowered Kristen to the floor, her feet extending to the floor to stand upright. The other tech typed in the command to close her massive chest panels. Together they whirred, until sealing shut. The small chest interface panel above her heaving DD-cup breasts closed and she snapped to life. "Thank you ladies!" Kristen beamed. She got dressed in her skimpy black bra, lace panties, tank top, and jeans and left for the bridal shop.

Shortly after, Kristen arrived at Vanessa's Bridal and Corest Shop 4 towns over. Her bridesmaids Kayley, Nia, and Marissa met her there. They, of course, are also KLAB androids. However, they would never betray Kristen's trust and reveal to Alex her robotic nature. That's why they went so out of the way to this small store. "Hi Kristen!! OMG you look fantastic already," Kayley shouted, "So good to seeeee you!" They all hugged. "Now let's do this," they agreed. The robotic women strolled through the place. Ooinh and Aahing at dresses here and there, they finally settled on a few. They also picked a sexy white bridal corset, size 38DD for her artificial body. Kristen threw off her tank top, bra, and jeans as her friends helped her strap the corset on. They brought it around her bust, then snapped and zipped it shut. It really accentuated Kristen's already voluptuous hourglass frame. "Mmm Alex is going to want you soooo bad on your wedding night," Marissa winked. "Yea," said Nia, "You think your systems can handle a night like that??" "Sure thing," Kristen grinned, "Now where is that first dress? Ah yes, the one with the sexy red lace up back, let's see that," Kristen said. Her bridesmaids helped her pull it over her head, past her shoulders, and onto her body. She flung her long brown hair out from the back. Kayley tied her up and jumped around in front to look. "Gorgeous! But let's see it with your chest interface and upper back panels open..." Kayley said. "Ok sure," Kristen replied as they simultaneously whirred up into her breastplate and nape of her neck respectively. "What do you think?" Kristenbot asked as she stood to attention, looking herself over in the mirror.


"Mmmm I like, I like," Kayley said, what do you think girls? "It's...ok" "Yea, pretty but not crazy about it," the others agreed. "Keep it for the 'maybe' pile." "Ok, wellll, how about the one with the sequins? Kristen suggested. "Sure!" the fembots exclaimed. They helped to peel Kristen out of the first dress, exposing her white corset holding back her massive tits. Once they got the second dress on, they girls stood back.


"Maybeeeee, like, take your faceplate off too??" Kayley suggests. Kristen's face goes blank as she reaches up under her chin, as her face pops out slightly, she pulls it away by her chin in the middle of the bridal shop. Her facial electronics glisten in the light, big green eyes staring outward. There is no mistaking that Kristen is a robot. A humanoid machine built in a lab.


"Looking good guuurrrrl," Nia exclaimed. "Ow ow, hot!" the others shouted." They liked Kristen showing off her artificial nature. But they had to get down to business. Playtime could come later. They all agreed this one was fine too, but had one more to try on. The final dress the ladies chose was a sensible white gown with a suggestive red ribbon across Kristen's lower bust, tying in the back. With Kristen's faceplate still removed, she stood robotically still with her arms at her sides as the bridesmaids assessed the dress.


"YES girl, this is it! You are gonna WOW them in this," the bridesmaids said. "You think so?? You think this will impress Alex and his family?" Kristen asked, as her robot face looked to her android friends. They nodded in agreement. "Check please!"

A few months later, Kristenbot's big day was finally here. She was going to marry the man of her dreams, despite her being a female android replicant and him not suspecting a thing. People were filing in for the outdoor wedding on a beautiful afternoon. The guests up of Kristen's family and other KLAB droids the lab had supplied to fill out the crowd on the bride's side. Of course the groom's family and friends were there. Kristen and her robotic bridesmaids were up in a private and locked room overlooking the scene, but could not be seen from down below. The faceless fembot was wearing only white pumps on her feet, a sexy bridal garter around one thigh, and her white corset. The boning straining against her silicon skin, breasts protruding out the top.


She pulled up a tiny little white thong that went right up the crack of her sizable backside. There the fembot stood in the middle of the quaint room, up on a riser. The Marissa droid was busy with Kristen's faceplate, applying some sensible makeup. The facial covering lay on a mount while Marissa applied foundation, then eye liner, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. Nia was situated behind Kristen's faceless head, combing through her lusciously long brown hair. The bridesmaids were also in their bridal lingerie, however Nia hadn't located her panties yet. Kristenbot remained still, watching herself in the full-length mirror as her android friends dolled her up. Marissa finally came over to snap her face back on. *FACIAL PANEL SUCCESSFULLY RECONNECTED* as small note flashed before Kristen's vision. Regaining control of her facial expressions, she smiled to Marissa, "Thank you love, such a great job!" "Oh your lips look stunningly glossy. I just want to kiss them...," The blonde Kayley robot admitted. Just then she laid a long, sensual kiss onto Kristen's lips. Kristen kissed back while her arms remained at her sides. Their two tongues met and twirled together, getting more passionate by the second. Nia had ceased to comb Kristen's hair and had reached around to cup Kristen's tits, confined by her corset. They lead her down to an oversized chair, where they sat the bride-to-be down. Kayley proceded to suck and lick Kristen's neck, careful not to smudge Kristen's expert makeup job. Nia and Marissa were taking turns eating and fingering Kristen's wet pussy. Nia would nibble at the realistic vagina's lips, then go in for a few quick licks, repeating the procedure several times. Kristenbot was in ecstasy. Marissa fingered herself as well as Kristen's snatch. Kayley was fondling Kristen's breasts. Kristen's robot friends were giving her quite the sendoff. Marissa had assumed the position between Kristen's legs and inserted her tongue into the android's love hole. Marissa's mechanical tongue began to vibrate inside of Kristen's vagina, driving the fembot absoutely wild. She bucked her hips up as the girls struggled to contain her spasming body. Nia took a position behind Marissa, and began to eat her out, face buried in Marissa's ass cheeks. Muffled moans filled the room. As the lesbian robots pleasured each other Kristenbot executed climax after climax. She was careful not to expend too much lubrication fluid, since she'd need her reserves for her big night ahead with her new husband. The fembots finished up, came to, and remained getting dressed. The ladies stepped into their bridesmaids dresses and helped Kristen into her beautiful white wedding gown. She put her arms up as the girls pulled it on. Nia was now braiding Kristen's brunette locks and the others were doing a final makeup check. Kayley opened the door to the hall and whispered out, "We're ready."

The women strode out to the patio one by one, as guests looked on. Filing down, they took their place in front. Then the music came, here comes the bride. The stunningly gorgeous Kristen android emerged from the shadows as the crowd fawned. She glided down the aisle to meet Alex as they procedeed with the ceremony. Alex tried to control his overwhelming emotions as Kristen smiled ear to rubber ear. "I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride," the officiator said at the end. Alex leaned in for a sensual but short kiss as they went back down the aisle to a cheering crowd. The reception had started a little later, and everyone was dancing and drinking. Kristen and other KLAB droids were equipped with a small, disposable food/liquid reservoir that could be taken out. She was free to "drink" and "eat" acting tipsier and tipsier as the evening progressed. Her batteries were doing their jobs, as her memory banks filled with high-definition video of the whole event. Hours later, everyone had called it a night. Kristen and Alex stumbled to their hotel room. "I'm going to give you the best night of your life, new hubby!" Kristen purposefully slurred. Her processors were calculating human emulation as well as acting drunk, which taxed her systems just a bit more than usual. The night went on, however, and they got to their king-sized suite. Kristen playfully shoved Alex to the bed. "Um, honey...can you,...think you can help me out of my dress?" "Haha sure," he said, untying her gown. "You are so hot, I'm so glad to have married you. You're like the perfect woman," he swooned. "Aw thank you baby," she replied as she turned around to strip out of her dress. She slid it down her body slowly as Alex looked on, disrobing as well and growing more erect by the second. "I know I'm hot. I'm so glad to have married you too," she growled. She slowly undid her corset, breasts spilling out. She cupped them and seductively bit her lip. "You want me?" she asked. "Oh yes!" Alex smiled, "come here!" Kristen dove onto the bed and mounted Alex's naked body. She rubbed her moist lips on his hard cock, and suddenly slipped it inside of her. "YESSS OH GOD" they both exclaimed. She slowly began to ride him, up and down. Her breasts jiggled more and more the harder she grinded. "Oh baby, you are SO hard," she yelled. "You're so wet, I LOVE how wet you get," Alex moaned. Kristen's sexual systems were working at full capacity. Her body's motors were straining as they moved her up and down, up and down. Generating heat, she monitored her core temperature as she rode her new husband. "Nnnnnn yes, mmmm baby, uhh,..." sexual noises filled their wedding suite. Her synthetic vagina took his cock, dispensing lubrication fluid as needed. She was reaching her processing power and heat limits as he blew his load inside of his robotic bride. "Ohhhhmmmm yesssss that feels so good!" he exclaimed. He finished up as Kristen slowed her momentum, coming to a stop on top of him. She bent down to give him a hot, breathy kiss, expelling heat from her insides. Kristen's A.I. anticipated what Alex would utter next. "I love you," they both romantically said in unison.

Months of marital bliss followed their unforgettable day. He would go off to work in the morning, she would sit motionless all day plugged in and charging. Alex had never even come close to suspecting a thing. Every once in a while she would run self-pleasure routines just for her own entertainment. One particular day she was lying in bed, main abdominal panel open and plugged in charging. As she neared a full battery, she was scheduled to run a pelvic inspection. After months of vigorous newlywed sex, she needed to be sure her vaginal unit was performing as it should and remaining water-tight. Laying naked, spread eagle, she commanded her pubic panel open. *zzzzz* it whirred up inside of her. LED lights shined out, mostly green and yellow, indicating nominal operation.


She rested her thumb on the bottom of the opening just above her clit and proceeded to penetrate herself with her middle and ring finger. She peered inside her open pubic panel. She moved her fingers inside around her, watching and inspecting the flexible tubing that made up the inside of her human-like vaginal workings. She strained to reach deeper inside herself, craning her head forward. Her big tits squeezed together and she hit just about every sensor inside of her. After just about fisting herself, the tubing of her vaginal walls showed no signs of leakage. So Kristen pulled her fingers out and automatically brought them to her mouth where she sucked the fluid off. Still plugged in but just about done charging, she ran her hand through her hair, gently tugging at it. Her left hand then delved down to her nether regions.


Her synthetic pussy grew wetter and wetter, shining in the dim light. She unplugged the power cord from deep inside of her open abdominal panel and tossed it aside. She caressed her curvaceous body up and down, grabbing her sizable breasts and rubbing the outside of her vagina. She then reached up with her free and as her faceplate ejected. She took it off of her head unit, turned it around, and rubbed her own face on her muff. Her face's lips met her pussy's lips, her semi-rigid nose ground up against her stiffening clitoris. FemCum oozed down the fluid hose out through her gaping pussy. She slowly took her own face from her crotch and watched the sticky liquid string from her own detached face. She set it aside, grabbed her sizable left breast, and madly fingered herself.


She had a few amazing artificial orgasms and was going for more. Just then she heard the front door close shut. "Honey? You here?" Alex shouted. "Oh, yes dear! Just putting my face on!" came from the speaker in her head as she perked up to listen. She withdrew her fingers, quickly closed her open access panels and scrambled to find her faceplate. She heard him coming down the hall. "I figured I'd come meet you at home for lunch, I was in the neighborhood and...."

Now one of two things could have happened here. Either she gets her faceplate on in time, but is still discovered to be masturbating in the middle of the day. That could lead to some coy foreplay and eventually passionate lovemaking where he spreads her creamy legs and slowly enters her already warmed-up pussy. He could continue to live on in ignorant bliss about his wife being a completely artificial woman.

Or he could have been a second too early, seen his new bride in all of her robotic nature. Her face exposed, his heart pounding, wondering if it's real life. You decide. However, I'll leave you with this one thought: who knows, you could be dating or married to a robot.

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