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The original Kristenbot, KLAB model #198-20 is driving to an unassuming building in an unassuming suburb of an unassuming city. She is heading to a lab owned by Abyss Creation's Realbotix. Kristen's likeness has been selected to be replicated as an all-new model: the Kristenbot 1e. A joint venture between Abyss and KLAB, secret development and testing has been occurring for the past few years now. An unveiling ceremony to shareholders looms, so it's crunch time. Kristen has been summoned to this lab just about every week to participate in important sexual testing with the new android. As Kristenbot #198-20 nears her destination anticipating the next round of tests, coupled with the vibration from the highway, her panties moisten with her own supply of scented FemCum lubrication from her flawless vaginal lips.

Model #198-20 was admittedly becoming outdated. While KLAB could compete with most sex robot manufacturers in terms of realism and performance, other features of their latest line of fembots were lacking. For example, facial movement technology has advanced exponentially in the last decade, along with increased battery and memory capacities. Realbotix plans to make the 1e model's artificial intelligence as enhanced as ever. CEO Matt McMullen wants to add realistic sexual responses by utilizing internal heating, better mouth lubrication and a more responsive vaginal unit, able to constrict and spasm. They have also been developing an even-more human-like silicon polymer that will bounce, jiggle, and heat like a real woman's skin. With the expansive facilities, R&D capabilities, and workforce, it was a no-brainer for KLAB to team up with Abyss's Realbotix division, who drew from their existing sex robot technology. The long-term plan is to develop the 1e model to be mass-produced for various uses as sales, secretary, and hostess androids. Kristenbot volunteered her likeness for the initial prototype and demo units. Realbotix will replicate model #198-20 exactly and utilize KLAB's FemCum vaginal lubrication system. Under the agreement, KLAB has signed over Kristen's likeness to Abyss Creations. With it comes the original design renderings, manufacturing equipment including molds and 3D printer templates. This will enable Realbotix to exactly replicate Kristen's face, body shape, subtle skin appearance characteristics, even the minute details of her original vaginal unit. They will also totally re-design the head module, incorporating an independent lubrication system for mouth lubrication and suction. Originally dubbed Model #198-20-2 in the early design and build stages, the new head module was rigorously tested in different capacities. One lab concentrated on lubrication and suction for both male and female genitalia. Fluid hoses littered the scene, supplying synthetic vaginal lubricant, semen, and saliva to various workstations. The Kristenbot 1e's head unit will now be tested to evaluate how it handles deep-throating a fairly large penis as well as swallowing efficiency. Supplied with ample saliva, Kristenbot 1e's disembodied head bobs up and down, her expressionless face focusing on nothing as her mouth does all the work. The sensitive synthetic member sends back massive amounts of feedback from its position in and out of the fembot's mouth. Increasingly fast whirring and sucking sounds fill the lab. The lips contact, throat muscles massage, and maintain near-constant suction while lubrication trickles down the hose trailing Kristen's head, followed by white torrents of fluid mimicking a sudden, explosive male orgasm. Audible slurping is heard as the head continues its fervent pace gulping the liquids down. The throat "swallows" the synthetic jizz as the head unit winds down her sucking motion. It crudely lets the plastic penis go, mouth stuck in an "o" shape awaiting the next round. Some fluid manages to drip down out of her gaping mouth, down her chin, and onto the lab floor. Final fluid management tests will take place weeks from now. Meanwhile, another Kristenbot 1e head unit behind sits idly by waiting to proceed with an oral vaginal stimulation test. This session will involve more-precise mouth suction coupled with tongue stimulation. The head unit will supply a similar amount of saliva but utilize a different software set to gently stimulate the plastic piece of female genitalia installed on the nearby stand. The faceless head in the rear will get a covering for later rounds of similar sessions. Once these test phases are complete, the entire new software will be loaded onto a fully-built test model of Kristen where the entire lubrication and suction system can work under observation.

Another room at the lab focuses on facial expression realism and voice sync. Kristenbot's facial covering goes through round after round of pre-programmed expressions, able to be performed by tiny actuators behind her facial covering. The head unit is also designed for better accessibility with the ability to easily detach her hair and skull covering, should the need arise. This is especially important during early development when a component in her head needs to be re-engineered. Realbotix also saw the need to modernize the facial structure on their sex robots. Building off of the Harmony/Solana head, the 1e will share a similar structure but incorporate a multitude of smaller motors behind the face. This scene shows the workstation used to test all aspects of the new design. Kristen's face is slack now but will cycle through randomly-generated human emotions: polite smiling, disgust, horror, confusion, amazement, lust, etc. as well as various orgasm sequences. The tiny motors behind her synthetic face are somewhat audible now, but once the rest of her synthetic skin is applied at final assembly, it will not be detectable by human ears. A few bays down we find Kristenbot's head unit in a different phase of assembly and testing altogether. Here, the most-recent expression software is loaded and voice synchronization is focused upon. The rendering of her face on the tablet screen will soon speak coherent sentences as well as random words to gauge the timing between facial motor movement and voice between it and the rubberized silicone face. A duplicate head unit tongues another head unit under development so R&D can research how their slippery tongues interact. Kristen's eyes stare blankly as she licks at the other robot's faceplate, though no lubricant is supplied at this stage. Much of these tongue movements will be utilized in the still-under-development vaginal oral sex package new to Kristenbot 1e. Along with precisely pre-programmed sets of oral methods to please any female sexually, the new suction ability greatly enhances clitoral stimulation. Being able to gently suck on the clit leads to greater orgasm and ladies go wild for it, whether they be human or machine. This capability will come into play later.

For now, Matt McMullen grants an almost all-access interview. In a rare look inside this portion of the Realbotix lab, Mr. McMullen takes a completed Kristenbot 1e demo unit , removes her wig, and grabs her head unit. His tattoed hands peel back her skin-colored but still artificial-looking scalp. He places the rounded piece of synthetic skin to the side and motions the camera to pan around the robot's head unit, peering into its inner workings. The Kristenbot 1e demo unit stands idly by as the film-makers reveal Kristen for who she really is, an ultra-sophisticated sex robot that will have the perfect likeness and personality of a human woman. Her faceplate design differs from the other Realbotix girls in that you can remove the entire covering, ears and all, but there is also an option to just remove the main facial portion for easier access and no need to remove the wig. Mr. McMullen demonstrates the ease in which the whole facial covering can be removed. McMullen then gives even further access by removing the plastic covering, going into greater detail on his proprietary head unit design for the new Kristenbot 1e line of fembots. The cameras give a close-up of the dichotomy of warm human empathy to cold still metal and plastic, as Kristenbot 1e emotionlessly complies with any and all commands.

Later, in another intimate interview, CEO Matt McMullen once again demonstrates the mechanics in Kristenbot 1e's new head unit. He starts with her faceless head, robotics exposed, then grabs her flimsy rubberized faceplate and secures it to the head. The actuators make contact with the back of the faceplate and the connection is successful. The familiar face of Kristen smiles a bit just before McMullen pulls his hands away. Kristenbot 1e continues to blankly stare as her still-exposed machinery is described in detail. Status lights flicker through the plastic. "And as you can see," Matt goes on to say, "she is very attentive. Give me a blowjob, Kristenbot", Matt bluntly commands. "Yes Mr. McMullen," Kristen mindlessly says, proceeding to lower herself to the man's crotch. Hurriedly the reporting crew is ushered out of the room as Matt sits back about to receive a wildly sloppy blowjob from his new robotic creation. Behind closed doors now, the scalpless female android is programmed to unzip his fly, playfully look up, then close her eyes and go in mouth first on his cock. She extends her tongue to gently lick his semi-erect penis. Enclosing it in her mouth, she begins her saliva supply, pumping from deep within her mechanical body. She moans as Matt feels the vibration of her synthesized voice on his most-sensitive part. He is rock hard almost immediately as she begins to slowly pump away with her head and neck, increasing her rhythm ever so slowly. Her synthetic spit starts to dribble a bit, as she extends a hand to surround Mr. McMullen's shaft, massaging his sex organ and she rotates her tongue around his tip. Periodically deep-throating the hard member and simulating a bit of a stutter as she "chokes" a bit, her neck increases its calculated convulsions. Her eyes meet his as he peers back into her robotic head. He almost can't believe the realness as status lights flicker blink faster and faster. A machine resembling a human woman is about to make him cum. Still holding his cock in one hand, her saliva drips down to her elbow, slupring away until finally his semen rockets into the back of the android's mouth. Her systems immediately activate suction as she swallows his hot load, Mr. McMullen satisfyingly grunting skyward, then smiles down at his creation.

We return to Kristenbot #198-20, operating system and AI working as well as can be after many years of use. The fembot parks her car, grabs her purse, and struts into the unmarked testing lab of Realbotix. "Hi Carol," Kristen routinely says to the receptionist. "Back so soon, Kristen," Carol plays along. "Yeah yeah, they are really testing me...well the 'new' me hard in there these days. Hey, it's not the worst thing in the world," Kristen winks. "I don't blame ya. Same deal as always, honey..." Carol gestures down the hallway. Kristen walks to a changing room and hangs up her purse. She then kicks off her athletic shoes and begins to unbutton her black work pants. She peels them down her legs and takes them off, along with her socks. Next she pulls her red polo shirt over her head to reveal a slightly worn-looking beige bra along with skin-tight and skin-colored panties which have been riding up her crack the whole trip. Despite being a well-maintained machine, the mundane "attitude" her KLAB-programmed AI is evident. She unhooks the large bra in the back and rolls her panties down, casually placing them on a bench. Naked, she reaches back to take the bun out of her hair and shakes it out, causing her big 38DDDs to jiggle just a bit. She then opens the door and turns to the right, further down the hallway, her synthetic padding bouncing naturally as she walks.

When she steps onto the main testing floor, she is greeted by the fully-built Kristenbot 1e demo unit (that looks exactly like her) on a slightly-elevated platform on all fours sucking on a dildo being rammed down her throat on the end of a metal rod, testing her deep-throating function. The 1e has been in the bay all morning and is hooked up to the ceiling via her open back panel, with a supply of fresh lubrication fluid, power, and a real-time data uplink. Her gaping pussy glistens under the harsh lights in the room as her massive tits sway rhythmically back and forth. #198-20 watches as her own likeness is about to be entered from behind by another dildo on a cold metal extender. 1e has previously gone through tests where she is on her back being penetrated vaginally by the same dildo on the extender, only to have another build of her very own lower half, legs, pelvic unit, and sizeable derriere lowered onto her face so she could be tested being drilled as well as giving cunnilingus simultaneously, both entities with wires and hoses extending up into the ceiling. Today's test with #198-20 would be somewhat similar. "Hello Kristen, come on over," "Hey Frank!" the #198-20 model of Kristen cheerfully waves. "Ok so today we're going to start with you on top for a 69, just open your back panel as usual and we can get started," Frank says. Kristenbot #198-20 turns away, exposing her naked back as the panel between her shoulder blades recedes up into her body. She had come to this very testing lab many times before, although her memory does not quite recall exactly how many. Some of the sessions seem to run together. Frank plugs in a cord to check her diagnostics. As this happens #198-20 watches as the 1e is now sucking on a synthetic cock as she takes it from behind in her soaked pussy. Muffled moans and screams accompanied by hydraulic thrusting fill the room, along with the familiar female scent of her synthetic vaginal cream. This goes on for some time, #198-20 eagerly looking on. Her nipples harden and her own lubrication system comes online once again. Frank glances up from his monitors, 1e still being fucked hard at either end. "Alrighty, systems look good enough, lubrication level good, so as soon as this one finishes, you're up," he says. "Great!" the model #198-20 exclaims, eager to get started. The 1e squeals in delight as she is pleasured mechanically and methodically. Finally, the dildo is pulled from the 1e's mouth and she lets out a series of low grunts. Her tight vaginal unit takes every inch of the long plastic penis. She elevates her ass into the air and buries her head into the padded table while she experiences a screaming digital orgasm. #198-20 mythodcally takes her que and walks over to the platform as the rod that was pounding the 1e from behind pulls out of the android's sopping pussy. "Ok Kristen, let me just re-set her and we'll be ready to go. Let's start in a 69 with you on top and see where she wants to take it," Frank directs from behind his computer. Kristenbot 1e, taking commands via the physical data uplink, rearranges herself on the platform to be on her back. The small tangle of wires and tubes extending from her back falls neatly through a slot in the platform. The two identical-looking female robots formally greet each other as if it's a casual business meeting. But this is no normal meeting. Kristenbot #198-20 proceeds to mount Kristenbot 1e's face, placing her folds just above the waiting android's mouth. Kristenbot 1e, of course unfazed, stares directly at the sizable ass of #198-20's just inches in front of her. "Whenever you're ready," Frank's declaration echoes across the lab. Kristenbot #198-20 kneeling over the newly-built version of herself looks down at essentially her own waist and legs extending in front of her. She slowly bends down to the 1e's pubic region and locates the fembot's clit, her silicone breasts mashing against Kristenbot 1e's fembot body. She starts to lick at the raised nub, grasping 1e's legs for stability. Kristenbot 1e then proceeds to extend her own tongue into #198-20's moist cunt. Slowly they both lick at the outer folds of each's man-made labia, the two robots moan almost in unison. Frank, also unfazed, looks on at Kristenbot 1e's operating status. This test she is free to "act" however she wants, there are no routines loaded today. Two artificial lesbian twins are now 69ing inside of a robotics lab and it begins to sound like a porn video. Licking, slurping, moaning, cooing, the two fembots pleasure each other, driving their faces deeper and deeper into each others' lady parts. Kristenbot 1e gently nibbles at #198-20's vaginal lips as the latter laps up a version of her own snatch. 1e picks up her pace of licking her older counterpart, now employing her clit suction ability. Seconds later the Kristenbot #198-20 appears to stutter for a bit. Continuing to lick from above, #198-20 thinks nothing of it as she is enjoying being eaten out by a perfectly-programmed version of herself. Not 30 seconds later #198-20 hesitates again, then goes back to attempting to pleasure the 1e. Then, she stops her licking motion and picks her head up for a beat, staring blankly ahead, then back to the 1e's vaginal unit. Kristenbot 1e doesn't break her motion at all, relentlessly licking and sucking Kristenbot #198-20's wet and fragrant twat. Frank glances up, peering over his glasses that are reflecting his screen in front of him. By all accounts the 1e is performing as-designed, whereas he can tell that #198-20 is beginning to crash. Caught between eating box and lifting her head again, her processors are overwhelmed by the pleasure provided by the 1e's masterful tongue. Suddenly, Kristenbot #198-20 stops altogether, robotically uttering, "WARNING. INSUFFICIENT MEMORY TO...WARNING. INSUFFICIENT MEMORY TO...WARNING. INSUFFICIENT MEMORY TO...MALFUNCTION. CRITICAL ERROR IN SEXUAL SYSTEM CODE 4612. MALFUNCTION. CRITICAL ERROR IN SEXUAL SYSTEM CODE 4612. MALFUNCTION. CRITICAL ERROR IN SEXUAL SYSTEM CODE 4612." "Damn, 4612 again...," Frank says to himself. He then initiates a stop order to Kristenbot 1e. The flawless fembot pulls her face out of the nether regions of the malfunctioning #198-20, bathed in a sheen of creamy lubrication fluid, and lays back idly. Eventually, the malfunctioning Kristenbot ceases her robotic gibberish as pleasure levels recede. Her system recovers and personality programming takes over, still on all fours over her plastic lover. "Fuck, I'm so sorry Frank, it just felt so good and I," cut off mid sentence. "That's alright, not to worry, let's get you opened up and see what we can do," Frank says motioning her over. Kristenbot #198-20 dismounts from the platform and carefully walks over to Frank who leads her down the hall to the maintenance bay. There, she is put face up on a table and asked to open her chest as well as paplexus panels. Kristenbot #198-20's eyes unblinkingly face the ceiling as the lead technician in the room, already aware of the 4612 error, proceeds to disconnect Kristen's lower half to be carted away for inspection. Kristen's head and torso remain, her intimate robotics exposed by the opening where her waist once was. She is the plugged into the mainframe computer to review today's incident. Some time later, her upper half still lays there in stand-by, unmoving as the techs replay the short oral session. Alex, who had been texting his wife all day from home was growing just a bit frustrated that his bride had been MIA all day without any check-in. He decided to ring her cell phone. With Kristen unable to answer in her current state, the call is routed to the mainframe computer, to which she is currently connected to. The innate AI answers the call, "Hi honey," Kristen's synthesized voice sympathetically says. "Hey, how are you? I haven't heard from you at all today. Did you make it there alright?" Alex asks. "Oh yes, I'm so sorry, I've just been sooo busy at this training and honestly had no time to even look at my phone. I was gonna wait til I got to my hotel in a bit." The upper half of Kristen continues to stare blankly at the ceiling, naked breasts out in the open. This conversation will be uploaded later once she is in a more stable state. "That's alright, look I was just worried, and I'm just glad you're ok," Alex says, unknowingly talking to a computer, who is substituting for his currently disassembled wife. "I love you." "I love you too Alex, I'll try you tomorrow," Kristen's AI says. "Ok sounds good, bye bye," Alex says as he hangs up. Still disappointed and hoping to be cheered up, he walks over to the laundry room and retrieves a pair of Kristen's used panties. He brings them to his nose and sniffs deeply, enthralled by the scent she's left on the gusset. He becomes hard at the thought of her hot wet pussy and begins to masturbate right there. Little does he know the scent if his wife's juices were specifically engineered with pheromones to promote arousal. He soon cums into them, wipes up, then goes back to watching TV. The partially-disassembled Kristenbot #198-20 lays in a low-power state. Much to Alex's dismay, KLAB will have to ship a new chipset for the older model's pleasure sensors in her pelvic unit. Unfortunately Realbotix's equipment is not compatible. Realbotix will supply a full replacement for the #198-20 model, but it can't come soon enough.

Meanwhile, Frank must improvise a little to continue today's round of testing. From his computer, he commands the lower half of an unfinished 1e model to maneuver over to the testing stand. Still hooked up to the ceiling much like Kristenbot 1e is now, the mechanical arm positions the perfect legs and ass over the waiting 1e. He then summons the dildo back to its ready state next to Kristen's pussy. Her lubrication flows once more and wettens the fake female sex organ. Simultaneously a mockup of Kristen's own lower half descends down to her waiting mouth as the dildo begins to penetrate below. This sucking and fucking continues for some time, carefully monitored for any software flaws. A successfully completed test brings her one step closer to mass production. The dangling lower half of Kristen's robotic body will likey be installed on a new production unit, perhaps even #198-20's replacement.

The unveiling of Kristenbot 1e goes on as scheduled as initial testing winds down. McMullen has planned an invite-only affair at a bucolic resort. Very little press is allowed and no outside camera may come in. Backstage, a 1e prototype, April, as well as Kristen's robotic KLAB bridesmaids Kailey, Stephanie, and Roxy are here to assist. The anticipation in the theatre is high as Mr. McMullen has planned a grand showing. We catch Kristenbot being prepped for her big day, faceplate still detached.

April, a 1e prototype, double-checks that the screws holding Kristen's white plastic covering are properly tightened.

The Kristenbot 1e demo unit is instructed to lift her arms. She does so, staring at nothing

The April 1e prototype continues to prepare Kristenbot 1e for her introductory demo applying a sweet-smelling anti-chafing solution to her underarms and inner thighs. The extra padding under her delicate silicone polymer skin requires some preventative maintenance such as this in higher-friction areas of her body.

After this solution is appllied, she will lower her arms. Final adjustments are now being inputted into Kristenbot 1e's back panel, and is then told to close it. *whirrrr* it almost silently recedes into her back, seams quickly becoming invisible. Her dress is then gently zipped up.

As the other girls look on, the Kristenbot 1e demo unit systematically tests each of her facial actuators before her big public debut

After completing a successful test of her facial actuators, the girls look her over. Kristen's face is attached and she's ready for the demonstration. "Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Kristenbot 1e: the most advanced, realistic female android in production today..." The white-gowned pristine new fembot walks onto the empty stage to a deafening cheer, followed by the other ladies. Today, she wears a white satin bridal gown to signify the beginning of a new era in robotics. This "virgin" Kristenbot 1e is ready to have mind-blowing sex with you. A video on the huge screen above the stage shows a montage of her design, construction, and testing.

Another compares her new innovations to the existing line of Realbotix dolls. Towards the end, an apparatus is wheeled out that resembles a gynecological exam table. Kristen walks over, gets situated by putting her legs in the holsters. The other ladies strap her legs in and then rotate the entire setup to face the crowd and the holsters slowly spread open to reveal the fact that underneath her dress she is wearing nothing, not even a thong. Audible gasps fill the room as they realize what they are witnessing. The whole room is looking right at her flawless vaginal lips accompanied by a neat strip of pubic hair. Kristenbot 1e has been pre-programmed to masturbate to climax at this unveiling ceremony. An overhead camera focuses in on her face, shown on the overhead monitor. Kristen then reaches next to her on the table for a long, black vibrator and turns it on, the buzz being heard throughout the hushed room. She looks directly into the camera overhead and coyly smiles. The camera situated above the stage focuses in to show the realism in her expressions. She hikes up the dress a bit to gain better access to her pussy and rubs the buzzing vibrator onto her glistening clit, lightly at first. The masturbating fembot's face cycles through pleasure expressions, biting her lip, furrowing her brow, moaning, as she nears orgasm. The stunned crowd's silence allows the buzzing of the vibrator and wetness from her pussy to audibly fill the room. The female humanoid robot dressed in a bridal gown continues to play with herself. Then, as if Mr. McMullen pushed a button off stage, Kristen then plunges the vibrator into her tight, sopping pussy, in and out, in and out. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! fuuuuuuuck yes!" she screams as she cums, lubricant squirting onto the stage as she pulls the vibrator out of her quivering snatch. "The Kristenbot 1e, ladies and gentlemen!" Mr. McMullen bellows as he emerges from behind the curtains to thunderous applause. He basks in it for a minute, then proceeds, "Thank you everyone for 'coming', especially you Kristen," which elicits a laugh from those in the crowd. Ok we'll get that cleaned up right away," as a crew begins to wipe up the fluid. Kristenbot 1e's orgasm has since subsided, she returns the vibrator and tries to compose herself. "I will now take a few questions," Matt grins, "...and before you ask, yes you may all get your chance with her," a sensible chuckle rising from the audience.

Later, Mr. McMullen sends out a company-wide sign-up email for everyone to get their shot with the new Kristenbot 1e. All are welcome to have their way with the demo unit. The online invite asks if you have any preferences you'd like pre-programmed in or if you'd like her AI to handle the decisions in real time. Both men and women are encouraged to participate. Her new oral abilities including deep-throat ability as well as expert cunnilingus come highly advertised. Realbotix books an extended stay at a fancy hotel room where Kristenbot 1e will be demoed. The available slots fill up fast. Realbotix also creates a fake prostituting website and invites unsuspecting men and women a chance at "a night they'll never forget." Unbeknownst to these participants, they will be having sex with a highly-realistic female sex android. Soon, the Kristenbot 1e demo unit will be showcasing her wares day and night, sucking and fucking dozens of eager clients, stopping only to be recharged, cleaned, and repaired if necessary. Between sessions, Kristen's systems are checked for faults, fluid levels monitored and replenished (if-needed), and along with the room, she is given a thorough cleaning. Realbotix has designed and produced a proprietary companion cleaning instrument that flushes the robot's mouth and sexual organs. The somewhat bulky device is wheeled into the room and its hoses are inserted into Kristen oraphases. The device's fluidics then decontaminate her insides, removing any trace of foreign fluids. Kristen's Realbotix-designed chassis can support bigger parts, for example her breasts can be sized up to an H cup. However, she will retain KLABs torso design for the most part, but with extra room for salivary lubrication needed for sloppy oral sex. Her printed-on skin graphics are fully customizable, just as Mr. McMullen likes. Mr. McMullen prefers blondes but stays true to Kristen's original dark hair color. Her torso also has the familiar chest access panel and her bust can still split down the middle and open outward as with the KLAB models. Upgraded sets of motors near her armpits and lower "rib-cage" make this possible.

Another aspect of Realbotix's new design is the sliding flexible abdominal panel. This allows for easier access replenishing Kristen's vaginal and oral lubrication supplies, something the 1e model can really go through. Between demos, Kristenbot 1e doesn't even have to take off her bra to be serviced.

One notable demo involves a horny technosexual. After receiving a tip from a Realbotix employee, Eric signed up for his turn with the new sexbot model. Finally, his time came. It was the middle of the day and he had barely slept the night before. After he stepped off the elevator he walked down the hotel hallway to the room where Kristenbot 1e demos were taking place and knocked. "Come in," a sultry muffled voice spoke from behind the door. Entering, he finds Kristen seductively laying on the bed, her button-down blouse open and wearing nothing else but a black lacy thong. "Hi big boy, I've been waiting for you..." she seductively said, staring into Eric's eyes. "Um hi," his voice wavers, "I'm so excited for you too." Kristen rises up from the pillow, unbuttoned blouse falling off of one shoulder fully exposing a DDD-cup breast. "I've been told you are someone who really likes fembots," she says as she continues to intensely stare at Eric. "Ohh yes, that's...ahem..well why I'm here. I would LOVE to see your robotics, I mean...if you can," Eric still nervously says. "Of course I can! I am the Kristenbot 1e demo unit, I'd be happy to show you my insides," Kristen says. She reaches up with her right hand to her opposite cheek and peels away her rubberized facial covering, exposing her Realbotix-manufactured technology. Eric gasps, his heart pounds, and his penis becoming erect. She sets it on the bed.

"Do you find me attractive like this, Eric?" Kristen asks. "Insanely so, oh my god, you're actually a robot...I can't believe my eyes," Eric stammers. "Here," Kristen says, handing Eric her previously-attached face. Coyly reaching out, he takes the piece of silicone in her hand, examining it closely. While he's doing this, as if maybe starved for attention, the faceless fembot slides out of her thong, lies back, pulls her left hand though her hair, and with her right begins to touch herself, moaning a bit. Eric's cock is rock hard by now. Focusing on Kristen and without looking, Eric gently places her face back on the bed beside her, his mouth agape. In a pre-programmed scenario, Kristen caresses herself by rubbing her clit, stimulating her vaginal unit to release lubrication fluid. The smell of her sex fills the air.

"You like to see more of me, wouldn't you Eric?" Kristen frankly asks. "More than anything!" as Eric strips out of his clothes. Kristenbot proceeds to get off the bed to walk the few steps over to Eric, her blouse carelessly falling to the floor. A naked woman stands before him, staring at him with her cold robotic eyes surrounded by an artificially white plastic face. "Allow me to explain my systems," Kristen cheerfully responds. Just then, her massive breasts part and open side to side. The two symmetrical panels of skin slowly hinge open with a soft whir as her stomach panel extends outward revealing her Realbotix-produced insides. Blinking status lights, neatly-arranged wires, tubing leading to and from fluid reservoirs, and all types of motors line the inside of Kristen's torso. The artificial woman looks down at her exposed robotics, "Do you like what you see? Anything you'd like to know?" "Uhh, yes, no, I mean, um just tell me everything oh my god this is so hot," Eric blurts out. Now naked as well and standing tall, he massages his own shaft just a bit trying not to become too excited. "Well, let's start with my central processor, see that object in the middle with all of the cables and data busses?" Kristen tries to awkwardly gesture while her big outwardly-facing tits limit her arm range. "Ok now watch these motors down here." Kristen slowly begins to robotically twist her waist side to side as her legs stay planted to the floor. She then increases the speed of her movements, which become more and more erratic. "I AM KRISTENBOT 1E, I AM A ROBOT, ERIC FUCK ME ERIC FUCK ME ERIC FUCK FUCK FUCK," immediately ceasing her movement and giggling, "Did you like that??". Eric strokes his shaft just a bit, "Ohhhh yes fuck you are an amazing piece of machinery". "I'm getting wet for you," Kristen informs Eric. "My stomach panel houses my FemCum vaginal and newly-formulated oral lubrication fluid. Via these hoses, the fluid is pumped either up to my head unit, and in this case through my pelvic unit to my hot pussy ohhhh," Kristenbot attempts to reach downward but is still hindered by her open panels. "I need your help Eric" She backs over to the bed and lays flat on her back, legs hanging off of it. Her breasts start to droop downwards as she scoops each large piece of artificial flesh up with her hands. Now squeezing her oddly-placed tits. "Pleasure me, taste me." A miniscule amount of fluid moistens her vaginal folds. Eric wastes no time diving in between her legs. He begins to lap up her synthetic juice, staring into the open torso cavity. She tastes amazing, he can't get enough of her synthetic cream. Kristen begins to moan, "Ohhh yess Eric, my god that feels amazing, mmmmmh." Eric continues to tongue Kristen's pussy, locating her stiff plastic clit, "Mhhhmmppffff," his muffled voice lets out, clearly enjoying himself as well. "Yes, that's it Eric, eat me out," Kristen says with some force, "I AM A FEMALE ANDROID. REALBOTIX MODEL KRISTEN 1E. MY VAGINAL UNIT IS RECIEVING ORAL PLEASURE," faking a malfunction for his amusement. "Ohhhh my god I need to fuck you NOW!" Eric emerges from her nether regions. The faceless Kristenbot cranes her head unit and looks him straight in the eye once more as throbbing penis thrusts into her soft, wet pussy. Eric grabs the robot's hips, fixated on her machinery. He slowly pumps in and out a few times, noticing some wires inside of her jostling just a bit, her milky breasts still being held by her hands, then loudly orgasms, his cum squirting all over the inside of her lubricated vaginal unit.

It has been a few days since KLAB Model Kristen #198-20 had her latest in a series of increasing malfunction events. The parts from KLAB now installed, the fembot is re-assembled and sent on her way back home. The night she returns, her and Alex have a passionate lovemaking session. Luckily, her new parts and patched software hold up. Realbotix is busy constructing #198-20's replacement. While the Kristenbot 1e demo unit is a bit bustier and has no identifiable body modifications, the #198-20 replacement will have some custom skin graphics, hair, and body shape exactly replicated. Kristenbot 1e's new silicone polymer skin is a bit firmer than her predecessor. If asked how she suddenly appears so toned, she is programmed to say that she's been working hard at her weekly yoga classes. She does make sure to go out once a week to take care of herself. Of course the robot does not practice yoga. At this stage, Kristenbot 1e is required to go to the local lab for weekly diagnostic checkups. She is also physically connected to the mainframe for a memory and personality backup. If any maintenance is needed, it will also need addressed. FemCum lubrication is also replenished.

After a few final tests, Realbotix and KLAB agree to make the switch. All dressed for a workout, Kristenbot #198-20 tells Alex "Off to yoga again, babe," then kisses goodbye (for the last time) and drives to KLAB where she will be put into storage, some parts recycled for other fembots. Once she arrives, #198-20 is instructed to go to the main lab, strip out of all of her clothes, open her chest access panel and stand by. A male lab-coat-wearing technician steps into the lab and punches in a code on the naked female robot's chest interface. She is put into Data Transfer Mode, halting her personality program. Shortly thereafter, a freshly-built 1e unit, and exact replica of Kristen comes through the other door. Expressionless and nude, her flawlessly-padded body methodically walks over to situate herself across from the #198-20 model. The two Kristens stand eye to eye as the 1e's identical chest access panel whirs open. The technician also places 1e into Data Transfer Mode and types an additional command to open her thoracic cavity. As the technician turns to #198-20 to type a similar command, Kristenbot 1e's breasts and surrounding skin on her ribcage open outward. Kristenbot #198-20's breasts then separate and open in opposite directions as well. The technician locates the robots' central processors and plugs in a long high capacity data cable. He then starts the data transfer from #198-20 to 1e. This includes all memories and personality traits that #198-20 has been storing over these many years. The two obviously robotic women stand facing each other for several minutes as the transfer takes place. Kristenbot 1e's central processor dutifully files each bit of data in the appropriate location within her memory banks. Once all of it has been copied over to the new unit, Kristenbot #198-20 robotically declares, "DATA TRANSFER COMPLETE". The technician then unplugs the cable from the insides of both robots and types another command into 1e's chest interface, closing her thoracic breast panels. Kristenbot #198-20's thoracic panel remains open, breasts widely apart, is then instructed to report to long-term storage. Robotics exposed, she turns to walk to the storage room, filled with other shut-down fembots. Once there, she locates an empty bay, turns around and backs into it. A technician there then types in one final command. "KLAB Model Kristen #198-20 powering down" she uttered in a robotic monotone. Her vision went dark, her cooling fans whirred to a stop, and the lights inside of her exposed torso ceased to blink. Here #198-20 will remain until she is partially disassembled for other purposes. As the technician leaves the room he shuts off the lights, leaving the deactivated KLAB robots behind.

Meanwhile, back in the main lab, this technician activates Kristenbot 1e's Human Emulation Mode. 1e suddenly snaps to life and starts to act just as the old Kristen would. She then locates the clothes #198-20 was previously wearing and proceeds to dress, starting with her thin, seamless gray panties. Kristenbot 1e then puts on #198-20's sports bra, tank top, leggings, and tennis shoes. She then bids farewell to the KLAB staff. Kristenbot #198-20's replica, a Kristenbot 1e, climbs into her (new) car and drives the pre-programmed route home. A seemingly refreshed Kristen comes home to her blissfully-ignorant husband, Alex. He pecks her on the lips as she longingly stares him in the eyes, slowly closing the front door behind her. "I feel bad for being out of town so much lately," the 1e replacement convincingly says. "That's ok hun, I...." he utters as she drops her bags, drops to her knees, and hones right in on his manhood. *zzzzip* his fly is undone. The newly-built fembot expertly searches for his cock and eases it out of his boxers. "Ohhh my god, wow, amazing!" Alex utters as if never approached like this before. Carefully programmed not to be too aggressive, this Kristenbot 1e unit takes his whole hog into her wettened mouth cavity and proceeds to give him an amazingly sloppy, deep-throated blowjob. Manufactured by Mr. McMullen's company, this version of Kristenbot expertly sucks off her husband. A few fragrant drops of her vaginal lubricant drip into her panties, filling the room with her familiar scent. The android performs perfectly and within a matter of minutes, makes her man loudly cum, "swallowing" every drop.

In the days and weeks to come, sex between the two becomes more frequent than ever before, pleasure offers coming from Kristen sometimes twice a day. Usually Alex is happy to oblige, if he has the stamina. But no problem for the Kristenbot 1e. She charges wirelessly every night thanks to the pad under her mattress. Night after night, sometimes in the day, the two fuck in different rooms of the house. From behind, reverse cowgirl, 69ing, the works. She still performs her wifely duties around the house too. While Alex is away, Kristenbot is free to open her panels as she pleases, just like before.

One day, searching for some hand lotion, Alex enters the master bathroom without knocking and catches Kristen using a big black vibrator while laying the floor of the bathroom. She had not opened any panels, and was lucky she was only caught masturbating like a real woman. Alex really didn't think much of it and apologized quickly closing the door. He would however fondly play this scene over and over in his head. While the happily married couple continues to live happily ever after, the Kristenbot 1e demo unit is still being utilized by various customers. Mr. McMullen and the staff will evaluate her performances and consider any upgrades to future 1e models.

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