King Cecil and the Three Collars

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Galandra sighed after booting up and unplugging herself from the spaceship’s power source. Her thoughts once again drifted to the human named Ricky who she had unsuccessfully attempted to lure aware from his robotic wife and live with her instead as king and queen. Galandra knew she could always just have a robotic replica of Ricky built, but no matter how complex or realistic his synthetic personality might be, it just wouldn’t be the same as the real thing.

Shaking her head she pressed one of many buttons on the control module, which would alert the two robotics and A.I. experts on the ship, Galaxa and Girra, to come to the control room. A sliding door opened smoothly to reveal two baby-blue skinned, lime-green haired women with yellow eyes. Both were wearing shiny and sleek black leotards with matching long gloves and thigh-high boots, just like Galandra was wearing. Galaxa was about 5’9” and wore her hair back in a ponytail. Girra was 5’7” and had a bob-cut with longer bangs in the front. Galaxa and Girra were both slender, but Galaxa was slightly more toned than Girra.

“You summoned us, our queen?” Galaxa and Girra said together in unison.

“Yes. I have a pretty complicated A.I. I would like you both to work on so I can load it into the Tiffany droid you two built earlier.”

“Understood.” The two robotic women again said in unison.

“Here is the layout of the personality matrix with some concessions and rules.”

Galandra slid two small dark cubes across a table toward the women, “I also need three programmer collars produced. Think you can handle that?” Galaxa and Girra both said, “Yes my queen,” took the cubes and silently left the control room to get to work on the new personality for Tiffany and the three programmer collars.

Tiffany was the freckled redheaded human woman robot Galandra had specially built to try and seduce Ricky. Galandra smiled to herself as she always sort of got a thrill out of commanding the other women on the ship, and hearing them refer to her as queen. Her thoughts began to drift again to their home planet, how the real governmental authorities had just sort of given up when a large meteor was on a collision course with their world. Galandra smirked as she thought back to how she had became somewhat of a leader and prophet to a group of about fifty women, convinced them all to one-by-one be converted into robots, then how she had sent out a file for them all to download which made them all submit to her will without question. She knew she wasn’t really a queen, but the since of power she felt was immense.

Galandra’s thoughts then turned to the new human man she had been keeping tabs on back on Earth. A man named Cecil. She was attracted to him, but she wanted to see how he would respond to the newly reprogrammed Tiffany first. She wondered what three robots from Earth Cecil might use the collars on after Tiffany explains the mission to him. What three new servants would be at her and her new king Cecil’s disposal. Galandra almost laughed out loud at how much she loved her plan.

Cecil was a 33-year-old man who went to the gym regularly and liked to go for walks and jogs. Despite being in pretty decent physical shape, none of his attempts at long-term relationships really ever worked out. On top of this, he kind of held some jealousy and resentment toward his 27-year-old step-sister, Madison. Cecil thought she was always too direct, too demanding of others. A career woman, Madison was already well on her way of climbing the corporate ladder at the North American division of Fafnir Capital, an international robotics and A.I. company. Cecil sighed as he sat in a large ballroom, he was attending Madison’s “conversion reveal party” because it was the polite thing to do. Madison had opted to be converted into a robot to better serve Fafnir Capital, increasing her productivity and most likely helping to advance her career even further down the line. It was awkward for Cecil since he was also a bit of a robot fetishist, something which he tried his best to hide from Madison since she was his step-sister.

Madison had thrown herself into her job at Fafnir Capital, going ahead with the conversion process despite her long-term boyfriend, Josh, objecting to it and the relationship becoming increasingly strained. Cecil wasn’t too surprised when he didn’t spot Josh sitting at any of the tables in the ballroom. He thought Josh was a fool who didn’t know what he had in a robotized Madison, but Cecil sighed under his breath once more as a few more Fafnir Capital executives and employees filed in and found their seats.

Soon Cagney, Madison’s direct supervisor, approached a microphone that had been set up at the front of all the tables in the ballroom. Cecil allowed his eyes to take in Cagney’s form as she gave an introductory speech and repeatedly praised Madison. Cagney had also been converted into a robot for her job with Fafnir Capital, she looked to be somewhere in her late 20s but Cecil had heard from Madison that Cagney had been in her 50s before she was converted. She was a slightly curvy Latina with her hair done up in a fancy bun, immaculate makeup, manicured nails, and matching gold jewelry consisting of bracelets, a necklace, and earrings. She was wearing a sleeveless lavender dress which stopped just above her knees. White stilettos finished out her wardrobe.

After a few minutes of Cagney bragging up Madison, she eventually opened up the mic to her. Madison walked out from behind a curtain, wearing a somewhat revealing mint-green dress. Cecil tried to suppress his thoughts but he could have sworn Madison had made a few upgrades to her body during her robotization. For one thing she seemed ever so slightly slimmer than she was before, but also with fuller breasts. Her mint-green dress had a plunging neckline which showed a bit of cleavage, something Cecil had never seen Madison do before. Perhaps she wanted to show off her new body, at least in a way, since her dress also stopped a ways above her knees, giving Cecil a glimpse of her thighs. Madison had always had rather curly brown hair, but now it appeared straight and in a fancy bun that almost matched Cagney’s hairstyle. When Madison first spoke into the mic, Cecil couldn’t help but notice how her voice had been changed as well. It was now slightly deeper, and fuller. Sultry and nearly seductive sounding. As Madison’s speech went on, Cecil found it increasingly difficult to control his thoughts and feelings about his newly converted step-sister, and control his thoughts about her converted boss Cagney as well. Cecil decided the next morning he would go for a jog to try and clear his head.

The next morning Cecil got in his aging, plain white car and drove from his modest apartment to the park across town. He shook his head as thoughts and images flooded his mind’s eye from last night, Madison’s plunging neckline, and Cagney’s immaculate make-up, nails, and jewelry among them. He had only been jogging for maybe five or six minutes when he saw a woman turn the corner of the sidewalk path jogging toward him. As she got closer Cecil noticed how beautifully unique she appeared. A redhead dressed in a royal blue tank-top with loose white short shorts and running shoes. Her tank-top stopped just below her breasts revealing her bare mid-drift. Cecil tried not to stare and planned on simply maintaining his gaze straight ahead of him, until just before she would have passed him, the woman smiled, waved, and said “morning!” Cecil was taken off guard and quickly and slightly awkwardly waved back and muttered, “morning.”

Little did Cecil know the attractive redhead woman was actually the newly reprogrammed Tiffany-bot, who had been beamed down into the park at exactly the right moment to cross paths with him. Tiffany, now programmed with a flirty, perky, and upbeat personality, had been programmed to slowly, gradually develop a relationship with Cecil, before eventually revealing to him she was in fact an alien robot, and then reveal to Cecil that he was supposed to use three collars on three other Earth robots, and then report back to the alien queen, Galandra.

So eventually, after Cecil continued to run into Tiffany while out jogging, the two agreed to meet at the park in order to jog together and talk. Cecil couldn’t believe his luck, Tiffany was so hot and she seemed super friendly and possibly even interested in him. As the two of them talked, Cecil noticed she how often Tiffany seemed to smile, laugh and seem genuinely interested in what he was saying. He was surprised however when at the end of their jogging session, Tiffany didn’t seem to have even broken a sweat, which seemed just a little odd. What surprised Cecil more though was when Tiffany said she wanted to come over and see his apartment sometime. Cecil tried playing it cool and suggested they could watch a movie together or something. The date was set for next Friday evening at 6 p.m.

Next Friday Cecil nervously and frantically cleaned his modest apartment from top to bottom, trying his best to make things as clean and welcoming as he could. At 6 p.m. there was a knock at Cecil’s door. Tiffany stood there out in the apartment complex hallway dressed in tight jeans, tan heeled-boots, a short-sleeve white v-neck shirt, and she had let her ginger hair down so it rested on her shoulders. Cecil noticed Tiffany was also carrying a fairly large purse that matched the color of her boots.

As the two of them sat down in front of Cecil’s TV on the couch, Tiffany suddenly turned to Cecil, “I have something to tell you. I’m a robot.” Cecil almost laughed at first but then the thought crossed his mind maybe Tiffany had been converted like Madison or Cagney as part of her employment.

“Like you were converted as part of your job?”

“No, I’m an alien robot. I was built by aliens who have also been converted into robots. Let me show you.”

Tiffany raised her hands to her face as her facial expression went blank and she seemed to stare vacantly off into space, before she removed her faceplate to reveal the advanced and seemingly exotic-looking of her inner workings. Cecil stared at the robot and tried to study what was beneath Tiffany’s faceplate. It looked different than any design for a robot he had ever seen. Cecil had never given a whole lot of thought to the question of alien life, but he supposed everything the Tiffany robot was telling him could be true.

Tiffany then slowly put her faceplate back on before reaching in her purse and retrieving three black rings of sorts, big enough to fit around a person’s neck. “The alien queen has selected you, Cecil, to be her king. Your mission is to use these three reprogramming collars on three Earthling robots in order for them to be your new servants, then you can be together with the queen.”

In the back of his mind, Cecil’s thoughts briefly drifted to Madison and Cagney again, possibly using the collars on them, but he quickly tried to push those thoughts out of his mind.

“So you’re just a messenger, then?”

“My mission was to establish a connection with you and explain your mission. I am also programmed to obey any orders you give me.”

Cecil paused for a moment as he was getting increasingly aroused.

“Well what if I don’t want to use the collars on any robot? What then? How do I know I’ll even like or be attracted to this alien queen?”

“If you do not wish to accept the mission I will be returned to the queen and you will never see me again.”

Cecil didn’t like the sound of that, as even though Tiffany was apparently an alien robot, he had really grown to be attracted to her. Maybe that was by design.

“If your programmed to obey my every command, can’t I just command you to put the collars on three robots for me?”

“If that is what you wish.”

“Alright it’s a deal.”

Back in her spaceship, Galandra was monitoring the conversation between Tiffany and Cecil, and was a little disappointed by Cecil’s decision to use Tiffany to put the collars on the three earth robots. Galandra had calculated that it was a possibility, but she still had hoped for a different outcome. Oh well. Galandra continued to watch as Cecil had then commanded Tiffany to take her shirt and bra off, and had begun to fondle Tiffany’s breasts. It was a little arousing for Galandra to see the human man she had developed a crush of sorts on, acting sexual. Galandra’s hand slipped down between her legs and began to softly rub as she felt a surge of pleasure signals in her circuits. She watched through the cameras in Tiffany’s eyes as Cecil undressed and inserted himself into Tiffany. Galandra began to feel even more aroused seeing Cecil naked. She briefly considered beaming him and Tiffany up into the ship for a three-way, but she resisted.

As Cecil and Tiffany lay together in Cecil’s bed, they continued to discuss their plans for using the collars. “So after we’ve used all three collars, we’ll all go up to Galandra’s ship were I’ll be king?”

“That’s right Cecil. Which earth robots do you have in mind?”

Cecil’s thoughts kept going back to Madison and Cagney, but he wasn’t sure who the third would be.

“Well there’s Madison and Cagney, they both work at the same place, that might make it easier to use the collars on them, but I don’t know about a third.”

Eventually a plan was hatched where Tiffany would go to the Fafnir Capital offices where Madison and Cagney worked, posing as someone looking for information, once the collars had taken over and reprogrammed the two of them, they would be beamed up into Galandra’s spaceship. The day of Tiffany going to the Fafnir Capital offices, Cecil sat at home nervously awaiting Tiffany’s return. He still wasn’t sure who to use the third collar on. His thoughts then turned to the alien queen he had heard so much from Tiffany about. A baby-blue skinned, green-haired and yellow-eyed alien robot who apparently was attracted to him enough to want to make him her king. The thought was pleasant enough, he was just still a little apprehensive.

Tiffany was beamed down in front of the Fafnir Capital office building dressed in a sleek black business jacket with matching skirt, pantyhose, and black heeled-boots. Her ginger hair had been altered slightly to a more frizzy, shorter cut. She carried with her a large black purse with the three collars in it. As Tiffany approached the front desk, the receptionist appeared to be a tan blonde woman appearing to be in her mid to late twenties, but upon Tiffany scanning her from a distance, she discovered the woman at the front desk was in fact a robot as well. Scanning through the walls of the office, the only other two signatures came from Madison and Cagney. Now was the ideal time to use all three collars, even though Cecil didn’t know about the tan blonde woman. As Tiffany took a seat in the lobby, pretending to be looking for something in her purse, she was actually communicating wirelessly and secretly with Galandra who was up above in her spaceship. Galandra had felt her desire for Cecil growing ever since she had watched him have sex with Tiffany, and she was growing impatient, so she gave the “OK” for Tiffany to go ahead and use all three collars right then and there.

Tiffany then proceeded to wireless active the three collars, which then rose out of her purse and flew throughout the office seeking their targets. The first collar opened and shut around the tan blonde woman’s neck while she had her back turned to Tiffany. Tiffany noticed a sign on the woman’s desk that read, “Emily,” and took note. Emily immediately straightened up and stiffened up in her office chair. Tiffany walked around the backside of Emily’s desk and watched as Emily’s eyes glowed a bright turquoise color, occasionally flickering, as Emily then began to slowly undress from her business attire as she stood up. The now naked Emily soon dropped to her knees and began masturbating, her mind flooded with images of Cecil and commands overriding her personality, commanding her to obey without question. She began to moan, sometimes slipping into monotone or stuttering as her nipples became hard and her eyes faded back to there normal brown color.

“Take me to my king,” Emily panted on her knees in front of Tiffany.

“In a moment.”

The second collar had flown into Cagney’s office and latched around her neck with no problems. Cagney had let her dark hair down from it’s tight bun, undressed completely, and was lying down on top of her desk as she masturbated. At first she was confused as to why she was suddenly aroused and thinking about her co-worker Madison’s step-brother Cecil, but the more she tried to resist, the more she wanted to obey him and pleasure herself.

Finally the third collar had snapped perfectly around Madison’s neck as she was standing at the copy machine. She felt very aroused but was confused and almost disgusted with herself as she knelt down after undressing and began to rub herself while thinking about Cecil. Was this actually happening? Was she really masturbating in the office to the thought of being her step-brother’s robot slave? What about Josh? Madison could hear herself moan as more and more of her personality was getting shut off and overridden as she pleasured herself. She could no longer remember Josh’s name, it was just “some guy” and now she wasn’t sure if she had made him up or if he was real. Slowly “some guy” became Cecil in her mind, and Madison could feel herself smiling as her nipples became hard and she suddenly remembered how badly she wanted to obey Cecil. Madison moaned loudly as she came and then kept saying Cecil’s name under her breath, occasionally slipping into monotone or stuttering. Emily, Cagney, and Madison were then all beamed up into the ship along with Tiffany. Tiffany then later arrived at Cecil’s apartment, smiling as she informed him of how successful the mission had gone. Informing him of Emily’s existence as well.

“So now I get to meet Galandra, the alien queen.”

“Yes Cecil. If you’re ready we can go up to the ship now.”

“Okay I’m ready.”

No sooner did Cecil finish speaking did he begin to feel an odd sensation, everything in his apartment kept getting brighter until it was too bright to see. He closed his eyes tightly and when he eventually tried opening them again, he realized he was not inside of an alien ship, and who he could only presume to be the alien queen Galandra was seated on a throne, smiling at him. The shorter, ever so slightly chubby, baby-blue skinned green-haired and yellow-eyed alien robot woman was already nude and as she got off her throne and approached Cecil, he couldn’t help but stare and take in her form. Cecil found Galandra to be extremely exotic and he was genuinely attracted to her as well.

“Hello my king.”

Galandra slowly wrapped her arms and embraced Cecil as the two proceeded to kiss and make out. It was like an erotic dream.

Over the course of a few weeks, Cecil learned the ends and outs of the spaceship the small army of converted alien robot women that crewed it, all while having unlimited amounts of sex with Galandra, Emily, Cagney, Madison, and Tiffany. For whatever reason, Galandra’s only rule was that Cecil was forbidden to have sex with any of they other alien robot woman with baby-blue skin, green hair and yellow eyes. At first this did not pose a problem as Cecil was perfectly content with being a king and living out his sexual fantasies using a handful of robots. But eventually, he grew accustomed to it, and began to fantasize about having sex with one of the other alien robot women, the one named Galaxa. Galaxa was taller, slender and even slightly toned compared to Galandra, and both were equally exotic-looking to Cecil. He wondered if a fourth collar could be made to turn Galandra into his mindless slave instead of acting like his wife.

Cecil knew all of the other alien robot women aboard the ship were programmed to passively obey him as he was their new king, so while Galandra was recharging herself in sleep mode one morning, Cecil approached Galaxa with his idea. In about an hour Galaxa had produced a collar similar to the ones which reprogrammed Emily, Cagney, and Madison, except Galaxa stated it was even more powerful in order to successfully override the advanced alien tech inside of Galandra. Galaxa explained all of this flatly and without any personality. Cecil decided after Galandra was under control, he would have one of the other alien robot women install a new personality into Galaxa and make her his new queen.

Cecil took the new collar Galaxa had made and slipped it onto Galandra while she was still in sleep mode and charging. As soon as the collar snapped shut around her neck Galandra’s eyes shot open before going completely blank and white she began to moan and writhe in pleasure as she unplugged herself and knelt down on her knees, rubbing herself and pinching her nipples.

“From now on you are no longer my queen, you are my pet and I am your master. Do you understand?”

“Yes master.”

“You will tell all of the alien robot women on this ship that from now on they are only to obey orders from me, their king.”

“Yes master.”

“Now put your ass up in the air so I can fuck you.”

“Yes master.”

Cecil then undressed and began pumping in and out of Galandra’s ass as she moaned and kept saying “yes master” in waves of pleasure. The sense of power Cecil got from this was immense, but he stopped suddenly when Galandra’s moans became glitchy and monotone and she froze up.

“Warning malfunction.”

Cecil eventually got dressed and went back to Galaxa, leaving Galandra frozen in a compromising position on the floor. Luckily before Galandra had malfunctioned, she had wirelessly communicated with all of the other alien robot women on board to obey Cecil and only Cecil, and that it now included sex. The thought crossed Cecil’s mind that maybe he was pretty smart after all to have had Galaxa make the collar while Galandra was in sleep mode, otherwise maybe she would have found out about his plan.

Cecil eventually had Galaxa reprogrammed with a custom personality to match his specifications. Cecil almost felt proud of himself for essentially upgrading his queen. Galaxa was just prettier. Cecil and Galaxa ruled as king and queen on the ship while Emily, Cagney, Madison, and Tiffany acted as their robotic sex servants. Galandra kept malfunctioning and eventually Cecil ordered for her to be dissembled completely, except for her now non-functioning head which he kept as a trophy of sorts in his throne room.

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