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Christy had been working at the local KIA dealership in her town for about a year as a receptionist on the sales floor. The 36 year old platinum blond had been divorced and desperate to find work, when she did it was with the dealership. Christy was a curvy woman at about 5'7 with her piercing blue eyes and straight platinum blonde hair she was the sales floors main attraction to any customer male or female that walked in although she was oblivious to it.

She enjoyed her job up until February right after the superbowl when the new incentives arrived. In the past it was get a tv or iPod with your purchase of vehicle but the Monday after the superbowl when they had their sales meeting was different. Her manager brought out this large box with a sheet over it and presented to the staff that KIA was going in a new direction to attract sales. As soon as he made his manager speech he lowered the sheet and Christy couldn't believe her eyes. There stood the KIA robot from the commercial she saw. A black skimpy tight dress, tight bobbed hair bright red hair. She had thought it was just a commercial but actually KIA developed robots to not only sell their vehicles but to accompany the owner of one as well. All the women on the sales floor were opposed to it. One woman asked what exactly do the skanky ho do? Others said it was sexual harassment. However the manager smiled and answered all the questions asked. The kiabots are to serve as sale models as well as maids and coughed a little before saying other things as well. None of the women liked the last two parts and walked out back to their jobs on the floor.

That was February but today Christy looked around and saw it wasn't so bad. Each car had a robot model to it posed smiling and would tell you about the car as you would approach it. They cleaned the place and breakrooms nicely. That used to be Christy's job but she enjoyed that she didn't have to anymore. Plus they were hot to look at. Christy doesn't like women but she was attracted to these. They all look the same, the hair is a tight bobbed pageboy look, eyes crystal blue, and such tight bodies.

Christy had also noticed the older ladies Delores, Lisa, and Maria had apparently quit as there were just male salesmen on the floor. She missed the female companionship but was happy she had work.

Christy had to pee and got up from her desk to the women's bathroom that was also the kiabot recharge station. She had no idea how they recharged as the stations were small rooms that she had no access to. As she finished her business a kiabot had recharged and stood in front of the mirror. Christy had never spoken to one so she was curious. "Hi" she told the bot. The robot cocked her head and with a mechanical sound smiled and said "Greetings....Kia employee." In a very monotoned robotic voice. Christy asked its functions but the robot responded it had to return to the car she was programmed for. Christy resumed to wash her hands but noticed out of the corner of her eye a crack in the kiabot recharge station. Hmmm she thought what do these look like. She opened the sliding door and gasped at what she saw. She saw a metal rod with the tip like a dildo. Odd she thought yet arousing. She looked around and closed the door. Christy was on break and also hadn't had sex in months. I wonder she thought as she took her jeans off and slid her panties off. The blond saw there were mirrors all around the small room. Very sexy she thought, I get to watch myself. She slid her pussy over the metal rod. Mmmm so cold but erotic. She slid up and down on it for quite awhile until finally she came. She then cleaned the rod with her mouth and ate her cum. This is my new best friend at work she thought.

All of a sudden the mirrors become tv's as binary numbers stream across. Unit ready for recharging and the door slid open. Christy half nude was staring at another kiabot ready to recharge. Christy was just about to leave as the kiabot stopped her. Unacceptable said the kiabot and kissed Christy. Christy was surprised but turned on until the kiabot metal tongue slid into her mouth. All of a sudden Christy stood rigid her blue eyes wide and blank. The kiabot positioned Christy on the recharging station by placing it up her anus. Christy had no reaction. Metal liquid started to ooze out of the metal rod inside her anus as it slowly covered her. All Christy said was my butthole is filled conversion beginning. Christy's skin turned metallic, shiny, as the liquid spread throughout her body. Her hair turned bright red and slowly retracted until it became a tight bobbed style like the rest of the kiabots. Her eyes now emitted blue led light. Her insides replaced by machines. Christy finally felt her mind go and replaced by a computer. All she said was Kia unit 4798 ready for completion. The other kiabot lifted her off her stand as her sex was now smooth and metallic the only open orafice was her anus or now her recharge port. The kiabot fitted her with a dress and moved her to a Kia vehicle the new unit formerly known as Christy robotically moved to her new vehicle there the other kiabot opened her mouth and hooked a usb into Christy's brain. All Christy said was uploaded. Then the newest kiabot positioned like a mannequin and smiled. Christy's boss came by her desk. Damn he thought Christy hasn't come back to work she quit too. Oh well I'll hire a guy this time we have enough females with the kiabots running around.

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